15 Best Test Management Tools for Software Testers

Test Management encompasses anything and everything that we do as testers.  Our day-to-day activities include:

  1. Creating and maintaining release /project cycle /component information
  2. Creating and maintaining the test artifacts specific to each release /cycle that we have- requirements, test cases, etc.
  3. Establishing traceability and coverage between the test assets
  4. Test execution support – test suite creation, test execution status capture, etc.
  5. Metric collection/report-graph generation for analysis
  6. Bug tracking/defect management

The above are broadly some of the tasks that involve what we call, the test management process. This process is critical, detail-oriented and instrumental is making sure that the entire testing effort is successful.

Well, the good news is, there is help available. Through this article we will try to introduce ourselves to the most commonly available tools for the test management process briefly. Here is the comparison of top test management software.

=>> Let us know if you want to add any other tool in this list.

List of the Most Prominent Test Management Tools

test management tools

1) qTest:

qTest logo

Developed by QASymphony, qTest is the only test management solution that allows you to manage your manual, exploratory, and automated testing in a single location, providing the most complete view of your testing coverage and progress on the market. With the help of qTest Connector, it has seamless integrations with JIRA for an entire end-to-end QA solution – but that is not all, it also integrates with other tools like Bugzilla, FogBugz, Rally, VersionOne etc.

Visit qTest website: Try a free 14 day trial of qTest at https://www.qasymphony.com/qtest-trial.html

2) PractiTest:

practiTest logo

An entirely SaaS end-to-end QA and Agile friendly Test management tool. Using their unique and customizable filters you can efficiently organize your requirements, create and run tests, track bugs and generate reports using this tool. It integrates seamlessly with leading bug tracking tools like JIRA, Pivotal tracker, Bugzilla, and Redmine as well as various automation tools such as Selenium, Jenkins etc. However, their API can ensure further customizing for your process’ needs.  It is not open sourced but is quite affordable. You can benefit from their human methodological support throughout your usage.

Visit PractiTest webesite: For more features and pricing information, check: http://www.practitest.com/

3) Zephyr:

Zephyr logo

Zephyr products are the fastest growing agile test management products in the world with more than 7000 customers in 100 countries. Their real-time solutions offer seamless integrations with tools project teams are already using today like JIRA, Selenium, Jenkins, Bamboo as well as the tools they will use tomorrow as Agile and DevOps processes evolve overtime.

Visit Zephyr website www.getzephyr.com to learn how enterprises are realizing business advantages through continuous testing that facilitates faster release cycles, fewer bugs and greater reliability.

4) Test Collab:

TestCollab logo

Test Collab is a modern test management tool which offers complete platform for your application’s testing. It offers state-of-the-art integration with all popular bug trackers and test automation tools. Apart from that, it offers time tracking,  agile methodology, requirements management, test plans and scheduling.

Visit Test Collab website for free trial and more info: http://testcollab.com/

5) TestFLO for JIRA



TestFLO is JIRA add-on providing comprehensive test management process into JIRA due to reusable Repository of Test Cases allowing for rapid Test Plan creation and copying. TestFLO supports flexible configurations for Agile Teams and Projects, smoothly integrates with defects and requirements providing broad traceability metrics and extensive reporting including all JIRA metrics and statistics. TestFLO integrates with CI tools like Jenkins or Bamboo for automated tests allowing you to run tests from JIRA and publish test results in real-time.

Visit TestFLO webesite: For more features and free trial, check TestFLO website.

6) XQual


XQual delivers one of the most advanced/complete Test Management solutions for a very light pricing. From this unique tool, you’ll be able to manage not less than your releases, requirements, risks, specifications, tests, campaigns and bugs.

It can be integrated with all the continuous integration platforms and it can drive ANY kind of test: 5 different interfaces for manual testing and nearly 70 connectors for all the best automation frameworks on the market: Selenium, QTP/UFT, JMeter, Ranorex, TestComplete, JUnit, NUnit, TestPartner, Sahi, NeoLoad, QF-Test, RobotFramework, Sikuli, SoapUi, Squish, TestNg, TestOptimal and many more. It includes an internal requirement and bug-tracking management module but it can be integrated with many third-party requirement or bug-tracking systems (i.e. JIRA, Clearquest, Mantis etc.).

