15 Best Invoice Generators in 2023 [TOP RANKINGS]

Are you looking for the best Invoice Generators in the market? This tutorial will guide you through the TOP invoice creators along with the steps to use them:

Invoice processes can be time-consuming to prepare, manage, and track, especially for companies that need to do multiple invoices daily/weekly after a sale or other transaction. These may be better with apps that can ease and quicken the process while making it possible to track the many invoices for payments.

Invoice apps can range from simple ones that just support invoice creation, sending, and payment to advanced ones that integrate with your other accounting software and include multiple payment gateways.

Invoice Generators come in various types, may or may not incorporate templates; and can be used offline or online, on the web, mobile, or PC. Besides, they may be free or paid depending on what they offer.

Top Invoice Generators – Detailed Review

Best Invoice Generators

This tutorial looks at the most popular invoice generators and explains how to use them in generating invoices.

Market Trends:

  • e-invoicing market reached a value of US$ 8.74 Billion in 2021 and is expected to reach US$ 29.68 Billion by 2027, which translates to a growth of 21.7% CAGR according to the below chart.
  • Invoices cost companies between $15 and $40 each to process, which requires methods of reducing costs for those sending multiple of them per week/month.
  • Invoice costs are impacted by errors, labor, vendor relationships, supply chains, office supplies, time-wasting, account software and its related costs, and mail costs.
  • Invoice processing software presents a huge chance to reduce invoicing costs.

Invoicing market share 2021 – 2027:

invoicing market share

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Expert Advice:

  • If you want to select the best Invoice Generators based on features, there are quite great options in the list but the things to consider include the number of clients, your business invoicing needs, whether or not you need to give access to your clients, employees, and cost.
  • Businesses should also consider if it is possible to integrate with their company POS and other software through APIs, business invoice customization needs, need to give access to partners, templates availability, capability to send different invoices to different businesses/clients, payment methods integrated, etc.
  • Invoice generation software ranges from free to a few hundred dollars in pricing. The best Invoice Generators to look for are those offering advanced accounting services either for free or at an affordable rate.

Features to Look for in an Invoice Generator App

  • Companies are looking for more than just an app to create and send invoices. They may want further customization like appending logos, signatures, brand names, and colors. Start by figuring out the tasks to accomplish to select the best Invoice Generators for your company.
  • Advanced apps may allow importing your company templates (as files or code snippets) and customized design of elements, fonts, etc.
  • Advanced invoice tools may integrate with other company software/e-commerce tools, for instance, your Invoice Generators and websites to allow storage and streamlining of information to save time. Companies may also need to support multiple payment providers, multi-currency support, creating invoices in multiple languages, bilingual support, etc.
  • Invoices also allow for tax calculation and other tax features for business compliance.
  • Recurring same-amount payments can be put on auto-pilot using recurring payment features, including related reminders. This can be helpful for businesses that operate on a subscription basis.
  • Some invoices support team collaborations, user roles, user role levels, etc. For instance, a company may need a department to create, another to edit, and others to have viewing permissions only.
  • The pricing strategy depends on features but may also impact a company that needs to generate a huge volume of invoices every day/week/month/year if it is based on several invoices or single-time use. Pricing can be zero, monthly, yearly, or one-time license fees. Most free online invoices will only allow the basic features of contact syncing, creating/editing/copying an invoice, sending, receiving, reminders, and tracking.
  • Finally, decide on your business growth needs. Some invoices have sufficient options to support increasing needs after growth while keeping the costs and convenience manageable. Others do not. For instance, how best it can accommodate customization, feedback, newer features, and integration is important.

Invoice Creator FAQs

Q #1) How can I generate my invoice?

Answer: Follow these steps:

Step #1: Start by choosing an app to do so. You might need to define your invoicing needs for instance need for customization and branding, multi-currency payments, multi-lingual needs, etc. Other things include the need for recurring payments, costs and pricing, and others identified in the above sub-section.

Step #2: You may need to sign up with that software’s website or simply download it for use on your computer.

Step #3: Create your invoice. Depending on the Invoice Generators, it is possible to add branding information, professional headers, emails and contacts, details on goods/services offered and the cost of each listing, dates, tax details, and explanatory notes and terms and conditions.

Send the invoice.

Q #2) Does Google have invoice generators?

Answer: Google has free invoice maker software that allows users to create and send repetitive invoices. Google is a very basic invoice generator that allows including the contact information of the customer, services, and payment information, though you can still make and print them into PDFs, track invoices, input tax information, and do other things.

Q #3) Can you create invoices for free?

Answer: Yes. There are dozens of software and apps that allow you to create and send professional-looking invoices free of charge. Most of these apps work online as websites that require just an account. Others are downloadable and installable on mobile and PCs. Still, others are integrated into company account software.

Q #4) What is the best free invoice creator?

Answer: They include Zoho Invoice, ZipBooks, Sunrise, Invoice Generator, Adobe Express, Invoice Simple, and Wave.

