Software Testing Course: Which Software Testing Institute Should I join?

Software Testing questions and answer posts are back! Yes, this post is a part of the Question and Answer Series we started a couple of months back and we will be doing it frequently in the upcoming posts.

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Abhishek Asks:

“I want to take a Software Testing course so I need your guidance on which institute I should join? I am preferring the institute to offer placement after completion of the course”

Which Software Testing Institute Should I join_

Which Software Testing Training Course?

Now you don’t have to worry about finding an institute which will provide you with job-oriented, practical, affordable training. We have designed Manual and Automation Testing courses considering all these points.

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software testing training from experts

Selecting a good software testing institute is always a tough task. Many institutes fake about their staff skills, education, and experience. Also, they make false commitments of 100% placement. Beware of such institutes which give you 100% job guarantee after course completion.

If any institute is claiming this then get detailed info of such institutes before joining. Don’t even expect a 100% placement guarantee from any institute.

Focus on the course content and quality of teaching. Institutes can only assist you in getting job interview calls. It’s up to you on how to convert those opportunities into job offers by presenting your skills at the time of the interview.

Given below are some criteria by which you can select the institute.

Ask these questions to the institute counselor:

#1) What is the course syllabus?
#2) Who is your mentor and what is his/her qualification?
#3) Are you covering manual and/or automation testing in this course?
#4) What tools are covered in the Automation testing course?
#5) Are you going to provide automation tools for practice while in class?
#6) Which projects do you use for the Automation testing course? Live or dummy projects?
#7) Ask if you have any specific requirements to join the course.

If you get the answers to these questions then it’s not difficult to select any institute to learn software testing.

Want to Learn Software Testing From Experts?

Best Software Testing Online Training Course

Considering all the problems with entry-level software testers, we have designed a software testing training course.

This QA software Testing Course training is provided by experienced software testing professionals who have hands-on testing experience. If you want to join us, please see our online course details on the page below:

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List of Indian Software Testing Institutes in a Few Cities

Over to you: Please share the best Software Testing institute from your locality/city.

Mahi Asks: Testing questions

“Hi, this is Mahi. I have recently joined a company as a Software tester on a maintenance intranet project. I am the only tester on my team and there are no standard testing processes defined in my project.

How can I initiate the testing processes on my project and is there any method to test maintenance product?”

In my experience, making your own working process is always a better solution. Do not follow any process as it is said to be standard, follow the process which works best for you, your environment and your project.

If you Google it a little more, you will find hundreds of different software testing processes but all these depend on the project environment. I suggest taking your own route. You have the chance to build it from scratch. Select the process that works best for you.

Still, to get started, here is the general process followed in the Software Testing environment:
What is the actual testing process in a practical or company environment

I am assuming you will get the Requirement documents before starting to test any application. You can start preparing test documents (use Testing Templates) like Test Plan, Test Strategy, Test cases from requirements and get these documents approved by your project manager.

Maintenance projects are generally agile in nature. In such cases, you don’t get time for writing test cases. You first identify some crucial tasks from your project. Write BVT cases for these tasks. So when you get a new build you can perform smoke testing on a new build with these BVT cases.

If possible try to automate the BVT process. This way for each new build you can perform BVT quickly and can start doing detailed build verification if BVT passes. You can write test scenarios based on software requirements while development is in progress. After BVT, verify these test scenarios to build under test and generate the test report.

Hope this helps you get started!

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  1. i have completed my from himachal university(distance education). i wanna choose career in IT field. although i have made my mind to become Software developer or tester. but have some queries which i can ask here for help.

    1) Can a commerce student enter as a tester or developer?
    2) what will be my basic pay as a fresher?
    3) will i have a bright future with good payscale after 2yrs of exp?
    4) can i compete with all Btech, BE, BCA students in this field?
    5)will multinational companies accept the fact i am from commerce background and appoint me?

    Seed infotech has 4mnths course of software testing with HP certification, they said i can go for testing but to be developer my commerce background is not enough. i dont believe them. i need expert answers. pls suggest.

    Hope for a genuine answer to make my career.

