11 Best Procurement Integrations for Sage Intacct in 2023

Here you will get a complete understanding of Sage Intacct. Read this Review to identify the best Procurement for Intacct as per your requirements:

Sage Intacct is a cloud enterprise resource management application that serves many needs including a general ledger, accounts payable, account receivables, requisitions, workflow, business intelligence, cash, and order automation and management software.

It features a customizable dashboard with customizable reporting, revenue and expense management, and consolidation of multiple entities.

The software is used in almost any industry and can integrate with third-party software for extended features and functionality.

Procurement Integrations for Sage Intacct

Procurement Integrations for Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct – Features

Some of its features include:

#1) Payroll Management: This helps track payroll, salaries, salary revisions, employee pay calculation, automatic payments, automatic and custom reimbursements, etc.

#2) Order Management: Set up complex and unique pricing requirements, credit card processing, end-to-end order visibility, cost of goods sold, and order entry. Other related features include order entry and cost of goods sold management.

#3) Inventory Management: Inventory tracking, automatic reordering of goods and services, tracking locations of goods; tracking and managing raw materials, work in progress, and finished goods.

#4) General Ledger and Configurable Accounting: Automated accounts payable including vendor payments, supplier payments, scheduled payments, payment documents, purchase orders, vendor records, and direct ACH and credit card payments.

  • Account Receivables: Manage and automate invoices and collections. Other features in this regard include receipts, statements, payment reminders, customer records, auto-billing, and refund checks.
  • Automate Cash Management: Gain visibility of your cash flows, streamline payment processing, and do cash forecasting.
  • Expense Management: Log and track business expenses and reimbursements. This includes travel-related expenses. You can also tie them to particular projects.
  • Fixed Asset Management: Track all your assets, whether it is about their location, check-in, check-out, maintenance schedules, history of audit, property tax reports, cost, or depreciation.
  • Bank Reconciliations: You can connect the software to a company’s bank and financial accounts to reconcile accounting records. This includes checking, savings, and credit card accounts. Month and year closing capabilities included.
  • Time Tracking: Track billable and non-billable employee time by project.

Multi-division support, multi-entity, multi-currency support, regulations compliance, electronic tax filing, inter-company accounting (GL), enterprise accounting, journals, and reconciliations, integrate ERPs and transactional systems, and centralize and standardize financial management.

#5) Reporting and Analytics: Analyze usage, gain data-based insights from usage statistics, plan usage, customize and share dashboards, and view and manage other metrics. Prepare and share custom and standard (pre-built) reports.

#6) Customization: It features an API through which you can connect third-party software for data creation, data access, updating, and further customization.

#7) Security: Control access to data and multiple systems on the platform using a single sign-on capability. The other option is role-based permissions assigned to other company employees and users.

Market Trends:

  • Sage Intacct’s market share in accounting is 1.5% which is considerable given the many accounting software. The market position in accounting is number 11.
  • Most Sage Intacct users are from the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

market position table

Expert Advice:

  • Sage Intacct integrations for procurement can be selected based on several aspects. One is their features and the second is their cost. Most integrations should allow you to access, manage, and automate your accounts payables, accounts receivables, order management, inventory management, security, payroll management, reporting, customization, and others.
  • The ability to customize and automate the features aforementioned perhaps are the most sought feature in Sage Intacct integrations.

How to use Third-Party Procurement Applications in Sage Intacct

Several third-party applications, including those in the procurement industry, do have out-of-the-box integrations that do not require any coding.

From the Sage Intacct marketplace, you can find several direct integrations to Sage Intacct. Click/tap your category to see the applications, read descriptions from the vendor, and request more information about the integration.

Most of these third-party apps are added/installed as applications on Sage Intacct under the Applications -> Platform and Services -> Portal (Add Applications) feature on Sage Intacct. This allows connecting to both platforms.

From the user’s/client’s perspective, you would need to have accounts and a subscription with Sage Intacct and the third-party procurement application you want to use in Sage Intacct.