Other software that allows you to create invoices for free is PayPal, InvoiceNinja, Invoice Home, and FreshBooks Invoice Generator, among others. Some require setting up an account but others do not. Some are part of free bookkeeping software others are standalone software.

Q #5) Can anyone generate an invoice?

Answer: Creating an invoice is easy with free invoice generation software. An invoice is asked for, created, and sent to a client when an individual/company needs to charge for a service or sell a product.

Some of the free invoice creation software is available online and can be accessed by merely opening an account or downloading it for use on your PC or mobile phone.

Let’s explore the TOP Invoice Generators in the market below.

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List of the Best Invoice Generators

Popular and best invoice creator list:

  1. Adobe Express
  2. Invoice Generator
  3. Zoho Free Invoice Generators
  4. Invoice Simple
  5. Wave
  6. PayPal
  7. InvoiceNinja
  8. Invoice Home
  9. FreshBooks Invoice Generators
  10. Stripe
  11. Square
  12. Shopify Invoice Generators
  13. Invoicera
  14. Invoiced
  15. Invoiceto.me

Comparison Table of the TOP Invoice Maker

NamePlatform Top featuresPricing
Adobe ExpressAndroid, web, and desktop. - thousands of templates, 2,000 unique design assets, provides 2GB storage, all for free. Free plan. Upgradable to a $9.99 per month plan.
Invoice GeneratorWeb on desktop or mobile.- Venmo, Square Cash, and PayPal; Invoice Generator APICompletely free.
Zoho Free Invoice GeneratorWeb, Android, and iOSTime sheets, auto recurring invoices, reports, and other business features.Free
Invoice Simple web, Android, and iOS.Track invoices, track monthly incomes with in-built reporting, etc. $2.99, $6.99 to $11.99 per month for starter, pro, and premium plans.
WaveWeb and mobile (iOS and Android)Auto recurring invoices, proforma, commercial, credit, and timesheet invoices.
Get paid via bank
track income and expenses. Free banking account for small businesses. Built-in bookkeeping.
Free. Payments from invoices are charged from 1% to 3.4% +$0.6 per transaction.

Detailed reviews:

#1) Adobe Express

Best for custom photos and template-based invoice designing.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express works as an online, Android, or PC app and allows users to create an invoice either from a ready template or a scratched template. It is one of the best Invoice Generators that features a free and premium plan.

The free plan allows for basic editing and photo effects, gives access to thousands of free templates and design assets, has over 2,000 unique design assets, provides 2GB storage, and has several stock-royalty free photos.

For those who need more advanced features, the $9.99/month premium plan offers more fonts, templates, storage, and over 160 million photos, but you can also add your own logo and branding, resize images, and convert and export to PDFs. You also can plan, schedule, and publish your own content.


  • Adding billing, company contact, itemized lists, payment instructions, pricing details, etc. Add tax, hours, shipping details, quantity, signature, etc.
  • Design from scratch, make your own templates to add to the library, or use ready templates. Also supports duplicating pages, etc.
  • Download, save, print, or send via email. Revisit it for future editing and remixing.
  • Create and use more details and quality graphics.
  • Tips and tricks are available on how to design better invoices.
  • Upgrade to paid monthly plan if creating more advanced and many invoices (there is more space, more variability in terms of fonts and templates, and images).

How to generate an invoice with Adobe Express:

Step #1: Open Adobe Express on desktop, mobile, or web.

Step #2: Explore templates and choose the most appropriate. It could be one that suits your features, design, colors, information, and structural needs.

Step #3: Customize it: You can add your own images or choose design assets from the Adobe library. This allows customizing flourishes, borders, backgrounds, fonts, and other things.

Step #4: Download the invoice or send it online. Adobe allows you to revisit the invoice for editing, updating, or remixing.

Works on: Android, web, and desktop.


  • Thousands of available fonts, stock royalty-free images or photos, and templates.
  • Free 2GB storage for created and designed invoices.
  • The ability for customization and branding by adding custom logos, brand images, business information, own colors, icons, personalized fonts, signatures, etc.


  • The plan has limited features.
  • No automated sending for repetitive invoices.

Price: Free plan. Upgradable to a $9.99 per month plan.

Website: Adobe Express

#2) Invoice Generator

Best for web-based e-invoicing, multiple payment methods, and invoice API integration.

Invoice Generator

Invoice Generator lets you generate a free invoice over the invoice website, by adding a custom logo, billing information, your and the customer’s information, shipping information and fees, payment due dates, payment terms, due dates, and PO numbers.

The template, which is available online, also allows adding notes, payment terms, product or service information, taxes, discounts, and terms and conditions of payment.

All of this information can be added online via the browser-based template. It saves the created invoices automatically so you can view and edit them later. You can also send the invoice via secure e-invoicing to customers who can then view, download, and pay using the methods you accept.


