Top 12 AP and Invoice Automation Tools for Sage Intacct

Read our review of the top AP and Invoice Automation Tools for Sage Intacct and compare their features to identify the best AP and Invoice Automation platform:

Integrating the AP automation platform with ERP solutions like Sage Intacct provides a lot of benefits, such as getting detailed financial reports, a streamlined accounting process, and better control over the company’s direction.

Detailed financial reports help to make more informed decisions. It automates entire workflows from simple to crucial tasks and, hence streamlines the accounting process.

Though you have an ERP system in place, send and receive the invoices by email, courier, or manually and enter data into the system. This increases the risk of mistakes and duplicates and hence reduces the accuracy and efficiency.

Integration between AP automation and ERP will let you go paperless. This integration will also speed up the approval process and improve the visibility of your payables.

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AP And Invoice Automation Tools for Sage Intacct

Going paperless not only simplifies the remote worker’s tasks but also reduces business costs. It increases the efficiency of business processes.

Market Trends: According to Verified Market Research, the accounts payable automation market size was $2.24 billion in 2020. It is growing at a CAGR of 10.16% from 2021 to 2028. It is expected to reach $4.86 billion by 2028.

Verified Market Research

Expert Advice: While choosing the AP and Invoice automation platform that integrates with Sage Intacct, a few factors should be considered. The platform should be easy and cost-effective to implement. It should be able to provide secure financial management and centralized business processes.

How is AP automation significant for hyper-automation strategy?

AP automation solutions include the functionalities to intelligently read the incoming bill, pull the data, enter it, etc. Solutions like PairSoft make use of OCR technology and can capture data down to the line level.

There needs to be the automation of email, fax, etc. for incoming invoices. This process should happen through a unified system so that businesses get a comprehensive and real-time look at the enterprise-at-a-large. Hence, AP automation solutions should be a part of hyper-automation to measure, monitor, and re-evaluate the goals.

Hyper-automation is combining intelligence and automation to offer enhanced functionality. The right AP automation solution plays a crucial role in hyper-automation strategy.

Financial process automation solutions like PairSoft provide a combination of cloud technologies. It ensures that data is available readily, regardless of the invoice volume. These solutions make use of advanced technologies like AI & RPA and sync intelligently with ERP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What AP metrics should be tracked?

Answer: Here are some of the metrics that should be tracked. We will also see the benefits of tracking these metrics.

  • The average cost per invoice should be calculated as it helps with determining the invoice processing contribution and setting realistic benchmarks.
  • Calculating the average invoice processing time helps you to identify the extensiveness of workflow bottlenecks and the steps that need optimization.
  • Collecting data for the discounts offered vs. captured will help you to find out the best way of capitalizing on the discounts.
  • Automated Invoice processing solutions give notifications and you can trigger timely payments.
  • Keeping track of late payment percentages will not only avoid the penalties but also will maintain a good relationship with vendors.

Q #2) What are the benefits of cloud-based AP automation?

Answer: Cloud-based AP automation solutions provide a competitive advantage. It gives cost and operational flexibility. Along with your AP team, it offers better flexibility to vendors. It offers cost & operational flexibility, streamlined simplicity for employees, and seamless mobility.

Q #3) What factors to consider while choosing the AP automation software services? 

Answer: A lot of investment is required to implement AP automation software. Here are some tips to help you choose the AP automation solution.

The first thing is to know your goals. Clearly defined goals will make it a smooth process of setting up AP software. Mapping the current invoice process will help you understand your needs for the accounts payable application.

Identify the system dependencies and find out whether the accounts payable automation solution is providing seamless integration to your ERP. A few more features that you can consider are centralized information management IT overhead & ongoing support to configure & maintain native workflows.