Try it for one month here: http://www.xqual.com

7) TestCaseLab

TestCaseLab logo

Powered by Gera-IT company, TestCaseLab is a web-based case management tool released in April 2016. You may easily manage your manual test cases, apply and modify different properties, gather them in test plans and form test runs in one single location. It has the full set of required features wrapped into the great user interface. Supported integrations: JIRA, Redmine, Pivotal tracker.

Competitive pricing plans and absence of plaguesome quantitive limitations will let you easily start your activities and boost the performance of your QA team.

Visit TestCaseLab website: TestCaseLab

8) JIRA:

jira logo

JIRA is tool that makes an appearance anytime there is a discussion on any-management process- for all the right reasons. JIRA has 2 add-ons that support the test management process.

  a) Zephyr: All the aspects that you would expect of a typical tool of this type are supported. You can create tests/test suites/test cycles/bugs/reports and so on. You could have an additional add-on, ZAPI for automation integration.  Along with the initial JIRA license you would have to pay for Zephyr to use it. ($10 for 10 users a month). There is a free trail available too. Check out information about it at: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.thed.zephyr.je

  b) Go2Group SynapseRT: This tool has all the test management features but the primary focus is on requirement based testing. It can be used for projects where it makes more sense to track your progress in terms of the completion and/or success-failure of a certain requirement as opposed to test cases. Traceability is of higher priority with this add-on. Along with the initial JIRA license you would have to pay for this add-on too. ($10 for 10 users a month). There is a free trail available at: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.go2group.jira.plugin.synapse

9) TestRail:

Testrail logo

TestRail is a centralized test case management tool – you can use it to create test cases and test suites, track execution and report metrics. Additionally, it integrates with many issue tracking tools that makes requirements from external systems to be linked to test cases in TestRail; bugs can also be created in the external systems and links can be established to the corresponding test case. It comes with a HTTP-based API to integrate with the automated test results. One most common integration is with Gemini, which is a incident/ticket management system(supports agile too). It is a commercial product with a free trial available at: http://www.gurock.com/testrail/

10) TestLodge:

TestLodge logo

This is a comprehensive test case management tool that has 4 key aspects – Test Plan, requirements, Test suites/cases and test runs. So, as you can see, it has everything it needs to be able to manage test cases for you. For all the other operations, it integrates with the many main stream incident/issue management tools to provide a comprehensive solution. It is a commercial product, for a free trial visit: http://www.testlodge.com/

11) HP ALM/Quality center:

HP ALM logo

HP QC has been one of the most used test management software for many years. It has all the features necessary and in many ways, it is the standard against which the other tools are measured. Even though it is one of the high-end tools, economically, it still remains to be very popular. Check out http://www8.hp.com/in/en/software-solutions/software.html?compURI=1172141 for trial and other information.

11) QMetry:

QMetry logo

QMetry is a total test management tool that you can use to create requirements, test cases (test suites) that can be run on multiple platforms and defects. It integrates seamlessly with many leading bug-tracking and automation environments making a good candidate for use in most situations. It is a commercial product, with a 30 day free trial available. Visit the site for more information at: http://www.qmetry.com/

12) Testuff:

Testuff logo

Testuff is Saas Test Management tool that has many cool features. The typical test case management features are a given. Besides that, it has a cool video upload capability for a defect. Integrates with a huge list of bug-trackers, some of which are, Bugzilla, JIRA, YouTrack, Mantis among others. It has an API that supports automation tools like QTP, Rational Robot, Selenium, TestComplete etc. Best of all, it is very affordable. Check out the features and pricing information at: http://www.testuff.com/


13) Gemini:

countersoft gemini

One of the key components of this tool is supporting ‘Testing & QA’ along with the other aspects like Project Planning, issue tracking etc. Using this tool you could create test plans, test cases, test runs, traceability, test run reports etc. There are also various integrations and extensions available. It is a commercial product with a free starter pack available at: http://www.countersoft.com/solutions/testing/

14) TestLink:

TestLink logo

This is one of the very few open source test management tools available for use in the market.  It is a web- based tool with typical features like, requirement management, test case creation and maintenance, test runs, tracking bugs, reports, integration with common issue trackers etc. To download, visit: http://sourceforge.net/projects/testlink/

15) QAComplete:

smartbear QAComplete logo

QAComplete is one of the most powerful test management tools that we have.  This suits agile/traditional, manual/automation projects excellently.  You could use it in integration to QTP and TestComplete. For automation projects, you could schedule the test runs and run them remotely on any registered hosts. There is also a detailed release management feature that provides for better analysis. It works along with major bug-trackers and with source control tools – Subversion, Perforce and CVS. Given all the features, it is a little pricey. There is a free trial available though. Check out all its features at: http://smartbear.com/products/qa-tools/test-management/

16) Silk Central:

Silk Central logo

This is a test management product by Borland. Once you have Silk Central with you there is a nothing left for you to ask for anything else. It is robustness personified, though it is pricey.  All the features for coverage, traceability, reporting, test creation, running – it has got them.  It integrates with many source control and issue tracking system. There are additional plug-ins to extend its capabilities to automation testing using QTP, WinRunner etc. It comes with a video capture feature and supports SAP testing. This product is really cool. Try it at: http://www.borland.com/products/silkcentral/

17) IBM Rational Quality Manager:

IBM Rational Quality Manager logo

A test Management product that has all the typical features – Test planning, test design, test execution, tracking and reporting. It integrates with many of the rational products for automation, source control and bug tracking activities. It is a commercial product. Check out its features, pricing and other information at: http://www-03.ibm.com/software/products/en/ratiqualmana

Additional tools:

The below are some more tools that are worth mentioning:

18) VersionOne: A commercial product primarily catering to agile projects, this has a test management module along with planning, reporting and others, with all the typical features. Check out: http://www.versionone.com/product/agile-test-management/

19) TestPad:  This tool’s motto is “Spend more time actually testing”. The primary concept of this tool is – checklists. In your test plan you could have a series of checklists (tests) that can be as detailed or as short as possible. It is perfect for exploratory testing. It is commercial and you can try it at: https://ontestpad.com/

20) Aptest: a web based, commercial product that has all the typical features you would expect along with the typical integrations with issue trackers. http://www.aptest.com/atm2/

21) SpiraTest: A complete QA solution is what this product is. Instead of having your requirements, tests, defects in separate systems, this tool has it all in one place. It integrates with unit and automation testing frameworks among other things. It is commercial, though not very expensive. https://www.inflectra.com/SpiraTest/Default.aspx

22) Meliora TestLab: This is a simple to use product for requirement management, test-creating & running, defect management, workflow optimization, and integration with JIRA etc.  Commercial again, check it out at: https://www.melioratestlab.com/

23) SmarteQM: A complete life cycle management tool that provides the complete end-to-end test process support and integrates with other SmartSoft functional test tools.  It is web based and commercial. http://www.smartesoft.com/products_smarteQM.php

24) Test Run:  a web based commercial test management process that is easy and simple to use. It has all that you need to create test plans, execute them successfully and report. Integrates with JIRA and LightHouse. http://runtestrun.com/

25) Test Wave: A test management tool that needs no installation, is web based, simple and commercial (affordable). This tool provides you a facility to import your already existing requirements/test assets from excel sheets. It also comes with an inbuilt defect tracker http://www.testwave.co.uk/

26) Enterprise Tester: This test management tool supports both agile and traditional projects. Integrates with JIRA and also works great for automation testing with QTP, Selenium, RFT etc. This is a really cool commercial tool. Check it out at: http://enterprisetester.com/

27) TestLog: A very comprehensive end-to-end test management tool that is easy to install and configure due to its XML database. It allows documentation of both automation and manual test cases. It also comes with a web interface for remote access.  This product is commercial too. http://www.testlog.com/

28) QaTraq:  An open source test process control tool that can be used to create test cases, running them, recording results etc. http://sourceforge.net/projects/qatraq/

Points to note:

Well, from the above list two things are apparent:

  1. There are not many open source tools of this type available, although most of them are still affordable.
  2. Most of the tools just provide test case management and leave the bug tracking to be integrated via an external tool. (A smart choice, if you ask me. Otherwise, all of us would be stuck reinventing the wheel.)