  • Accept invoices in any currency the client or payer wants.
  • Online invoice creation guide.
  • Invoice numbering to streamline the creation and sending.
  • Send via the e-invoicing network or download to send via an email client.
  • Include payment details in the note field of the invoice. Otherwise, the ability to pay is embedded in the invoice. You can add all kinds of payment information such as credit/debit cards, bank accounts, etc. Also supports Venmo, Square Cash, and PayPal.
  • Download or export and save it elsewhere.
  • Save a template from regularly created invoices and avoid creating the next one for free. Templates do remember your From address, logo, currency, terms, notes, and field titles.
  • Uses either the in-built history after sending or the browser’s local storage to save those that have been created but not yet sent.
  • Invoice Generator API – This can be used to generate PDFs and e-invoices.

How to generate an invoice with Invoice Generator:

Step #1: Open invoice-generator.com

Step #2: Create an invoice by filling in the required information. Send the invoice.

Works on: web on desktop or mobile.


  • Completely free. No paid plans.
  • Get paid online.
  • Download and save invoices elsewhere.
  • Create e-invoices such as for Universal Business Language, for VAT compliance, when selling on credit terms, and for PDF invoices for details of a client, you already have. This is done using the API.
  • Quick and easy to generate APIs.


  • No recurrent invoices support.
  • No variability in ready-made templates unless you create yours.

Price: Free.

Website: Invoice Generator

#3) Zoho Free Invoice Generator

Best for invoice report generation, time tracking, and tax compliance.

Zoho Free Invoice Generator

Zoho Free Invoice Generator provides web, Android, and iOS-based templates with which you can input your company details, invoice number, creation/sending date, due date, and the company to which you are billing and their address. The template also allows inputting item descriptions, quantity, rate, and amount due.

One important thing is that the templates are customized per industry and type – word, excel, service, product, sales, and proforma invoice templates. You can also choose based on multi-language support. Second, it supports tax compliance in different jurisdictions – the US, UK, India, Canada, UAE, etc.

It allows easy adding of line items charged, and after adding all the items and amounts, it will compile the totals. You can also customize the note section by adding any note. You can add separate shipping and billing addresses for any customer, change the organization’s address format, and change the date format, display the total number of words or in numbers.

Zoho Invoice is provided as software as a service over the cloud.


  • Free invoice templates with several templates from which to choose. You can also create a template from scratch.
  • Allows customizing things such as title, the four invoice document margins, PDF font, showing or revealing organization logo, color theme, adding bank details, customizing item table layout, etc.
  • Download the invoice PDF or send it instantly via email.
  • It integrates with multiple payment gateways.
  • Add your own logo or any images for personal or brand touch.
  • Associate invoice templates to customers.
  • Business tax compliant — include tax-related information.
  • Multi-lingual support.
  • Manage payments. Use credit notes, and manage credits and refunds with ease. /
  • Apps for estimates, logging time, business performance, etc.
  • Add retainer invoices, track payments received, and credit notes. Other features are recording and managing reimbursable expenses. You can create recurring expense profiles.
  • Track time for projects. Log and track time spent on tasks. You can create a project and invite staff, assign tasks and allow them to log time.
  • Allow clients to access their estimates, invoices, and timesheets you have created for the services you offer them or projects you run with them.
  • Generate reports – the payment, estimates, time, expenses, etc.

How to generate an invoice with Zoho Invoice Generators:

Step #1: Choose an invoice template that resonates with to brand. Customize it to your liking. You can also create a template from scratch.

Step #2: Add all the details. Brand and other details are also included.

Step #3: Download in PDF or email the invoice instantly. Also can associate invoices with customers.

Step #4: Receive online payments in multiple gateways.


  • Quick to create and customize invoices.
  • Support for personalized invoices per client.
  • All free.
  • The auto charge for recurring invoices.
  • Additional products such as generating estimates, revenue forecasts, finance payrolls, income tax calculators, and paycheck calculators. There also are inventory management tools and expense report generators.
  • Automation of payment reminders.
  • Receive payments online.
  • Track your invoices, check payment histories, etc.
  • API.


  • Not possible to change the logo based on the client being invoiced.
  • Expensive for the advanced features that require a subscription.
  • Some functionality is not available on a mobile app.
  • Needs to manually update details like addresses when a customer moves. May be hard to change the set currency per client. You may need to delete the entire currency.
  • Tracking for unsent invoices. You have to mark them as sent to avoid it.
  • Cumbersome to take unbilled hours and use them to generate new invoices.
  • No ability to auto-BCC all the invoices sent out.

Price: Free.

Website: Zoho Free Invoice Generator

#4) Invoice Simple

Best for invoice receipting, tax compliance, and payment alerts.

Invoice Simple

Invoice Simple lets you create professional invoices and estimates or convert the latter into the former, and send them as email, text, or print them out. It allows online payments and features invoice alerts for ready invoices and late payments.

Besides, users can accept credit cards, cash, checks, and other payments. You can also connect a PayPal account, from which link customers can directly make payments.

It incorporates a host of customization, branding, and editing features — you can start by choosing a watermark-free estimate and invoice template or creating one from scratch, adding a logo, shipping address, due dates, signature, photos, notes, and more.