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List of the Top AP and Invoice Automation Tools for Sage Intacct

Popular AP and Invoice Automation for Sage Intacct platforms list:

  1. (Recommended)
  2. PaperSave (Recommended)
  3. Helcim
  4. Paymerang
  5. Vision33
  6. Stampli
  7. AvidXchange
  8. Beanworks
  9. Tipalti
  10. Cargas
  11. RKL eSolutions
  12. EchoVera
  13. Easy Access

Comparison of the Best AP and Invoice Automation Platforms

ToolsBest forFeaturesRatings
PairSoft.comSecure financial management and centralized business processes.Electronic management, document management, single-click access, transaction automation, etc.Star_rating_5_of_5
PaperSaveAutomating the invoice processing from start to end.Capture documents, validate accuracy, extract data, etc.Star_rating_5_of_5
HelcimSending free invoices onlineAutomatic tax calculation,
Add discount codes instantly,
Flexible down-payment options
PaymerangAn innovative solution that will increase efficiency and improve accuracy.Automated invoice capture, automatic reminders, instant access to all invoices & approval statuses, etc.Star_rating_4.5_of_5
Vision33Seamless integration with the entire tech stack.Auto scaling, connectors, error tracing, etc.Star_rating_4.5_of_5
StampliEasily streamlining the accounts payable process.Fraud prevention, payment freedom, 365 visibility & control, etc.Star_rating_4.5_of_5

Detailed review:

#1) (Recommended)

Best for secure financial management and centralized business processes.

PairSoft offers the out-of-the-box and real-time integration with Sage Intacct that will take your AP, procurement, expense management, etc. to the next level.

This integrated financial management & accounting software solution contains automation, OCR, AI, and machine learning capabilities. It offers the functionalities for document management, electronic workflows, and transaction automation.


  • PairSoft provides secure financial management through features like user-based permissions.
  • It gives you centralized business processes such as managing documents, information, and files from acquisition to approval to storage.
  • It supports unlimited routing and approval rules.

Verdict: This solution contains all the capabilities to increase speed as well as productivity. It will reduce the cost and mistakes. Its implementation is easy and cost-effective. It offers the solution with flexible and affordable pricing options. PairSoft’s solutions can fit your organization’s unique needs.

Price: PairSoft follows the quote-based pricing model. The price of the solution is based on the number of documents or transactions. It doesn’t cost an extra price for the additional users. Unlimited users are supported across the platform.

#2) (Recommended)

Best for automating invoice processing from start to end.

PaperSave offers a solution that can directly integrate with Sage Intacct. It not only eliminates the manual data entry but also streamlines the approval workflows and increases the document visibility. It has functionalities for creating the AP workflow to approve the documents. This will accelerate the AP transaction approval process.

Capturing bills in any format becomes easier with Paper Save. Its OCR engine uses machine learning to enable it to work with new formats immediately.


  • PaperSave has features of automatic capturing and storing of documents in a secure and cloud-based repository
  • It allows the building of electronic workflows.
  • Supports capturing of bills in any format, such as emails, scans.
  • Performs the seamless connection of data with the right Sage Intacct record.
  • Provides a facility to search and retrieve documents in one click.

Verdict: PaperSave provides seamless and out-of-the-box integration with Sage Intacct. It makes the complete process digital and streamlines your workflows. Such capabilities make sign-offs, hand-offs, and payment faster. It is a feature-rich platform and provides a lot of functionalities, like monitoring document changes and approvals.

Price: You can request PaperSave pricing.

#3) Helcim

Best for Sending free invoices online.


Helcim arms you with all the tools you need to create professional invoices online without a hassle. You can also use the platform to create purchase orders, billing plans, and quotes. You’ll also be able to manage and track your payments in real-time.

What we really like about this tool is the fact that you get to create invoices by adding your products to the service as line items. The invoices generated can be sent via email and SMS. They can choose to pay via debit card, credit card, or ACH payments.


  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Add discount codes instantly
  • Flexible down-payment options
  • Comes fully-integrated with other Helcim tools

Verdict: If you are looking for a tool that can quickly generate, send, track, and manage invoices in a single platform for free, then Helcim is a platform you’ll adore.

Price: Helcim adheres to an interchange-plus pricing structure. This basically means you’ll have to pay a mark-up above the interchange rate.

#4) Paymerang

Best for an innovative solution that will increase efficiency and improve accuracy.


Paymerang offers a finance automation solution that can streamline the invoice and payment automation for your business. Its invoice automation solution for Sage Intacct leverages AI for reading captured invoices and extracting the data points. These capabilities reduce the amount of manual data entries you are doing.


