10 Best Procurement Integrations with Dynamics GP in 2023

Here you will understand the meaning of procurement software. Review and select from the list of top Procurement Integrations with Dynamics GP:

Dynamics GP is a business software designed by Microsoft.

It is a scalable, versatile, flexible, and intelligent business application that helps in managing business accounting and services related to it. It is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses for managing their financial accounting processes.

They provide excellent customer support via email, phone, chat, 24/7 live representatives, a knowledge base, and FAQs.

Procurement Integrations with Dynamics GP

Best Procurement Integrations with Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP pricing is as follows:

  • Starter Pack: $5,000 per 3 users.
  • $3,000 each for additional users.
  • Additional Limited Users: $600 each (read-only access)
  • Self-Serve Users: $60 each
  • Optional (one-time fee):
    • Extended Pack: $10,000
    • Customization Pack: $6,000
    • Extended Human Resources & Payroll Pack: $7,000.


  • User-friendly and versatile ERP.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Provides insights and reports.
  • Seamlessly integrated with other tools.
  • Highly customizable with industry-specific solutions.
  • Automate recurring tasks.


  • The manufacturing module needs improvement.
  • Need to introduce new and updated features.

It helps organizations in many ways like managing back-end operations, inventory management, project management, service management, etc. It also helps in the procurement process with its seamless integrations with other tools. There are various software in the market to ease the procurement procedure that can be integrated with Dynamics GP.

The procurement process includes everything from sourcing, negotiating terms, purchasing items, receiving, and inspecting goods and keeping records, generating reports, and so on. There are various types of procurement like direct, indirect, services, and goods procurements.

It works with simple steps starting with identifying the needs of employees and then submitting requests for the same. Now the best vendor is being searched for and selected after negotiating prices and terms. Then a Purchase Order or PO will be generated.

After receiving the goods or services, they are duly inspected and approved in case everything is fine. After all, payment is made and recorded in the books for future reference.

Now all these activities are done automatically through e-procurement which is provided by various procurement software. This software prevents the duplication of entries and manual cumbersome tasks and reduces the wastage of time and resources.

Procurement software helps organizations in many ways: 

  • Supports remote work as they are cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere and from any device.
  • Enhance the visibility of every spend you make from a single central location that enables you to identify cost-saving opportunities and reduce costs.
  • Streamlines the overall performance of the organization through its automation feature that reduces the time for doing the activities and reduces the chance of errors.
  • Enhances reporting capabilities and uses and manages data in better ways. The data is kept in a single place that can be accessed and analyzed quickly.
  • Reduces risks by providing information about the suppliers, informing the purchase decision, ensuring the right person approves the purchase requisition, and so on.

In this article, we have explained the meaning of procurement software supported by its benefits, market share, and expert advice along with some FAQs. A list of best procurement for Dynamics GP is provided with a comparison and detailed reviews.

Market Trends: According to the research by Grand View Research, the global market share of procurement as a service is expected to rise with a CAGR of 11.1% from 2023 to 2030 and is valued at $6.15 billion in 2022.
global market share of procurement
Expert Advice: To select a procurement integration you need to consider certain factors like your needs or requirements, your budget, and essential features like accounting automation, flexible workflows, intuitive design, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What are the 7 stages of procurement?

Answer: The seven stages of procurement are as:

  1. Identifying the needs of the organization.
  2. Generating purchase requisition.
  3. Review the order.
  4. Approval
  5. PO generation
  6. Get the goods and services checked and make payment.
  7. Record keeping.

Q #2) What are the benefits of Procurement Software?

Answer: Procurement Software plays a very important role in the buying and selling of goods and services digitally. It is enriched with great benefits like supporting remote working, enhancing visibility, cost reduction, streamlining operational performance, better use of data, risk management, and improving internal and external communication.

Q #3) What are the major e-procurement tools?

