JMeter BeanShell Scripting Part 2


Hi Testers!!

In this tutorial, you will learn more about BeanShell scripting used with JMeter scripts.

Below are the topics which are covered as part of this session:

  • BeanShell Scripting Basics
  • Using commonly used methods
  • Setting variables and using in Jmeter scripts

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BeanShell PreProcessor can be used to extract values from the previous response and then make use of the same in following scripts. Just as other preprocessors like RegularExpression and XPath Extractor works, BeanShell PreProcessor makes use of scripting to extract values.

You can also generate dynamic userIDs, Passwords etc. making use of BeanShell sampler and then store them in variables which can be used by other samplers or following requests. You can use IF, WHILE conditions to defines looping scenarios also depending on the test cases which is being executed.