13 Best Website Usability Testing Services Companies In 2023

Explore, compare and select from the list of top Usability Testing Services Companies to get the best usability testing service for your website:

We live in a world becoming increasingly digitized with each passing second. You’ll struggle to find an individual today that does not use software of some kind to make their lives easier.

It wouldn’t be controversial to claim that such technology is indeed fueling our modern civilized lifestyle. The industry is also extremely profitable.

Usability Testing Services Review

Usability Testing Services Companies

People are often yearning for a new mobile or desktop-driven software that could potentially make some aspect of their life convenient. Bringing full-featured solutions that satisfy such needs is how multi-millionaire tech entrepreneurs are born.

However, these dreams of making it big in the tech world could just as easily fall apart if you introduce an app in the market that cannot function properly.

According to a report published by testing company Tricentis, software failure was said to have triggered losses that touched $1.7 trillion. Suffice to say, your software needs to go through a stringent utility testing phase that fixes its problems before it is launched for public use.

Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a partner that can provide reliable usability testing services.

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Finding the best from a massive sea of contenders can be tough. Therefore, we thought it is best to list down a few reliable names at your behest, based on our own thorough research. So this article will walk you through a pretty long list of usability testing companies you can rely on to develop and launch robust user-friendly software.


  • First and foremost, understand what kind of services you seek from your testing partner. Go for companies that can take care of the prep and analysis alongside the core testing functions.
  • Identify the core services provided by the company.
  • The next thing you want to look for when approaching a software testing company is its reputation. Make sure they’ve earned substantial goodwill in the industry and have the experience to show for it.
  • The software testing company should be flexible in offering services that are tailored to your specific needs and requirements.
  • Testers should have no problem familiarizing themselves with your existing QA tools and practices.
  • Finally, look for vendors that offer their services for a reasonable price, preferably something that doesn’t exceed your budget.
Fact-Check: According to a very recent report published by Global Market Insights, the software testing market size exceeded the 40 billion USD mark in 2020. The report claims that the market will experience further expansion between 2021 and 2027 with a CAGR of 7%.

Global Market Insights

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is Usability Testing?

Answer: Usability Testing involves quality assurance and other software testing processes that assess the functionality of a developed app, software, or website. The method entails observing real users attempting to execute tasks on the website or app being tested. The process is important to drive down development costs and provide error-free software to users.

Q #2) Which company is best for testing?

Answer: Based on our research and popular opinion, the following are some of the best companies:

  • Global App Testing
  • ThinkSys
  • UserTesting
  • UserZoom
  • Maze

Q #3) What are the 5 goals of usability?

Answer: The 5 goals include the following 5 E’s:

  • Efficient
  • Error-tolerant
  • Easy to learn
  • Effective
  • Engaging

Developers must strive to accomplish these goals. Only then can software be declared competent and ready for launch to users.

Q #4) Who will do usability testing?

Answer: A researcher often spearheads it, who also goes by the titles–moderator or facilitator. The researcher commands a participant to perform certain tasks on the software being tested under his/her observation.

The researcher notes each task completed by the participant. They essentially observe the participant’s behavior or receive their feedback.

Q #5) How important is usability testing?

Answer: The primary goal of conducting usability testing is to ensure the software, along with it, all of its major components are functioning as it is supposed to. By observing real-life people operating the software in the testing phase, one can conclude about the software’s competency or lack of it before it is officially launched for public use.

It is simply a wise business move to get usability testing done to avoid massive backlash resulting from a failed product. This helps companies anticipate user behavior, expectations, and needs well in advance.

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List of Top Usability Testing Service Providers

Here is the list of popular website usability testing services:

  1. Global App Testing (Recommended)
  2. Innowise
  3. ThinkSys
  4. UserTesting
  5. UserZoom
  6. Maze
  7. TryMyUI
  8. Userlytics
  9. Loop11
  10. UsabilityHub
  11. UserFeel

Comparing the Best Website Usability Testing Companies

Global App Testing201351 - 200London, EnglandStar_rating_5_of_5
Innowise20071500+Warsaw, PolandStar_rating_5_of_5
ThinkSys2011250-500Sunnyvale, CaliforniaStar_rating_4.5_of_5
UserTesting 2007500-1000San-Francisco, CaliforniaStar_rating_4_of_5
UserZoom2007250-500San Jose, CaliforniaStar_rating_4_of_5
Maze201821-100Paris, FranceStar_rating_4_of_5

Best usability testing companies review:

#1) Global App Testing (Recommended)


Global App Testing is known worldwide for its provision of robust on-demand QA testing services. The platform is also lauded as the best usability testing company working in the industry today. The company specializes in integrating usability testing into every step of your software’s development life cycle.

