100+ Best Unique Small Business Ideas To Try In 2023

Here is a list of 100+ best small business ideas to start your business this year. Explore these good small business ideas for your perfect business with the highest possibility of succeeding.

Starting a business of your own is no small feat. Aside from the basic necessities of the time, resources and money, you also need the resolve to take on the risks that come with such an undertaking. Most people also refrain from pursuing their dreams simply because they do not have enough money to invest.

However, there are many good business ideas today that require little to no investment from aspiring entrepreneurs. Thanks to the advent of technology and the wide accessibility of the internet that launching and managing a small business have become considerably simple.

There are tons of small business ideas to start with that you can chase, which require you to focus more on the inception alone rather than emphasize logistics and up-front costs.

best Small Business Ideas

What You Will Learn:

Exploring Easy and Good Small Businesses To Start

There are still challenges, however, as you still have to shoulder the responsibility of conceiving solid entrepreneur ideas, building a brand strategy, devising a marketing plan, and offering reliable customer support.

But you can find solace in the fact that the business ideas that we will suggest to you allow you to breeze through initial startup costs, warehousing, inventory management, and more.

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So without much further ado, allow us to recommend you a long list of the best small businesses to start in 2023. But before we do that, let’s understand how likely small businesses are to succeed.

In a study conducted by Oberlo, studying the success rate of small businesses that started in 2016, it was found that 20% of all small businesses launched failed in the first year. This number kept increasing, with 49.7% of businesses failing in their fifth year.

Fail rate of small businesses

In hindsight, you will need to follow the steps below carefully to launch a successful small business:

  • Research and conceive a business idea.
  • Start your business as a hobby or side-gig.
  • Find suitable all-in-one business software to automate your processes.
  • Design a business plan.
  • Create a separate business bank account.
  • Set up an office, preferably at your home, to save costs.

List of the Best Unique Small Business Ideas To Try

Check out this comprehensive list of the best small businesses to start this year:

#1) Freelance Graphic Designer


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Graphic Designers have become quite popular in recent years. Businesses today are constantly looking for designers to help them with website, social media graphics, branding, and logo designing. As such, graphic designers are in high demand. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a freelance graphic designer is $63,321 per year.

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#2) Freelance Content Writer

Similar to graphic designers, freelance writers are also in high demand today in the corporate world. From creating content for web pages to writing blogs, content writers can make a killing in the industry by offering their services. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a freelance content writer is around $62,340 per year.

#3) Life/Career Coach

Everyone is looking for a mentor to guide them through their life’s most important decisions. If you’ve had a successful experience navigating the challenges that life has thrown at you, then perhaps you can use your insight to offer life or career coaching services to those in need of motivation.

#4) Personal Trainer

personal trainer-front

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If you are a fitness freak with good insight into nutritional science, then becoming a personal trainer may prove exceptionally lucrative for you. You can build your brand as a fitness guru by simply being active on platforms like Instagram. You can attract a lot of clients by posting free exercise and recipe videos.

#5) DJs


World-renowned DJs like David Guetta and Marshmallow attract multi-million contracts on a regular basis. You can make a decent earning as a beginner in the field. You will, however, need good self-promotion and networking skills to play in the best clubs in town and add to your brand’s goodwill.

#6) Painting

If you are confident about your skills on the canvas, then don’t let your talents go to waste. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most painters can yield a mean annual wage of $69,010 per year.

#7) Dating Consultants

If you know what it takes to build a good Tinder or Bumble profile, then use those skills to become a professional dating consultant. As a dating consultant, your job would be to personalize your client’s dating profiles on platforms like Bumble and find an appropriate match for them.

#8) Handyman


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There is always something in the house that needs fixing, and most people don’t have the skills to see it through. This is where the handyman comes into play. If you have a penchant for fixing things in your house, then create your own website and open your services to a slew of prospects in and around your neighborhood for a decent fee.

#9) Resume Writer

Creating a compelling resume or portfolio is no child’s play, which is precisely why people hire professional resume writers to do the job. If composing a resume is easy for you, then offer it as a service to make a living.

#10) Translator

Speak multiple languages? Then become a translation service provider. A translator’s salary can range anywhere from $40K to $440k per year. You can source clients who need a translator from platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed.

#11) Web Designing

Launching a web designing business would be a good idea if you have a knack for creating and managing websites. As a web designer, you will design the visual layout of a website. The web designing market is highly competitive. So you will have to be wise about how you charge for your services. Varying your pricing strategy according to the client you serve would be a wise idea.