It also allows you to make receipts for received payments. This reuses details from the invoices previously created.


  • Get notified when estimates and invoices are read. Track when they are due.
  • Track monthly incomes with in-built reporting. Track due dates and balances. Share reports with accountants.
  • Save and reuse estimates and invoices without needing to type the same details again later.
  • Import phone contacts, use predictive typing, and fill invoices and estimates faster.
  • Add tax compliance. It supports tax labels, rates, and types of tax.
  • Include payment terms; accept partial payments and deposits, include discounts, etc.

How to generate an invoice with Invoice Simple:

Step #1: Visit the online invoice generator or download the app. It will open the generator. You can change the default to estimates if needed. The alternative is to download an invoice from the company website and edit it with a reader on your computer. This is a difficult task as you will need to duplicate and rename the original file whenever you want to create a new invoice.

You also need to copy and retype the same client details for subsequent invoices. It is hard to organize past invoices and you must manually open and add up the totals from each invoice you have sent if you want to know the total for a given period.

Step #2: Fill in all the details and upload the necessary images and information. Choose colors, etc.

Step #3: Compose an email to a client directly from Invoice Simple after creating and customizing the invoice. You can download and send it as PDF or include a link to the invoice in the email. Check the status after sending.

Works on: web, Android, and iOS.


  • Quick and time-saving to use the invoice generator. It will automatically fill in business and personal information for subsequent invoices being created. Uses predictive text too. The template is also auto-filled with details the next time you want to create an invoice.
  • Shareable and downloadable.
  • Get notified when the invoice is viewed. Automated reminders if it is not viewed.
  • Process payments online.
  • Multiple customization options including selecting suitable templates.
  • Support for five languages in which to create an invoice.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Additional products/services/features like estimates and conversion of them into invoices.
  • Make receipts, and reports from payments, and share them with accounting departments.
  • Free. Advanced plans feature


  • No auto recurrent payment sending.
  • Free only supports a very limited number of invoices. Monthly and annual subscriptions for advanced features. Provides unlimited invoices and estimates, support, access to mobile apps, etc.

Price: $2.99, $6.99 to $11.99 per month for starter, pro, and premium plans.

Website: Invoice Simple

#5) Wave

Best for recurring, proforma, commercial, credit, and time-sheet invoices.


Wave is free for whatever many invoices and estimates you want to create, and it lets you accept payments once you sign up for an account. It features multiple templates from which you can create invoices, and there are a host of customization features such as adding logos, company colors, and item details.

Besides, it provides a powerful feature of allowing you to send automated recurring invoices and generate customer statements.


  • Email, download as pdf, print, or share with friends after creating the invoices.
  • Tax charge to clients.
  • Edit later or generate new invoices.
  • Create 5 types of invoices – recurring, proforma, commercial, credit, and timesheet invoices.
  • Get paid via bank, credit cards, and Apple Pay, within 1-7 business days, and pay 1% per transaction for banks, 2.9% + $0.6 for credit cards, and 3.4% + $0.6 on AMEX transactions. Customers pay using the Pay Now button. You receive a payment within 1-2 business days in your account. This allows tracking payments, automated bookkeeping, and accounting.
  • Accounting – track income and expenses – 100% free.
  • Free banking account for small businesses. Comes with built-in bookkeeping.
  • Paid payroll software ($20 to $40 base fee per month) and advisory services.
  • Bookkeeping support at $149 and above per month.
  • Tax service at $899 annually.

How to generate an invoice with Wave:

Step #1: Visit the website. You will see an invoice customizer.

Step #2: Add in information, upload the logo, enter a business name, and physical address, and the press continues.

Step #3: Enter customer information including business name, and address, and click or tap continue.

Step #4: Enter title, brief summary, invoice number, and date, enter item information, item description, and quantity, and enter price and tax rates. There is a note section where you can include more details.

Click Generate invoice. Enter your email and send, download as PDF, share, or print it.

Track invoices, get paid, and do accounting.

Works on: web and mobile (iOS and Android)


  • Cost-effective. Payments are charged 1%.
  • Easy and fast to create an invoice.
  • Reduce misspellings and miscalculations.
  • Multiple types of invoices.
  • Automated recurring invoice sending.
  • No need for an account to create the invoice. Better invoice management if you create the account.
  • Multiple payment methods for invoice recipients.


  • Payment features, for those who want to receive payments from the sent invoices, are charged per transaction.

Price: Free to create and send invoices. Payments from invoices are charged from 1% to 3.4% +$0.6 per transaction depending on the payment method. Advisory and payroll are offered as charged services. Free banking and accounting are available.

Website: Wave

#6) PayPal

Best for an online payment gateway with the customer and business invoicing.


PayPal, being natively an online payment gateway and service, comes with an in-built free invoice generator for those who want to receive online payments for their goods and services. It allows persons and businesses to send invoices to each other in their PayPal accounts and make payments instantly.

One of the drawbacks is the high fees per transaction but it is one of the most common methods people and businesses pay and get paid online.