If both are integrated and you are authorized to use an integrated third-party app, you might already have a portal link through which to sign in with your details. All you need to do is simply use the link and your user login and password to sign in to the portal.

Sage Intacct integrations are custom and are done with communication and collaboration between Sage Intacct and third-party software. For those applications not yet integrated into Sage Intacct, the integration would need to be authorized.

Developers can refer to the API documentation to use the Sage Intacct API ad to find the details about API integration for Sage Intacct.

Connecting a Third-Party App to Sage Intacct

You can use the below steps once the integration has been authorized by Sage Intacct.

Step #1: Sign up and get a subscription with Sage Intacct and a third-party application. If you need your users to use a third-party application, they might need accounts associated with your application.

Step #2: Log in to Sage Intacct. From the Menu, choose Applications -> Platform Services -> Portals (Install Applications).

Step #3: Enter the name of the portal and sub-domain and check the “Is Deployed” checkbox. The portal is now created.

Step #4: Add a page to the portal by clicking on New Page under Portal Definition page -> Pages. Fill in the required information on the page. Under Page Name, write Visitor Login for instance where the user will be directed to after login via the portal link.

Choose the Page type, for instance, Login Form to be presented to users to allow them to authenticate the user. Create other pages as required.

You can edit the portals created by returning to the Applications ->Platform Services ->Portals (Install Applications) menu on Sage Intacct. Click on the portal you added. Choose Visitor Login from the Main Page menu. It will generate the main page URL for the portal, which will allow external users from your app to access your pages in Sage Intacct.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Does Sage Intacct have an inventory module?

Answer: The Sage Intacct inventory management module helps to carry out stock control to improve business efficiency, control inventory, satisfy customers, and boost profitability.

The module works together with the Purchase module in the Intacct Core Financials to manage product purchasing and stock levels, while ensuring customer orders are accomplished fully by available inventory.

Q #2) Is Sage Intacct PCI compliant?

Answer: Sage Intacct has a level 1 PCI status. With this certification, it benefits from a full audit by a qualified professional who issues a Report on Compliance and merchant and service provider attestations. It also has SOC 2 Type II attestation, PCI DSS, and Privacy Shield certifications.

Q #3) What software is compatible with Sage?

Answer: There is several software that is compatible with Sage Intacct including QuickBooks Online, Xero, FreshBooks, NetSuite, QuickBooks Desktop Pros, SAP Business One, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, and Acumatica.

Those willing to integrate Sage Intacct for purposes of procurement can consider Paramount Workplace, DXC Technology, Fraxion, Emburse, and Certify. Other integrations for Sage Intacct include Procurify, Coupa, eRequester, and AvidXchange.

Q #4) Is Sage Intacct worth it?

Answer: It has a learning curve but can fulfill many needs of medium to large-size companies. If you’re a small business trying to hit the ground running, Sage Intacct may not be worth the chase. This is because your accounting needs are limited. Nevertheless, mid-to-large size businesses find it worthy of its multiple features and customization options.

Q #5) Is Sage Intacct the same as Sage 50?

Answer: Although they offer core accounting capabilities, they are different. They both offer a general ledger, accounts payable, and receivables. However, their functionality is what sets them apart. Sage 50 is better suited for small, entry-level entities compared to Intacct, which is ideal for larger, small, and medium businesses.

Q #6) Is Intacct similar to QuickBooks?

Answer: Sage Intacct offers automation opportunities similar to those offered by QuickBooks, but it is pricier. The additional cost comes because it has additional features for accounting. Plus it gives more user allowance.

Besides, Intacct integrates better with more third-party solutions such as PairSoft, Paramount Workplace, DXC Technology, Fraxion, and Emburse, among many others. Integration is done to extend functionality and features as well as achieve more customization and data entry.

Q #7) Is Sage Intacct a CRM?

Answer: Sage Intacct is not a CRM. It is a financial and business management solution. Many think of it as an ERP, although it is entirely one. Sage Intacct includes models such as inventory management, fixed asset management, project accounting, spend management, revenue recognition, time and expense management, and multi-entity and global consolidations.