Even though we put up a big list, we realize that we could not have included every tool available. Share your experiences with the test management tools – both the ones that made it to the list and those which did not- with us below.

Thanks to Swati S. for helping us review these best tools.

We hope this list comes in handy to you when in search for a tool that fits your needs  and we can’t wait to hear your comments, suggestions, additions, and of course, appreciations. :)

=>> Let us know if you want to add any other tool in this list.

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#1 Ritu

Its a good knowledge about tools….What is the difference between Bug tracking tool and defect management tool?

#2 Karuvarasan

Thanks for sharing this useful article swati and Vijay

#3 Nivedita

Very informative article. Thanks for sharing.

#4 vineeta

the list is really comprehensive. I see almost all major players in test management. good work!

can you suggest any good open source from this list?

#5 rahul

good one..

#6 Deepika

Thanks for you valuable information

#7 Swati Seela

@vineeta: QaTraq is your best bet if you are looking only for an open source tool.

#8 Swati Seela

@Ritu: bug tracking and defect management tools are one and the same. They are just addressed differently

#9 prashant yadav

Thanks you SIR valuable information

#10 Jayanthi

I am looking for job in QA, I like to take one certification in Automation tool, could you suggest me which one is very demanded automation tool?

#11 SathishKumar

I am a B.E student the information was really helpful. But can you please help me by making me understand how Testers will handle a complex situation I mean a bigger Manual test. Will they be using any algorithms ?? If so which is preferred EA or ACO? And Why?

#12 Dhanabal

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Amazing Vijay: you are path for Fresher and experience people as learning has no end.

#14 Palani Selvam

Nice list.

YOu would have included TFS from Microsoft. TFS is used to capture from Requirements to Closure and you can store and maintain all your artifacts…

#15 Lee

I dont agree with this list.
QMetry was one of the worst Test Case Management Tool I ever used…
Very slow UI and terrible Technical support not to mention really horrible automation integration tools.
They should work on getting nice APIs instead.

#16 Rebecca

Good list, thanks for sharing.

I would have included Agile Designer. It’s a test case design tool that allows you to conduct fewer tests with maximum coverage. You can also optimize software tests, clean up your existing test cases, dededuplicate test cases and more.

#17 Aarif

Good list of tools. But for the enterprise level only superior software Test Management processes can help producing a high quality software. SwiftALM’s Test Management module allows users to define test units, test scripts and various test cycles along with embedded workflow for approval, and it is integrated with Defect and Change Management modules to cover end-to-end Test Management. Thus providing comprehensive platform to automate your testing.

#18 Sumangala

Helpful info

#19 amany aboelkhair

very useful list of tools.

#20 vikaskiran m.n

thanks for valuable information

#21 Manjunatha Narayanappa

Thanks for sharing valuable information about test management tools

#22 Laurent MASSER


May you add Squash TM to this list ?

This is one of the best opensource and free management test tool on the market.

It is almost as good as HP QC , and of course better than Salomé or Testlink.

Please try it and give me your feedback !

You can download it on our website.

Best regards.

#23 QA Police

Hi all,
Can any one help me with latest reviews on Qmetry?
I will be extremely thankful, if someone who had used it recently can provide feedback !!!

#24 Prashant

I have used QMETRY and its one if the worst tools I have ever came across. Zero flexibility. Hard to use UI, slow and not to mention terrible tech support. Pricing is too exorbitant. $75/month/user. 70 times more than Zephyr.

#25 Jatin

qmetry is one of the most flexible tools I have ever come across, that integrates flawlessly with other Defect tracking and requirement tracking tools. To add to it, they have an excellent and highly responsive technical support

#26 Christopher

Can we have some consistency?

What’s the best tools out of

I want a test management tool to write test cases, run selenium automation and integrate with JIRA for bugs.

What’s the answer?

#27 Prakash

@ Chris, I have been a Qmetry user for more than a year now. It provides all of the above features that you are looking for. Previously, I have been an HP user, but the HP – JIRA Integration gave a lot of hard time to me. The Qmetry – JIRA Integration is simply awesome. Nothing to worry about.