  • Paymerang has functionalities for electronically routing and approving invoices.
  • It captures and documents all the actions taken on the given invoice.
  • This provides the electronic audit trail.

Verdict: With Paymerang, you will get instant access to all invoices and approval statuses. Implementation of the solution will be fast and seamless. The solution is secure as it provides encryption to account data and two levels of authentication.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Paymerang

#5) Vision33

Best for seamless integration with the entire tech stack. It offers powerful data synchronization and automated workflows.


Vision33 offers the cloud-based integration platform as a service solution, Saltbox. Saltbox has a visual data mapper that can convert the Sage Intacct data into the correct format. Its engine transfers the information through the cloud by using the power of AWS scaling. These capabilities make the solution able to handle infinite data load.

Vision33 offers the platform with capabilities of low code, auto-scaling, connectors, error tracking, version control, dashboards & alerts, etc.


  • Vision33’s solution has features for automating the entire data connection process.
  • It can automate any manual process or workflow.
  • It has capabilities to spot, diagnose, and resolve failed workflows, as well as transactions.
  • It can eliminate duplicate data sets and improve accuracy.

Verdict: Vision33’s Saltbox will give you improved customer loyalty and operational efficiency. It is an enterprise-class and low-code integration platform as a service. We can use it for integrating any application, data set, or business process.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Vision33

#6) Stampli

Best for easily streamlining the accounts payable process.


Stampli offers the solution for automating the accounts payable with Sage Intacct. The solution is with a unique collaboration hub and advanced technologies. It has an intuitive interface. It is a SaaS application and provides an API integration that performs the automatic syncing of invoice coding, PO, and invoice payment data between Intacct and Stampli.


  • All the invoice activities will be audit-ready with Stampli.
  • It provides reports and a dashboard.
  • It allows using any payment option.

Verdict: Stampli AP automation for Sage Intacct makes use of AI, ML, and advanced technologies. You will get a smart paperless AP with this solution.

Website: Stampli

#7) AvidXchange

Best for automating the invoice and payment processes. It is an ideal solution for medium-sized businesses.


AvidXchange offers AP and payment automation solutions that can be integrated with Sage Intacct. It is a user-friendly and flexible solution. You can get on-demand insights into invoice status, financial status, etc. It offers secure and efficiently managed payment solutions that not only reduce the fraud risk but also help to pay the suppliers on time.


  • AvidXchange provides multiple ways to pay suppliers. AvidPay Direct offers a direct deposit option and AvidPay Check is an automated bill payment application.
  • It will let you apply your existing business rules and set permissions.
  • It provides the complete audit trail from PO to payment.

Verdict: AvidXchange gives 24/7 visibility into invoice status, performance, and financial status. It helps with timely reporting and accountability. It will let you shift to 100% electronic invoices and payments.

Price: AvidXchange follows a quote-based pricing model.

Website: AvidXchange

#8) Beanworks

Best for end-to-end accounts payable automation.


Beanworks provides integration with Sage Intacct. It eliminates slow and error-prone paper processes. This integrated solution consolidates payables for multiple companies. It streamlines all the processes, from POs to payments. It takes care of data entry.


  • You will be able to find the invoices.
  • It can code multi-currency invoices.
  • It can match the imported payments to invoices
  • It provides the facility to pay invoices through itself, i.e. Beanworks.
  • It has sync error functionality.

Verdict: Beanworks provides integration with Sage Intacct to help you manage AP in one centralized platform. Your Sage Intacct experience will get enhanced with the use of this solution. It will not only take care of the data entry but also consolidate the payable for multiple companies. Beanworks is a solution for streamlining POs to payments.

Price: Beanworks offer the solution with four pricing plans, Starter, Pro, Premium, and Enterprise. You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Beanworks

#9) Tipalti

Best for an end-to-end automated payable solution.


Tipalti’s automated payable solution helps you with solving the problems that you are facing with the standard ERP software. It is a cloud-based application and can get seamlessly integrated with Sage Intacct.

It facilitates working with Sage Intacct anytime, anywhere. It allows vendors to choose the payment method. The entire AP process is automated with Tipalti and it makes use of AI, ML, and RPA.


