Top 10 Websites To Learn Automation Testing Courses in 2022

Here we have reviewed the top websites offering online courses to learn Automation Testing to help you select the best automation testing course:

With a growing number of projects at scale and demand to shorten the value-to-market, expertise in test automation is no longer a “wise” investment, but “needed” expertise to serve fast-moving businesses.

But the problems with learning automation testing are, unsurprisingly, costly classes, no clear learning path, and technical assistance from instructors.

In this article, we will list the top websites for Learning Automation Testing Courses.

Let us begin with the list!!

Websites for Learning Automation Testing (1)

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List of Websites to Learn Automation Testing

Here is a list of popular online courses offering websites for learning automation testing:

  1. Katalon Academy
  2. Udemy
  3. LinkedIn Learning
  4. Pluralsight
  5. Coursera
  6. Simplilearn
  7. Edureka
  8. edX
  9. Techcanvass
  10. YouTube

Review the websites listed above.

#1) Katalon Academy

Katalon Academy

Katalon Academy is a learning hub that simplifies all the concepts of automated testing. This includes web, API, mobile, desktop automation testing, DevOps, CI/CD pipeline integration, and many more. From basic to advanced courses, it is suitable for testers, QA specialists, and developers at all levels.

Few of the essentials that learners will get include:

  • Job-ready theories (for example, data-driven testing, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for web testing, etc.)
  • Project samples and step-by-step tutorials with in-demand tools.
  • Monthly webinar invitation on emerging trends hosted by field experts.
  • An interactive learning experience with peers and instructors for additional help and discussion.

To guarantee reliability and consistency in the course quality, Katalon Academy instructors are yearly experienced professionals working in DevOps teams, developing frameworks, low-code, and maintenance automation solutions. Some of them have also been speakers at testing conferences like Odyssey, Open-Source Lisbon, and TestFlix.

Since the platform is built by Katalon, users will get free access to the storage of hands-on tutorials on the leading automation solutions such as Studio, TestOps, and Recorder.

Katalon Academy

The process to join is pretty straightforward. Create a free Katalon Academy account, pick a course, and kick-start your learning journey.

#2) Udemy


Udemy is one of the largest and most popular learning centers out there. Since its foundation in 2010, it has accumulated over 155,000 courses in total that cover many different topics.

You can find countless automation testing courses on Udemy. They cover a wide range of related topics, from implementing specific testing tools (such as Katalon Studio and Selenium) to the roadmap to full-stack QA.

Some courses are free, while others cost you from $20 to $200 on average. You will receive digital certificates upon completion of paid courses.

One thing you should know is that Udemy is a marketplace. This means that the courses are created and uploaded by third-party instructors for sales. While some instructors have high-level backgrounds, many others remain on an average level. This may lead to the inconsistency of content quality throughout all the lessons.

You should look at the review and rating of each course to decide whether you want to join it.

#3) LinkedIn Learning


LinkedIn Learning was established as before being acquired by LinkedIn and turned into what it is now. It is a professional platform that offers high-quality courses, categorized into 3 main groups: Business, Creativity, and Technology.

The automation testing courses on LinkedIn Learning are hosted by industry experts and experienced professionals. The quality of content is ensured and you will get a digital certificate upon completion of each course. There are also many support features for you to track and review your learning process.

The platform sets a clear learning path for you to take to become a test automation engineer. You will get to learn the domain foundation, how to use the testing tools, how to write test scripts and even the robot framework test automation.

Although some courses are free, you are required to pay a monthly subscription of around $30 to have full access to all lessons. You can try out the first month for free.

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#4) Pluralsight


Pluralsight is another well-known learning platform with over 7,000 courses. All the topics are related to technology fields, including automation testing for software.

The platform has collaborated with more than 1,500 experts from across industries to create high-quality courses for users. Many features are there to help you flexibly learn and review, such as offline learning, quizzes, and practice exams.

Similar to LinkedIn Learning, Pluralsight follows a subscription model. It requires you a monthly fee of around $30 to join several core courses (around 2500 courses). You can choose to go Premium with a monthly fee of $45 to get access to all courses and enjoy advanced features (hands-on scripting, projects, guided feedback, and so forth).

Free trial is there for the first 200 minutes or 10 days, whichever comes first. While some courses are for beginners, many others expect you have little experience in the technology or testing fields.