I am not sure of the other tools as I have not used them. Also not keen on trying them out.

Nothing to complain, no wonder its No 1 on the list..

#28 TestExpert

I have used, TestLink, Qmetry and now we are experiencing occygen

They built new release Occygen v7 for 2014 and looks too professional.

#29 Alexander Mundorff

Tricentis Tosca Testsuite is missing in the above list.

#30 Alam

Very informative post and comments. Thanks to all!

#31 John

i dont think its better than SchoolPro

#32 Mary Anne

I think that Go2Group synapseRT is a great tool, which can be used for projects where it makes more sense to track your progress in terms of completion and/or success-failure of a certain requirement as opposed to test cases.
It helps you to do requirements and test management, has test suites, test plan panels and a test management dashboard that is used for project traceability, gives possibility to have a linking of bugs and requirements to a test cases, establish parent-child relations between requirements and test cases, import projects from other systems, etc.
There is also one interesting feature – Subtests for Test Plans, which is used for parallel testing of the same set of Test Cases.
We usually work with this plugin and recommend it.
You can find more here: http://polontech.com/blog/test-case-management-add-on-for-jira/

#33 Gert Mentens

We currently use NORIZZK.COM for Risk-Based Test Management. It is the first online tool covering the risk mitigation process for complex IT environments.

#34 Eric Gavaldo

XStudio (http://www.xqual.com) is more and more popular at the moment. Many big accounts are moving from QC to XStudio because it can run ANY tests (manual + automated) and is very cheap.

#35 Stephane

OCCYGEN is missing from the list!


The comparison between Qtest and Zephyr is incorrect.


I have done a POC on Zephyr and I can say that almost all that it has NO in the Zephyr column is actually a YES. And also the price is INCORRECT.

#37 hari

Thanks for sharing useful information.

#38 Cobra

This list does not include Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), a component of Visual Studios… Any thoughts on how this compares to some of the listed items? I was previously certified with Quality Center (and highly qualified with QTP). I’ve also used MTM at my last location. Both really seemed to have the same level of functionality, the information is simply displayed a lot different.

Seems like a Quality Center implementation is more expensive between the two. So how would these other products compare?

#39 Prash

Hi Cobra, Yes you are correct Microsoft Test manager (MTM) is similar to the QC (Quality centre) this should also be added to the list above, regardless most of the ALM’s MTM can manage all the requirements , Traceability metrics and the Test suite can be prepared which can have the test cases within the suite. All the results can be exported and the excel. Latest TFS (Team foundation server 2013) is the good for the Agile methodology and to manage sprint. We can link the test cases from the MTM to the product backlog in the TFS , easy to execute and results are handy.

The failed test cases can be found easily and executed very soon in a test cycle.

#40 Danny

I am a QA Manager in a startup and have lot of experience with different tools.
In your list you are missing the price which is sometimes very important, especially for startup with not have to much money :)
We having about 20 users now both in QA and R&D and we choose in the end TestUp (which is not in your list)
In the past I used some of the tools above like Jira, HP and TFS and I think TestUp tool is much simpler and better fit for small – mid companies and the price is really low.
I would say that from my experience is one is one of the best ROI, especially if you want a tool that has anything in it (requirements, tests, bugs, tasks, tickets…)

#41 Lucy

Thank you for this great list!

For those who are looking for a simple and free test-plan management software, I would recommend Overlook. We have begun using it at work, and it is very easy and simple.
It also has iOS and Android readiness checklists, which have helped us a lot when testing our games before publishing them in the app stores.

#42 Steve M

I think you missed one of the best. useMango by Infuse.

#43 suriya kantha

Thanks for your valuable info

#44 Amit kumar

Hi ,
Which is the best test management tool (open source) that can be integrated with JIRA??

#45 Greedy Tester

Please add TestGoat ARM to the list please. It is a great tool to capture testplans, test cases and execution plans. Unlimited users, unlimited plans , job scheduler, email notifications.

#46 Julia Hallin

Hi all,
Hansoft just released a new version focused on Agile QA, allowing you to integrate QA tightly with development. You can manage and prioritize bugs alongside other tasks and user stories in sprints, easily set up multiple bug workflows, create dashboards and more.