Answer: There are majorly six tools that fall under e-procurement. These are Spend Analysis, e-invoicing, Catalog Management, Contract Management, e-sourcing, and Vendor Management. E-procurement covers the whole process of buying and selling goods and services online.

Q #4) Which software is used for procurement?

Answer: There are many procurement management software out in the market.

Some of them are:

  • PairSoft
  • Paramount WorkPlace
  • DXC Technology
  • Certify
  • Procurify
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List of the Best Procurement for Dynamics GP

Some remarkable tools listed for Procurement for Dynamics GP:

  1. PairSoft
  2. Paramount WorkPlace
  3. DXC Technology
  4. Certify
  5. Procurify
  6. Coupa
  7. Fraxion
  8. AvidXchange
  9. Emburse Nexonia
  10. eRequester

Comparison of Top Tools for Procurement with Dynamics GP

Software Best for Support Integrations Rating
PairSoftMaking procurement effortless.Online, business hours and training (documentation, live online and videos)Oracle Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage, and Blackbaud.5/5
Paramount WorkPlace Streamlining the procurement & requisition process.Phone and email. Microsoft Dynamics, Sage ERP, Sage Intacct, Blackbaud, Acumatica and NetSuite.4.9/5
DXC TechnologyAccelerating business processes to improve the customer and employee experience.Phone and email. Oracle, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Salesforce, AT&T Business and more.4.8/5
CerifyA complete view of spending in one elegant solution.Knowledge base, phone, email, chat, FAQs and 24/7 live representative.Oracle, Paycor, QuickBooks, Sage and more.4.7/5
ProcurifyTracking and analysing every stage of the purchasing journey.Knowledge base, chat, email and phone.Oracle Netsuite, Quickbooks, Slack, API Connections and more.4.5/5

Detailed reviews:

#1) PairSoft

Best for making procurement effortless.


PairSoft is a leading software for midsize and enterprise businesses that helps them in their procurement processes with its effective and user-friendly features. It includes purchase order management, inventory management, employee expenses, punchOut, analytics & reporting, and many more.

It makes the procurement process effortless with its P2P automation solution which includes data retrieval and tracking, real-time vendor & supplier communication, etc.


  • Leading P2P automation tools are provided for full visibility and reduced hold-ups.
  • Effortless vendor communication and automated invoice processing.
  • Provides full spend visibility through spending insights to know the performance indicators.
  • Prevents duplicates and errors by using OCR technology that compares financial data with the entire Microsoft Dynamics GP database.
  • Helpful in vendor and supplier management through effortless communication and easy management of transactions.
  • Other services include payment management, accounts payable, ECM, fundraising, and more.

Integrations: Oracle Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage, and Blackbaud.
Clients: Lifecore Biomedical, TriOak Foods, Cardinals, Whittier Health & Network, and many more.
Support: Online, business hours and training (documentation, live online, and videos)


  • Free ERP and CRM integration.
  • Unlimited technical support.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Custom workflows.
  • Invoice approval via mobile or browser.


  • Customer support needs improvement.

Verdict: PairSoft Microsoft Dynamics GP is recommended for its feature of tackling the grunt work and accelerating the workflows through its products like AP automation, procurement, and analytics & reporting. It has served more than 2000 companies including Lifecore Biomedical, TriOak Foods, Cardinals, Whittier Health & Network, and many more.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

#2) Paramount WorkPlace

Best for streamlining the procurement & requisition process.

Paramount WorkPlace

Paramount WorkPlace is a procurement and requisition software that can integrate directly into the Microsoft Dynamics GP which helps in reducing processing costs, ensuring broad adoption, and integrating seamlessly. It can be hosted both in the cloud or on-premise.

It increases KPI visibility by providing insights into 15 metrics and reports with automatically highlighted outstanding transactions. It simplifies receiving process & formalities, improves invoice processing, and automates supplier relationship management.


