Wondershare UniConverter 15 Fastest Video Converter Review

The review of Wondershare UniConverter 15 thoroughly analyzes different aspects of the tool to help you decide whether to subscribe to the new version:

As a content creator and video enthusiast, finding a media converter that’s both reliable and versatile has always been at the top of my priority list. So when I heard about Wondershare UniConverter’s new update, I was intrigued. With a track record spanning 17 years, one cannot deny that Wondershare UniConverter is a globally respected brand.

Popularity isn’t worth nothing if it doesn’t come with respect and Wondershare seems to enjoy the company of both. Over the years, it has been acknowledged by prestigious organizations like CNN, G2, Shorty Awards, and more. Wondershare is nothing short of a trailblazer in today’s highly competitive tech industry.

At first glance, Wondershare UniConverter seems like another feather in the brand’s illustrious hat. As one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover alone, however, I decided to give the new version a try myself.

Wondershare UniConverter 15 – Overview

Wondershare UniConverter 15 Review

This detailed review chronicles my hands-on experience with the tool’s various aspects and will hopefully help you decide whether to subscribe to this new version of a tool that has always lived up to the promises its developers have made in the past.


Wondershare UniConverter has always been known as one of the best video converters. It was quick, easy to use, and the results were great. With the new version, the tool seems to push the limits of what a video processing tool can accomplish.

What you get with Wondershare UniConverter 15 is an exceptionally fast video converter that supports an array of media formats. It facilitates faster video conversion with the help of robust hardware GPU acceleration. It is also a rare tool supporting video codecs like AV1 and VP9. In fact, it is the leading provider of AV1 full-process GPU acceleration.

Bolstered by 20+ lightweight features, what you get is the ultimate all-in-one solution for managing multimedia files. Wondershare UniConverter 15 sets a new standard for video conversion.

Technical Specifications

Supported OSWindows Vista and AbovemacOS 11.1 and above
Processor>750MHz Intel or AMD CPU Native Apple Silicon Support or Intel Support
Free Hard Disk Space100 MB or Above100 MB or Above
RAM256 MB or Above512 MB or Above
Download LinkWondershare UniConverter 15

As promised, this is a hands-on review of the tool. So I’ll now move on to evaluating each of the tool’s various fundamental aspects, starting with UniConverter 15’s user interface.


The User-Interface

One shouldn’t try too hard to fix what isn’t broken. Wondershare seems to have taken this advice to heart. I’ve always admired UniConverter’s immaculate and well-organized interface across past versions. So I am glad that essentially nothing has changed in the interface department. You are immediately greeted with all of UniConverter 15’s features as soon as you launch the app.

Everything from the video converter to the compressor is accessible to you via the home page with just a single click. Navigating your way through the app, hopping from one feature to another was also a breeze.

To explain just how simple the tool is to use, let me demonstrate how you can convert a file using the UniConverter.

#1) On the home page, click on the ‘Converter’ button.

#2) On the resulting page, either upload a file or drag and drop it to the interface for conversion.


#3) Once done, from the bottom section, choose your output format.

#4) Select the file location where you want the converted file to land on your system.

Select the file location

#5) Hit the ‘Convert’ button to initiate the conversion.

It is that simple! You don’t have to be particularly tech savvy to use this tool and this simplicity can be attributed to the tool’s neat and user-friendly interface.

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Top Features

Software is only as good as the core functionality of its features. UniConverter improves on its previous versions by introducing some new features and adopting a few upgrades that make the software exceptionally powerful in its capabilities.

#1) Ultrafast File Conversion

conversion speed

By far, the best aspect of this feature is the ultrafast conversion speed it delivers. UniConverter 15’s GPU acceleration is possibly the fastest in the industry, enabling it to achieve conversion and compression speeds that are nine times faster than its previous versions. UniConverter 15 can perform the conversion and compression on Mac, 9 times faster than UniConverter 14.