#47 Bhaskar Reddy

which is the best one for runing test cases and saving them

#48 Mike

Reading this article and comments (which are really delicious) it is quite entertaining. One may learn this is a list of tools (name of the tools – better said) which can be used to impress a potential employer.
Then initial list is short, the summary for each mane on the list is mostly an add for the brand.
Reading the comments for the purpose to select a tool is useless. They are very contradictory or very lame (“which is the best one for runing test cases and saving them”).
Choosing the best tool for a given organization is a very important task (and very laborious too). We may write a chapter (in a big book) about this activity.

#49 Jay Newlin

I’ve had a few months’ experience with Zephyr as an add-on to a hosted (not cloud-based) instance of JIRA.

While the goal is to have Zephyr work “seamlessly” with JIRA, the interface leaves many things to be desired.

One creates the “header” (for lack of a better term) of a test in one screen, then must open the new test to add more information (including steps, test data, and expected results). I would prefer an easier method (closer to “one step”) for creating a test.

The biggest issue is that Prerequisites (a field on each test) is not visible in the Execute Test window.

On the other hand, it’s easy to get accustomed to how to create a test, the execution process is fairly straightforward, and reporting is adequate.

As Mike mentioned, no one tool is right for every project. Each of us must perform due diligence and investigate each tool as a candidate for the job at-hand.

#50 Saritha


I want a test management tool to write test cases and run selenium automation .Please can you guide me.


#51 vijay

I want a test management tool to write test cases,run tests, track bugs and generate reports.

#52 Rachel

Great list. Like others have said, HP QC is more expensive than some of the alternatives, but the quality of the tool is what you’re paying for. I work for a review site for enterprise tech solutions. Here is just one of the many reviews that we have for HP Quality Center where he discusses considering cost and quality of a tool: “For small companies where audits/lawsuits etc. are not a factor, it’s not worth the investment. You should use open source or lower cost alternatives (JIRA project/defect tracking, Test Link open source QC like Test Tool). However, for any company that wants a mature, highly developed platform that is constantly improving, need to survive audits, etc., you should consider HP ALM solutions such as HP Quality Center.”

#53 Gaurav Khurana

Good to know so many tools are there for test management activities.

We use Sharepoint, though it’s not a test management tool but it allows to upload Test Cases/POT and also some of the task.

thanks for sharing the list and peopl’e comment added more value to the system

#54 Ram

Thanks for your valuable information

#55 Ram

Thanks for your valuable inform

#56 Amandeep Singh

Thanks for a great compilation of the test management tools.

I have used Quality Center (when HP used to call it so) and ALM in the past (for around 7-8 years).

The new team that I recently became a part of, has been newly setup and they were not using any TM tool as such – I saw an opportunity to research the market and introduce a new tool which would give us more flexibility in managing Test Cycles.

We have JIRA server within our organization and I proposed getting Zephyr and did a POC on one of my scrum teams and have now started rolling out to other scrums – its working very well so far and the pricing point is also not that high.

I also plan to do some how-to articles on my blog which maybe useful if anyone is thinking about Zephyr as an option?

Amandeep Singh

#57 Lucas

This app (bstriker) also allows the user to sync your selenium scripts in one place and execute them context independent and connect with Jira if needed. Plus is the only one that guides the user according to standards… not forcing but suggesting… just my 2 cents.

#58 Dr. Raju

Thanks guys, This article means a lot to me and my team

#59 Julien

We have used the test managmenet tool “Occygen” recently, it answers to all tes tmanagmeent needs and give as + a delievery toolkit module.

#60 Rohit

very detailed article, it helps a lot

#61 senthil

Can you let me know how much good is Jama contour? Is it suggestable

#62 Daniel Ivanov

Good article!
Thanks for the summarized information and the rating of the tools,well-written and useful.

#63 rajesh dubey

very well testing tools

#64 Yagna

TestFlo is one of the best Tools I have ever used. No need to integrate with JIRA as it is a JIRA Plugin. All its elements can be queried through JQL. Can create lot of Dashboard using it.

#65 Deepika

Thanks for your valuable info..

#66 Chris

I would like to get the name of author of this article … Education purposes

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