Jmeter Plugins


Hi Testers!!

In this tutorial, you will learn about Jmeter’s plugins which you can add to JMeter in order to enhance functionality.

Below are the topics which are covered in this section:

  • ThreadGroup Plugins
  • Listeners Plugins

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Jmeter Plugins

Here is a Video Tutorial:

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Plugins for JMeter can be downloaded from here. Extensions are available for thread group, listeners, samplers etc. Download the plugins from the website, extract the files and then paste the same in JMeter’s EXT folder where all the extensions are present.

Stepping Thread Group provides a nice way of generating load and can be utilized in various scenarios. It lets you configure the number of threads you want to add sequentially and generates an informational graph showing how the load is increasing.

Similarly, there are a lot of plugins on listeners providing different types of graphs which you can generate and provide reports to the client in a detailed way. Plugins for Timers are also available which can be downloaded if the built-in timers are not serving your purpose.

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