Though it is not a CRM, it has integration capabilities that allow it to integrate with CRM.

Q #8) Does Sage Intacct have CRM?

Answer: Sage Intacct does not feature a dedicated in-built CRM, though some of its functionality can be used in partially managing customer resources. Instead, financial and business management software integrates with CRMs to serve those needs effectively.

Some of the CRMs it can integrate with include Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamic 365, etc. Sage also has its CRMs including Sage CRM software.

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List of the Best Procurement for Intacct

Here is a popular listing for Procurement Integrations for Intacct:

  1. PairSoft – Sage Intacct
  2. Paramount WorkPlace
  3. DXC Technology
  4. Fraxion
  5. Emburse Nexonia
  6. Certify
  7. Procurify
  8. Coupa
  9. AvidXchange
  10. BSC ProSoft
  11. One Vision Solutions Purchasing

Comparison Table of Top Procurement Integrations for Sage

Procurement integration namePlatform supportedTeam collaboration supported? Demo available? Rating
PairSoftWeb, mobile (iOS and Android). YesYes5/5
Paramount WorkPlace Web, PC (Windows, Linux, mac), mobile (iOS and Android), cloud. YesYes5/5
DXC TechnologyCloud, mobile (Android and iOS), PC (Windows, Mac, Linux). Yes. No4.8/5
FraxionCloud, PC (mac, Windows), and mobile (iOS and Android). Yes. Yes4.6/5
Emburse Nexonia Mobile (Android and iOS), cloud, web. Yes. Yes4.6/5

Detailed reviews:

#1) PairSoft

Best for AP automation, procurement, and document management.


PairSoft’s financial automation software for procurement and document management helps with accelerating workflows for more efficient document filing and retrieval, approvals, invoicing, document management, data extraction, and communication with vendors from whom customers want to procure.

It also facilitates document collaboration across departments and remote working. The other thing is to ease out auditing and reporting for purposes of taxation. It also enables customers to manage purchasing needs ahead of time.

Sage Intacct integrates with PairSoft’s procurement software to boost supplier-vendor relationships and automate repetitive tasks between the two. It also helps with spending insights, automated invoice processing, real-time communication, data retrieval and tracking, and streamlined approval routing.

With Sage Intacct, you can PairSoft integration to automate Accounts Payable, which helps reduce manual tasks, streamline invoicing, boost work efficiency, connect remote and in-person teams across departments for collaboration, and eliminate manual data entry.

Other products that integrate with Sage Intacct include Document Management software; Fundraising Automation to help track donor details, documents, communications, etc; Analytics and Reporting software for tracking performance across software metrics; and Payments for managing and automating electronic payments, reducing fraud and financial reporting, among other things.


  • Products include Accounts Payable automation for ERPs.
  • No extra charges as the team grow. It offers unlimited users and storage.
  • Advanced optical character recognition to improve recognition of data from all document types. This helps reduce errors and duplicates.
  • Analyze invoices, approvals, and other performance indicators to gain insights on expenditures.


  • Eliminates manual data entry by automatically extracting data from all types of documents. This lowers the cost of labor. It also saves employees time.
  • Demo integration available.
  • Free consultation. It also includes free integration and support.


  • Not as much known software.

#2) Paramount WorkPlace

Best for sourcing from vetted suppliers, requisition automation, and invoice management.

Paramount WorkPlace

Paramount Workplace by PairSoft is a procurement integration for Sage Intacct and other ERPs.

It helps to automate procurement and payment tasks, manage spending through guided and PunchOut catalogs that ensure that purchases are sourced from vetted suppliers and at preferred pricing, requisition automation (helps you handle thousands of requisitions with ease), streamline approval workflows (for instance for invoice approvals) and manage supplier relationships and contracts.

With Optical Character Recognition, you can automate the creation of new invoices and receipts by importing others. With Workplace, you can even update inventories from receipt information once items have been received, without having to re-key this data into your PO.

