12 BEST Virtual Credit/Debit Cards in the USA in 2023

Here we review and compare the Best Virtual Credit Card and Debit Card in the USA to help choose the best Virtual Card as per your need:

Unlike a few years ago, people are more willing to withdraw their affinity towards currency notes, receipts, and coins in order to embrace the convenience offered by their digital alternative.

Nothing heralds how popular digitization has become than the rising popularity of digital payment systems like virtual credit and debit cards. The human population has already grown comfortable with cashless transactions. Now there are trends to suggest that they are ready to venture into the whole new territory of card-less payments as well.

As the name suggests, a virtual debit card or a virtual credit card is a card that is conjured and exists online only. They possess a randomly generated 16 digit card number, a CVV number, and an expiry date just like their physical counterpart. These cards are accepted wherever a normal card could be used for transactions.

Virtual Credit Card And Debit Card In the USA

Virtual Credit_Debit Cards in USA

These cards are gaining a lot of traction these days because of several reasons. For starters, they are useful when shopping online or making one-time purchases.

The application process for a virtual card is incredibly convenient and super fast. Plus! As most websites online don’t accept credit cards, an individual who doesn’t own a credit card can use its virtual alternative to indulge in transactions online.

Suffice to say, virtual payment cards are extremely useful, which explains their rising popularity. So in this article, we will look at some of the best virtual credit card/debit cards you can easily apply for today. The list is curated by popular names in the industry that has gained a positive reputation for themselves because of their safe and reliable nature.

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Expert Advice:

  • Before you apply for a virtual card, make sure the application process is very simple. You must get your virtual card issued in a hassle-free and agile manner.
  • If you are applying for a virtual credit card, make sure you do not harbor a huge debt on your physical credit card. You must clear your debt on the current credit card before applying for a new one.
  • Your intention to use these cards should be clear and well-defined. Do not apply for a virtual credit card if you had applied for a debit or credit card recently. This can harm your credit score.
  • Look for platforms that offer their services at lower interest rates and relatively superior financing profits.
Market Trends: You may harbor a misconception that personal or business credit cards are safe. However, credit card frauds are a major global issue. According to Fit Small Business, the credit card business reported global losses due to credit card frauds to be $27.85 billion in the year 2018. This number is expected to reach $35.67 billion by the year 2023.

Fit Small Business report

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Do banks in the USA provide virtual credit cards?

Answer: Only three banks in the United States offer virtual credit cards to their customers. They are Citibank, Bank of America, and Capital One.

Q #2) What is the procedure when applying for a Virtual Credit Card with banks?

Answer: There are two methods of applying for a virtual credit card. First, you can approach the bank directly to get a virtual card. If the bank doesn’t offer this online service, then one can get a regular credit card linked with the online services of a third-party bank or payment system that offers such a service.

Q #3) Can virtual credit cards save you from fraud?

Answer: Virtual credit cards ensure a safe and secure online shopping experience, unlike their physical counterpart. It may be safe to enter your credit card information on trusted sites like Amazon or Walmart, but there are certain sites that can take advantage of your submitted credit card information.

Virtual credit cards can be used to test the authenticity of such sites, thus significantly reducing the risk factor associated with them.

Q #4) What are the disadvantages of having a Virtual Credit Card?

Answer: A virtual card cannot be used in physical stores, as it is strictly designed to be used for online purchases only. The cards can also be a bit inconvenient sometimes, especially when trying to get a refund for returned items. The buyer has to collect payment from the physical store as the policy mandates an amount cannot be refunded back to the buyer through the same online portal.

Q #5) Who can benefit from Virtual Cards?

Answer: Most banks do not issue credit cards to freelancers. As such, virtual credit cards can be extremely beneficial for freelancers, digital marketers, bloggers, and writers. These cards can also be used by those who don’t own a credit card in order to access websites that don’t accept debit cards.

