Jmeter Controllers Part 1


Hi Testers!!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use controllers in JMeter.

Below are the topics which are covered in this session:

  • Simple Controller
  • Loop Controller
  • Transaction Controller

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Jmeter Controllers Part 1

Here is a Video Tutorial:

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Controllers are basically used to control the execution flow. For example, you want some group of requests to execute more times as compared to the others, use the controller to solve this purpose. Simple controllers are the just container to store similar kind of request as per your need. They don’t serve any logic apart from this.

Loop Controllers are used to making your group of requests run more or fewer iterations as compared to the other requests. Add a loop controller and specify the loop count, all the requests under this container would execute for the specified iterations.

Transaction Controller is used to keeping those requests under one controller which if considered together, makes a valid transaction.

For example, to complete your login flow, a request for getting a page and then posting with the credentials are two different requests. Transaction Controller provides the total transaction time which is the sum of the time of all requests under it.

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