13 Best Purchase Order Software For Businesses In 2021

Here we will review and compare the best Purchase Order Software to help you choose the ideal Purchase Order Management System for your business needs:

A purchase Order can be defined as a commercial document that issues an order for goods and services to vendors on behalf of the business. It is basically what kick-starts the procurement process and thus becomes a vital part of the company’s entire sale-purchase mechanism.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when it is claimed that the efficient or inefficient management of purchase orders can make or break a deal between businesses and their vendors.

No business can hope to fulfill its ambitions of growth without a smooth-running purchasing system. Extra caution is essential when managers engage in the creation and management of purchase orders. They are also crucial to make sure the PO’s are created without any errors, and thus requests for goods and services are placed and fulfilled on time.

Best Purchase Order Software

Purchase Order Software

Managing purchase orders, or the entire procurement process can prove oddly overwhelming, especially for businesses running on a small scale with inadequate manpower.

This is precisely why Purchase Order Management software today is so popular among business entities of all kinds. They offer an advanced set of features that act as solutions to manage the purchase details of any company with utmost efficiency. They promote digitized management of a company’s purchase system, which is essential to save time and reduce operational costs.

In summary, a purchase order software arms professionals and managers with the tools they need to effectively automate the entire sales-purchase framework. This means a solution that eliminates manual work and gets the job done in just a few clicks on the computer.

In this article, we will look at some of the best purchase order software with their features the market offers today. We’ve curated this list based on our own little experiences operating the tools.


  1. The purchase order software must possess user-friendly software. It must be affordable, simple to implement, and easy to use by anyone requiring no specific skills.
  2. The software must ensure the smooth creation, management, approval, and tracking of purchase orders or requests to ensure timely fulfillment of orders.
  3. The software should be able to manage vendor details, account information, tax details, and purchase/sales details of your company under one system.
  4. Authorized users must not find it difficult to access records or data they want from the system whenever needed.
  5. The tool must provide robust security to ensure there is no unauthorized access or modification of important financial data.

Fact-Check: According to a report published by ProcureDesk, the average cost of PO can range anywhere from $50-$1000.

Procurement Cycle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Why are Purchase Orders needed?

Answer: They are a way of creating transparency between all parties involved in the purchasing process. In a way, it provides security to the vendors by ensuring they get paid on time for the goods and services they supply. The buyers too are safe, as the purchase orders ensure they get a fair price for the goods ordered.

Q #2) What is the major benefit of Purchase Order Software?

Answer: The biggest advantage of having robust purchase order software is the ability it possesses to create, manage and promote approval of PO’s instantly. According to current estimates, users can get PO’s approved on such software in less than 5 minutes. Plus, as these tools provide robust security, managers can rest easy knowing their data is safe.

Q #3) What are the most common features found in Purchasing Software today?

Answer: Features like cloud accessibility, complete transparency and traceability of the purchase process, full customization of workflows, and integrations with other software are typical features found in purchase order solutions today.

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List Of Purchase Order Management Software

Here is the list of popular and free Purchase Order Software:

  1. Paramount WorkPlace (Recommended)
  2. Kissflow
  3. PurchaseControl
  4. O2b Technologies
  5. Workflowmax
  6. DPO
  7. Xero
  8. Bellwether
  9. SalesAttach
  10. Zoho Books
  11. Sage Intacct
  12. Ecomdash
  13. Procurify

Comparing Best Purchase Order Management Systems

NameBest ForRatingsFree TrialFees
Paramount WorkPlaceAutomated PO processingStar_rating_5_of_5Free Demo AvailableContact for Pricing
KissFlowEnhanced Policy Compliance Pertaining to PO processingStar_rating_4_of_5Free Demo AvailableStarting at $1990/month
PurchaseControlPurchase Order Software for Small BusinessStar_rating_4.5_of_5Free Demo AvailableContact for Pricing
O2b TechnologiesSingle-level and multi-level PO authorization workflowsStar_rating_4_of_5Free DemoContact for pricing
WorkflowMaxControlled PO ProcessingStar_rating_4_of_514-day free trialStarting at $45/month for 3 users.

Let us review the tools in detail below.

#1) Paramount WorkPlace (Recommended)

Paramount WorkPlace is best for Automated PO processing.


