JMeter Video 1: Introduction, JMeter Download and Install

Hi Testers!!

In this tutorial, you will get to learn the basic definition of performance testing. All other terminologies like load testing, volume testing, spike testing etc. can be explored via our website.

Jmeter is a java application built by Apache. The video starts with the installation process of Jmeter covering pre-requisites for it. You need to have Java 1.7 and higher to support Jmeter 3.1 and JAVA_HOME should be set on your machine.

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Installation is very simple and requires the user to download setup, unzip the folder and launch the batch file. Basically, JMeter takes a number of users as input and create threads in the system, also takes server URL as basic parameters and hits the server as if a real browser is hitting that.

Topics covered are:

  • Pre-Requisites of JMeter.
  • Installation of JMeter.
  • The logic behind JMeter.
  • Installation link.

Test Plan and Workbench are the two default components when you launch JMeter. Test Plan is the collection of requests and other components which are used to test scenario whereas workbench is a temporary storage area and HTTPSTestScriptRecorder is the main component. Also, it is important to know that components of Workbench are not saved along with the tests.

Enjoy the video!!!