#12) Tutoring


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Tutoring can prove to be a lucrative startup for teachers and folks who have a passion for teaching. The initial cost of setting up a tutoring business is incredibly low. You also don’t need a degree to pursue this business. Based on the subject being thought, a tutor can expect to earn anywhere from $10 to $75 per hour.

#13) Amazon Reseller

Although the Amazon Reseller market is crowded and competitive today, there is still some room left for you to establish your niche. Amazon is a massive marketplace with many resellers becoming overnight success stories. Just make sure you are only reselling quality products with good customer reception on the platform to strike gold.

#14) Pet Sitter

pet sitting

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You can monetize your love for animals by opening a pet sitting service. The income you earn as a pet sitter will largely depend on the time and effort you invest in the endeavor. On average, a pet sitter can earn up to $2000 every month handling pets for multiple clients.

#15) Google Ads Specialist

Many businesses want to capitalize on the huge traffic that Google enjoys by launching Google Ads. However, most people have no clue how to effectively launch a campaign. That’s where you can lend your services as a Google Ads specialist. You will need to clear two assessment tests with Google to become a certified Google Ads Specialist.

#16) eBay Reseller

Similar to Amazon, you can resell products on eBay with a zero investment of your own. You only need to open an auction account to start selling on eBay. This could be an ideal platform for you as a reseller if you wish to indulge in the sale of wholesale goods for profit.

#17) Wedding Photographers

wedding phtograhy

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To start a successful wedding photography business, you will need some experience. You can hire a professional photographer or intern to start.

However, you can jump into the field with a photograph of yourself if you wish to save money. We suggest backing up an established photographer for a few events before you venture out on your own. The average earnings of a wedding photographer can range from $10,163 to $202,560 per year.

#18) Lyft or Uber Driver

Becoming a Lyft or Uber Driver can be a good part-time gig for housewives and students, while also being a good business opportunity if taken on full time. You will have to fulfill certain requirements to qualify as an Uber or Lyft driver. This business will be more profitable if you are driving a cab in larger cities.

#19) Woodworker

Woodworkers have a vast market online to tap into where they can sell their beautifully crafted pieces of work. You have platforms like Etsy today where you can list your wood-crafted home décor and furniture goods and find buyers for them. After amassing a following on the platform, you can then start your own website and take custom orders.

#20) Garden Designer

You can take up this business if you have a penchant for designing and planning backyard spaces. As a professional Garden Designer, you can draw designs for your client’s backyard space and then leave the actual digging to them.

#21) Landscaper

To start this business, you will need a land mower or trimming equipment. If you have the required equipment, then this is one of the easy businesses to start. You can offer mowing, garden décor, and tree trimming services in and around your neighborhood and make good cash for your efforts.

#22) Video Production

As far as well small business ideas go, video production has to be the most expensive. You will need to invest heavily in equipment that goes into producing videos. This is also what makes this service so valuable. Launch your own website and showcase a reel of all your past work to get clients.

#23) House Cleaner

With a low entry barrier, House Cleaning has to be the easiest business idea to start. You can start by advertising your services to homes and small businesses in your neighborhood. Just a few small businesses, as your clients are enough to make you a ton of money in this service. You can use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to spread the word about your business.

#24) Travel Planner

Travel agents may seem like a dying species in the business world, but people still need travel experts to help them make their holiday plans. So if you have a knack for making the perfect travel plans, choosing the best hotels, and finding the best places to eat worldwide, then you could make quite a name for yourself as a travel planner.

#25) Home Inspector

You can’t stand up from your couch and decide to become a home inspector. This profession requires a lot of expertise and certain certifications. With those requirements taken care of, you can expect to make a stable income in this business. Just make sure your credentials are in order and check with your local state board before launching this business.

#26) Personal Chef

personal chef

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Personal Chefs are in high demand among working professionals who barely have any time to cook for themselves. Start by promoting your services to homes and small businesses in your neighborhood. You stand to make a lot of money with small businesses having food for their staff cooked by you.

#27) Message Therapist

This is a good small business idea if you are a licensed massage therapist. With the license taken care of, you can opt to start your own small massage spa at your home or go door-to-door to offer your services to clients.

#28) Packing Services

Starting a movers and packers service itself can be expensive. However, you have the option of partnering up with a local moving service that may refer clients to you and you can then offer your packing services.

#29) Property Manager

Many elites have properties all across America which need to be managed as they don’t live in them. You can help them manage those properties by offering your services as a property manager. As a property manager, you can act as a liaison between owners and potential renters, handle small fixes and just make sure that the home is in good condition.