  • Facilitates automation that reduces processing costs.
  • Effortlessly manage to spend by helping you to build catalogs and buy at the preferred prices.
  • Streamlines the approval workflows by setting rules and giving approvers the option to approve directly from their mobiles.
  • Automates supplier relationship management and improves invoice processing.
  • Generates expense reports including factors like budgets, accounts period, activities, and more.
  • A centralized OCR feature is provided that converts data into digital files.
  • Other services include managing vendor contracts and purchase orders, status monitoring, and audit capabilities.

Integrations: Microsoft Dynamics, Sage ERP, Sage Intacct, Blackbaud, Acumatica, and NetSuite.
Clients: Lifecore Biomedical, TriOak Foods, Cardinals, Whittier Health & Network, and many more.
Support: Phone and email.


  • Intuitive and mobile-friendly interface.
  • Easy set-up and implementation.
  • Seamless integration.


  • Customizable system features are suggested to be introduced like editing purchase orders from reviews.

Verdict: Paramount WorkPlace has been awarded many awards and recognitions. It was recognized as a high performer in 2023 by G2 and awarded G2 for the highest user adoption in 2023. It has served thousands of successful customers including Lifecore Biomedical, TriOak Foods, Cardinals, Whittier Health & Network, and many more.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

#3) DXC Technology

Best for accelerating business processes to improve the customer and employee experience.


DXC Technology is an IT company headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia US that helps in modernizing the operations of organizations. It is enriched with powerful services like analytics & engineering, consulting, modern workspace, security, and so on.

It serves industries like aerospace & defense, automotive, customer & retail, life sciences, manufacturing, and more. It accelerates enterprise evolutions by deploying intelligent automation, modernizing data, reducing TCO, and so on.


  • Deploys automation that helps in reducing ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Accelerates enterprise evolution through simplifying & optimizing business operations and reducing TCO.
  • With intelligent automation, analytics, and machine learning it improves the performance of business applications.
  • Facilitates application and data modernization.
  • Can be integrated with applications like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow, and more.
  • Other services include intelligent customer experience, supply chain, finance, and more.

Integrations: Oracle, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Salesforce, AT&T Business, and more.
Clients: Nissan Motor Corporation, American Airlines, MassMutual, Copa Airlines, DreamWorks, etc.
Support: Phone and email.


  • Reduces TCO.
  • Improves customer and employee experience.
  • Improves agility and speed.
  • Works on the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.
  • Increase efficiency and visibility.


  • Prices are not disclosed.

Verdict: DXC Technology has been trusted by the world’s largest companies and public sector organizations. It has been awarded the Global Systems Integrator of the Year by Aruba in 2022 and the Transformation Partner of the Year award by Hitachi Vantara.

It is recommended for transforming your business and outsmarting disruption with features like automation, accelerating business processes, and so on.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: DXC Technology

#4) Certify

Best for a complete view of spending in one elegant solution.


Certify is a simple and powerful expense management and AP automation solution that helps in simplifying the complex processes of an enterprise. It offers outstanding products with great services and unbeatable integrations. It includes products like expense, travel, accounts payable, reporting and analytics, and more.

It is compliant with regulations including General Data Protection Regulation, Control Scan PCI Compliance, SOC Reports, Certified Data Centers, and Symantec Extended Validation SSL.


  • Provides deep visibility into enterprise spend.
  • Made expense management easy with automated expense report creation and efficient mileage tracking.
  • Simplifies vendor payments by unifying the invoice lifecycle.
  • Helps in paying suppliers easily with Flexible electronic payments like virtual cards and ACH.
  • Delivers a good supplier experience with services simplified payments, additional revenue, improved relationships, and enhanced visibility.
  • Ensures utmost security to your data and compliant with General Data Protection Regulation, Symantec Extended Validation SSL, etc.

Integrations: Oracle, Paycor, QuickBooks, Sage, and more.
Clients: Century21, Garmin, Pitney Bowes, Nature’s way, etc.
Support: Knowledge base, phone, email, chat, FAQs, and 24/7 live representative.