Paramount WorkPlace is a procurement management solution that makes it easy to create and manage purchase orders. It provides a company’s employees and management with the tools they need to simplify the PO approval process and manage to spend efficiently.

Its modern UI is simple to implement and can be used by employees across the organization at any skill level. Users can route approved requisition requests for PO creation, and detailed audit logs are created automatically.

Paramount Workplace also allows seamless real-time integration with ERP applications like Microsoft Dynamics, Acumatica, Blackbaud, Sage-ERP, Sage Intacct, and Netsuite among many others for an enhanced user experience.

Paramount WorkPlace also features Punchout Capabilities that acts as an alternative to maintain information pertaining to guided buying catalog with large or rapidly changing catalogs. This helps organizations reduce time spent on maintenance or catalogs. Thus, Punchout Capabilities can expedite the ordering process; lower procurement costs, and allows organizations to have more control over their purchases.

It also simplifies the PO process for vendors as they can directly send their invoices electronically through the self-service portal without a hassle. Furthermore, users can easily manage quotes from multiple vendors and select the one that is the best fit.


  • Automated PO creation
  • Allow vendors to submit invoices electronically
  • Promote management of quotes from multiple vendors simultaneously
  • Unlimited approval and Routing Rules
  • Spend control
  • Seamless real-time Out-Of-The-Box ERP integrations
  • Catalog and Punchout Capabilities

Verdict: Paramount WorkPlace earns its place on this list because of its ability to simplify the PO process for both the business and its vendors. It is very easy to set up and extremely simple to use. We highly recommend this tool if you seek to cut your PO processing costs by almost half.

Free Demo Available

Price: Contact for pricing

#2) KissFlow

Best for enhanced Policy Compliance pertaining to PO processing.


KissFlow is quite a phenomenal purchase requisition solution. One of the reasons behind this is its robust PO processing feature. The software provides users with a paperless solution that allows effective execution and management of all PO documentation without any unnecessary printouts.

Users get to use rule-based customizable workflows to ensure the created PO’s comply with established policies. This makes sure there are no errors in their creation. It also provides a very flexible approach to unregistered vendor enrollment.

Management also gets access to real-time actionable insights, which can be used to curb any unnecessary spending and help the company save money on procurement.


  • Attractive UI
  • Flexible PO processing
  • Enhanced policy compliance
  • Real-time spend insights

Verdict: KissFlow’s uniquely intuitive approach to PO processing makes it one of the best purchase order solutions available today. It is incredible for easy PO approvals and convenient vendor management. It is a great tool for mid-sized and large enterprises to manage their purchase system.

Free Demo Available

Price: Starting at $1990/month

Website: KissFlow

#3) Purchase Control

Best for Purchase Order software for small businesses.

Purchase Control

Planergy’s Purchase Control provides its clients with a user-friendly PO processing system that is ideal for small businesses. It offers a competent cloud-based PO management system that best suits businesses with a small scale of operation.

The software allows users to create and manage purchase orders and requests, manage spending, process invoices and streamline the entire PO process. It possesses a robust reporting metric that aims to provide managers with the insight they need to improve performance.


  • Create and manage PO’s and purchase requests
  • Spend management
  • Robust report filtering
  • Centralized PO processing

Verdict: Purchase Control seamlessly connects a small business’s whole software environment for an impeccable and smooth PO processing experience. The software focuses on less waste and high productivity for an ultimately efficient procurement process.

Free Demo Available

Price: Contact for pricing.

Website: Purchase Control

#4) O2b Technologies

Best for single-level and multi-level PO authorization workflows.

O2b Technologies

O2b technologies provide purchase management software that considerably simplifies the PO process. It significantly streamlines and automates the creation, management, and tracking of PO’s and purchase requests to make the process seem less chaotic.

It focuses on agile PO creations, which users can execute with a few clicks. Apart from PO processing, the software also allows seamless integration with other useful applications. These integrations enable efficient vendor relationship management, accounting, customer relationship management, and inventory management.

Moreover, the software can undertake single-level and multi-level PO authorization workflows and also offer a very comprehensive audit track mechanism to keep a record of all the approved and rejected PO’s.