It doesn’t matter what hardware the software is running, it can be Apple, Nvidia, or AMD, UniConverter 15 takes full advantage of GPU acceleration to offer lightning-fast conversion speed.

To give you an idea of just how fast the software is, UniConverter 15 can easily convert 20 files in time it would otherwise take to just convert one. This tool enables hardware GPU acceleration for AV1 codec on Windows OS. In other words, you can quickly convert AV1 videos with exceptional speed.

On the other hand, UniConverter 15 leverages a metal framework to boost conversion speed on Mac devices running on Apple Silicon. In addition to that, there is a dedicated ‘High Conversion Speed’ button for you to accelerate the conversion process manually.

High Speed Conversion

This alone should be enough for me to sell you this magnificent piece of tech. Fortunately, this isn’t the only area where UniConverter 15 shines.

#2) Versatile Media Formats Support

Versatile Media Formats Support

Easily one of my personal favorite things about this tool is the wide range of media formats this tool supports. In its current state, the tool supports more than 1000 media formats.

So you essentially get a video converter that covers more ground than most solutions out there do. You can count on this tool to easily convert video files like MP4, MOV, WEBM, 3GP, and many other popular formats.

The tool also boasts added support for alpha channel video output in MP4 and WEBM formats. Besides this, you can rely on UniConverter 15 to encode and decode files like VP9, AV1, and VP8 encoders. Since platforms such as Netflix and YouTube are gradually adopting VP9 and AV1 encoders, this feature is particularly advantageous.

Furthermore, UniConverter 15 will convert the file based on a device you’d like to play it on. For instance, while converting, simply select the device on which you’d like to play the video. The software will automatically select the format that is most compatible with your chosen device.

#3) High-Quality Lossless Conversion

High-Quality Lossless Conversion

When converting a file, there is always a concern about the quality of the file post-conversion. This is a problem that I believe UniConverter 15 solves spectacularly well. It is one of those tools that facilitates lossless conversion, which is great when converting high-quality (4K, 8K, HDR) videos.

The conversion is so good that you’ll have a tough time finding quality or resolution differences between the original file and its processed alternative.

You also have the option to adjust certain parameters like the bitrate, frame rate, resolution, etc. of a video before hitting the ‘Convert’ button. As such, you’ll be able to take a large 2 GB file and compress it down to a 300 MB file without any noticeable difference in its visual quality.

Other Features

As I mentioned before, Wondershare UniConverter is the ultimate all-in-one solution as far as multi-media management tools go. The boatload of features I am going to mention below is evidence of its versatility.

#1) Screen Recorder

screen recorder

This one is for the gamers and streamers out there. The tool lets you either record the full screen or a part of your computer’s screen. You can even record multiple screens at a time with this tool. There is absolutely no quality loss when recording a screen and you’ll be able to customize the frames to precisely capture any part of your screen.

#2) Video Editing


UniConverter 15 also offers you a very easy-to-use video editor that can give even the best video editing tools out there a run for their money. You can use the software to cut, trim, split, or merge your video files in a couple of simple steps.

You can also add watermarks, insert effects, audio, and subtitles in your video. This is a great feature that independent video creators will adore.

#3) Speech-to-Text Conversion

Wondershare UniConverter 15 speech to text

UniConverter 15 can accurately transcribe almost all types of video and audio files. The software is remarkably accurate in transcribing files and supports a wide range of video and audio format types. The transcription process itself is very simple.

  • Upload the Audio or Video file you wish to transcribe.
  • Select your file path and language for transcription.
  • Hit export. When the file has been converted, you’ll get a ‘Success’ alert.

#4) DVD Burner

Wondershare UniConverter 15 DVD Burner

If you are a fan of physical media, then UniConverter 15 is the tool for you. It allows you to burn video files to ISO and DVD folders on a local computer. You get 35 free DVD menu templates to customize your DVD’s interface with. You can add background images or music to give your DVD’s menu a distinct appeal.

#5) The AI Lab

One of the things that I’ve personally admired about Wondershare is its ability to keep up with and sometimes stay ahead of the times its software inhabits.

