Einstein Analytics – What Is Salesforce Einstein Analytics

This Tutorial Explains what is Salesforce Einstein Analytics, its Benefits & how to use it for Data Exploration, Visualization, and Decision Making:

Over the years the quantity of data produced by the industries has increased and we have a variety of data flowing from various sources. Organizations require efficient tools to analyze data in systems and keep them safe. With large data, one cannot risk making assumptions but should use tools for decision making.

Salesforce analytics gives quick answers to the business questions based on predictive analytics powered by AI.

Introduction to Salesforce Einstein Analytics

What Is Einstein Analytics?

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a product of Salesforce and a cloud-based platform. It is a rebranded analytics tool formerly known as Wave Analytics. Einstein Analytics is used for data exploration, visualization, and getting insights for business. Einstein Analytics being native of Salesforce is secure and scalable to meet the changing business requirements. We can add more functionality to analytics from the app exchange.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics gives deeper insights from large and complex data than pre-built reports and dashboards in Salesforce CRM. Reports and dashboards have limitations but with analytics, we can import data from external sources and Salesforce into datasets where analytics stores data.

Analytics gives tools to prepare data, explore data, define logic in dataflow, and design dashboards. Create customizable analytics applications.

Customizable analytics applications

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Key points:

  • Explore data quickly and automate actions with prebuilt apps.
  • Automatically analyze millions of rows of data and get predictive analytics with Einstein Discovery.
  • Connect directly to your CRM data, explore for the answers, and post insights directly on to the Chatter feeds.
  • Visualize business data on a single screen. We need not switch between systems, apps, or pages.
  • We can build custom apps and dashboards with instant click and customization. We can also install 3rd party apps from the app store.
  • Discover insights from your phone.
  • Any data from any source.
  • Spot opportunities, predict outcomes, and get recommendations with Einstein Analytics.

Data Visualization With Einstein Analytics

Data visualization is the method of presenting data in graphical format. This helps the decision-makers to process data fast, understand difficult concepts, and identify patterns. Data visualization has no meaning if the data is raw. Data presented in the charts and graphs should first meet the requirements of the business. It is part of Einstein Analytics tools, Einstein Analytics gives context to data which is presented as a dashboard.

Benefits of data visualization:

  • We can identify the area which needs attention.
  • Identify the factors affecting customer behavior?
  • Understand product and service sales.
  • Predict the organization’s performance.


How To Use Einstein Analytics For Decision Making?

The statistical facts are used to guide companies to make a conclusion and focus on growth. Decision making is a process in which we choose the best solution suitable for our current needs.

Einstein Analytics can help companies find reasons for improvements, find answers to the positive and negative things that happened to provide the information, they might or might not have. It can instantly uncover answers to key business questions, we can get smarter and predictive about the customers.

How to use Einstein Analytics for decision making

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Einstein analytics apps have below listed components to explore the data and get insights. This tool gives us the answers in the form of charts, tables, and metrics.

Datasets: Analytics datasets store data from Salesforce and external resources. Data flow defines logic in which data is stored. We can then do data exploration. Datasets are faster as they do the processing before, so a large amount of data shows up fast when compared to the reports and dashboards which we use in Salesforce. The data from datasets are used in the dashboard.

Lenses: When we explore the data in an analytics dataset and query to get a business answer, it is saved as new lenses. This later can be clipped to dashboards.

Dashboards: Dashboard is a pictorial presentation of data with tables, charts, and metrics based on the data in one or more lenses. Dashboards in analytics are similar to dashboards in Salesforce CRM.


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Stories: Stories are the output of Einstein discovery which gives a statistical analysis of a dataset. It gives us insights around metrics like important trends, future predictions, and suggestions.

Benefits Of Einstein Analytics

These are enlisted below:

  • Improved and accurate reporting.
  • Valuable business insights.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Better data quality.
  • Identifying market trends.
  • Increased operational efficiency and revenue.
  • Important trends.
  • Identify performance problem which needs attention.
  • Can be viewed visually using dashboards.
  • Awareness of customer habits & increased customer satisfaction.
  • Used for internal audits.

Sales Analytics

Analytics helps the sales team with daily updates on sales data. The team gets alerts on new opportunities that have the potential to get converted. They also get updates to perform actions like making a call. Managers can see the performance of the team on dashboards with various reports as components in them. As the data is presented with details on KPI, the team becomes deal accelerators.

Sales analytics helps with the below-listed analysis:

  • Sales productivity
  • Customer trends
  • Closed/won business by geography
  • Performance by-product and lead source
  • Historical analysis
  • Team performance
  • Pipeline trending
  • Business review

Service Analytics

Service agents get engaged with customers by taking frequent surveys & instant feedback. This helps the service team to act on the updates and changes fast. As the data with KPI, CSAT, and the average time to handle case and call are presented and placed in one place, it gives team and managers a way to coach the areas that need improvement.

Service analytics helps with the below-listed analysis:

  • Agent performance
  • Predictive CSAT
  • Escalations
  • Channel analytics
  • Case duration
  • FCR & SLAs
  • Calls per day
  • Backlog causes
  • Case volumes
  • Knowledge analytics

Marketing Analytics

The marketing team mainly focuses on the customer’s brand experience. With analytics, we can get insights on marketing channels with which agents get in touch with customers and improve the engagement. Analytics gets update on actionable attributes and pipelines.

We have apps on app exchange for marketing cloud which help in doing the jobs smarter and faster.

Marketing analytics helps with the below analysis:

  • Funnel analysis
  • Campaign analysis
  • Lead conversion rates
  • Marketing channels

How Much Does Einstein Analytics Cost?

Einstein Analytics is subscription-based. Salesforce offers a free trial to Einstein Analytics and Einstein Analytics plus for 30 days, after which we can subscribe to the service and pay with a monthly or even multiyear payment option.

Salesforce has multiple channels to help users and employees to get training on Einstein Analytics and provide support based on the plan they have opted for. One needs to pay annually for any extra add-in.

Pricing details:

Einstein PredictionsEinstein Analytics GrowthEinstein Analytics Plus
Automated discovery and predictive insights.Complete Einstein Analytics platform for all your data.Advanced Einstein Analytics platform with AI built in.
$75 USD/user/month (billed annually)$125 USD/user/month (billed annually)$150 USD/user/month (billed annually)

They are 2 solutions offered by Salesforce for Analytics to empower business:

  • Salesforce CRM Einstein Analytics
  • Tableau


We have learned that organizations need tools to make sense of data present in the system. With reporting and analytical tools offered by Salesforce, we can help the businesses with answers they need for simple and complex questions.

Analytics is an app with datasets, stories, dashboard, and lenses. Fast to deploy and customize we have prebuilt apps for sales, services, and marketing, we can build new apps for new business use cases.

With Einstein Analytics, business leaders can make decisions based on hard facts and predictions. We can create dynamic visuals and custom dashboards, drill into data. It is native to Salesforce and hence it is secure and scalable. We get a free trial of analytics for 30 days after which we can subscribe to the service.