JMeter Correlation


Hi Testers!!

In this tutorial, you will learn to use how to achieve correlation in JMeter scripts.

Below are the topics covered in this session:

  • Co-relating dynamic values using processors.

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Correlation is basically extracting value from one of the requests which can be used in the subsequent request or any of the request which must be executed further.

For extracting values out from a request, you need processors. Pre-Processors like HTMLLinkParser can extract all links from a page received in response.

For the majority of the cases, post-processors like XPath and Regular Expression Extractor are used to extract values from the response and then store the value in a variable. Now, the same variable can be utilized in the next request or any request to be executed later on.

Most commonly, you would see JMeter capturing session, cooked, login credentials in some cases and then using them for other requests as a parameter.