Nevertheless, it allows tracking, downloading, and importing to email, the history of payments and transactions. You can view all the past transactions and track their payment status, copy, edit, resend, or even delete them. Customers can use it as a personal or business account.

The app requires an account to generate and send/receive invoices. It is also supported in the majority of countries with some exceptions of course.


  • Payment reminders.
  • Instant payments.
  • Track invoices, amounts, and balances.
  • Customizable templates.
  • Easier tax information inclusion and accounting.
  • Pay when you get paid.
  • Receive and manage payments from the app.
  • Other products such as payment buttons for websites and apps.
  • Estimates creation and sending in addition to invoices.
  • Tedious verification requirements though are said to increase the security of payments and funds. They affect sending and withdrawal limits.
  • Generate and download customized reports.
  • Send invoice updates after editing, all without creating a new invoice. You can also cancel invoices.
  • Save templates for future use.
  • Sort invoices by dates and other factors.

How to generate an invoice with PayPal:

Step #1: Create a business or personal account with PayPal service.

Step #2: From the features, check the Create and Manage Invoices check mark. Click or tap Create Invoice or manage existing ones. Fill in the information of the recipient, item descriptions, and charges.

Step #3: Send to the PayPal address of the recipient.

Works on: web and mobile (iOS and Android).


  • Suits all sizes of businesses.
  • Easy and quick to create from scratch, copy, and edit invoices.
  • Integration with bank accounts and credit cards. Allows customers to get paid and pay using these methods right from the app as a payment gateway.
  • Supports automated sending of recurring invoices.
  • Other services and products e.g. payment integration with other business software, online retailers like eBay and Amazon, and Internet payment platforms. Also features developer integration tools and support.
  • Protected payments can be reversed in case goods are not delivered or returned.
  • Withdraw funds to a bank account.


  • High transaction fees. No clarity on.
  • In some cases, the transaction will not show for several days pending shipping and verification or other reasons related to the security of transactions.
  • Limited branding and customization features.
  • Verification requirements affect the limits that you can send. They are also many and at times bothersome.
  • Difficulties of support by many banks outside the United States.

Price: Between 3.4% to 5.4% and currency-specific fixed fees ($0.30 for USD) per transaction. Conversion and other fees may apply.

Website: PayPal

#7) InvoiceNinja

Best for advanced accounting and business needs, invoice charting, recurring invoicing, inventory, job costing, and mileage tracking.

Invoice Ninja

InvoiceNinja is open-source software that can be downloaded and self-hosted for free although there are one free and two paid software-as-a-service plans. It suits simple and basic invoice creation needs as compared to advanced accounting software that supports more advanced features.

The free plan is for small companies that have a small budget and extensive invoicing needs. The Pro plan which costs $10 per month fits companies with 50+ clients that need more customization options. The Enterprise plan, which costs $14 per month, suits businesses with more than 1 user.


  • Reporting and time tracking capabilities.
  • Forever free plan allows creating unlimited estimates and invoices over websites. It supports invoicing up to 20 clients. The plan also comes with four templates for invoices and estimates (all of them have the Ninja branding).
  • The free plan also offers expense tracking, proposals, item list, project management, time tracking, and 40+ payment gateways, but can be used by only one user. Enter expenses manually, set their categories, set recurring expenses, mark expenses as billable, etc. Create a project, set its due date, set budgeted hours, and add a description. Create tasks and track the associated time for doing them.
  • Paid plans come with a 14-day trial and you can get two months free on an annual subscription.
  • Paid plans offer more templates, unlimited clients, one to multiple users, branded portal links, up to 20 users, buy now e-commerce buttons, reports, no Ninja branding on invoices, fully branded portal links, and user permissions.
  • $20/per year white label license removes the Invoice Ninja branding on the self-hosted software.
  • Client portal, contact management, expense tracking, inventory, job costing, mileage tracking, etc.
  • Charts and graphs for total revenue, average income, balance, invoices and payments, recent payments, upcoming invoices, and invoices past due. 13 reports.
  • Paid plans come with multiple customization options including changing fonts, colors, data fields, and logos. View changes on invoices in real-time on live PDF.
  • Recurring invoices on all plans.
  • See when invoices are viewed and add attachments (paid plans), send bulk invoices, add late fees, and send reminders.
  • Add a gateway fee to cover online payment expenses.
  • Require e-sign from customers and have them tick a checkbox to ascertain having read the terms and conditions.
  • Multiple currency support.

How to generate invoices with InvoiceNinja:

Step #1: Sign up and log in.

Step #2: Click or tap New Invoice and fill in the details. Save the draft or send the invoice immediately. You can also download them as single or bulk invoices. Mark paid, archive, or even delete invoices.

Works on: Web, desktop (Linux,macOS, and Windows), and mobile (iOS and Android).


  • Easy to use.
  • Numerous (40+) payment gateway integrations.
  • Four attractive templates.
  • Free and open-source.
  • Interactive dashboards.
  • Customers have their client portals where they can view and download invoices, view payments, view balances, approve estimates, and pay invoices.


