MySQL Tutorial Series: For Beginners And Professionals

Hands-on MySQL Tutorial Series to learn MySQL basic and advanced concepts through programming example:

MySQL is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) and it has benefits and features like Data Security, High Availability & Cloud Service.

MySQL has turned out to be one of the most popular open-source databases used by organizations for web development. It is the central component of LAMP, which is a software stack model that facilitates building web applications and websites.

The multiple tutorials in this series will cover all basic to advanced concepts, valuable for beginners as well as professionals. It also included multiple code examples to understand the database queries.

MYSQL Tutorial series

Given below is the list of tutorials in this tutorial series:

Tutorial #1: What Is MySQL And Why It Is Used
Tutorial #2: Downloading MySQL For Windows and Mac
Tutorial #3: How To Use MySQL IF Statement In Select Query
Tutorial #4: Data Normalization

Tutorial #5: MYSQL CREATE Table
Tutorial #6: MySQL CREATE USER 
Tutorial #7: MySQL Create View 
Tutorial #8: MySQL Create Database 

Tutorial #9: MySQL Data types 
Tutorial #10: Date Format And Timestamp Functions 
Tutorial #11: Transaction Tutorial with Programming Examples
Tutorial #12: Basics of MySQL FOREIGN KEY Constraints with Examples

Tutorial #13: MySQL Insert Into Table Statement
Tutorial #14: MySQL Update Statement 
Tutorial #15: MySQL Delete Statement 
Tutorial #16: MySQL JOIN Tutorial

Tutorial #17: MySQL UNION
Tutorial #18: CONCAT And GROUP CONCAT Functions With Examples
Tutorial #19: MySQL Substring And Substring_Index Functions
Tutorial #20: MySQL REPLACE() Function And MySQL REPLACE INTO

Tutorial #21: MySQL LIKE
Tutorial #22: MySQL ALTER TABLE
Tutorial #23: MySQL GROUP BY Clause
Tutorial #24: COUNT And COUNT DISTINCT with Examples

Tutorial #25: SHOW DATABASES Command Tutorial
Tutorial #26: How To Setup And Use MySQL DOCKER Container
Tutorial #27: MySQL LIMIT And LIMIT With OFFSET Tutorial With Examples
Tutorial #28: How To Use MySQL AUTO INCREMENT – With Examples

Tutorial #29: MySQL CASE Statement Tutorial [Multiple Programming Examples]
Tutorial #30: How To Use MySQL ORDER BY Clause [With Code Examples]
Tutorial #31: MySQL CONNECTOR Tutorial: Java and Python Connector Examples
Tutorial #32: MySQL SHOW USERS Tutorial With Usage Examples

Tutorial #33: MySQL Version – How To Check MySQL Version
Tutorial #34: Comprehensive MySQL Cheat Sheet For Quick Reference
Tutorial #35: How To Use  MySQL From The Command Line [With Examples]
Tutorial #36: MySQL Workbench Tutorial – How to Download, Install And Use

Tutorial #37: PostgreSQL VS MySQL
Tutorial #38: MariaDB VS MySQL 
Tutorial #39: MySQL VS MONGODB
Tutorial #40: Difference Between SQL Vs MySQL Vs SQL Server
Tutorial #41: Top 40 Best MySQL Interview Questions And Answers