Top 10 BEST Windows Job Scheduling Software [2021 SELECTIVE]

List and comparison of the top Windows Job Scheduling Software to help you select the best Task Scheduling Software based on this review:

Windows Job Scheduling Software is an automation platform to manage task scheduling for the Windows platform.

Windows Task Scheduler Alternatives will be enterprise job schedulers and workload automation software. These alternatives will have broader capabilities, cross-platform execution, and intelligent facilities to manage IT infrastructure.

Windows Job Scheduling Software

Windows Task Scheduler Software

Many Enterprise Job Scheduling Software has a drag-and-drop workflow designer which makes them easy to use. They offer real-time monitoring capabilities.

Some Enterprise Job Schedulers offer universal connectors using APIs that have the capability to manage any kind of system or processes across Non-Windows and Windows servers.

Fact check: GrandViewResearch says that the workload scheduling and automation market was $2.22 billion in 2019. It is growing at a CAGR of 6.5% from 2020 to 2027. According to the EMA Study, 70% of businesses are migrating to advanced automation tools.
stats on Workload scheduling and automation market size
Pro Tip: According to your requirement, you can look for some advanced features such as event-driven automation and cloud resource management. While choosing the tool the first thing to consider is the list of tasks that the software can automate. Secondly, try the product- so that it will help you with understanding the features and the ease of use of the product.

General Features Of Automated Job Scheduling Software

Job Schedulers is an application to schedule jobs and processes so that they can be run and completed at a specific time. Previously, job schedulers were used for executing the tasks in overnight batch windows.

Enterprise Job Scheduling Software contains the features to automate the jobs across cross-platform. By the use of this software, your operations will be simplified and the development will get streamlined. For this reason, it reduces complexity. These tools will indeed enable you to automate processes across the organization.

These tools offer flexible date/time-scheduling for the tasks to automate. Some tools offer event-based automation that will help to automate the tasks on the occurrence of some events.

Differences – Windows Task Scheduler And Advanced Task Scheduler For Windows

Windows Task Scheduler is suitable for simple tasks. You will get limited functionalities with its task scheduler library. Its functionalities will be restricted to Windows Applications only whereas the Advanced Task Schedulers contain more capabilities such as API access, event-driven automation, alerts, auditing, revision histories, etc.

Advanced Task Schedulers for Windows will provide in-depth reports. These tools have more monitoring capabilities such as monitoring the current status of the processes and systems of any OS.

Windows Task scheduler has limited-time based options. Windows Task Scheduler will not be suitable for building and automating more complex tasks.

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List Of Top Windows Job Scheduling Software

Here is the list of popular Windows Task Scheduler Tools:

  1. ActiveBatch (Recommended)
  2. VisualCron
  3. JAMS
  4. Z-Cron
  5. Advanced Task Scheduler
  6. Flux
  7. System Scheduler
  8. Task Till Dawn
  9. CA workload automation Software
  10. Desktop Reminder

Comparison Of Best Windows Task Scheduler Software

 Best ForAbout ToolDeploymentPlatforms
Free TrialPrice

Centralizing Job Scheduling & Workload AutomationWorkload AutomationCloud-based, hybrid & on-premise. Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, web-based, mobile app, etc.Demo with 30 Day Trial AvailableGet a quote.

Automating, integrating, & task scheduling for WindowsWindows Scheduling Software. On-premiseWindows
32-bit & 64-bit
Available for 45 daysIt starts at $899 1-Server license.

Enterprise job scheduling. Workload Automation SoftwareCloud-based & on-premiseWindows, UNIX, Open VMS, Linux, etc. Available.Get a quote.

Scheduling on Windows Task & Backup SchedulerOn-premiseWindowsFreeware is available. It starts at Euro 27 or $31.94
Advanced Task Scheduler

Simple & complex task scheduling.Task SchedulerOn-premiseWindowsAvailableIt starts at $39.95

Let us review these Job Scheduling tools in detail:

#1) ActiveBatch (Recommended)

ActiveBatch is Best for enterprise job scheduling.


ActiveBatch is a workload automation software that makes enterprise job scheduling easier. ActiveBatch Workload Automation will give you infinite extensibility by connection to any server, any application, and any service.

It has a low-code drag-and-drop GUI. ActiveBatch will help you with centralizing the processes. You will be able to manage all the functions through a single platform. It will upgrade your IT automation strategy.

ActiveBatch offers freeware, task scheduling software for Windows. It can be used to run workloads on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, UNIX, OpenVMS, etc. This ActiveBatch’s feature will help you with coordinating and scheduling tasks across the organization.


  • ActiveBatch has a robust Job Step library and a lot of drag-and-drop actions.
  • It provides an in-app knowledge base.
  • It has free integration with Windows Task Scheduler, hence you can reuse your existing task scheduler jobs and migrate them over time.
  • It offers functionalities for building and orchestrating cross-functional workflows.
  • Load balancing, Scheduling, and dependency checking can be handled by ActiveBatch.
  • It contains the features for reporting and notifications.