You get valuable insight into how your software functions in a given environment from a user’s perspective.

Global App Testing is home to testers who perform tasks on your app and website to provide feedback, which can be leveraged to make improvements. The company currently harbors a team of over 60,000 skilled testers that render testing services in over 189 countries.

Founded: 2013
Headquarters: London, England
Employee Size: 51 – 200
Revenue: $10 Million (Approx)
Clients: Facebook, Citrix, iHeartMedia, Microsoft, General Electric, Instagram, WhatsApp, TripAdvisor, etc.

Core Services: On-Demand QA Testing, Usability Testing, Exploratory Testing, Mobile App Testing, Web App Testing, Test Case Execution.

Service Cost: Contact for quote

#2) Innowise


Innowise Group is a leading provider of usability testing services that specialize in ensuring that software applications, websites, and other digital products are user-friendly and meet the highest quality standards.

With more than 16 years of experience in the software development industry, Innowise Group has established a solid reputation for delivering efficient and effective testing solutions to its clients. The company’s team of skilled professionals utilizes cutting-edge tools and techniques to test software applications, websites, and other digital products for usability, accessibility, and other critical aspects.

Founded in: 2007
Revenue: $80 million (estimated)
Employee Size: 1500+
Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland
Locations: Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA
Pricing Info: $50 – $99 per hour
Min Project Size: $20,000

Innowise Group’s usability testing services cover a broad range of digital products, including mobile apps, web applications, and desktop software. The company provides a comprehensive range of usability testing services, such as user experience (UX) testing, user interface (UI) testing, user acceptance testing (UAT), and accessibility testing.

Innowise Group collaborates closely with its clients to comprehend their unique usability testing requirements and provides personalized solutions to meet their specific needs.

What sets Innowise Group apart from other usability testing service providers is its unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. The company’s dedication to these core values makes it the preferred choice of businesses of all sizes and industries.

Regardless of whether you are a small start-up or a large corporation, Innowise Group can provide you with the expertise and resources you need to ensure your software applications, websites, and other digital products are user-friendly and meet the highest quality standards.

#3) ThinkSys


ThinkSys harbors a sizeable team of qualified QA experts that specialize in offering end-to-end usability testing services around the globe. The team focuses on every crucial detail of your website or app, from design to feature functionality, to ensure you have software that can provide an excellent user experience.

The company also possesses a lab full of interactive devices that facilitate the testing of websites and web applications on various platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS.

ThinkSys also makes use of the latest usability testing tools like CrazyEgg, Keynote, UserZoom, and ClickTale to perform tests. The testing itself is conducted in real-world conditions to analyze the real-world behavior of users.

Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California
Employee Size: 250-500
Revenue: $25 Million (Approx)
Clients Served: ShutterStock, ProActive, 50onRed, Just Pharma, Nowvel, Corbis, Bond University, etc.

Core Services: QA Testing, Usability Testing, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Website and Application Design, Big Data Analytics, IoT services, and solutions.

Service Cost: Contact for quote

Website: ThinkSys

#4) UserTesting


UserTesting is unique in its rendering of usability testing services, especially when you compare it with other companies on the list. UserTesting employs a visual-based feature known as Customer Experience Narratives, which allows you to witness a customer’s experience to your app or software in real-time.

You can observe their facial expressions, pay attention to the tone of their voice, and understand how customers react to your product as they are using it.

To test on the platform, you need to create a test plan, with the help of which you can ask people to perform certain tasks on your app and observe their reactions in the process. You can also engage with your test audience with the help of live conversations.