  • The free plan is highly limited in terms of features.
  • Free plan templates have Ninja branding.

Price: Free self-hosted and software-as-a-service plan; $10 and $14 per month plans.

Website: InvoiceNinja

#8) Invoice Home

Best for free invoicing for small to medium businesses and companies.

Invoice Home

Invoice Home offers a freemium that comes with 100 exclusive customizable invoice templates, and a payment link to allow direct payment by clients (it supports multiple payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize, etc), and it will save all invoices in one place. You can track them as well, mark invoices as paid (if being paid in cash) or unpaid,

It allows you to customize invoices by adding a company logo.


  • Quotes, estimates, and receipts are also supported.
  • Download the invoice to a PDF or excel to print.
  • Over 150 currencies are supported.
  • Automated backups.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Multi-taxes.
  • Track paid and unpaid bills.

How to generate an invoice with Invoice Home

Step #1: Visit the website.

Step #2: Choose and customize a template. Fill in all required information.

Step #3: Send, print, or save the invoice.

Works on: web and mobile (iOS and Android)


  • Quick and easy to create invoices.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Several templates more than one would ordinarily need.
  • Auto numbering of invoices.
  • Support for several payment options.
  • No contracts are required.
  • Billing reports and financial analyses.


  • Unable to be edited once you save the form. You cannot change payments, down payments, credits, etc.
  • No statement section.
  • Overly simplistic for advanced business needs. Not an integrated solution for large companies.

Price: Free (send a value of up to $1000 within 30 days) and paid ($5 a month for unlimited invoices).

Website: Invoice Home

#9) FreshBooks Invoice Generators

Best for project management, bookkeeping, accounting, payment monitoring, third-party integration, and recurring invoices.

FreshBooks Invoice Generator

FreshBooks is accounting software that tells you it offers more than just invoices. It allows you to monitor payments, accept online payments (credit and debit card, PayPal, Stripe, etc), send automatic reminders, and many more.

You can schedule invoices to be sent out at specified intervals in addition to the capability to customize them. It is possible to include business logos, use custom templates, use a custom font and accent color, and add a custom note. Besides, you can request a deposit.


  • Third-party integration capability.
  • Set up and send recurring invoices.
  • Monitor the status of invoices after sending, including knowing if and when customers view them.
  • Project management features are excellent for small businesses. For instance, you can track billable time (hourly or flat rate) and expenses. You can add billable expenses to invoices.
  • Bookkeeping. Import expenses daily. Bank reconciliation is available.
  • Double-entry accounting on premium and select plans. Run reports such as ledger, balance sheet, and trial balance. Create charts.

How to generate an invoice with FreshBooks Invoice Generator

Step #1: Sign up on the website and/or download the app. You can sign up from the app.

Step #2: Click Create Invoice from the dashboard. Fill in all the information. Calculate the amount due. Save and/or send the invoice.

Works on: web and mobile (iOS and Android)


  • Easy to use and make invoices. Easy to duplicate estimates and invoices as well as make them from templates.
  • The dashboard offers vital business information to, for instance, track paid and unpaid invoices, amounts, profit, revenue, and expenses.
  • Allows for online payments making it easier for businesses and individuals.
  • Recurring payment settings reduces manual tasks.
  • Invite business partners, employees, contractors, and accountants to access information with customized user roles.

Employees can view their projects, and tracked time, and expenses. Contractors can see projects and track related time. Accountants cannot create invoices but they are allowed to see your dashboard, reports, expenses, and invoices. Partners can see everything except integrations.


  • Cannot generate reports on the go.
  • No batch-invoicing short-cuts.
  • Few inventory management features.

Price: Lite plan $15 per month for up to 5 billable clients. No limit on invoices or estimates to create.

Plus plan costs $30 per month for up to 50 clients and many other benefits are inaccessible on the Lite plan. Premium costs $55 for up to 500 clients plus all you can do with a Plus plan and offers more capability for reporting and client-tracking. The Select plan has a customized cost and offers Plus features and a dedicated account manager.

Website: FreshBooks Invoice Generator

#10) Stripe

Best for a payment gateway with third-party integration and diverse payment plans.


Stripe, like PayPal, offers a payment gateway and service for online and offline payments. But unlike PayPal, it is less expensive for invoice and billing payments, and all without monthly or refund costs like PayPal. The platform can integrate with or into your CRM, ERP, and account software.

With Stripe, customers can build flat rate, per-seat, tiered, metered, trials, and more pricing models. Hence it is more flexible than many payment platforms. You also can take advantage of machine learning to recover 41% of failed invoices.


  • Activate subscription management using recurring invoicing.
  • Receive online payments. Debit and credit cards are accepted. Support for mobile and web payments. These include Shopify, Slack, Zoho Invoice, etc.
  • Revenue recovery.
  • Tax management.
  • Usage tracking analytics.
  • Shared customers.
  • Collection of transaction fees.
  • Cash transfers to other user accounts, banks, etc.