  • Custom integrations.
  • Supports more than 60 languages.
  • Automated policy compliance.
  • Mobile access.


  • Manual cumbersome expense report creation.

Verdict: Certify has served more than 18 thousand customers in over 200 countries. It has been recognized by G2, Capterra, Trust Radius, and IDC. It is best for providing seamless integrations into your most important systems.

It includes some pre-built integrations and custom integration (customized to your ERP, HRIS, payroll platforms, CRM, banking, and/or payment systems).

Pricing: Pricing plans are categorized as: –

  • Certify now: $12 per user per month for 1-25 employees.
  • Professional: for 25-200 employees, monthly service fee.
  • Enterprise: for 200+ employees, annual fixed pricing.

Website: Certify

#5) Procurify

Best for tracking and analyzing every stage of the purchasing journey.


Procurify is a proactive spend management cloud solution that provides organisations with full visibility and control over all their spend or expenses. It offers various effective products including customizable approvals, real-time customisable budgets, physical and virtual spending cards, and many more.

It enables you to easily organize, allocate, track, and report on spend from a single platform and on the go with mobile apps. It can be integrated directly into supplier PunchOuts.


  • Significantly reduces approval time through customizable approvals.
  • Enables you to track every stage of purchasing workflows and automatically generates PO.
  • Efficiently manages expenses through quick receipt uploading, credit card reconciliation tools, and more.
  • Facilitates effective vendor management through managing vendor information, tracking fulfillment KPIs, and so on.
  • In-platform communication is provided for maximum accountability.
  • Flexible user permissions reduce the risk of data breaches and secure sensitive data.
  • Other services include recurring spend management, audit logs, analytics and reporting, etc.

Integrations: Oracle Netsuite, Quickbooks, Slack, API Connections, and more.
Clients: Asana, HootSuite, Barnes & Noble College, University of Maryland, etc.
Support: Knowledge base, chat, email, and phone.


  • Customizable approvals.
  • Mobile app.
  • Proactive spend controls.
  • End-to-end expense workflows.
  • Simple and friendly interface.


  • Pricing is not disclosed.

Verdict: Procurify has been recognized by G2, Capterra and GetApp. It is recommended for its simple and scalable spend management with customizable approvals, purchasing workflows, real-time customizable budget, etc.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Procurify

#6) Coupa

Best for streamlining order management with complete control & flexibility.


Coupa is a Business Spend Management platform that uses data-driven insights to maximize the value of every penny spent. It is enriched with various effective products and solutions which are comprehensive, transparent, user-centric, and accelerated in nature.

It provides full visibility and control over every dollar spent along with procurement management services like purchase requisitions, open buy, services procurement, budgets, spend guard, and so on.


  • Simplifies the purchase requisitions by alerting the employees of discounts and other advantageous things.
  • Enables you to compare items across all your suppliers which increases savings and facilitates better decision-making.
  • Tracks spend against budgets with real-time dashboards or budget meters.
  • Spend guard helps in detecting errors and fraud automatically with artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Accelerates easy approvals with mobile access from anywhere and anytime on the go.
  • Other services include inventory management, contract management, and so on.

Integrations: SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, and any other ERP.
Clients: Nestle, Groupon, P&G, Unilever, Zendesk, Engie, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and many more.
Support: Training, knowledge base, FAQs, phone, and email.


  • Pre-negotiated supplier savings.
  • Easy supplier collaboration.
  • Data-driven AI insights.


  • Slow onboarding process.

Verdict: Coupa has served more than 2,500 customers globally. It is recommended for its suite synergy that seamlessly integrates procurement with business spend management applications like procurement + contract life cycle management, procurement + contingent workforce, procurement + supplier risk management.

These suites ensure compliance, visibility & control with a unified platform and fully evaluated supplier risk factors respectively.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Coupa

#7) Fraxion

Best for streamlining the procure-to-pay cycle with complete visibility, budget insight, and policy compliance.