Another important thing about Workplace is the dashboard, which empowers you to track and report performance over 15 metrics. You can customize reports as you wish. For instance, you can highlight outstanding transactions.

In total, procurement features include supplier networks or marketplace, e-invoicing, analytics/data warehouse, custom order guides, approvals, supplier management, tracking and budgeting the purchase transactions, supplier catalog, Request for Quotes (RFQs), purchase requisitions, orders and receiving.


  • Can be hosted on the cloud or on-premise. It can be deployed as a standalone or integrated extension in Sage Intacct and other software.
  • Managing vendor contracts, purchase orders, status monitoring, and audit capabilities.
  • Enforce travel workplace policies.
  • Native mobile app for requisition and procurement. It also works as a web app.
  • Define rules for generating and approving purchase orders.
  • Create a customized catalog of selected items. Built-in EAI components ensure real-time integration.
  • Set up a requisition questionnaire for specific requirements.
  • Generate expense reports from credit card transactions. Customize the report per project, budget, etc.
  • Free demo with Sage Intacct. Support via phone and email.


  • Requires very little support and when it does it is always prompt from the team.
  • Endless routing rules options.
  • Endless customization options on the dashboard. Example: Reporting.
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency support.


  • PO cannot be removed from the system.
  • Sometimes route transactions to alternatives who do not have visibility of the transactions to approve.

#3) DXC Technology

Best for business process innovations.

DXC - Procurement for Intacct

DXC Technology embeds its IP on customer enterprise applications and platforms to achieve automation, analytics, and machine learning.

This helps companies to automate processes, renew their applications for improved efficiency and performance, and manage their applications better. It also helps to stay on top of the innovation curve as far as their business processes and applications are concerned.

It can be integrated with Sage Intacct for those companies looking to simplify and streamline procurement operations, increase controls, boost efficiency, and reduce costs.

With a wide range of services, those integrating DXC into their Sage Intacct can benefit a lot whenever the need arises in this or other areas.


  • Services include analytics, engineering, application management and development, cloud services, consulting, insurance software and BPS, IT outsourcing, modern workplace technology provisioning, and software and application security services, among others. It also provides automated intelligent IT issue detection and self-healing.
  • Partnership with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday, and others.


  • Wide range of services and products that can add value to procurement integration.
  • Brings all the benefits of managed outsourced IT services.


  • Very low rating (1.5/5 on TrustPilot) with a lot of complaints from customers. Not as many online reviews.

Website: DXC Technology

#4) Fraxion

Best for budget tracking and related insights for managing business spend.

Fraxion - Procurement for Intacct

Fraxion procurement software is used for automating purchasing, approvals, workflows, and using insights to manage business spend. It helps in automating PO processes and purchase requisitions.

With a punchout catalog, you can simplify purchasing from approved suppliers. The company acquired another similar software service known as eRequester to synergize the services.

The tool is also utilized in tracking your budget and using insights to make budget decisions. Customers can capture electronic invoices, their approvals, approval workflows, and matching. It will keep and help manage all purchasing data from a single central position.

It also features spend reporting and analytics This helps you gain insights on how to improve spending. Besides, it helps to track and manage expenses; helps in audit and compliance.


  • Purchase Requisition: You can automate to eliminate manual tasks such as purchasing activities and connect remote and on-site teams to track and manage to spend. Helps eliminate fraud, unauthorized spending, overspending, and approval bottlenecks.
  • Purchasing Workflows: You can customize your approval workflow; automate purchasing; send requisitions to appropriate approvers (based on value and other things); reduce lost requisitions, overdue approvals and backlogs, delays on approvals, and unauthorized spend;
  • Mobile application for on-the-go buying, claiming, reviewing, and approving.
  • Free demo.
  • Business intelligence and reporting. Get insights about your buying behavior.
  • Budget control.
  • Accounts Payable workflow automation, tracking, and management.
  • Punchout catalog.


