Using Jmeter Timers


In this tutorial, you will learn to use JMeter's timers to increase the time between the subsequent requests.

Below are the topics which will be covered in this section:

  • Constant Timer
  • Gaussian Random Timer
  • Poisson Random Timer
  • Test Action

Jmeter Timers

Here is the video tutorial:

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Timers are used to delay Jmeter sending next request. If there are no timers, Jmeter will send next request in fractions of seconds. Constant Timers are used to delay the next request by a constant time which you can configure by adding the value of constant delay time.

Gaussian and Poisson Random timer works on some mathematical calculations with lambda coefficient. You can add Constant Delay Offset and Deviation time and rest will be calculated automatically.

For Constant Delay Offset of 3000ms and Deviation time of 300ms, each thread of JMeter would execute after {3000+(0-300ms (could be any value between 0-300ms)}.