#30) Novelty Crafter

As far as best business ideas go, turning one’s hobby of crafting novelty items into a concrete business is a fantastic idea. Regardless of what you are crafting, whether it is jewelry making or knitting custom items, there is almost certainly a market for whatever it is you are making.

You can list your products on Etsy and amass a following for your craft work before you start selling them on your own personal website.

#31) Interior Designer

Sometimes people may know what furniture or home décor to buy but then get confused when it comes to their placements. This is where the services of an interior designer come into play. Starting an interior designing service is a lot of work. Build a strong portfolio that documents and visualizes your job as a designer.

#32) Tour Guide


Know the ins and outs of town, city, or village, then becoming a tour guide will put a lot of money in your bank account. Of course, you’ll also need to learn a bit about your city or state’s local history. We suggest picking a niche pertaining to your region’s rich culture and history and focusing your activity as a guide on it.

For instance, you could specialize in guided food tours, thus taking your guests on a ride to explore the best food that your region has to offer.

#33) Non-Profit Owner

This one is for those who truly wish to devote their lives to a noble cause. There are certain requirements that you will need to comply with first to become a non-profit business owner, such as filing for a 501 © tax-exempt status. Becoming a non-profit owner is a great way to make a living while making a positive impact on the world.

#34) Boutique Shop

Many dreams of starting a fashion empire of their own but fail because they lack the intuition or patience that the business needs. For those willing to take the leap of faith, you can start by opening a local boutique. Open a social media account that lists all the clothes and accessories your shop has to offer to create a buzz for your shop in the community.

Such shops require low up-front costs and your shop will easily become the talk of the town if your shop harbors the best that the fashion world has to offer.

#35) Specialty Food Owner

Launching a store that specializes in a specific type of food is a great small business idea. From special wine to tea leaves, you will find such specialty food stores doing good business in the market. Opening a store that offers something that is very rare to find in a local grocery store is a fantastic way to offer a unique experience to your customers.

#36) Food Truck Owner

food truck

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With a food truck, you have the opportunity to cater to a wide range of taste preferences all across the city. You get to know what people like and where your special recipes are the most popular. A food truck will allow you to garner a sizeable following for your menu before you ever start a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

#37) Fitness Center

There is an entire generation of fitness freaks for you to cater to by opening a business that offers services closely connected to the art of fitness. From Gyms and Karate Studios to Yoga Schools, you can easily start one from the ground up, regardless of whether you yourself are into fitness or not.

#38) Café

Coffee shops are a haven for people seeking reprieve from the hustle of their daily lives. Owning a coffee shop is easy if you are already buying an existing store or joining a franchisee. However, you will need to pay a tad bit more cash up-front with the above methods.

Alternatively, you can try starting your coffee shop from scratch. This will require planning but ultimately cost you less.

#39) Daycare Owner


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There are lots of parents out there in need of urgent childcare services. Most parents find it very hard to find a good daycare for their children. This is perhaps where you can come in. You can open a local daycare that focuses on catering to parents and children in your own community.

Remember, it is important to make sure you have your licenses, insurance, and other inspection requirements in order before you launch a business that caters to young children.

#40) Caterer

Aside from being a personal chef, you can also try exploring the world of catering to profit in the always lucrative food industry. To begin with, we suggest picking a few large events. Polish your time management skills before you are confident enough to take on more clients.

#41) Beauty Parlor

Beauty Parlor is one of the most common and popular small businesses still going strong today. We’ve seen many beauty enthusiasts turn their passion for playing with cosmetics into a legit business with decent profits. All you need is a small investment and a penchant for experimenting with beauty products.

#42) Consultant

If you consider yourself to be a master of any particular subject, then perhaps you’ll make for a great consultant on that topic. For instance, if you possess a deep insight into the topic of finance, then you offer your services to businesses and individual clients as a financial consultant.

Similarly, you can become a digital marketing consultant if you have a knack for SEO, SMM, etc.

#43) Consignment Shop Owner

Consignment is the route to go for if you wish to entirely skip the hassle of inventory management. This way, you are curating a wide collection of products that best suit your goals without having to deal with the overhead that comes with selling entirely new products.

#44) Pet Groomer or Trainer


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This requires you to have a special level of skill. So if you do have what it takes to groom or train different types of pets, then by all means open your animal grooming service right away. However, make sure you have the necessary licenses and insurance before you dive into these types of businesses.