Verdict: ActiveBatch will provide proactive support. Because of its low-code drag-and-drop GUI, your end-to-end processes building will get 50% faster. ActiveBatch can be connected to any server, application, or service. It is accessible from any device.

Price: Demo and a 30-day free trial. You can get a quote for its pricing details. The price will be based on the number of servers. A free task scheduling software is available for Windows.

#2) VisualCron

Best for automating, integrating, & task scheduling for Windows.


VisualCron offers a task scheduler for Windows. It is a tool for automation, integration, and task scheduling. It supports cross-platform scheduling. You will get a centralized scheduling solution through VisualCron.

You will be able to manage all tasks from a single platform. It can be used for various use cases such as enterprise job scheduling, task scheduling, orchestration, windows scheduling, etc.


  • It provides a lot of custom tasks for various technologies.
  • VisualCron has customer-driven development, hence you can get the solution developed as per your features requirement.
  • It has features to automate advanced tasks.
  • VisualCron can be used for handling errors automatically.

Verdict: VisualCron has an easy to use interface. No programming skills are required to use this tool. It will be easier to move from Windows Task Scheduler to VisualCron. It is a centralized scheduling solution and offers cross-platform scheduling.

Price: A free trial is available for 45 days. VisualCron is available in two editions i.e. Basic ($899 1-Server license) and Pro ($999 1-server license).

Website: VisualCron

#3) JAMS

Best for centralizing job scheduling and workload automation.


JAMS offers enterprise job scheduling software that has powerful workload automation. It has Windows Job Scheduler with an easy to use interface. Your batch processing will get centralized.

You will be able to extend Windows Jobs with additional properties and be linked to non-windows processes. This way it supports cross-platform workflows. Using JAMS Windows Job Scheduler, you will be able to plan for the future job schedule by customizing and utilizing job history reports.


  • JAMS Windows Job Scheduler will let you preserve workflows that are developed with Windows Task Scheduler.
  • It provides reliable and actionable alerts.
  • It has features of custom calendars, exception handling, file dependencies, etc.
  • An electronic audit history report can be created.
  • It can be used for performing PowerShell automation and .NET job scheduling.

Verdict: JAMS job scheduling software supports task scheduling across various platforms. It will let you incorporate workflows from various applications in your enterprise schedule. It can be used for scheduling jobs according to prerequisites and dependencies.

Price: You can get a quote for its pricing details.

Website: JAMS Windows Job Scheduler

#4) Z-Cron

Best for scheduling and automation of applications on Windows systems.


Z-Cron is a task scheduler that can be used for running jobs on the PC time-controlled with a schedule. You will get a central coordination point for the scheduling and automation of software with Z-Cron.

It provides functionalities that will let you schedule the start of the applications based on the time. In addition to this, it offers various tools for the administration of automation and scheduling.


  • Z-Cron will let you control the starting and/or quitting of programs.
  • All kinds of programs can be launched automatically at the scheduled time with the help of Z-Cron.
  • You can configure Z-Cron to automatically run at Windows startup.
  • Z-Cron can be used for scheduling various tasks such as starting & stopping applications, cleaning up directories, copying, moving & deleting files, loading documents, and many more.

Verdict: Z-Cron, task & backup scheduler can be used for automating various tasks such as switching computers in a network on or off, etc. You can schedule such tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly, at regular intervals, after system startup, or only once. It can be used in various ways.

Price: Z-Cron offers freeware for scheduling jobs. Z-Cron Workstation is available for Euro 27 ($31.94). Z-Cron Server is available for Euro 37 ($43.79).

Website: Z-Cron

#5) Advanced Task Scheduler

Best for scheduling of simple as well as complex tasks.

Advanced Task Scheduler

Advanced Task Scheduler is a tool that will help to automate common repetitive tasks. The basic edition will be easy to configure such as automating one task with one schedule. This edition will be a perfect alternative to Windows Task Scheduler.


  • Advanced Task Scheduler Professional offers advanced features for automating complex tasks.
  • This edition will let you keep the schedule types flexible.
  • Advanced Task Scheduler Network is the application for client or server automation.
  • This solution runs the scheduled tasks on the server and lets you view and configure scheduled tasks with the server.

Verdict: Advanced task Scheduler is available in three editions i.e. Advanced Task Scheduler, Advanced Scheduler Professional, and Advanced Task Scheduler Network. The basic edition is for automating common repetitive tasks. Professional edition will provide effective and better automation.

Price: In Advanced Task Scheduler all editions are available to download as a free trial. The price of the plans is Advanced Task Scheduler ($39.95), Advanced Task Scheduler Professional ($59.95), and Advanced Task Scheduler Network ($149.95).

Website: Advanced Task Scheduler

#6) Flux

Best for batch and file processes.