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#5) Coursera


Coursera is a popular massive open online course provider with a total of 3,000 courses that cover a wide range of topics. It is another learning website for automation testing courses you can consider.

The lessons are divided into the 3 main categories: Courses, Guided projects, and Specializations. The materials are taught by industry experts and professionals from well-known universities and organizations.

You can take the courses to gain overall knowledge and insights, join the guided projects to get hands-on experience, or choose specializations to follow a clear learning path. Specializations comprise many courses organized in order for you to learn specific aspects of automated testing.

As for the fees, some courses are free, but the other two are not. A guided project may cost you at least $9.99, while specialization may require a monthly subscription of at least $39.

You will get certificates upon the completion of specializations or certain paid courses. A free trial is available.

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#6) Simplilearn


Simplilearn claims itself to be the number one online Boot Camp and one of the best leading certification training providers. Most topics revolve around digital and technology skills.

You can find tons of resources on this website about test automation, including articles, ebooks, video tutorials, and webinars. They are free to view and learn.

Simplilearn also offers you a 12-month Master’s Program to become an automation test engineer. This comprehensive course gives you complete knowledge and hands-on experience in software development, automated testing, and QA skills. The cost of this program is $1,299.

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#7) Edureka


Edureka provides many courses specialized in technology fields, such as computer programming and software development. It has over 100 live online courses that cover a wide range of topics.

That said, the current number of courses for automation testing training is quite limited. However, Edureka offers you a Master’s Program to become a test automation engineer. You will get to learn how to plan and implement automated testing in all phases of the software development life cycle.

The program also offers you free support courses on SQL essentials, Java essentials, and Python scripting.

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The classes are live so you can interact with the instructors. In case of missing the live sessions, you can rewatch the recorded versions or simply join the next live classes. In the program, there are also exercises and projects to be completed so that you can implement what you have learned into practice.

In order to join, you need to pay per course or program. It can cost from $100 to more than $1,000, depending on the type.

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#8) edX


edX is a formal e-learning platform that covers a wide range of topics, including business management, computer programming, engineering, and many others. It has over 3,000 courses in total that you can choose from.

With that being said, there are very few courses that focus specifically on automated testing. And most of them aim for the intermediate level. Some of them require you to know the basics of programming and some experience.

The courses are taught by university professors and experienced experts. Some courses are put together into a learning program, which makes it easy for you to follow.

You can join courses for free with an audited option. This means you can view the content but only to a certain extent and there will be no certification granted. To have full access and get a certificate upon completion, you will need to pay for the course. As for their programs, you will also need to pay to have the fullest experience.

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#9) Techcanvass


Techcanvass is an India-based organization founded by IT professionals that offers software training and consulting services. You can find many free test automation resources on their website.

They also offer several courses on the domain, including Continuous Integration with Jenkins, Selenium with different languages (namely Java and Python). These courses are designed for you to learn everything from scratch and get hands-on training. You will get to apply what you have learned to live projects and get a certification upon completion.

Most courses are taught by the local experienced experts and only focus on a specific testing tool, Selenium. There are multiple budget packages for you to choose from, ranging from $60 to $270.

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#10) YouTube


YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform in the world. It is the most common way to learn about any topics or skills, including test automation.

YouTube is very easy to use. Nearly everyone gets familiar with how it works and its user interface. There are endless free resources that you can find about test automation, including video tutorials and courses.

However, sometimes it can get very time-consuming to find high-quality resources, as nearly everyone can post and share their videos on this platform, regardless of their actual skills and backgrounds. It is also difficult to track your studying process or get help from the instructors since there is no specific learning path and lack of many learning support features.

With that being said, you should not overlook this platform for learning about automated testing. Just go to the website, enter the keywords into the search bar, spend some time going around, and maybe you will get what you expected.

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Thus we have seen the top websites that offer online automation testing courses. Each one has its own strengths that may satisfy your expectation.

For example, Katalon Academy is ideal if you want to focus only on learning automated testing and getting hands-on training. Udemy has most courses for you to explore beyond your needs. Simplilearn or Edureka has a Master’s program, while LinkedIn Learning has a clear learning path for you to follow and become a test automation engineer.

When choosing the platform and courses, consider your level, purpose, goals, and also budget. Doing a little research on the courses and the instructors can be helpful to know what you should expect for the result.

Good luck with your learning journey!

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