Fraxion - Procurement for Dynamics GP

Fraxion is a cloud-based procurement software that ensures the business spend to be effectively tracked, efficiently approved, policy compliant, and within budget with its productive features including purchase requisitions, purchasing workflow, budget control, punchOut, catalog, etc.

It is a cross-industry spend management solution that covers industries including government agencies, education, property management, healthcare, and so on.


  • Enables you to track the status of purchases under automated purchase requisition management.
  • Helps you to make data-driven decisions with full visibility and control over all spending.
  • Manages risk through enduring compliance and approval of all purchase requests.
  • Frees more time and ensures accuracy by eliminating duplications and human error through automating workflows.
  • Simplifies audit procedure with real-time centralized purchasing records and audit trails.
  • Enables you to easily buy, claim and approve on the go through its mobile app.

Integrations: Sage 100, 200, 300, Sage Evolution, Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, BC, NetSuite, Acumatica, QuickBooks Desktop/Online, Xero, and other ERPs available on request.
Clients: Western Canada Lottery Corporation, UCSF, Angion, XRI, AXIS Energy Services, etc.
Support: FAQs, knowledge base, chat, phone, and email.


  • Configurable process workflows.
  • ERP integrations.
  • Multi-lingual support.


  • Users reported some bugs. Updates and improvements are suggested for the same.

Verdict: Fraxion has been recognized under Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice. It is recommended for its features that simplify the purchasing processes like internal catalog procurement, vendor punchOut, and more.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Fraxion 

#8) AvidXchange

Best for Purchase order automation.

Avidxchange - Procurement for Dynamics GP

AvidXchange is a purchase order management software that helps in reducing errors and delays in purchase order processes with its effective products and solutions. It offers highly configurable solutions for various industries like banking, hospitality, technology, etc.

It offers products like invoice, buy, pay, utility, ascend, strongroom, scan, and scam titanium that facilitates automated payment, speedy buying process, utility consumption analytics, and reporting.


  • Automates the account payable process and increases efficiency, visibility, and control.
  • Helps in tracking and approving the invoices in the workflow efficiently.
  • Enables you to securely pay to the suppliers.
  • Provides exceptional reporting capabilities.
  • Allows you to work remotely with 24/7 online access with increased visibility of online records.
  • Integrates with more than 220 widely used accounting systems integrations like Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, etc.

Integrations: Can be integrated with 220 applications including Oracle Netsuite, Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Real Page, and others.
Clients: Data Plus, Premier Community Bank, Stay Cal, Hometrust Bank, and many more.
Support: Email, phone, training, live support, and tickets.


  • 24-7 online access.
  • Improves supplier relationships.
  • Reduce cost and increase efficiency.
  • Extensive integrations.
  • Easy to use and quick to navigate.


  • Improvements in 1099 functionality and reporting are suggested.

Verdict: It has been recognized by Capterra, G2, TrustRadius and Get App and has been awarded the Great User Experience award in 2021 by FinancesOnline. It has served more than 5,550 customers & 400,000 suppliers globally

It is recommended for its feature of purchase order automation that helps in reducing cost, increasing efficiency, and maintaining control.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: AvidXchange

#9) Emburse Nexonia

Best for mobile and user-friendly expense management capabilities.

Emburse - Procurement for Dynamics GP

Emburse Nexonia is a highly configurable, cloud-based solution that facilitates the effective digital transformation of organizations with its highly productive solutions that include intuitive expense management, automated purchasing & accounts payable, transparent payments, and so on.

Its products are designed with unique workflows and specific features depending on the nature of the industry. It covers industries like accounting, construction, consulting, healthcare, etc.