Flux is an all-in-one platform that can be used for various use cases such as job scheduling, file orchestration, error handling, etc. It can be deployed in the cloud and on-premise. It has functionalities for automated workflows and batch job scheduling.


  • Flux provides the features for reports, triggering database jobs, and running Java Code.
  • It has functionalities to execute ETL processes.
  • You will be able to automate the transferring of files.
  • It has integrated batch job scheduling, managed file transfer, database queries, stored procedures, etc.

Verdict: Flux is an all-in-one platform with ease of use. It provides sophisticated job scheduling. It is suitable for enterprise environments that are using disparate hardware, databases, and OS. It is a platform with features of security & control, cross-platform, integration-friendly, error-handling, managed file transfer, etc.

Price: You can get a quote for its pricing details. A free trial is available to download.

Website: Flux

#7) System Scheduler

Best for automating the running of apps.


System Scheduler is a tool for scheduling the unattended running of apps. It can be used independent of Windows Task Scheduler. It will be a great alternative to Windows Task Scheduler.

It can also be used to schedule batch files, scripts, etc. You can even set up the popup reminders so that you will be reminded about important appointments and tasks to do.


  • System Scheduler has features to schedule the running applications, batch files, scripts, etc.
  • You can schedule reminders, tasks, some other events to run for once as well as for every hour, minute, year, month, day, or week.
  • Its pop-up reminder feature will not let you forget the important things.

Verdict: System Scheduler offers an excellent tool for scheduling an unattended running of applications, batch files, and scripts, etc.

Price: System Scheduler offers a free version. Two more licensing options are available with System Scheduler i.e. System Scheduler Professional ($30 per license) and iDailyDiary Professional ($30 per license).

Website: System Scheduler

#8) Task Till Dawn

Best for automating recurring and tedious tasks.

Task Till Dawn

Task Till Dawn will let you schedule the task for days, weeks, months, for certain periods, or on specific days. You can even schedule the task to execute at a specific time. It has a built-in graphical editor.

Ready-made actions are provided so that you can build your workflows easily. These workflows can be executed by using a schedule or can be triggered by some events.


  • Task Till Dawn has built-in import and export functionality that will make the exchange of tasks between the multiple workstations easier.
  • It has a facility to be used as a portable tool and hence you can use it from USB.
  • It provides convenient and quick access to the tasks that are used often through the icon.

Verdict: Recurring and tedious tasks can be automated with the help of Task Till Dawn. This task scheduler supports Windows and Mac OS. Task Till Dawn supports English, German, French, and Spanish.

Price: Task Till Dawn is available for free.

Website: Task Till Dawn

#9) CA Workload Automation Software

Best for workload automation.

CA Workload Automation Software

CA Workload Automation Software can be used with an agile and business-centric IT environment. It helps you with workload automation and provides functionalities to monitor the systems.

It provides real-time analytics and cross-enterprise application support. This platform will let you work more effectively and anticipate problems before happening. It will increase your visibility and give more control such as managing multi-platform and application dependencies.


  • CA workload Automation Solution has features of integrated predictive analytics. Real-time and historical data will get analyzed by applying statistical techniques to automated monitoring.
  • It can process workloads faster when compared to the other tools.
  • It has features for real-time job scheduling.

Verdict: This workload automation software is easy to use. It is a highly scalable and completely integrated workload automation software.

Price: You can get a quote for its pricing details.

Website: CA Workload Automation Software

#10) Desktop Reminder

Best for providing notifications even before a few months.

Desktop Reminder

Desktop Reminder is a task planner that supports the Windows platform. It is an intuitive and easy to use tool. You will be able to visually monitor the task list. It will allow you to highlight the task categories in different colors. You will be able to repeat tasks, yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily.


  • Desktop Reminder provides the features of Date Navigator, Alarm Message, Task import, etc.
  • For urgent tasks, you can set reminders to alert you even before a few months.
  • It will not be a compulsion to define the time of the day.
  • It doesn’t impose a compulsion to input the task duration.

Verdict: This task planner will help you with managing tasks and other to-dos. It is easy to use.

Price: Desktop Reminder is available for free.

Website: Desktop Reminder


Windows10 offers a task scheduler for creating and running almost any task automatically. It is a task scheduler with limited scheduling capabilities and hence works great for basic task scheduling.

Such freeware doesn’t contain enterprise-level scheduling features and can’t be used for the use cases such as event-driven automation. For the management of distributed environments, the IT teams need more scheduling capabilities than the free tools offer.

Also, platform-specific schedulers are difficult to connect with the systems of other vendors. Example: Windows Task Schedulers don’t work with non-Windows applications.

To overcome these shortcomings, ActiveBatch is our top recommended solution as it supports cross-platform and event-based triggers. It will reduce delay, minimize slack time, and improve SLAs.

Research Process:

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  • Total Tools Researched Online: 22
  • Top Tools Shortlisted For Review: 10
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