Data Parameterization in JMeter: Using CSV DataSet Config


Hi Testers!!

In this tutorial, you will learn to do data parameterization to pick data from files and not depending on manual configuration each time.

Below are the topics which are covered in this session:

  • Using CSV Data Set Config
  • Defining Variables

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CSV Data Set Config serves the purpose of data source which can supply a large amount of data as per the scenario which you are testing.

For example, if you want to test login of 100 users, you can pick the values of email ID and password from the file. For picking the values you need to match the variables with column headings of excel sheet and provide the delimiter which could be “,” or a “\t(tab)”

(emailID, password) – means there are two columns in your CSV file and values are separated by a tab.

For specifying the path of the file, you can directly put the filename if your CSV is in BIN folder of JMETER directory, otherwise, specify the full path of your system.