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List of Best Virtual Credit Cards

Here is a list of the most popular virtual credit and debit cards:

  1. Payhawk
  2. Privacy.com
  3. Wise Virtual Credit Card
  4. Emburse Spend
  5. DivvyPay
  6. US Unlocked
  7. Payoneer
  8. Netspend
  9. American Express
  10. Walmart MoneyCard
  11. LeoPay
  12. EcoPayz
  13. Blur
  14. EzzoCard
  15. Card.com
  16. Open.money
  17. Bank Freedom
  18. Netteller

Comparison of Some Best Virtual Card

NameBest ForFees Ratings
PayhawkPhysical and virtual visa credit cardPremium Cards: $199/month, All-In-One Spend: $299/month.Star_rating_4.5_of_5
Privacy.comSecure Virtual Cards for US Citizens.Free forever plan available, Pro plan - $10 per month, Teams - $2 per month.Star_rating_4.5_of_5
Wise Virtual Credit CardsTracking Spend Globally with real exchange rate.Free to use upon registration with Wise. Will cost $4.14 more to receive USD wire payments. Star_rating_5_of_5
Emburse Spend Issuing single-use and recurring virtual cards to employees for expenses. Contact for pricingStar_rating_4_of_5
DivvyPayReal-time visibility into all transactionsContact for pricing.Star_rating_4.5_of_5
US Unlocked Gaining access to US merchants for smooth online shopping Depends on the amount loaded, $15-lifetime membership fee.Star_rating_5_of_5
PayoneerMaking Online PaymentsFree Star_rating_4.5_of_5
NetspendCreating Custom Prepaid CardsContact for PricingStar_rating_4_of_5
American ExpressFreelancers and contract workers.Free plan.Star_rating_4.5_of_5
Walmart MoneyCardDigital Financial ManagementFreeStar_rating_5_of_5
Open.moneyReal-time spend management.Free plan available, Yearly Growth plan starting at $190.Star_rating_4.5_of_5

Let us review the virtual credit cards below.

#1) Payhawk

Best for Physical and virtual visa credit card.


Payhawk offers a physical and virtual visa credit card to businesses that is bolstered by a comprehensive financial software. This allows companies to have better control over corporate card spending. Managers can track payments, manage spend limits, and view outstanding expenses on the card via this software.

You can also use built-in policies, rules, and limits to customise your employee’s spend. These policies can easily be applied to individual and team cards. You can freeze the card in an instant or update spend controls on it in real-time.


  • Automatic, Real-time sync with financial software
  • Set spend controls
  • Control recurring spend and ATM withdrawals in real-time
  • Streamlined bulk card management

Verdict: Payhawk provides perhaps the most efficient physical and virtual credit cards to businesses. This card integrates seamlessly with Payhawk’s software and can be used by managers to control spend and track expense on the card in real-time.

Price: Premium Cards cost $199/month. The All-in-One Spend Plan will cost $299/month.

#2) Privacy.com

Best for Secure Virtual Cards for US Citizens.


Privacy.com issues you a virtual credit card after performing rigorous internal and third-party audits. This makes the virtual cards you get from Privacy.com extremely secure and safe to use. The cards issued are also free of charge if you aim to use a bank account as the source of funding. We recommend using Privacy.com’s virtual cards on websites that require recurring payments.


  • Create up to 60 cards per month
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Merchant locked and single-use cards
  • Set spend limits

Verdict: Privacy.com epitomizes safe and secure transactions via virtual debit and credit cards that come loaded with useful features. However, you can only apply for a virtual card via Privacy.com if you are a US citizen. The application process itself is quick and it can take up to 24 hours to 7 days for you to get your virtual card issued.

Price: Free forever plan available, Pro plan – $10 per month, Teams – $2 per month.

#3) Wise Virtual Credit Cards

Best for Tracking Spend Globally with real exchange rates.

Wise Virtual Credit Cards

With Wise, you get a virtual credit card that makes managing and controlling your expenses while travelling abroad simple. The virtual card you get allows you to spend online using real exchange rates.

The card can be frozen after each use, which makes it ideal for preventing fraud. You can rest assured that the virtual card offered by Wise is fully authorized by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

The card is capable of holding more than 50 currencies all at once. These currencies can be converted in real-time via the Wise app. Furthermore, these converted currencies can later be used to spend online, in-store, or abroad without hassle. That said, you’ll need to first order a physical card to get the virtual card issued from Wise.


  • Freeze the card after each use.
  • Get up to 3 virtual cards at a time.
  • Shop all around the world using real exchange rates.
  • Free for customers with personal and business-wise accounts.

Verdict: Wise’s virtual card for frequent travellers who seek that extra layer of security while they shop abroad. You get your virtual card in three easy steps, after which it stays online in your Wise account, from where it can be accessed whenever needed.

Price: The card is free to use upon registration with Wise. It will cost you $4.14 more to receive USD wire payments via them.

#4) Emburse Spend

Best for: Issuing single-use and recurring virtual cards to employees for expenses.