#45) Selling Home-Baked Goods

Regardless of how well cookies or pastries might sell in a bakery, people will always have a special spot for goods baked at home. If you are a baker, then you could make a lot of money selling baked goods right out of your home. You can create a buzz for your baked goods by posting pictures on your Instagram or exhibiting your work at a local or neighborhood event.

#46) Professional Organizer

People seek professional organizers to help them deal with clutter and disorganization in their own homes and lives in general. If you are an organized individual, then perhaps you can put your discipline to work to help others manage their lives as a business.

#47) Vending Machine Owner

It is almost shocking to learn how popular vending machines still are even in the age of the internet. You can be a successful vending machine owner if you just choose to put such machines at the right location, preferably in high-traffic places like schools, hospitals, etc.

#48) Coding

Coding isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So we will recommend this as a great business idea for those who are good at frontend, backend, and all other types of coding work that is out there. All types of businesses today need coders and are willing to pay handsomely for their services.

#49) Voiceover Artist

Voiceover Artists are all the rage these days with their talents finding new applications in today’s technology-driven world. As a voiceover artist, you can easily secure gigs for animation, foreign content dubbing, intro/outro work, and audiobook narration.

#50) Audio Editor

The music and the ever-expanding podcast industry are always on the lookout for skilled audio editors. You can earn a good payday by investing your skills and time in editing audio for these industries.

#51) Podcasting


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There are over 850,000 active podcasts in the US today. The podcasting industry is very competitive, but extremely lucrative as well. If you are a good orator and have something valuable to say, then perhaps you could earn money and fame by hosting your own podcast.

To increase your chances of success, we suggest you pick a niche and anchor your podcast around it.

#52) Blogging

Similar to podcasting, if you are a good writer and know how to use words in a compelling way to make your point, then blogging will be a good business for you to start. There is little to zero investment needed on your part.

Your social media presence will play a huge role in attracting eyes to your blog. Therefore, we suggest using platforms like Instagram and Facebook wisely to amass followers.

#53) Air BnB Hosting

Air BnB can be your entry into the hosting business. If you have a home or room to spare, simply sign up to Air BnB for free and start taking reservations for tourists. You will only be charged a flat 3% fee on every reservation made in your home, which is considerably cheaper when compared with other similar services.

#54) Teach Music


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There are a sizeable number of people who want to learn how to play a musical instrument or two for a variety of reasons. If you are a master at any musical instrument, whether it is piano or violin, you can put your talents to work by taking students and teaching them music for a decent fee.

#55) Instagram Influencer

You can become an Instagram Influencer if you have a massive following on the platform. Influencers can earn money in a multitude of ways. This includes affiliate marketing, selling merchandise, and selling tips. According to Business Insider, an influencer can make $100 for a single-story post.

#56) Bike Delivery

You can start a bike delivery business for under $2000. The business can be a part-time endeavor or a full-time business, depending on your preference. The entire business can be easily operated through your smartphone. You can expect to make decent profits by charging the same as a typical courier service for easy profits.

#57) Car Rental

If you have cars sitting in your garage, then rent them out for good money instead of letting them catch rust. You can avail the services of companies like CheapTickets to find renters for your cars. All you need to do is fill in your vehicle details, price, availability, and location and buy an insurance policy to get started.

#58) Trading Domain Names

Domain names are sold online for hundreds and millions of dollars. To find success here, you will need to build a high-quality domain registry. You can opt to buy famous domain names or use your intuition to understand which domains will be popular and which won’t.

#59) Junk Removal

Junk king

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You can start a junk removal business if you own a vehicle like a van or truck that can help haul away people’s trash. By helping people get rid of their unwanted junk, you will be making extra income in no time.

#60) Computer Repair

blue wire

[image source]

If you possess the technical skills needed to perform hardware repair tasks, then stand a chance to make big bucks by launching your own computer repair business. That being said, we suggest not relying on your skillset alone. Make sure you have a business plan and marketing strategy in place to create a stable customer base and beat your competition.

#61) Online Tutor

The recent coronavirus pandemic has turned online tutoring into the hottest gig out there. All you need to become an online tutor is a good computer, a fast internet connection, and sufficient knowledge of the topic you will be teaching online.

For instance, if you are proficient in a foreign language like Spanish, then you can offer online Spanish classes to students without leaving your house.

#62) Instagram Assistant

Famous influencers and celebrities seldom manage their own social media accounts. If you are Insta savvy, then use your talents to manage Instagram accounts for your clients and make big bucks while doing so. The job will involve you scheduling and strategically posting content on Instagram and engaging with followers on behalf of your clients.