Founded: 2007
Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Employee Size: 500-1000 (Approx)
Revenue: $100-500M
Clients Served: HP, Sony, Trivago, Samsung, Volvo, Lowe’s, etc.
Core Services: User testing for mobile applications, website, marketing, design, UX, and more.
Service Cost: Contact for quote

Website: UserTesting

#5) UserZoom


UserZoom offers usability testing services that cater to your website or app’s specific nature. You can manage and measure your software’s user experience accordingly to develop and deliver a product that appeals to your customers.

The company lays heavy emphasis on establishing criteria so you can measure the user experience delivered by the software over time or against competitor applications.

UserZoom also allows you to device product strategy and information architecture with the assistance of user-focused decisions. The company also facilitates competitive design and development with continuous test and validation of your software.

Founded: 2007
Headquarters: San Jose, California
Employee Size: 250-500
Revenue: $25-100M
Clients Served: eBay, Aetna, Amazon, Sky, Kroger, CapitalOne, etc.
Core Services: End-To-End usability testing of mobile, web applications, design, UX.
Service Cost: Contact for quote

Website: UserZoom

#6) Maze


Maze provides usability testing services tailored to the needs and requirements of your product team. Maze allows the rapid testing and validation of product concepts, prototypes, and UX copies in a quick and efficient manner.

Creating a testing plan with the help of this platform is also very simple. The test can be shared with users across the globe with the help of a unique URL.

Companies can later get insightful reports that present information in the form of comprehensive metrics. The testing solution provided by Maze also integrates seamlessly with multiple design platforms like Adobe XD and Figma. Maze offers a usability testing service that caters to product managers, designers, marketers, and researchers.

Founded: 2018
Headquarters: Paris, France
Employee Size: 51-100
Revenue: NA
Clients Served: IBM, Uber, Braze, Logitech, Pipedrive, etc.
Core Services: Rapid, Remote Usability Testing

Service Cost: Free for 1 tester, $25/month per seat for professional plan, Custom Organization plan starting from over 10 seats.

Website: Maze

#7) TryMyUI

try my ui

TryMyUI is yet another visual-based website usability testing service provider that allows you to view videos of real people using your application or website. The usability testing here entails creating a test plan that commands users to perform certain actions on your website. You also get to choose the users you wish to target from a wide range of demographic factors.

The videos clearly convey how users react to your website. The data you receive from TryMyUI’s videos can be translated into actionable insight, which you can later share with your development team to make the necessary improvements to your app or website’s UI.

Founded: 2009
Headquarters: San Mateo, California
Employee Size: 1-25
Revenue: $5M
Clients Served: Bose, NBC, Priceline.com, Amazon, British Airways
Core Services: Visual-Based Website Usability Testing Services.
Service Cost: Personal Plan – $99/mo, Team Plan – $399/mo, Enterprise – $2000/mo, Unlimited Plan/mo – $5000

Website: TryMyUI

#8) Userlytics


Userlytics offers a platform that allows its clients to perform several moderated as well as unmoderated UX studies and usability tests. Their usability testing service is highly customizable, with the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of features that best fulfill your needs.

The company harbors a global participant panel of over 1 million users. You can use this massive panel of real people to test your application or website. You have the freedom to use your own participants as well. There is also the added benefit of detailed UX reports that feature improvement recommendations from the best UX consultants in the industry.

Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Miami, Florida
Employee Size: 25-100
Revenue: $5M – $25M
Clients Served: Loreal, Washington Post, Dunkin Donuts, Princeton University, etc.
Core Services: Usability Testing, Card Sorting, Tree Testing, Advanced Video Capture, and Editing.
Service Cost: $49 for 1 seat, Unlimited plan starting at $69/participant.

Website: Userlytics

#9) Loop11


Loop11 offers an intuitive online usability testing platform that is extremely easy to use. The company harbors a massive base of users that can act as your testers. Similar to other usability testing platforms, you get to create your own custom-made test plan with questions and instructions.

You also get to record the audio or video of users performing actions on your app or website. The platform allows for moderated as well as unmoderated user-testing. The testing can be done on any mobile, desktop, or browser application.

