Top 70+ Best Udemy Courses [Most Popular Courses on Udemy]

This Udemy Courses review includes a list of the best courses on Udemy in the top categories with complete details i.e. price, ratings, etc for you to kick start your learning today:

In this competitive world, formal education cannot be afforded by all due to rising costs. Thus, online courses are increasingly becoming popular day by day.

Regardless of personal or professional skill development, you need to upgrade your skills or learn a new skill/technology to be in pace with the latest industry trends.

Udemy is one of the largest online learning platforms that provide a variety of courses i.e. both paid as well as free courses to help you nurture and develop your knowledge at your pace.

Most Popular Udemy Courses

Best Udemy Courses

In this tutorial, we have presented a list of the most popular online paid courses in categories like Development, IT and Software, Business, Personal Development, etc.

Development Courses

Course NameDurationTopics CoveredRatingReviewsStudents EnrolledCost
Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers 80 hours- Java basics
- Spring Framework
- Java EE
- Android development
Angular - The Complete Guide (2020 Edition) 33.5 hours- Angular fundamentals
- Components & Databinding Deep Dive
- Use Angular CLI
Complete C# Unity Developer 2D: Learn to Code Making Games 35 hours - Game development & design
- Unity 2018 in C#
- 7 2D Unity games for Web, Mac & PC
The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: Build Real Projects! 28 hours- Projects
- Quizzes
- JavaScript
- Webpack
React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) 40.5 hours- Reactjs
- Hooks
- Redux
- React Routing
- Animations
- Next.js
Unreal Engine C++ Developer: Learn C++ and Make Video Games 52.5 hours- C++ Basics4.643049218341$16.99
The Complete 2020 Web Development Bootcamp53.5 hours- HTML
- Javascript
- Node
- React
- MongoDB
Modern React with Redux [2020 Update] 47.5 hours- Redux with React Router
- Webpack
- Create-React-App
The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert 20 hours- NodeJS
The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition) 35 hours - Node
- Express
- MongoDB
- Jest
iOS 13 & Swift 5 - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp 58.5 hours- UI Framework - SwiftUI4.843968158696$114.99
The Complete Web Developer in 2020: Zero to Mastery 34 hours - HTML
- Javascript
- React
- Node.js
- Machine Learning
Vue JS 2 - The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex) 21.5 hours - Vue.js Applications4.738468128088$94.99
Spring & Hibernate for Beginners (includes Spring Boot) 41 hours - Spring 5 Core
- Spring MVC
- Spring Security
- Spring REST
- Spring Boot 2
- Thymeleaf
- JPA & Hibernate

Business Courses

Course NameDurationTopics CoveredRatingReviewsStudents EnrolledCost
The Complete SQL Bootcamp 2020: Go from Zero to Hero 9 hours- SQL
- PostgreSQL
PMP Exam Prep Seminar - PMBOK Guide 6 24.5 hours- Entire PMP course 4.647889143135$109.99
Tableau 2020 A-Z:Hands-On Tableau Training For Data Science! 8.5 hours - Real-Life Data Analytics Exercises.4.650411196617$124.99
The Ultimate Hands-On Hadoop - Tame your Big Data! 14.5 hours- MapReduce, HDFS
- Spark, Flink
- Hive, HBase
- MongoDB
- Cassandra
- Kafka
SQL - MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence9.5 hours- SQL for Business Analysis
- Marketing
- Data Management
Forex Trading A-Z™ - With LIVE Examples of Forex Trading 5.5 hours - Forex with Real Money in Metatrader 4. 4.61578963523$109.99
Tableau 20 Advanced Training: Master Tableau in Data Science 10 hours- Visualization and Data Mining.4.71027559435$119.99
Microsoft Power BI - Up & Running With Power BI Desktop 10.5 hours- Transform, analyze & visualize data.4.61977175785$94.99
Blockchain A-Z™: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain 14.5 hours- Blockchain
- Cryptocurrency
The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship course 8 hours - Shopify dropshipping business from home.4.61289769983$104.99
Seth Godin's Freelancer Course 4.5 hours - Become Remarkable
- Find Better Clients
CAPM Exam Prep Seminar - PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition 23.5 hours- Project management knowledge areas.4.6913926429$109.99
Start & Run a Successful Web Design Business in 2020 2.5 hours- Step-by-step action plan to set-up your business.4.6211522286$109.99