  • Free demo. Implementation support and follow-up customer service.
  • Ease of submitting requests for approval including via phone.
  • Training options.
  • Very vast customization options. e.g. report customization.
  • Wide range of platforms on which it can be deployed mobile, Windows, Linux, cloud, Mac, iPad, and Chromebook.


  • Some complaints regarding deploying upgrades and the ability to change orders after cancelling a previous one.

Website: Fraxion

#5) Emburse Nexonia

Best for compliance, reporting, and analytics.

Emburse - Procurement for Intacct

Emburse Nexonia provides expense management, accounts payable and invoice management, pay solutions (streamline payments), analytics (for reporting and data insights), technology-assisted human audit, and travel management solutions.

Those willing to integrate it with Sage Intacct can use all these but more specifically, can automate their accounts payable and invoice management using Certify (for small to medium-sized companies).

They can also reduce duplication of invoices, control their spending, reduce costs by automating invoices and workflows, improve cash flow by negotiating discounts and terms, and gain visibility on their entire procurement process.

The accessible SaaS solution helps customers to work from anywhere any time, configure approval routings the way they want, and track invoice stats for timely payment and other things.


  • Account payables and invoice management features help you to work from anywhere. It also allows you to configure approval routing. Other things included are optical character recognition technology, punchout, online requisition process; and reconciliation of orders, packing slips, and payment.
  • Integrate credit cards from over 3,000 networks.
  • Multi-currency support (161 currencies).
  • Track mileage and apply customizable reimbursement rates. Reimburse employees from the same system that you manage the expense.
  • Travel and booking integrations for better expense tracking, risk reduction, etc.
  • Adhere to compliance and auditing, manage VAT and tax regulations across jurisdictions, DCAA compliance, and human audits.


  • Free demo. Freemium available.
  • Educational resources on how you can use the services. Customer training, case studies, videos, testimonials, events and webinars, and blogs.
  • On-the-go usage with a mobile app. Makes reporting easy.
  • Very many positive online reviews.


  • Some complaints regarding customer service availability.
  • No employee-level categorization of data access, which would be great for audit purposes.

Pricing: Starting at. $12/user per month the rest of the packages are custom arrangements.

Website: Emburse Nexonia

#6) Certify

Best for easy expense management with reimbursements.


Certify from Emburse helps companies to automate expense management by gaining visibility on the spend. Companies integrating Certify with Emburse can create spend reports for employees, streamline approvals, ease reimbursement by making reimbursements from the same platform on which they are managing expenses, and generate reports for accountants.

At the end of the day, it will help reduce manual workflow and data entry processes that increase chances for errors, reduce labor and time spent on tasks, reduce time spent on reimbursements, develop in-built policies to enforce compliance, and gain visibility on spend across the entire organization.


  • Multi-currency and multi-lingual support (140+ currencies and 64 languages).
  • Use GPS to gather travel and trip information such as distance, duration, and time, accurately. This eases reimbursement.
  • Mobile app to send receipts. Pre-approval. See and send controls for spend before it happens.
  • Create automated expense reports per employee.


  • Build reports on the go.
  • Uploading receipts and reading data from them (via OCR scanning) works great for most users.
  • Auto-fill feature makes the entry of data even easier.


  • Additional costs incurred with ACH reimbursements.
  • Certify has to directly handle integrations with applications other than QuickBooks.

Pricing: 1-25 employees are charged at $12 per user/month with the rest being custom arrangements.

Website: Certify

#7) Procurify

Best for tracking budget breakdowns by commitment stage.


Procurify is a business spend management cloud platform that lets companies control and manage their spending. It handles all five key workflow areas of the spend process, namely requisition, approval, purchasing, receiving, and payment.

The first way that companies can utilize Procurify to manage expenses is to automate their workflow and approvals. It helps companies to request purchases, build purchase orders automatically, receive items, and reconcile payments.

Purchase approvals are made from one centralized location. This helps them to reduce approval time and purchasing bottlenecks. Companies can create approval flows that are customized to their company needs. Approvals can also be set by dollar thresholds, departments, users, etc.