  • Multiple application integration
  • PO creation and management
  • Single and multi-level PO authorization workflow
  • Full audit track of approved and rejected PO’s

Verdict: O2b provides a purchase management solution that effectively streamlines and automates the entire PO process. If you seek smooth creation, maintenance, and tracking of purchase orders and requests, then this software will satisfy you.

Free Demo Available

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: O2b Technologies

#5) WorkflowMax

Best for controlled PO processing.


WorkflowMax is essentially an all-in-one project management software that just so happens to deliver a phenomenal PO processing solution. The software provides companies with a tool that is easy to set up, beautiful to look at, and simple to use.

The tool streamlines and automates the PO process to enable bulk processing of purchase orders, efficient spend management, and error-free input of crucial data. The software integrates seamlessly with Xero to help managers push bills through automatically and reduce the risk of double handling.

The software arms you with the tools needed to track the purchase order and be aware of what the order entails. This ensures there are no end-of-the-month surprises with regards to invoices and due to vendors are cleared on time.


  • Seamless integration with Xero
  • Elimination of double handling
  • Real-time tracking of PO’s in the processing chain
  • Process PO’s in bulk

Verdict: WorkflowMax knocks it out of the park because of its streamlined approach to bulk PO processing. Its smooth integration with Xero to push bills automatically is undoubtedly its biggest selling point. The tool is extremely affordable and very easy to use.

Price: Free 14 day trial, starting at $45/month for 3 users.

Website: WorkflowMax

#6) DPO

Best for customized approval chain.


DPO, also known as Digital Purchase Order, is purchase management software that lays extra emphasis on simplicity and agility. The result is software that delivers a purchase workflow management experience that offers a whole new level of convenience.

The software allows users to create and manage PO’s from any location they desire. It is also very mobile-friendly, providing a comprehensive user experience on the go. You can easily customize your PO approval workflow and let DPO manage the chain for you automatically.

It is also incredible when tracking purchase orders, requests, and invoices, making sure nothing vital slips out of the cracks. Employees can customize the PO, submit it through mobile or computer devices, and finally, the approver can then instantly approve or reject the document.


  • Customize POs
  • Submit and track POs from anywhere
  • Customize the approval chain
  • Integrate easily with QuickBooks

Verdict: With its uncompromising approach to simplicity and agile PO processing, DPO is ideal for small and mid-sized businesses with limited manpower. Its near-smooth PO processing experience is exalted by a very competent customer support system that always comes through when users find themselves lost.

Free Demo Available

Price: Basic Edition $19/month, Standard Edition $39/month, Executive Edition $79/month.

Website: DPO

#7) Xero

Best for fast-tracking of purchase orders and requests.

xero - Purchase Order Software

In hindsight, Xero may be popular as an accounting and bookkeeping software. It does however provide a very robust purchase management solution as well.

You can easily keep track of all the purchase orders you create and push through the progression chain to ensure your ordering is correct every time. The creation of PO’s here is also very simple, with the ability to customize your own layouts with countless templates, fonts, logos, and other items.

You can also easily select items from an inventory list and add them to the purchase order instantly. Moreover, the approved PO’s can be emailed as PDF from within Xero itself.


  • Customize PO’s with multiple templates and fonts.
  • Track PO throughout the process
  • Clean and modern UI
  • Convert PO’s into invoices instantly

Verdict: Xero is a great tool to create, manage and track your company’s purchase orders across all its departments. However, it is also a great tool that delivers a number of other management services as well, especially accounting and bookkeeping. It is extremely affordable and simple to use.

Price: Free Plan, rates starting at $5.50 per month for Basic. $16/month for Growing Plan, $31/month for Established Plan.

Website: Xero

#8) Bellwether

Best for simplified PO processing for small and mid-sized businesses.

Bellwether - Purchase Order Software

Bellwether is considered to provide one of the finest e-procurement solutions in the industry. One of the reasons it has such high honors is because of its impressive PO processing abilities. The tool is ideal for companies who have to create 50-1000 every month.

It provides two separate plans that cater to small enterprises and large or mid-sized enterprises individually. It focuses on eliminating time wasted on paperwork by digitizing the PO process from start to finish.

Users are allowed to customize their workflows and keep track of PO approvals and rejections in a hassle-free manner. Furthermore, the software is completely web-based.