IT And Software Courses

Course NameDurationTopics CoveredRatingReviewsStudents EnrolledCost
Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate 2020 - NEW! 29 hours- Amazon Web Services Developer topics4.722047117601$94.99
Cisco CCNA 200-301 – The Complete Guide to Getting Certified38 hours - Cisco CCNA configuration and troubleshooting experience4.82111260641$19.99
TOTAL: CompTIA A+ Certification (220-1001)17.5 hours- Mobile Devices
- Networking
- Hardware
- Virtualization and Cloud Computing
- Hardware and Network Troubleshooting
TOTAL: CompTIA Network+ Certification (N10-007)23 hours- Network architectures & Installation
- TCP/IP applications and network protocols
- Remote connectivity
- Wireless networking
- Managing risk, etc
CCNP All-in-1 Video Boot Camp With Chris Bryant 62 hours- Real-world networking experience4.6753442143$49.99
Learn Social Engineering From Scratch 12.5 hours- Hack updated & patched systems4.7307725274$12.99
Active Directory & Group Policy Lab 7 hours - Group Policy Object4.6578634391$15.99
Arduino Step by Step: Getting Started 16.5 hours- Arduino Step by Step Learning4.6473223631$18.99
Docker for the Absolute Beginner - Hands On - DevOps 4 hours- Introduction to Docker
- Docker Compose
- Docker Swarm
Practical PLC Programming (PLC II) 8 hours - PLC programming4.8250421618$15.99
Cisco CCNA Packet Tracer Ultimate labs: CCNA 200-301 labs 21 hours - Knowledge of CCNA exam topics4.6418027068$13.99
AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty 2020 (ex Big Data) 12.5 hours - Kinesis, EMR, DynamoDB, Redshift 4.6405126650$12.99
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate [Latest Exam] 84 hours- Cloud Computing
- AWS Global Infrastructure
- AWS Service Foundation
- Encryption AWS KMS

Office Productivity Courses

Course NameDurationTopics CoveredRatingReviewsStudents EnrolledCost
Microsoft Excel - Excel from Beginner to Advanced 17.5 hours - A-Z Microsoft Excel Course4.6142321472895$23.99
Microsoft Excel - Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions 8 hours - 75+ Excel formulas with hands-on demos4.632317162889$12.99
Visually Effective Excel Dashboards 11 hours - Actionable Excel Tips 4.6811039079$12.99
Microsoft Excel - Excel Power Query, Power Pivot & DAX 7 hours - Excel business intelligence (Power Query, Power Pivot & DAX) 4.7900648423$12.99
Excel Charts: Visualization Secrets for Impressive Charts 8.5 hours- Highly Advanced Excel Skills4.6229415270$12.99
Learn SAP ABAP Objects - Online Training Course 8.5 hours- SAP Skills
- Procedural ABAP knowledge
The Complete iMovie Course - from Beginner to Advanced 2020!11 hours- iMovie features and capabilities4.610446811$16.99
Power BI Master Class-Data Models and DAX Formulas 20204.5 hours- Create data models
- Relationships
- Use DAX formulas in Microsoft Power BI

