What Is Yourphone.exe in Windows 10 And How To Disable It

This tutorial explains what is Yourphone.exe and the reasons to remove it. Explore the 4 feasible methods to fix Yourphone.exe in Windows 10: 

Microsoft provides users with numerous applications and services, making their life easier and simpler.

In this article, we will discuss one such application developed by Microsoft, known as Yourphone.exe. Also, we will discuss why users might want to remove this application from their system.

What Is Yourphone.exe

Fix Yourphone.exe in Windows 10

Yourphone.exe is an application developed by Microsoft which allows users to get their mobile phone notifications on the system. Nowadays, people mostly sit in front of their desktops and laptops and use them for their official work, which makes them unable to view the notifications on their mobile phones.

Therefore, Yourphone.exe makes it easier for the users to view these notifications on the system while at work as this application helps you synchronize your Android phone or iPhone to Windows 10 desktops or laptops.

Yourphone.exe not only allows the users to get notified of any notification received on your mobile phone but also allows them to reply instantly to the notifications and share files, photos, and other crucial data.

Why Remove Yourphone.exe

Yourphone.exe is not a virus but sometimes it can slow down your system. There are various reasons for the same and some of them are mentioned below:

#1) Malware

Yourphone.exe is a credible application, but some malware can pose to be Yourphone.exe and harm your system. So, the user must make sure that the actual Yourphone.exe is installed on your system.

Follow these steps:

  1. Press Ctrl+shift+Esc from the keyboard and Task Manager will open.
  2. Click on Details and right-click on Yourphone.exe.
  3. Click on Open File location. If the directory address is “C:\Program Files\Windows Apps\” then it is not a virus.

#2) Background Process

Yourphone.exe runs continuously in the background to provide the user with the earliest notification updates. So by running in the background, it might be responsible for the slow working of the system.

Ways To Dasable Yourphone.exe

There are numerous ways to remove this from your system and some of them are listed below:

Method 1: Disable From Background

Your phone exe runs in the background as it manages the notifications from the mobile phones. The application has to run continuously to share the notifications on your laptop or desktop. If in case you disable the application from the background, then it might fix this error.

Follow the steps discussed below to disable Yourphone.exe in the background:

#1) Click on the Windows button and then click on the “Settings” button, as shown in the image below.


#2) A window will open. Click on “Privacy”.


#3) Click on “Background apps” as shown below.

Background apps

#4) Locate “Your Phone” and toggle the switch to disable the application in the background.

disable the application in the background.

Method 2: Using Command Line

Command line provides the users with direct access to the system files, and you can easily make changes in the system configuration and files.

Therefore, users can easily remove yourphone.exe in Windows 10 by using the steps listed below:

#1) Right-click on the Windows icon and click on “Windows PowerShell (Admin)” as shown below.

Windows PowerShell (Admin)

#2) A blue screen will open. Enter the command mentioned below and press Enter.

“Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage”

enter the command

Now restart the system and yourphone.exe will be obliterated.

Method 3: Using Task Manager

The task manager keeps the logs of all the processes going on in the background, so you can easily disable the process in the background by using Task Manager.

Follow the steps listed below to end the task on Task Manager:

#1) Right-click on the taskbar, click on “Task Manager” as shown in the image below.

Task Manager

#2) A window will open. Locate Your Phone and right-click on it. Then click on “End task”.

End task

Method 4: Reset Yourphone.exe

You can also reset the application and remove all the application’s cache by following the steps mentioned below:

#1) Open Settings, click on “Apps” as shown in the image below.

click on “Apps”

#2) A window will open, click on ” Apps & features”, locate Your Phone and click on “Advanced options”.

Apps & features

#3) A window will open as shown in the image below, slide down, and click on “Reset” as shown in the image below.


The app will get reset, and you can again enter the credentials and device in the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How do I turn off Myphone.exe in Windows 10?

Answer: Follow the steps listed below:

  • Press Windows + I from the keyboard.
  • Click on Privacy> Background Apps.
  • Locate Myphone.exe and toggle the switch to disable the application in the background.

Q #2) What is Your Phone process on Windows 10?

Answer: Your Phone process in Windows 10 is an application that allows users to receive notifications of their mobile phones on their system. The app also allows users to instantly reply to these notifications and also share images, files, and other crucial data.

Q #3) How do I delete phone.exe?

Answer: There are various ways to delete phone.exe, but using the command line is the most effective solution.

Follow the steps listed below:

  • Right-click on the Windows button and click on “Windows Powershell (Admin)”.
  • Enter the code mentioned below and press Enter.

“Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage”

Q #4) Should I turn off background apps in Windows 10?

Answer: There are various applications that require various processes to run in the background in order to manage the work and keep the system up to date. Therefore, the user must disable these background apps which run numerous processes as it slows down the PC.

Q #5) Can I turn off SearchApp exe?

Answer: Yes, you can turn off SearchApp.exe by following the steps listed below:

  1. Open Task Manager and locate “Search”.
  2. Right-click on Search and click on “Open file location”.
  3. Now again switch to task manager and right-click on Search and click on “End Task”.
  4. Now instantaneously rename the search.exe in the location. You can use the F2 key to rename and press Enter.

Q #6) Is Your Phone companion malware?

Answer: Your Phone is a legitimate Windows software that allows users to connect their mobile phones to the system and receive all the latest notifications of their mobile phones on their system, but some malware impersonates being Yourphone.exe and tries to harm your system.

Q #7) How do I stop my run exe from running?

Answer: You can stop my run exe from running by disabling the background apps in the Settings.

Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Open Settings or press Windows + I from the keyboard.
  2. Click on Privacy and locate Background apps.
  3. Toggle the switch off to disable apps running in the background.


In this article, we talked about the application developed by Microsoft called Yourphone.exe. The article explained Yourphone.exe. The application allows users to receive the notifications of their mobile phones on their laptop or desktop and even allows them to share data and web pages between mobile phone and system.

We also discussed why users must remove Yourphone.exe Windows 10 from their system.