Emburse Spend allows you to issue single-use and recurring virtual cards to your team. Through these cards, you gain complete real-time visibility into your employee’s spend-related activity. You can configure the card by setting max budget and pre-set approval processes to control your company’s spend.

Each transaction done through this cards can be validated at the point of sale. These cards facilitate automatic reconciliation by capturing receipts and expense details right away at the time of sale. 


  • Automated expense reconciliation
  • Real-time spend insights
  • Comprehensive fraud protection
  • Add virtual and physical cards to mobile wallets
  • Set policies to control spending.

Verdict: With Emburse Spend, you get to issue both physical and virtual cards that grant you complete visibility and control over your teams spend. You can automatically enforce spending limits and set policies to take control over your company’s expenses. 

Price: Contact for pricing, free demo available

#5) DivvyPay

Best for real-time visibility into all transactions.


It is simple to set up a virtual card using Divvy. The platform allows you to create a unique subscription card for each vendor that your company is in a relationship with. Then, you get to set a limit to the fund available on the card. The card’s fund limit resets every month automatically, thus making sure all vendors are paid on time without you being charged extra.

Moreover, you get a real-time view of all transactions happening through the virtual card. The best aspect about these cards is the protection they provide users from potential fraud. The card protects you from situations like vendor over-charges and compromised accounts. You have the ability to freeze a card instantly if you detect suspicious activity.


  • Unique Card number for each vendor
  • Manage recurring payments
  • Instant spend notifications
  • Track expenses in real-time
  • Set spend limit
  • Freeze card when needed.

Verdict: Whether it is to avoid issues of fraud or keep an eye on expenses over a project, you’ll find Divvy’s Virtual cards to be of immense value. We recommend creating virtual cards through Divvy to manage vendor payments or handle one-time online purchases.

Price: Contact for a quote

#6) US Unlocked

Best for gaining access to US merchants for smooth online shopping.

US Unlocked

This virtual prepaid card is perhaps best known for providing users with an option to shop from a variety of US retailers from anywhere in the world. It only required you to sign up to their service, load the card with only $50, and pay a small fee to use the card for one-time purchases from an array of US merchants.

The virtual card comes with a US billing/shipping address that makes transactions with US retailers conveniently possible. You can get instant access to services specific to the US like Netflix US, Hulu, and HBO Max.

You get two types of cards from US Unlocked. The first card only permits one-time use and cannot be reused for transactions. The other is a merchant-specific card that locks to a particular merchant after tangling in a transaction with them.


  • Assigned US billing and shipping address
  • Set spend limits
  • Access US only websites
  • Connects to freight forwarding partners

Verdict: US Unlocked sets you up with a useful virtual card that can allow you to access any of the US-specific websites you like without a hassle. All it requires from its users is a simple sign-up and a small subscription fee that depends on the amount you load on your card. It is very easy to shop online with the cards you get from US Unlocked.

Price: It depends on the amount loaded, $15-lifetime membership fee.

Website: US Unlocked

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#7) Payoneer

Best for making online payments.

Payoneer - Virtual Credit Card

Payoneer’s virtual card allows you to make purchases online in eCommerce stores that accept MasterCard payments. Making payments with Payoneer’s virtual card is similar to using a physical card. You are simply required to enter the card details on a payment page.

It is very simple to get a Payoneer virtual card if you have an account with this service. You are required to fill in the details online on Payoneer’s website. The information is later reviewed by the company before issuing you a virtual credit or debit card.


  • For quick online purchases
  • Easy application
  • Accepted in stores that accept MasterCard
  • Free with Payoneer account.

Verdict: If you are a Payoneer account holder, then you will benefit immensely from its virtual card service. It is easy to apply for and makes quick online purchases possible. These cards are ideal for the one-time purchase of a service you want to access online.

Price: Free

Website: Payoneer

#8) Netspend

Best for creating custom prepaid cards.

netspend - Virtual Credit Card

Netspend works as a great online financial managing tool. It does so by providing users with a virtual prepaid card that can be customized with a photo or symbol of your desire. The service is extremely useful when creating a temporary card number, which you can use to access sites that don’t accept debit cards.

The card can be easily used all over the country and provides robust protection to both your physical debit and credit card information. You can also easily check your balance anytime from any location. It is also super useful to receive transaction alerts as text messages with Netspend’s virtual credit cards.