Concerning budget management, companies can track their real spend and see how much is left before the next request, see how purchases impact budgets before approval, see over-committed spending in real-time graphs format, and track budget breakdowns by commitment stage.


  • Expense Management: Manage credit card spend, reimburse expenses in one platform, upload statements and receipts on mobile, allocate expenses to account codes at the point of entry, credit card reconciliation tools, and associate expenses to budget requests or projects.
  • Physical and virtual spending cards help to control rogue spending on cards. You can also issue cards to all team members, set departmental-related approval workflows, and upload receipts.
  • Vendor and catalog management.
  • Easy-to-use mobile app.
  • In-platform communication with stakeholders.
  • User permissions per role and other specifications.
  • Recurring spend management.
  • Audit logs, analytics, and reporting.
  • Create POs on mobile, simplify verification, and automate approval routing.


  • Free demo.
  • Learn from experts through webinars and events. Also, guides, blogs, and white papers are available. Podcasts and quizzes are other learning resources.
  • Faster requisition, dependable accounts payable, orderly receiving, easier purchasing, and quicker approval.


  • Supplier, asset, and auction management missing. Could also add ad-hoc reporting, budget control, and e-sourcing functionality.
  • People may find too many features and menus on a single platform a bit inundating.

Website: Procurify

#8) Coupa

Best for connecting sourcing with contracting, purchasing, invoice validation, and supplier payments in one system.


Coupa helps a company gain visibility and control of its spend. It allows them to automate requisitions, order processes, and approval workflows, and to track them in real-time. The company gains visibility of the entire purchase-to-pay process. This is carried out by maximizing pre-approved spend.

The Source-to-Pay vets and onboard suppliers. It connects sourcing with contracting, purchasing, invoice validation, and supplier payments in one system. S2P also eases adoption for employees and suppliers with its modern procurement design experience.

It digitizes manual processes hence cutting hours of manual labor and costs. It helps capture data that helps companies compare suppliers.


  • Purchase Requisitions: Guide employees across the buying process. It features open buy, catalog, non-catalog, or punchout purchases.
  • It embeds requisition policies in the buying experience to ease compliance.
  • Automatic routing, default accounting codes, audit-ready reporting, and email and phone approvals.
  • Users can customize the buying experience including surfacing items, to top the search results. Community recommendations are shown alongside the search results.
  • The Approver and requester of approval can see the budget impact of the request before making a decision.
  • Buy on contract with preferred vendors. Monitor contracts the same way as catalogs, suppliers, budgeting, and spending.
  • Spending reports and analyses.
  • Other products include payment and discount streamlining tools; travel and expense management tools; and e-invoicing.
  • Also provides financial solutions to help control cost through spend management tools, proactive risk management, back office efficiency; and supply design and planning. Other solutions include AP automation, compliance and control, and digital transformation.


  • Keeps business costs reasonable boosts relationships with suppliers, and helps improve business processes by way of automating documentation.
  • Smart control of finances and spending.
  • Follows most international standards and policies and regulations. Thus you can market and use it globally.
  • Multi-device support (Android, iOS, desktop, and web-based).
  • See all your spend (purchasing, invoicing, and expenses) in one location.
  • Spend analysis tool helps create new reports and dashboards using a drag-and-drop editor.


  • No offers for small businesses. Suits medium and large size businesses.

Website: Coupa

#9) AvidXchange

Best for reducing fraudulent or incorrect invoicing with 2 or 3-way invoice matching.

Avidxchange - Procurement for Intacct

AvidXchange is a purchase order management software featuring purchase order automation, greater visibility for purchases and processes, AvidAnalytics for helping to make smarter decisions, and 2 or 3-way matching of invoices to reduce fraudulent or incorrect invoicing.

It allows a customer to keep organized by tracking every step of the purchase process. It will automatically match purchase orders to invoices once the order has been processed.

Companies can use this Sage Intacct integration to reduce costs, maintain control of their workflow, increase efficiency, and the scale for growth, reduce risks and improve relationships with stakeholders. It also helps those who need to work remotely and makes reporting and auditing easy with online visibility.


