15+ Best YouTube to GIF Maker to Make a GIF from a Video

Review and compare the top YouTube to GIF Maker and select the best YouTube to GIF Converter as per your specification:

GIF or Graphics Interchange Formats have become immensely popular these days. It is a lossless format that supports 8 bits per pixel and can display 256 colors. GIF supports both static and animated images but is loved for its animations.

This format is usually preferred when an image needs fewer colors and small motion pictures of low frame rate are required. Today, GIF is widely used for creating memes and short funny clips and sharing them online.

Now imagine there’s an amazing YouTube video you are watching and you want to convert a part to GIF and share it with friends. How are you going to do it? That’s what we are here to tell you.

We have listed here some amazing YouTube GIF makers and their features to help you pick one.

YouTube to GIF Maker

YouTube to GIF Maker

Market Trends: GIF was once a dying image format. It was revived in 2012-13 for unknown reasons. Today, top-ranking websites use GIFs for better impact and expression. The data from W3Techs below shows the percentage of top-ranking websites using GIFs.

YouTube to GIF Maker

Expert Advice: Don’t spend a fortune on GIF makers. Many offer better quality and more services at an affordable rate. Do your research before spending your hard-earned money on a GIF maker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How can I make a GIF from a YouTube video?

Answer: Many apps can help you make a GIF from a YouTube video easily. Try Wondershare UniConverter or Giphy.

Q #2) What is the best gif maker website?

Answer: Gify, GIFmaker, Imgur, etc are some amazing websites for creating GIFs. You can also try Wondershare Uniconverter or GifRun.

Q #3) Can I use Giphy on YouTube?

Answer: Yes, you can. However, if a complaint is made, remove the video from YouTube.

Q #4) Can brands use Giphy?

Answer: Yes, they can. Giphy is a goldmine for creating GIFs and marketers are yet to utilize its potential.

Q #5) How do I make a high-quality GIF?

Answer: There are many free and paid websites you can use to create high-quality GIFs. You can try websites like Windershare Uniconverter, Gify, Imgur, etc.

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List of the Top YouTube to GIF Maker

Popular and best YouTube to gif converter platforms:

  1. Wondershare UniConverter
  2. Veed.io
  3. GIPHY
  4. GifRun
  5. FreeGifMaker
  6. Makeagif
  7. GIF Maker
  8. GIFS
  9. Imgur
  10. Imgflip
  11. GICKR
  13. GIFit
  14. PicGIF for Mac
  15. Gifbook

Comparing the Best YouTube to GIF Converters

Best forPriceFree TrialOur Rating
Wondershare UniConverterEditing and converting gifs from PC and YouTube videosFree, $39.99/Year-: $79.99(one time) No5
Veed.ioMaking professional videos and GIF’s easilyFree to use, Starts at $24/user/monthYes4.5
GIPHYCreating GIFs from your Android smartphones and browser.FreeNo5
GifRunEasily finding and creating GIFs from YouTube, Images, Video, Vine, etcFreeNo4.8
FreeGIfMakerConverting YouTube video to GIF in an incredibly easy way.FreeNo4.6
MakeagifMaking GIFs from YouTube, Facebook, Video, and Webcam.Premium- $11.95/mo3-day free trial4.5

Detailed review:

#1) Wondershare Uniconverter

Best for editing and converting GIFs from PC and YouTube videos.

Wondershare Uniconverter

Wondershare Uniconverter is a commonly used and most popular program used for converting and editing GIFs from PC and YouTube videos. It is compatible with Mac and Windows PC and has a simple design. Its simple user interface allows you to share finished GIFs easily.


  • Free to use
  • Simple user-interface
  • Many other features for video editing
  • Fast and easy conversion to GIF
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS

Verdict: Wondershare Uniconverter is a reliable and easy-to-use tool for creating amazing GIFs, mostly because you don’t need to be an expert to create an amazing GIF from any YouTube video.