Personal Development Courses

Course NameDurationTopics CoveredRatingReviewsStudents EnrolledCost
Reiki Level I, II and Master/Teacher Program 5 hours- Learn Reiki Levels 1, 2 and Master Level4.737742128587$20.99
Neuroplasticity: How To Rewire Your Brain 3 hours - Concept of Neuroplasticity and how to use it.4.6961874412$12.99
Reiki Level I, II and Master Certification - Energy Healing 2.5 hours - Learn to use Reiki4.71476250440$16.99
Master your brain: Neuroscience for personal development 3 hours - Gain well-being
- Improve your relationships
- Ultimately take control of your own life
Your 7 Chakras : The Complete Guide to Your Energy Body 6.5 hours- Understand Your Chakras4.6575323681$12.99
Tarot Card Success - The Complete Tarot Reading Course 9.5 hours- Master your Psychic Ability4.7570322547$15.99
Spiritual Shamanic Initiation - The Munay Ki (Certified) 8 hours- 9 Rites of the Munay Ki 4.7287619353$15.99
Goal Setting to Success: Life Coach Certification Accredited 6.5 hours- Life Coaching industry best practices.4.6214413313$17.99
Sounds True's Freedom to Choose Something Different, Part 2 4.5 hours- Transform Your Life and Find Lasting Peace4.9102312491$17.99
Psychic Abilities and Increased Intuition with EFT (Tapping) 2.5 hours - Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)4.6181311983$16.99
The Complete Foundation FOREX Trading Course 8.5 hours- Understand how the FOREX Market works4.7412411846$18.99
The Science of Leadership 3 hours- Leadership
- Management techniques
- Communication skills
Professional Accredited Angelic Healing Practitioner Course 3 hours - Complete Training on Angel Healing Therapy 4.6326110442$14.99

Design Courses

Course NameDurationTopics CoveredRatingReviewsStudents EnrolledCost
Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners 65 hours- Use Blender to create beautiful 3D models4.637965196321$20.99
Ultimate Photoshop Training: From Beginner to Pro 14 hours- Master Photoshop CC 20204.618573113692$19.99
After Effects CC 2020: Complete Course from Novice to Expert 31 hours- Create stunning Motion Graphics, VFX Visual Effects & VFX Compositing 4.618632100683$15.99
User Experience Design Essentials - Adobe XD UI UX Design11.5 hours- Build a UX project 4.61998180572$15.99
Graphic Design Masterclass - Learn GREAT Design18.5 hours - Photoshop
- Illustrator
- InDesign
- Design Theory
- Branding
- Logo Design
Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course10 hours - Photoshop Retouching 4.71165544854$18.99
Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML & CSS9 hours - HTML5,
- CSS3,
- Responsive design, Sass
Adobe Illustrator CC - Essentials Training Course8.5 hours- Adobe Illustrator CC graphic design
- Logo design
CSS - The Complete Guide 2020 (incl. Flexbox, Grid & Sass)22.5 hours- Basic as well as advanced CSS features4.7765838877$12.99
Landing Page Design & Conversion Rate Optimization 201810 hours- Landing Page Design Principles4.7593434109$15.99

Marketing Courses

Course NameDurationTopics CoveredRatingReviewsStudents EnrolledCost
Ultimate Google Ads Training 2020: Profit with Pay Per Click25.5 hours- AdWords account from scratch 4.638087151937$12.99
Facebook Marketing - Build Facebook Messenger Chatbots11.5 hours- Design, develop & optimize MobileMonkey Facebook Chatbots4.715109197$14.99
How to Create Animated Videos with Powerpoint4 hours- Master animated video creation4.6262611181$12.99
Business Branding: The Complete Course Part 1 - Strategy3.5 hours - Build A Strategic Brand4.618737646$12.99
The Complete Facebook Retargeting Course5 hours- Learn All the Secrets of Facebook Retargeting & Remarketing4.64506047$12.99
LinkedIn Marketing Lead Generation for B2B Sales and Coaches5 hours- Best LinkedIn Marketing Strategies4.5109416605$18.99

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Udemy provides around 150K courses that can help an individual to master any skill or role for their projects at any stage of their professional life.

We hope this list of popular paid courses in different categories would help you in deciding the best course to opt for.

Have you picked a course of your choice to excel in your career?