  • With integration in Sage, AvidStrongroom works as an AP and payment automation solution. Generate flexible approval workflows to process invoices and make payments. AvidPay solution reduces payment processing costs.
  • 2 or 3-way PO matching. This offers data syncing.
  • Eliminate paperwork with electronic invoices and payments.
  • Suppliers get paid automatically and fast, anywhere and at any time. There is also added security.
  • Greater control of processes, for example, setting permissions and enforcing business rules. This works for purchase orders, invoices, and payment management.


  • Reduced costs of payments and paperwork, increased efficiency, maintain control of your workflows, can be scaled for growth, reduces business risks, improves stakeholder relationships. You can also work remotely and implement reporting and auditing.
  • Highly customizable for businesses. Works for businesses across many sectors (business sectors and types).
  • Bill management.
  • Extensive fraud detection.
  • Trusted payment automation system.


  • No mobile apps.

Website: Avidxchange

#10) BSC ProSoft

Best for role-based purchasing dashboards.

BCS Prosoft - Procurement for Intacct

BSC ProSoft allows streamlining of the entire procurement cycle by automating order management, cash management, general ledger, purchasing, account payable, and accounts receivable.

Sage Intacct Purchasing helps to create a pre-defined customized transaction and purchase approval workflows. This helps increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of purchasing.

With Sage integration. you can monitor budgets, analyze costs, and have visibility into the entire procure-to-pay cycle.


  • Accelerate purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and approvals.
  • Avoid re-keying information when dealing with inventory, cash management, and accounts payable. The purchase order will connect to this to avoid such re-keying.
  • Drag and drop files for easier record-keeping. It also provides instant access to supporting documents.
  • Purchase management process visible to users by their roles. See role-based purchasing dashboards.
  • Custom workflows and approvals.


  • Serves a wide range of industries.


  • Poor online rating.

Website: BSC ProSoft

#11) One Vision Solutions Purchasing

Best for budget control of the entire procure-to-pay process.

one vision - Procurement for Intacct

One Vision Solutions Purchasing is a purchase order management software that helps to reduce invoice-to-payment time, improve revenue recognition, and increase finance team efficiency by way of automating purchase orders, workflows, approvals, and requisitions.

Customers can use it to create a custom transaction and approval workflows, gain full visibility of their purchasing activity and do reporting. With the integration of the purchase order system into Sage Intacct, you do not need to re-enter or re-key information when dealing with inventory, cash management, and accounts payable.


  • See the entire purchase management process. Purchasing dashboards are customizable and role-based.
  • Complete control of your procure-to-pay process. Use templates to enforce and control your purchase requisitions, quotes, orders, returns, and more.
  • Customize workflows and approval processes so everyone adheres to your company’s unique requirements.
  • Read, watch, and share best practices like customer stories, data sheets, and case studies.
  • Reporting tools to help you monitor and optimize your budgets, actuals, costs, and other things.
  • Other technologies and services include CRM, Project Management, Time/Expense Capturing, cloud, and field service technology implementation, among others.


  • Free demo and product tours.
  • Reduce costs by automating processes.
  • Manage your procurement processes from a single place.


  • Few customers’ reviews online.

Website: One Vision Solutions Purchasing


Sage Intacct integrations allow you to do a number of things with and on your Sage Intacct. It allows companies and third-party apps to offer extended functionalities and different features to their clients and users.

Among these things Procurement for Intacct can help, for purposes of procurement divisions, is to monitor, manage, and have complete visibility of your procurement processes.

It allows companies and clients to automate most of the procurement aspects and hence make them easy to accomplish, free time for staff to do other things, and ultimately reduces costs of operations and management.

Most, including, Paramount Workplace, and DXC Technology help you to manage and automate accounts payable and receivables, payouts, ordering and purchases, documents, requisitions, and workflow among other things.

This, in addition to reducing manual tasks and costs of management and operation, helps to streamline invoicing, boost work efficiency, and to connect remote and in-person teams across departments for collaboration.

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