Price: Free, Individuals- Annual Plan: $39.99/Year, 2-Year Plan: $55.99/2-Year, Perpetual Plan: $79.99(one time); Team and Business: $59.99/user/year; For Student- Monthly Plan- $7.99, Quarterly Plan- $23.99, Annual Plan- $31.99.

Website: Wondershare Uniconverter

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#2) Veed.io

Best for making professional videos and GIFs easily.


There are times when you find a YouTube video and think it will make an amazing GIF. So, you look for ways to convert that YouTube video to GIF. Veed.io is one of the easiest ways of doing that. All you need to do is copy the link of the YouTube video you want to convert and paste it to Veed’s editor. Then you can edit and export or download it.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Many customization and editing options
  • Offers tutorial
  • Web-based tool
  • User-friendly interface

Verdict: Veed.io offers a free version with which you can do a lot but its pro version is more than perfect. It offers stunning quality, and that’s why people love it.

Price: Free, Basic- $25/user/mo ($12/user/mo billed annually), Professional- $38/user/mo ($24/user/mo billed annually), Enterprise- Available on contact


Best for creating GIFs from your Android smartphones and browser.


GIPHY is a great Android app and browser-based tool for creating amazing GIFs from YouTube videos. You can also use your images, other GIFs, or videos for making GIFs. You can also decorate your GIFs using options like captions, stickers, filters, and freehand drawing.

When you are done, you can upload it to the public or keep it for your eyes only. You can also share the link, embed it into your website, or download it later.


  • Allows you to make longer or shorter frames
  • Wide range of stickers
  • Option to embed in website
  • Its image collection can be converted to GIF
  • Web-based platform

Verdict: GIPHY is one of the most amazing and free sites for creating GIFs. It offers many options for customizing your GIF and you can embed it on your website for impressing your visitors.

Price: Free

Website: GIPHY

#4) GifRun

Best for easily finding and creating GIFs from YouTube, Images, Video, Vine, etc.


GifRun is one of the simplest YouTube to GIF makers. You can use YouTube instant search to find the video you want to use, select it and then pick one option for creating GIFs. It also has many options for customizing the GIF with texts, colors, fonts, etc. Once you have created the GIF, you can share it through a custom link or download it on your device.


  • Easy to use
  • Available for web and mobile web
  • YouTube instant search
  • Customization option
  • Easy sharing

Verdict: GifRun is undoubtedly the easiest and most user-friendly YouTube to GIF converter. You can also use it on your smartphone and create a GIF on the go. And that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Price: Free

Website: GifRun

#5) FreeGifMaker

Best for converting YouTube video to GIF in an incredibly easy way.


This is yet another site where you can easily search the YouTube video through its instant search engine that you want to convert to GIF. Paste the link to the video and click on Load video. Then all you have to do is enter the start time of the video and the duration of the GIF. Click on Make GIF and you are done.


  • Quick search
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fast GIF creation
  • Free of cost

Verdict: FreeGifMaker is one of the simplest YouTube to GIF converters and what makes it different is that it allows you to create GIFs fast and free of cost.

Price: Free

Website: FreeGifMaker

#6) Makeagif

Best for making GIFs from YouTube, Facebook, Video, and Webcam.


If you are wondering how to make a gif from a YouTube video easily in a few minutes, We’ll say try Makeagif. All you have to do is enter the URL of the YouTube video, pick the start time, GIF length, and speed.

You can also add captions and stickers to your GIF and when you are done, click on publish to post and share it across social media. You can also upload your own GIF on the website or create one from Facebook, Webcam, and videos as well.


  • Extremely simple user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Create GIF from YouTube, Facebook, Videos, and Webcam
  • GIF editing
  • One-click publishing

Verdict: Makeagif works as a standalone program and has a unique interface. And it is extremely easy to use. That’s why it is one of the most preferred YouTube to GIF makers.