How to generate invoices with Stripe:

  • Step #1: Open the website or download the app and sign up.
  • Step #2: Click or tap Create invoice from the dashboard and fill in all the information.
  • Step #3: Select the delivery option for the invoice. The option could be automatic charging, sending invoice link manually, emailing invoice with a link, and emailing it as PDF only without a payment link. Include or exclude tax fields.
  • Step #4: Review and email the invoice.

Works on: Cloud as a mobile app iPad app, and web app.


  • Great for integration with business POS and other online web payment tools. Take payments from these tools. This helps avoid paying for two different software.
  • Set up automated recurring invoices and payments.
  • Get support including from support forums on integration and other matters.
  • Reports and analytics for sales, etc.
  • Low fees.


  • No native notifications when payments go through.
  • The problem of a charge-back when compared to decentralized alternatives.
  • Not great for invoice customization for cases where you have to do greatly varying invoices.

Price: The starter plan costs 0.5% on recurring charges. Can discuss custom pricing if the business has a lot of invoicing needs.

Website: Stripe

#11) Square

Square Invoices

Square is one of the Invoice Generators that not only allows trading but also cash transfers, sending and receiving money, but also invoicing. Users can invoice their clients and receive payments from clients using credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers.

Users can access a virtual terminal, manage teams with different user roles, and create online sites. It also offers additional tools for businesses.


  • Send recurring invoices.
  • Directly receive payments from clients – credit and debit cards, Apply Pay, Google Pay, ACH, and other methods.
  • Basic accounting software.
  • Send payment reminders.
  • Integrate with Square POS and other tools.
  • Hold the client’s bank card information on file and charge it automatically.
  • Add attachments to invoices.
  • Paid plan ($20 per month) allows adding custom fields on the invoices. It also offers multi-package estimates and auto conversion of estimates to invoices.

How to generate an invoice with Square:

Step #1: Sign up and log in.

Step #2: Click or tap the feature to create an invoice from the dashboard. Add the necessary information.

Step #3: Choose to send the invoice immediately or at a later date. You can send it via email, phone, or manually. Adjust the date when payment is due.

Works on: Web and mobile (iOS and Android)


  • Free forever plan available.
  • No limit on estimates and invoices created and sent.
  • Multi-package estimates for complex quotes.


  • The free option does not carry any customization options.
  • Upgrading to Invoices Plus costs $20 per month.

Price: Free. $20 per month for the paid plan.

Website: Square

#12) Shopify Invoice Generator

Shopify Invoices

Shopify Invoice Generator complements Shopify as an e-commerce platform for websites and individuals that want to sell and receive payments for the goods and services they are selling. It allows people to track revenue, and create proforma invoices once an order is placed or paid for.

It does not support recurring invoices or partial payment requests. However, users can utilize third-party tools for this. Shopify allows you to upload your own templates that you can design or get from third parties.


  • Track expenses.
  • Get paid directly from the invoice generator.
  • Automatic reminders when the due date is near.
  • Tax information and tax charge.
  • Send different invoices to different clients e.g. wholesaler and retailer customers.
  • Upload your custom company logo for inclusion in the invoice.

How to generate an invoice with Shopify Invoice Generator:

Step #1: Sign up or visit the generator web link. Access the invoice generator website.

Step #2: Enter all the information about the company, customer, and invoice. Enter items. Add a memo note.

You can also generate an invoice automatically from an order. Save/print/send the invoice. Can be paid directly or through the platform. Get a notification on payments.

Works on: Web and mobile (iOS and Android)


  • Easy to create invoices.
  • Get paid directly from the invoice.
  • Web e-commerce services included.


  • Challenge in customizing invoices to suit different client types.
  • Overly manual. May need bigger businesses to do more to automate invoicing, e.g. calculating regional taxes, packing slips, receipts, and quotes. Therefore, may not be a fit for big businesses.

Price: Completely free of charge.

Website: Shopify Invoice Generator

#13) Invoicera


Invoicera is one of the Invoice generators that is used by small businesses, individuals, and enterprises alike and facilitates sending of over 200,000 invoices a year. It provides invoice automation, multi-lingual support, support for 30+ payment gateways, project management, time tracking, and auto-billing as part of its features.

It offers a forever-free plan and three paid plans.


  • Recurring invoices.
  • Automated late payment reminders.
  • Tracking expenses.
  • Data backups.
  • 7 customized templates.
  • Reports profit and loss, etc. Graphs on the dashboard for expenses, timesheets, and top-billed clients among others.
  • Receive payments online directly from the invoice. Integrates PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Braintree, etc.
  • Activate pdf protection.
  • Activate invoice approvals.
  • Client portal through which clients can pay for, print invoices, dispute invoices, reject, export, or comment on estimates.
  • Inventory order management.

How to generate an invoice with Invoicera:

Step #1: Sign up for an account. Log in.

Step #2: Go to billing. Click/tap on Invoice. Enter details. Click Send after filling in the details. If recurring, click on Recurring+ and fill in the required information. Tick Auto-billing if you want to receive payments automatically without filling in their credit card information manually every time.

