Integration of Selenium with JMeter


Hi Testers!!

In this tutorial, you will learn a very interesting topic i.e. integrating your selenium scripts with JMeter and measuring the performance.

Below are the topics covered in this session:

  • Integrating Selenium with JMeter.
  • Using WebDriver Sampler Plugin.

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Jmeter can be integrated with Selenium via WebDriver Plugin support. Download the plugin and copy the jars in your “lib” folder and “ext” folder. The WebDriver sampler comes with config elements plugins for IE, Chrome, Mozilla and other browsers so that they can be invoked via selenium code written in your sampler. Set the driver path in the config element so that it picks the browser driver correctly and establish connected between your code and browser.

You can configure other properties too in config element. Add a listener to your Test Plan having Webdriver sampler so that you get to know the time taken by the user to perform that actions. Keep your log viewer on so that errors can be visualized while running you tests.