#63) Test App Development

Testing is considered to be an integral part of the app development process. If you have the experience or the necessary technical qualifications to test an app in order to analyze its usability and functionality, then consider lending your services as a professional app tester.

#64) Social Media Management

If you are social media savvy, aware of creating, launching, and managing ad campaigns, and know-how to incite engagement on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, then this gig is for you.

The average salary of a social media manager is said to be $20.75 per hour in the US. You can make a decent earning by handling social media accounts for multiple small businesses.

#65) SEO Consultant

Search Engine Optimization is fundamental for attracting traffic to one’s website or content online. However, shooting to the top of search engine rankings requires effort and skill that most website owners sorely lack.

If you have experience performing SEO or are skilled enough to undertake efficient keyword research, placement, and content planning, then you can make huge bucks as an SEO consultant.

#66) Tax Consulting

People seek out tax consultancies to find quick solutions to their tax concerns. You will need proper knowledge about local, state, and federal tax systems to efficiently deliver such a service.

The service is usually in high demand from January to Mid-April (The Tax Filing Season). You can charge your clients on the basis of time spent or according to the complexity of each individual case.

#67) Business Consulting

The role of a business consultant is to solve problems, strategize and devise business plans for their clients. We recommend opting for this business idea if you possess skills in the field of marketing, accounting, taxes, public relations, and accounting. You will also need to stay up-to-date on the latest business trends to succeed in this field.

#68) Marketing Services

Getting people interested in a product or service is an art that not many individuals have a knack for. This is exactly why marketing services are so valuable this day. You can open your own marketing agency and help businesses launch and manage their promotional campaigns. Start with a few clients initially, then expand your services once you’ve built a reputable portfolio.

Other Good Small Business Ideas

  1. Jewelry Designer
  2. Credit Repair Specialist
  3. Triathlete Coaching
  4. Concierge Services
  5. Smartphone Repair
  6. Software Developer
  7. Content Marketing
  8. Dropshipper
  9. Motivational Speaker
  10. Vlogger
  11. Club Promoter
  12. Music Production
  13. White Label Supplement
  14. Locksmith
  15. Wedding Planner
  16. Snow Plowing Service
  17. eBooks Selling
  18. Affiliate Marketer
  19. Stock Image Seller
  20. Carpet Cleaning
  21. Subscription Box Service
  22. Life Insurance Professional
  23. Bookkeeping and Accounting Services
  24. Data Entry Services
  25. Custom T-Shirt Business
  26. Bicycle Renting
  27. Pool Cleaning
  28. Pest Control Service
  29. Equipment and Tools Rental Service
  30. Flower Shop
  31. Senior Companion
  32. Virtual Assistant
  33. Grocery Delivery
  34. Ticket Reseller
  35. Transcription Service
  36. YouTube Content Creator
  37. Antique Dealer
  38. Franchisee
  39. Business Development Service
  40. Car Wash Service
  41. Talent Agency
  42. Printing
  43. Furniture Refinishing
  44. Laundry Service
  45. IT Support
  46. Market Research Service
  47. Fundraiser
  48. Public Relations Services
  49. Private Investigator
  50. Tattoo Artist

How to Choose a Small Business Idea

Believe it or not, most aspiring entrepreneurs have no idea what business to start. A good business idea is one that involves a lot of creativity, passion, and planning. That being said, you can follow the tips below to arrive at an idea that might do wonders for you.

#1) Focus on Your Skills or Hobbies

Centering your business idea on your skill or hobby is a great way to launch a business that is likely to yield the desired results.

For instance, if you are social media savvy, you could lend your services as a social media manager or expert. Similarly, if you are into fitness, then perhaps you can launch a fitness center, open a gym or lend your services as a personal trainer.

#2) Analyze Work-Life Balance

If your personal life is as important to you as your professional life, then conceiving a business idea that allows you to strike the perfect balance between the two would be the ideal option. You could choose to become a freelancer and lend your services for limited hours per day.

#3) Test Your Idea

Once you’ve settled on your idea, we recommend assessing your decision by asking yourself a few questions. Ask yourself whether you can afford the initial cost. Is there a demand for your product or service? And how can you expect to fare in your competition?


As you can see above, there is no shortage of new business ideas that you can explore to start earning profits with little to no investment. However, it is important that you realize that money isn’t the only factor important to launching a successful business. You will need a concrete plan, a good support system, and strong motivation to accomplish your goals.

Do not be shy or afraid to seek help from friends, family, and colleagues. Most important of all, pick a business idea that allows you to have fun. It is imperative that you enjoy the experience and have the stomach to fathom the risks that naturally come with a business undertaking.