Price: Premium- $11.95/mo, 3-day free trial

Website: Makeagif

#7) GIF Maker

Best for making high-quality GIFs freehand quick.


This is yet another easy-to-use GIF maker that comes with an extremely simple user interface. With this site, you can also resize, compress, and crop GIFs. You get to adjust the animation speed and preview it before creating the actual GIF.


  • Instant YouTube video search
  • High-quality GIF creation
  • Supports upload of up to 100 PNG, JPG, and GIF files
  • Free to use
  • Quick conversion

Verdict: There’s so much you can do with GIFs here on this site. And it is free to use. That makes it one site you can always keep on hand for working with GIFs.

Price: Free

Website: GIFmaker

#8) GIFS

Best for quickly making and editing short videos and GIFs.


GIFS is one of the most amazing websites for converting YouTube videos to GIFS. There’s so much you get to do here. You can select a file from your system or paste a link to Vine, YouTube, or Instagram for converting them to GIFs. It has a lot of editing tools and you can create your own animated sticker as well.


  • Detects the best part of the video and help you curate it
  • Animated sticker creator
  • An impressive section for editing and customizing GIFs
  • Interactive user interface
  • Easy to use

Verdict: This is one tool you want to bookmark if you are a GIF fan because of the kind of editing options you will get here. You might not find such options in most GIF creators.

Price: Free, Premium- $1.99 (For 1-2 GIFs), $5.99 (For3-11 GIFs), $10.99 (For 12-28 GIFs), $19.99 (For 29-58 GIFs), $39.99 (For 59-108 GIFs), $59.99 (For Unlimited GIFs)

Website: GIFS

#9) Imgur

Best for converting video to animated GIF and sharing it easily.


Imgur is one of the easiest ways of converting a video from YouTube to GIFs. Also, you can immediately post your GIF Imgur gallery, which is one of the most popular places for sharing and hosting images. You can make 15 second long GIFs that you can download to your system or share with others.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Drag-and-drop upload options
  • Phone verification
  • Supports many video sites
  • Extremely easy to use

Verdict: Even though there are not as many tools for editing the GIFs as one would like its simple interface more than make up for it. And you don’t even need to create an account for using it.

Price: Free, Emerald- $5/mo

Website: Imgur

#10) Imgflip

Best for creating GIFs from videos, video URLs, images, other GIF URLs.


The best part about using this YouTube to GIF converter is that you get to see the preview of the GIF as you create it. Also, there are a lot of editing options.

You can delay the animation, arrange the photo order, its width, height, and quality. You can also add text, rotate the GIF, crop it, reverse it, change the background color, and play count as well and can download the GIF, share over social media, or keep it private.


  • Allows you to save GIFs online
  • Create GIFs using other GIFs, images, videos, etc
  • Works on computer and phone as well
  • Huge Library
  • You can also create memes and charts

Verdict: This site offers a lot of customization tools and options for creating GIFs, memes, and charts. It might be a little complicated to use, but is an amazing tool for creating attention-grabbing GIFs.

Price: Free, Pro-8.95/mo

Website: ImgFlip

#11) GICKR

Best for creating custom-sized GIFs at varying speeds.


You can instantly create animated GIFs with GICKR. This site allows you to convert YouTube to GIFs and photos from Flickr as well. You can create custom-sized GIFs and vary the speed of the animation. It is a compact simple website where you can add 3-10 photos and just use the YouTube link to create as many frames you like.


  • Adjust the speed of GIFs
  • Post GIFs to Hi5, Bebo, MySpace
  • Download GIF images in various sizes
  • Customization options
  • Easy to use

Verdict: If you are looking for something simple that can help you create a GIF in just a few clicks, this is the website for you. You can upload photos and videos from YouTube, Flickr, your gallery, Picasa, to convert them into GIFs. What more could anyone want?

Price: Free

Website: GICKR


Best for creating animated GIFs and customizing them in a few simple steps.