  • Easily sync and integrate the data between Nexonia expenses and your existing systems.
  • Provides global TAX & VAT expertise along with quick reimbursement to employees.
  • Allows you to easily manage the expenses on the go from mobile and desktop devices.
  • Various credit card integrations are available for easy reconciliation.
  • Facilitates quick reimbursement to employees in simple steps.
  • Other services include mileage tracking, multi-entity enabled easy scan and log expense capabilities, and more.

Integrations: Sage, Quickbooks, Netsuite, Xero, and many more.
Clients: Internet Society, Clarity, Fisco First, Community America Credit Union, Bosch, Microsoft, and others.
Support: Phone, email, FAQs, knowledge base, chat, and training.


  • Highly configurable.
  • Customer-centric.
  • Clean, efficient, and user-friendly.
  • Automatically integrates with the accounting software.
  • Support 161 currencies.


  • Limited use cases.
  • Sync errors reported.

Verdict: Emburse Nexonia is recommended for optimizing the spend with its intuitive products including fully integrated expense reporting, seamless integrations, and configurable approval workflows. It has been awarded and recognized by various platforms like TrustRadius, CNBC, Forbes, IDC, European Mission Awards, and others.

Pricing: Pricing plans are as:

  • Nexonia expense: $12 per user per month.
  • Nexonia expense + AP: Contact for pricing.
  • Custom: Contact for pricing.

Website: Emburse Nexonia

#10) eRequester

Best for centralizing and automating the procurement process that reduces errors and duplicative data entry.


eRequester is a simple, flexible, and highly configurable spend management solution that provides industry-leading intelligent spend automation that reduces approval delays and saves valuable time. It is suitable for medium to large organizations.

The process simply started with allowing employees to request items they need then the users fill and submit the forms for purchase requisitions. The requests are then transferred to the approvers via a robust routing engine. After that, the approved requisitions generate the PO which is sent to the vendors.


  • Simplifies and optimizes the requisition process with its logic-based intelligence and automation.
  • Reduces the cost-per-purchase order by managing the requisitions efficiently.
  • Creates an approval process more intuitive, easy, and flexible with an unlimited number of approval levels.
  • Prevents delays and double entry by saving all information required.
  • Enables you to easily create PO from the approved requisitions.
  • Other services include budget data, change order capabilities, custom routing rules, etc.

Integrations: Sage ERP X3, Sage 300 ERP, Microsoft Dynamics GP & SL; MAS 500, MAS 90/200 & PFW.
Clients: Lower Columbia College, CIO Applications, Asyma Solutions, Fraxion, and many more.
Support: Email.


  • Easy-to-use web interface.
  • Highly configurable.
  • Simplifies the complexities of e-procurement.
  • Immediate and measurable results.
  • Intuitive approval process.


  • Pricing plans are not disclosed.

Verdict: eRequester is best for simplifying the P2P process that facilitates the economy of time and money and provides critical visibility into spend. It has served over 850 clients with more than 100,000 users worldwide and has been awarded by Gartner Group for Time-to-Value, Ease-of-Use, Customer Care, and Technology Platform.


  • Pricing is not disclosed. But according to some users, it starts at $75 per user per month.
  • Free trial is available.

Website: eRequester


Through the research, we concluded how essential procurement software can be. In research, it is found that good procurement software can automate almost 75% of accounting tasks.

It is of great benefit like it helps in creating, and tracking workflows or purchase order processes, automated contract management, helps in collaborating with suppliers, analyzing, and managing the spend, etc.

We have thoroughly researched and have listed the best procurement integrations for the organizations. Every software comes with its own distinct set of features with different offerings.

Some are good in vendor management like- PairSoft, Certify, or Procurify. Some are good at creating expense reports like- Paramount WorkPlace, Certify, or Emburse Nexonia.

Research Process:

  • Time Taken to Research this Article: We spent 8 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarised list of Procurement for Dynamics GP tools with a comparison of each for your quick. review.
  • Total Procurement for Dynamics GP Researched Online: 31
  • Top Procurement for Dynamics GP Shortlisted for Review: 10
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