Moreover, you get to conduct tests on live websites and prototypes without any code. This is what makes Loop11 one of the best website usability testing companies.

Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Melbourne, South Victoria
Employee Size: 1-25
Revenue: $5 Mil (approx)
Clients Served: Motorola, IBM, Deloitte, Cisco, Accenture, etc.

Core Services: A/B Testing, Mobile and tablet testing, Accessibility testing, Competitive benchmarking, True intent studies, Information Architecture testing.

Service Cost: Rapid Insights: $63/month, Pro – $239/month, Enterprise; $399/month.

Website: Loop11

#10) Usability Hub


Not many companies undertake remote user testing with the finesse displayed by UsabilityHub. The company facilitates remote user testing by leveraging the response of millions of users from around the world. The company harbors a participant panel of over 340 thousand users, covering a diverse range of demography.

You can create your own team of testers by picking users from targeted demography. As for the tests themselves, UsabilityHub can be used by marketers, product managers, developers, and researchers alike, to perform several tests that include design surveys, preference tests, five-second tests, and more.

Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Melbourne, Victoria
Employee Size: 1-25
Revenue: $5M-$25M
Clients Served: Asana, GoDaddy, Airtable, Task Rabbit, Google, Amazon

Core Services: Audience split testing, Funnel Analysis, Open text analysis, design survey, first click tests, preference tests, five-second tests.

Service Cost: Free for basic tests, Basic – $79 per month, Pro – $199 per month, Enterprise plan.

Website: UsabilityHub

#11) UserFeel


Like other great website usability testing companies, UserFeel also harbors a massive pool of users that can be recruited to act as your testers. We can use the platform provided by UserFeel for both moderated and unmoderated user tests.

You also get audio and a video recording of testers completing tasks on your application or website. These recordings can be shared with your team with added annotations to make improvements to the UX of your website.

Founded: 2005
Headquarters: Greater London, UK
Employee Size: 29 approx
Revenue: $6 million
Clients Served: Emirates, Taboola, The University of Utah, Four Seasons, 99Designs, etc.
Core Services: End-to-end usability testing, multilingual support, voice transcription.
Service Cost: Custom pricing plan

Website: UserFeel

Other Top Application and Website Usability Testing Companies.

#12) UserPeek

UserPeek allows you to test your ideas, prototypes, concepts, and website with the help of real people in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

The company specializes in remote, on-site, moderated, and unmoderated user testing. The company has headquarters situated in India, Germany, Thailand, Romania, and the Philippines, from where they render usability testing services that are human-centric, data-driven, and lean.

Service Cost: Pro – $39 per test, Flex – $55 per test, custom team plan also available.

Website: UserPeek

#13) UserBrain

UserBrain is home to a sizeable group of vetted freelance software testers from around the globe. The company provides you with a platform wherein you create your own custom test with your own chosen questions and instructions for testers. You select testers from different countries and demography.

Ultimately, you get to observe their response to your website or prototype via clearly recorded video and audio footage.

Service Cost: Pay as you go – $35/tester, $99/month if using your own testers.

Website: UserBrain

#14) TestingTime

TestingTime offers remote and on-site usability testing to assess the UX and overall performance of your website or any other product. You can choose from a massive pool of testers. TestingTime has over 900000 testers.

They can be recruited according to several criteria like age, gender, location, skills, language, etc. You can create your own questionnaire or choose TestingTime’s readymade ones to conduct the tests.

Service Cost: Contact for quote

Website: TestingTime


Your website or application needs to go through a well-structured usability testing phase before it can be launched into a mass audience. Such tests allow you to gauge the experiences and behavior of real people as they take your website for a test ride. You know what aspects of your website or app need urgent improvements.

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For companies you can rely on for usability testing, they are unfortunately a dime a dozen. Therefore, we created this list to help you find a service provider that can offer a testing service that is affordable and gives you an accurate picture of your software’s performance and the user experience it might trigger.

As for our recommendation, we suggest getting in touch with Global App Testing or ThinkSys for an end-to-end usability testing service.

Research Process:

  • We spent 15 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on which app or website usability testing company will best suit you.
  • Total companies researched – 25
  • Total companies shortlisted – 13
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