  • 100% web-based
  • Customized workflows
  • Control spending
  • Role-based access

Verdict: Bellwether excels when it comes to web-based automated software that efficiently handles a company’s PO process. The software is ideal for all businesses, especially small and mid-sized enterprises who struggle to manage their purchase system due to a lack of resources.

Free Demo Available

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: Bellwether

#9) SalesAttach

Best for smart integration with Intuit QuickBooks.

SalesAttach - Purchase Order Software

Intuit QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software in the world. However, not many know of its incredible integration abilities with other PO processing tools. SalesAttach is a software program that integrates with the QuickBooks accounting system to minimize errors commonly found in data entry pertaining to financial recordings.

The app keeps track of everything to your purchase orders, including details pertaining to vendors, cost of orders, and number of orders placed. The software is also incredibly useful when managing inventory.

The information tracked by SalesAttach can be used to compare different vendor information and get the best deal for your money.


  • Automated PO creation and management
  • Intuitive tracking of PO’s
  • Modern and sleek UI
  • Smooth integration with QuickBooks

Verdict: If you are thinking of saving costs of errors committed during the creation and processing of PO, then SalesAttach is for you. We recommend it if you want a PO processing solution that goes hand-in-hand with your QuickBooks software. If you seek free purchase order software, then this one is for you.

Price: Free plan, pricing starting at $22/month

Website: SalesAttach

#10) Zoho Books

Best for full-service Purchase Order inventory management system.

zoho - Purchase Order Software

When it comes to management software, Zoho Books has always been at the forefront to provide solutions tailor-made for growing businesses. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it also offers quite a spectacular service with its PO management solution as well.

It offers a tool that simplifies the purchase order creation process. You can effortlessly manage POs, convert purchases into bills in a few clicks, and keep records of sales in a secure repository accessed only by authorized personnel.

You can easily track any item ordered, ensure there are no errors or discrepancies in what was ordered and what was delivered, and get accurate insights into your PO’s.


  • Fast and simple PO processing
  • Track purchase orders
  • Instantly convert PO’s into bills
  • Customize PO’s with font, color, and logo

Verdict: Zoho Books eliminates any complication that may arise in the creation and management of PO’s, thanks to its smart features and impressive UI. Its infectious simplicity in tracking and conversion of PO’s makes it ideal for small businesses with limited resources.

Price: $9/month for the Basic plan, $19/month for the Standard plan, and $29/month for the Professional plan.

Website: Zoho Books

Other Purchase Order Software

#11) Sage Intacct

Best for large enterprises.

Sage Intacct is leading accounting software that aims to streamline and simplify the procurement process for large enterprises. It emphasizes increased ROI by promoting faster and smarter purchasing. Sage Intacct puts your management in the front seat by giving them a bird’s-eye view of the company’s entire purchase management process.

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: Sage Intacct

#12) Ecomdash

Best for small businesses

Ecomdash essentially provides a purchase order management solution best suited for small eCommerce firms. It emphasizes the simplification of a company’s multichannel inventory management, order fulfillment, and vendor relationship management. As for the creation of purchase orders, it is fast, simple and promotes easy tracking of the entire PO process chain.

Price: Free plan, $25/month

Website: Ecomdash

#13) Procurify

Best for small and mid-sized businesses.

Procurify is a cloud-based procurement solution that emphasizes easy remote access to employees for convenient PO processing. It helps in controlling spending, streamlining PO approvals, tracking purchases, and delivering valuable insights pertaining to the ongoing purchasing system. It also allows you to manage multiple vendors from one system.

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: Procurify


A business cannot hope to thrive if its procurement system is ineffective and in constant disarray. This is why competent purchase order management software that automates the entire process across the organization is so fundamental.

A great PO management software will help in the error-free creation of PO’s, efficient tracking of purchases, improved relationship with vendors, and timely fulfillment of orders.

As for our recommendation, if you are looking for an affordable, easy-to-use PO automation software, then look no further than Paramount WorkPlace. Small businesses with extremely limited resources, on the other hand, can employ the services of Planergy’s Purchase Control for a quick fix of their PO process.

Research Process:

  • We spent 15 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on what Purchase Order software will best suit you.
  • Total Purchase Order software researched – 29
  • Total Purchase Order software shortlisted – 13
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