Analysing JMeter Results with Different Listeners


Hi Testers!!

In this tutorial, you will learn to use the Jmeter’s listeners for viewing the results of the request.

Below are some of the listeners covered in this section:

  • View Results in Table
  • View Results Tree
  • Aggregate Report
  • Aggregate Graph

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Analysing JMeter Results With Different Listeners

Here is the Video Tutorial:

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Listeners are most important part of JMeter's test plan as users can only see the results of their samplers by making use of listeners. All listeners have different importance and they can be selected based on how you want to see your results.

Table Results shows result in table format with latency, response time, connect time as important parameters. The response can be seen in text, HTML, JSON, XML by viewing the results in Tree Format.

Aggregate graph and the Aggregate report is very useful in case of a large number of samples and you need to send graphs to your client. 90% line, 95% line, average, median values can be fetched by using Aggregate Report listeners.

IMPORTANT – There are some additional listeners which don’t come as part of Jmeter default package. Download the plugins and paste them in EXT folder of Jmeter directory in order to see the.

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