Works on: Web and mobile (iOS and Android)


  • Support for international invoicing.
  • Multiple templates from which you can create custom invoices and estimates.
  • Free plan available.
  • Multiple payment gateways and languages are supported.


  • No live bank feeds.
  • Expensive infinite plan.
  • Inconsistent support.

Price: $15, $29, or $149 per month depending on the plan. It is one of the Invoice Generators where the free plan allows unlimited invoicing but up to three customers while the paid plans are overlaid expensive at $149/ month or more.

With the pro plan ($15/month), you are limited to 100 clients and 2 users, the business plan ($29/month) is for 1,000 clients and 10 users, and the infinite plan ($149/month) is for unlimited clients and users. Additional clients cost $10/month/100 clients and additional staff $9/month per user on the pro and business plans.

Website: Invoicera

#14) Invoiced


Invoiced payment processing and collections management platform features payment gateway integration, accounting, and messaging solutions for individual and business clients alike.

An account from the cloud-based platform features a client portal where your business customers can check their bills, pay invoices, and manage the subscriptions you have with them, hence relieving you of many administrative burdens and costs.


  • Collect payments from your clients through PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, and other methods.
  • Auto recurring billing and payments.
  • Email, text, or send physical letters to clients that are yet to send balances.
  • Branded invoices.
  • Analytics – payment reports etc. Cash collection forecasting, multi-entry reporting, custom reports, etc.

How to generate invoices with Invoiced:

Step #1: Sign up and log in.

Step #2: Create invoices by clicking/tapping Invoices then New Invoice. Fill in the details. Select the customer from the dropdown menu where it says Find or create a client.

You can click Add my first customer to add a new client. Set items that you are invoicing the client from Settings then the Items tab. Discounts are applied from the Settings and the Coupons menu.

Send the invoice by setting the emails from the Settings menu. Set invoices to send out automatically by setting the Chasing rule. Customers will view and pay the invoice from their portal.

Works on: Web and API


  • Simple and easy for any person to understand and use.
  • Supports custom integration with business platforms.
  • Can migrate payment accounts to the platform after purchase.


  • Quite pricy.
  • Slow to implement. Some complain it takes a lot of time to deploy.

Price: $100 for basic plans. $500 for advanced. Enterprise has custom pricing based on needs.

Website: Invoiced

#15) Invoiceto.me/invoicely


Invoicedto.me website opens to an invoice template in which you can fill all relevant details necessary for a general invoice. Once you are done, you can request to generate a PDF of the invoice, instantly.

This is one of the Invoice generators that lets you accept online payments through PayPal, Stripe, WePay, and more. It also delivered customized reports on the invoiced, received payments, and outstanding balances.


  • Track time, expenses, and mileage. You can track hourly billed tasks, expenses, and trips. Generate reports.
  • Unlimited mobile invoicing with Android and iOS apps.
  • Automatic payment reminders.
  • Tax, discounts, shipping.
  • Customize invoices with custom/logos, icons, statements, designs, and color schemes.
  • Manage multiple businesses.
  • Up to 25 users/team members are allowed for the enterprise plan. Professional allows up to 10; Basic allows 2.
  • Multi-currency invoicing.
  • APIs.
  • Project billing. Hourly billing is available. Time and expense tracking are also available.

How to generate an invoice with Invoiceto.me

Step #1: Sign up and log in.

Step #2: Click or tap Add New then Invoice. You can choose relevant fields like Recurring Invoices, Recurring Bills, etc. Fill in relevant details. Set payment methods, and choose to attach a PDF format from the invoice settings.

Step #3: Send the invoice and receive payments.

Works on: Web and mobile (iOS and Android)


  • Keep a record of invoices, bills, and payments and generate reports.
  • The free plan offers pretty much what a solo practitioner would need.
  • Trials are available on paid plans.
  • Templates available to start from.
  • APIs.
  • Feature-rich.


  • The free plan allows only up to 5 invoices monthly. Only PayPal payments are allowed on the basic plan.

Price: $9.99 basic plan, $19.99 professional plan, and $29.99 enterprise plan.

Website: Invoiceto.me/invoicely


This tutorial discussed the TOP Invoice Generators available in the market.

As we saw, just a few including are Shopify invoice generator, Zoho Invoice generator, and Invoice Generator are completely free even for quite considerable advanced features depending on the provider, while Invoice Home goes for about $5 per month, Adobe Express $9.99, Stripe from 0.5%, and Invoice Simple for about $12 per month.

The ability for clients to pay for the invoice right from their client portals comes in handy but invoices might need to have more than one payment method supported. The idea of integration via APIs may help businesses avoid extra costs and the hassle to manage more than one platform.

Moreover, it may be helpful to consider invoicing platforms/ Invoice Generators that come with added service value. For instance, Wave even provides a free banking account, paid payroll service, and bookkeeping support.

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  • Total Invoice Generators Reviewed: 15
  • Time Taken to Research this Article on Invoice Generators: 26 Hrs
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