  • Tipalti’s portal screen offers self-service supplier onboarding. Its portal screen can be matched to your brand or with the Sage Intacct UI.
  • It has the functionality of real-time supplier tax verification. It uses a KPMG system to verify the TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number)
  • It automates the AP workflow process of supplier tax filing preparation.
  • It also automates the reporting.

Verdict: Tipalti offers an end-to-end automated payable solution. It offers the functionalities that make the solution suitable for small as well as global companies and multi-subsidiary AP automation. The platform is beneficial to suppliers as well as payers.

Price: The price of the Tipalti Express starts at $149 per month.

Website: Tipalti

#10) Cargas

Best for streamlining and improving the processes of paying bills.


Cargas is a premier partner of Sage Intacct and hence it offers the best tools to help you with accounting and finance. It is a partner with AvidXchange for providing AP and payment automation.


  • AvidXchange AP automation solution has functionalities to automate the reading and entering of the data.
  • It provides the facility of tracking the invoices and drilling down into the transactions.
  • It has security features of login authentication and user access controls.
  • It has capabilities to avoid incorrect or duplicate payments.

Verdict: By integrating AvidInvoice & AvidPay applications into Sage Intacct, it offers a full range of AP and payment automation tools. It gives you efficient and paperless AP and payment processes.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Cargas

#11) RKL eSolutions

Best for cloud-based AP automation solution that reduces the time spent on invoice approval and payments.

RKL eSolutions

RKL eSolutions offers a cloud-based solution for automating the entire AP and payment processes. It can provide tailored solutions to fulfill your technology requirements. It eliminates the paper checks but still gives the check signers the same level of control. It will let you apply the same rules for approving the payments including the dollar threshold and double signatures.


  • The system will be accessible 24/7.
  • It improves visibility.
  • Automatic receiving of ePayments or checks.

Verdict: RKL eSolutions is a cloud-based tool for accounts payable automation. It reduces your operating costs. It helps with reducing the manual data entry into your ERP and getting faster approval for invoices. It will let you provide a better supplier experience through ePayments.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: RKL eSolutions

#12) EchoVera

Best for seamless bi-directional integration with Sage Intacct.


EchoVera offers an AP automation solution for Sage Intacct with capabilities of intelligent OCR, invoice processing, intelligent 3-way PO matching, and recurring invoice. It gives seamless Bi-directional integration with Sage Intacct. EchoVera offers module-based software solutions that will grow with your company. It offers outstanding service & support.


  • EchoVera supports complex approval workflows.
  • It offers sophisticated PO matching.
  • It gives a searchable archive with an audit trail.

Verdict: EchoVera offers seamless invoice capture and processing system. It has functionalities for automating the approval workflows for desktop as well as mobile. It will give you a complete AP automation solution with Sage Intacct.

Price: EchoVera’s pricing plans are based on volume. It supports unlimited users.

Website: EchoVera

#13) Easy Access

Best for capturing data and enhancing invoice data in Sage.

Easy Access

Easy Access accounts payable solutions can be integrated with Sage Intacct. It gives you complete oversight & control of invoices and an audit trail of all actions. Its data capture and invoice data enhancement features outperform in Sage platform.


  • Easy Access reduces the end-to-end invoice processing cycle times.
  • The solution can also reduce invoice processing costs.
  • It provides an audit trail of all actions.

Verdict: Easy Access provides a solution with capabilities of capturing data and enhancing invoice data. With the help of this solution, more and more invoices will get processed touchless.

Price: Easy Access follows a quote-based pricing model.

Website: Easy Access


A cloud-based financial management solution can automate key processes and save a lot of time & resources. It reduces the need for manual work and provides complete visibility into the financial management and accounting systems. Integrating the solutions like PairSoft into Sage Intacct will not only handle all the business needs accurately & completely but also take the AP, procurement, document management, & expense management to the next level.

In this article, we have reviewed the top solutions that can be integrated into Sage Intacct. We hope this detailed review and comparison article will help you choose the right platform for your business.

Research Process:

  • Time is taken to research and write this article: 25 Hrs.
  • Total tools researched online: 32
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 12
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