  2. Hello,

    Could anyone let know where I can find courses to learn software testing or Oracle in kochi. I am really interested and which is the recognized institutes in kochi.

  3. Hi,

    Just wanted to know is seed infotech Mumbai good for software testing? Any best instititues in Mumbai for software testing which provides placement?

  4. hai sir,
    i got a offer from IT COMPANY named SPECTRUM(KOCHI) KERALA
    they offer me 1.5 month course include (manual testing and automation tool) .with 65 real time project assignmnt .. with a corse fee 25000 INR
    is it good? ??

  5. Hi Anu,

    I am looking for good institute for testing to join, you have any details of testing campus, they will provide placement also?

  6. Hello,

    i have 4 years of experience in software testing. now i want to do certification course.
    so can any one suggest me which is the best option ISTQB or CASQ.
    and apart from this any best options ??

  7. hi anybody knows about zenray it worth joining there for testing?
    Qspiders many said negative reviews.

  8. Is der anybody to suggest me the best Institute for Manual and automation testing in Visakhapatnam. Please let me know about the course briefly.

  9. Hi Friend,

    Kindly suggest me as I have 11yrs experience in Airline industry and now I want to switch toward the software testing. Kindly advice me the best institute or website from where I can gain more to join software industry.

  10. yes very good discussion about software testing institute, I have some idea because recently I was completed my PHP course through online Ardent Computech Pvt Ltd, this training center also provided software training and Mobile Application Development training at Kolkata, I hope my friend you can visit this site and get best

  11. hey friends i m diploma holder. my branch is electronics does any benfit for me to do softwear testing course plz rep me plz

  12. Can someone tell about a good sw testing institute or organisation in INDORE (madhya pradesh) or HYDERABAD that can provide placement as well, because i am from a non IT background.

  13. i am 2017 batch cse fresher.i want to do software testing course like manual +selenium and istqb exam preparations , so which is the best institute and who is best faculty in ameerpet,hyderabad.
    please reply me.

  14. Sir I did my diploma in electrical and electronics engineering.which course is best for me?.And which is the best institute….Pls pls tell me

  15. Is there any one who who can guide me to choose the best institute in London (Madhya Pradesh) to learn software testing? Kindly suggest me i am 35yrs old I want to switch toward the software testing field,is there any age limit to switch software testing field?

  16. Is there any one who who can guide me to choose the best institute in London to learn software testing? Kindly suggest me i am 35yrs old I want to switch toward the software testing field,is there any age limit to switch software testing field?

  17. If you want to join a Digital Marketing Course in Delhi at Affordable Prices . Then You can opt for SoftSolvate Labs located at Rohini , Delhi.

  18. Thank you for taking the time to write about this much needed subject. I felt that your remarks on this technology is helpful and were especially timely.

  19. Hello,

    Im a support engineer and i want to become a tester. I v take a look at a lot of courses (manuel testing, automation testing…). I want to work on some real testing Live project. Have you any idea from where can i start to learn the maximum about the testing process and the tools.
    I m very passionate about testing but i need guideness…

    Thanks for this site.

  20. I am very much impressed with this article, nicely explained everything. you can also compare it by their course content, duration, price, and importantly placement.

  21. The best software testing course institute in Bengaluru is Qspiders basavangudi and also for Developers Jspiders, for python developer fellows Qspiders

  22. Sir I am basically from civil background so I wanted to join shift for IT so whic software training is better for me and in institute in Bangalore and I don’t know coding so please suggest me I am with some confusion

  23. I have 11 years of experience in automation testing. At the same time I trained students through online those who are looking better opportunity in selenium automation testing course. I have 7 years of experience and good knowledge in automation projects testing. Training experience in selenium with java ….Using Skype as tool for the training and it should be a practical based training with 100% assurance. Training in selenium with Java, TestNG, Page Object Model, Data Driven Development, Manual Testing, API, Postman, Rest, SQL, Agile, Maven, Jenkin, GitHub taking the classes for students. Training will be on 100% practical. I would like to share my domain knowledge and help students to
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