Using Preprocessors in Jmeter


In this tutorial, you will learn how preprocessor works in JMeter.

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Below are the topics which are covered in this lecture:

  • SampleTimeOut PreProcessor
  • UserParameter PreProcessor
  • HTMLLinkParser PreProcessor

Preprocessors in Jmeter

Here is the video tutorial:

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PreProcessors are actions which are performed before your actual sampler runs in JMeter. It could be something like storing values of a variable, defining timeouts and all. The preprocessor can be added at thread group level or sampler level.

SampleTimeOut PreProcessor can define the sample time out for a request. Any sample taking time which is more than the defined one would be failed. UserParameter PreProcessor is used to define values for variables for specific users.

Example, you could define a value for a variable for specific users and when the sampler is run, values specified in this preprocessor are picked up.

HTMLLinkParser parses all the link from the response of the previous request and then you can hit any of the links on the page randomly. You can specify “ .*” in you path and it would pick any random link present on the page and would hit that with the same protocol used in a specific protocol.

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