The AI Lab is a testament to Wondershare’s commitment to delivering customers an elevated experience every time. With AI Labs, UniConverter 15 offers tools that automate certain key aspects of managing media files.

You get a plethora of tools, each powered by an intelligent AI, that can intuitively convert human voices, separate vocals from music, remove background noise from audio/video files, automatically trim or resize a video, automatically remove background from an image and so much more.


When it comes to pricing, I like that Wondershare UniConverter sticks to a more flexible pricing structure, thus making the tool accessible to all types of users. You can join the launch event and make incredible savings. You can find more such exciting offers.

Both Mac and Windows versions offer the following subscription plans:

Price of Wondershare UniConverter 15

  • $49.99 for the annual plan
  • $69.99 for the 2-year plan
  • $79.99 for the perpetual plan.

You can opt for a team subscription as well, which will cost you $59.99 per user per year for the Windows version and $69.99 per user per month for the Mac counterpart.

If you are a student, you can get the tool for a relatively cheaper price of $7.99 for the monthly plan, $23.99 for the quarterly plan, and $31.99 for the yearly plan.

The tool is entirely free to download and use with restricted capabilities.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Lossless conversion of 4K, 8K, and HDR filesSome users may be disappointed with the lack of a monthly subscription plan.
Ultra-fast conversions speed
Neat and easy-to-navigate interface
Supports more than 1000 file formats
Flexible pricing
Free to use in a limited capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What are the benefits of Wondershare UniConverter 15 GPU Accelerated Conversion?

Answer: This feature allows you to convert videos at lightning-fast speeds using the full capacity of your system’s GPU. This also means you’ll experience exceptional speeds when converting multiple videos simultaneously. GPU-accelerated conversion leads to better responsiveness and performance.

Q #2) What are the limits of the trial version?

Answer: You can use UniConverter 15 with certain restrictions. Those restrictions include:

  • Convert only 1/3 length of the video.
  • The trial users can’t burn any video
  • Can only download 1 file with a resolution of 480p max.

Q #3) Can Wondershare UniConverter 15 convert a DRM-protected file?

Answer: Wondershare takes copyright laws very seriously and doesn’t want its users violating them. So you won’t be able to convert DRM-protected files using this software.

Q #4) How can you transfer downloaded or converted files to your device?

Answer: To do so, you’ll need to find the ‘Transfer’ feature on your software’s interface. For Windows users, it will be in the Toolbox. For Mac users, it can be found at the left bar. You’ll also need to connect your mobile device.

After connecting your device, click on ‘Add Files’. Finally, click ‘Transfer All’ to initiate the transfer of all your files to the connected device.

Q #5) Can the subscription be canceled at any time?

Answer: Yes, you can cancel your subscribed plan anytime you like. If you are using a yearly plan and decide to cancel the subscription at the end of 6 months, you’ll still be able to use the tool for the remainder of your annual duration.

However, the plan will not renew automatically if you cancel the subscription. You will also receive a notification 7 days prior to your subscription ending if the subscription is not canceled within the end of 7 days.

Conclusion: Should You Buy It

Wondershare UniConverter 15 has been thoroughly evaluated and I can confidently say that it is one of the best video conversion/processing tools. With lightning-fast conversion speed, this is a tool that can convert any video and audio file into a wide range of formats while maintaining its original visual quality.

With added features that enable you to burn DVDs and edit videos, UniConverter 15 is like a Swiss army knife for video creators and media enthusiasts like me. Wondershare UniConverter 15 is a powerful all-in-one multi-media management tool that’s perfect for both casual and professional users.

Wondershare UniConverter 15 is a secure platform and performs lossless conversion of 4K, 8K, and HDR files. Its neat & easy-to-navigate interface, ultra-fast conversion speed, support for more than 1K file formats, and many more such features make it stand out in the crowd.

As such, it has my highest recommendation. You can download the app here: Wondershare UniConverter 15

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