With the minimalistic and simple GIFGEAR website, you can not only create amazing GIFs but also customize them. You can apply effects, pick the animation size and delay it. You don’t need expertise or third-party tools for creating animations, and you can use the YouTube link or upload a photo or video from your system for creating GIFs.


  • Easy to use
  • No complex tool or third-party software needed
  • Free site
  • Minimalistic user interface
  • Create and customize GIFs in a few clicks

Verdict: You will not find an interface as simple as this one. One look and you will know how to do what you want to do. And it is free. That’s why it is one of the best YouTube to GIF converters.

Price: Free

Website: GIFGEAR

#13) GIFit

Best for making YouTube videos to GIFs in Chrome.


It’s often a hassle, to create an account, pay for it, copy-paste the YouTube link to just convert a few seconds section to a GIF. Well, not always. GIFit is a Chrome extension that allows you to do that by just clicking on an icon.

Find it in the Chrome store and add the extension. You want to convert a YouTube video to GIF, just click on the GIFit icon, set the configurations, and you are done. Once the GIF is created, you can save it on your device.


  • Chrome extension
  • Doesn’t work on YouTube videos that use Flash Player by force
  • Easy to use
  • No need to create an account
  • Free

Verdict: You will love this because it stays as an icon in your Chrome browser. You don’t need to sign in or create an account. Just one click and you are done.

Price: Free

Website: GIFit

#14) PicGIF for Mac

Best for converting YouTube videos to GIFs on Mac.

PicGIF for Mac

It is not easy to find the perfect app for macOS, especially if you want to create a GIF from your photos or YouTube videos. However, PicGIF is a Mac tool you can count on for converting a YouTube video to a GIF. You can also use this app for re-editing an existing GIF or animating your photos.


  • Create a GIF from your photos and videos
  • Trim a video clip to create an animated GIF
  • Easy customization and sharing
  • Re-editing an existing GIF
  • Animating photos

Verdict: PicGIF is a simple and easy tool for macOS that you can use for creating GIFs, editing them, customizing them, or animating your photos in the quickest possible way.

Price: Free, $19.99

Website: PicGIF for Mac

#15) Gifbook

Best for converting YouTube videos to GIFS and animated GIFs to a flipbook.


If you love flipbooks, you are going to love this app as well. Gifbook not only allows you to convert a YouTube video you love to GIFs, but you can also upload GIFs and convert them into a flipbook. It is extremely simple to use and has an attractive interface.


  • Attractive user-interface
  • Easy-to-use
  • Convert videos to GIFs from URL
  • Create a flipbook of animated GIFs
  • Easy customization of GIFs

Verdict: Gifbook offers something unique, something no other website offers. A flipbook fan will absolutely love this site.

Price: Free, $14.90/gifbook

Website: Gifbook

Bonus YouTube to GIF Maker

#16) Clideo

Best for creating a loop of your videos or infinite GIFs.

Clideo is a site with an extremely neat interface you can use for looping your videos or creating infinite GIFs. It supports all video formats and is compatible with any device. You can also select the output format for your videos after editing them. It is a fast online tool.

Price: $9/mo, or $72/year

Website: Clideo

#17) Picasion

Best for creating animated GIFs from images and videos from local storage, URL, or webcams.

At Picasion, you can create animated GIFs for free from your computer, any URL, or webcam as well. You can also make GIFs, funny avatars, or animations from your photos or those from Picasa web and Flickr. And you can share them throughout your social media platforms.

Price: Free

Website: Picasion


You can easily make a GIF from a YouTube video, as long as you use the right tool. And there’s one for everyone. You can have a simple minimalistic tool like GIFGEAR or an app you have heard about like GIPHY or Imgur, or you can go for one that offers something unique like Gifbook. Take your pick and have fun.

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  • Total platform researched – 30
  • Total platform shortlisted – 17
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