  • Country-wide transaction
  • Check balance on the move
  • Temporary use
  • Fully customizable.

Verdict: Netspend’s virtual card should come in handy when trying to access a site that doesn’t accept a traditional debit card. It allows users to get real-time updates on transactions and account balances from anywhere in the world.

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: Netspend

#9) American Express

Best for freelancers and contract workers.

American Express - Virtual Credit Card

You know how tough it is for a freelancer to get a credit card. American Express understands this, which is why it provides its clients with a virtual credit card service that is extremely easy to use and manage.

Self-employed professionals like freelancers, digital marketers, and writers can use this virtual card to make online purchases. It is very easy to keep track of all your transactions with this VCC. The card also allows you to set spending limits, which helps you determine how much you will be charged.


  • Easy to use
  • Track transactions
  • Spend control
  • Make payments via mobile

Verdict: American Express provides users with a virtual credit card service that is designed to cater to independent contractors. It is easy to use, extremely beneficial when tracking transactions and allows smooth payments with set spend limits.

Price: Free to use

Website: American Express

#10) Walmart MoneyCard

Best for digital financial management.

moneycard - Virtual Credit Card

Walmart MoneyCard is a full-service virtual financial system that essentially takes care of your banking needs via a robust digital ecosystem. You can instantly add money to Walmart MoneyCard from any bank in the country. This money can be used to make online transactions spectacularly easy.

You can also use the MoneyCard app to deposit cash at no charge, at any Walmart store across the nation. You can also add 4 additional virtual debit card accounts, provided they are all above the age of 13 within the MoneyCard app.


  • Free cash reloads
  • Add money from any bank account
  • Earn 2% interest on saving
  • Set a family virtual debit card account for 4 additional members.

Verdict: Walmart MoneyCard is a powerful virtual payment system/app that simplifies the management of your finances for you. You can use the app on your phone to add money, earn a higher interest rate on your savings, make purchases, and much more.

Price: Free to download and use

Website: Walmart MoneyCard

#11) LeoPay

Best for worldwide financial management.

leopay - Virtual Credit Card

LeoPay is a global financial management tool that allows users to set up a user account in minutes and get multiple IBAN aka International Banking Account Number in multiple currencies. It is super easy to set up and can be accessed via the web or a mobile app.

The service provides users with two virtual cards absolutely free of charge. You can use the card to pay or withdraw money from anywhere in the world. You also get instantly notified with transaction alerts for the payments you make and receive.


  • Get multiple IBAN in more than 10 currencies
  • Two free visa cards provided
  • Instant notification
  • 24/7 access from the web and mobile app

Verdict: LeoPay is for those individuals who travel a lot and businesses with stakes in many different countries worldwide. It is extremely easy to pay and withdraw money from anywhere in the world with the virtual Leo visa card.

Price: Free

Website: LeoPay

#12) EcoPayz

Best for secure and fraud-protected online transactions.

ecopayz - Virtual Credit Card

EcoPayz provides users with an all-in-one virtual payment system that allows them to send and receive money worldwide from one robust online platform. You don’t need a bank account or a credit check to set up an account instantly with EcoPayz. Upon setup, your funds are accessible to you via this platform to be used in any fashion you desire.

The tool is also armed with the latest fraud protection technology that ensures your money remains safe while you indulge in online purchases. It is safe, secure, and efficient to use EcoPayz when participating in transactions with merchants, partners, or online shops via its virtual card.


  • Send, receive money from anywhere in the world
  • Manage funds from one uniform platform
  • Easy setup, not a bank account and credit checks required
  • Robust security protocols

Verdict: EcoPayz passes as a secure platform to manage your funds and indulges in financial transactions around the world for both personal and business purposes. There is absolutely no need for a bank account or credit check when setting up an account with EcoPayz, which earns it a coveted place on this list.

Price: Free

Website: EcoPayz

#13) Blur

Best for secure password-protected online transactions.

blur - Virtual Credit Card

Blur’s virtual credit card services are popular because of the robust level of security it adds to bank transactions or online payments. It syncs with all kinds of devices, thus making payments and checkout from phone, tablet, or browser possible.

You can generate a new credit card number for each and every purchase. Perhaps its most compelling feature is its security. The platform can encrypt your password, thus making it impossible for hackers to collect sensitive information or bank details.


  • Making easy payments and bank transactions
  • Generate a new VCC number with each payment
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Encrypts password

Verdict: Blur should be on your radar if you seek a VCC that allows you to engage in online transactions with robust safety. You can generate new credit card numbers instantly to stay safe from phishing and other unsavory practices.

Price: Free

Website: Blur

#14) EzzoCard

Best for the virtual card for anonymous online payments.

ezzocard - Virtual Credit Card

EzzoCard is a good place to go if you seek a virtual card that allows you to easily shop online anonymously. The virtual credit and debit card from EzzoCard can be used online around the globe on any site that accepts payment from Visa and MasterCard.

There are a variety of different options to choose from when opting for a card from EzzoCard. You can choose between the Blue Card, Green Card, Brown, or Black card depending on the features and validity duration you prefer.


  • Shop online anonymously
  • Easy application process
  • No bank account or credit check needed
  • 4 types of card available

Verdict: EzzoCard is for those who like to stay private online when shopping or making payments. It is very simple to get a virtual card you prefer from here. You can register for the cards under any name and address and quickly engage in transactions worldwide.

Price: Free Green, Black, and Blue Card, $3/month for Brown card.

Website: EzzoCard

#15) Card.com

Best for creating customized virtual cards.

card.com - Virtual Credit Card

Card.com is a great place to start when creating a virtual credit card to venture on an online shopping spree. The platform doesn’t demand any credit checks or includes any hidden fees. You can also customize your card with a variety of images and photos for a personalized look.

You can choose a card design either from their huge gallery of options, or state your own preferences to design a card to your utmost satisfaction. The virtual card service also enables users to get paid up to two days early with the early direct deposit feature.


  • Pay, shop, and receive money from anywhere in the world
  • Integrate seamlessly with your American bank
  • No hidden fees
  • No credit checks

Verdict: If aesthetics matter to you, then you will be delighted to receive a custom-made virtual card from Card.com. You can be up and running with your virtual card without any fees or credit checks. You can start enjoying a hassle-free online shopping experience as soon as a virtual prepaid card is issued to you by this ingenious service.

Price: Free

Website: Card.com

#16) Open.money

Best for real-time spend management.


Open is another great platform to get a virtual credit or debit card issued. The virtual card makes it simple for you to manage, control, and track your business’s online spend in real-time. You can set spend limits to avoid going over an established budget. You can also set instant alerts which will notify you of every transaction made via virtual card.

To get a virtual card issued by Open Money, you’ll first need to register and open an account with the platform. After registering, visit the ‘Cards & Expense => Virtual Cards section’ to apply for your virtual credit or debit card.


  • Set custom tags for easy reconciliation
  • Automatically categorize SaaS expenses
  • Set spend limit
  • Track spending in real-time

Verdict: With Open’s virtual card, you get the privilege of managing all your online subscriptions under one roof. The cards allow you to stay within your monthly budget by allowing you to set spend limits and track your expenses in real-time.

Price: Free plan available, Yearly Growth plan starting at $190.

Website: Open.money

Other Virtual Cards

#17) Bank Freedom

Best for hassle-free online banking.

Bank Freedom provides users with an all-in-one online banking system that allows you to perform all your bank transactions under one robust platform. You can easily manage your personal or business account by registering with Bank Freedom. You get access to a virtual visa card that empowers your transactions. The virtual card can be used on all online sites that accept Visa cards.

Price: Free

Website: Bank Freedom

#17) Neteller

Best for online payments.

Neteller’s Virtual Card service allows you to manage your funds digitally while engaging in online shopping and other bank transactions. You can make payments, receive money, and even sell cryptocurrencies using Neteller’s virtual card services. You can opt for Neteller’s services with a simple, cost-free registration system and get started with your online transactions in no time.

Price: Free registration

Website: Neteller


There are simply too many compelling reasons to opt for a virtual credit or debit card. It is enormously convenient, but also extremely safe and reliable to use. You can literally shop anywhere around the world if you are armed with the right virtual card. Also, it is a must-have for freelancers and independent contractors who usually have a hard time getting an actual credit card from banks.

As for our recommendations, if you want a virtual card to access a number of US merchants, eCommerce stores, and retailers online, then opt for US Unlocked. If you want a robust app that works phenomenally as an all-in-one financial management tool apart from providing a virtual card service, then we strongly recommend trying Walmart MoneyCard.

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Research Process:

  • We spent 14 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on which virtual card services will best suit you.
  • Total Virtual Card Services Researched – 30
  • Total Virtual Card Services Shortlisted – 14
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