5 Things a Beginner Developer (and Tester) Should Know About Software Testing

Whole conference room went silent and after waiting for couple of minutes, I could not keep patience and had to repeat my question:

Who would like to join testing team?

We had 20 trainees on board and they were being trained on different aspects of software projects. Leads and managers from different departments like business analysis, development, testing, and sales held meetings with those trainees to provide the knowledge and to help them in understanding what and how actual software project looks like. As a test lead, I explained basic testing aspects and importance of testing life cycle to those new faces.

developer and tester

With excitement, when I dropped the question, I never thought of pin drop silence. No one was ready to join testing. I sighed sadly and picked up another track to educate this future generation of IT.

I tweaked my question to know the reasons behind declining software testing as a profession

Why don’t you want to join software testing?

Answers were interesting (and practical at some point)

  • Anyone can do testing but not development (good to know)
  • Testers are paid less (slightly true but not always)
  • It’s a thankless job (totally agree but that’s not the valid reason)
  • There is nothing to learn about it (Hooh……who said that?)
  • There is no reason to choose software testing as a career (the worst reason)

Why software testing exists?

Ok, so it was time to train those new people about why software testing exists and what should they know about it if they are going to join software development.

How I changed Their Mind?

Here I am just trying to brief out what we have discussed during that afternoon and how I was successful to change mind of at least 20 people, while clearing perception about software testing.

#1. Software testing is not waste of time:

What happens when you have guest at home and you hurriedly prepare lemonade for them and serve them? When the guests leave the glasses unfinished, you feel that something must have gone wrong and when you taste the lemonade, OMG……it felt stinky. You wish you would have spent only 10 seconds more and taste the lemonade before serving.

While being in hurry to deliver the project in a timeline, companies/management/anyone gets ready to compromise on the time for testing because the perception about software testing really takes long time than required is still alive in people’s mind. But isn’t the time taken for testing is worth compared to the customer’s call at midnight to let you know that he is going to cancel the next assignment as the current assignment delivered exhibited more than 5 critical bugs within first two hours of internal usage. Bang!!

#2. Software testing is mandatory:

Software testing is an unavoidable part of software development lifecycle. The way

  • Editors help in making the movie better
  • Proofreaders help in making a book better
  • Security guards help in making people’s lives peaceful and secure
  • Oil helps in running machinery faultlessly

Software testing helps software in being better. I don’t think I need to spend even single more word to explain it.

#3. Unit testing is a complete responsibility of developer:

When you develop something, you need to check it before asking someone else to check it. The way

  • The chef always tastes and smells his/her recipe before serving others

The developer is completely responsible to test his/her own code before sending it to testers. Testers are there to help you in improving quality of code and ultimately the product and not to find out the silliest mistakes you did while writing the code.

In addition to that, never assume that quality is the responsibility of testers only.

In today’s agile world, developers and testers are supposed to take combined responsibility of product quality. Developers are expected to do pair testing with tester and provide insight about what and why something can go wrong and encourage tester to generate testing ideas based upon your insights.

#4. Developers and testers are equal:

Any work/project is a combined effort of team and that means each and every person is equally important. If a developer thinks that he is doing best and should be given more importance because he is creating something from scratch, re-consideration of the thought is required. Yes, developer develops something from scratch but he is not able to complete the creation without help of tester.

Tester provides a user’s eye for the product. A well-trained and experienced tester can show the loopholes in the product, a developer can never think off. A tester brings in new ideas about how product should be, how it should look at particular instance, how it should work, how it can behave and how it can crash.

The way it is important to add salt to every recipe to make them eatable, testing is needed to make the product deliverable.

And therefore, developers and testers are equally important. They are the left and right hands of body called project.

#5. Tester should be involved from first day of project:

As a developer, you should never make that mistake to assume that there is no need for a tester to become aware about something like requirement analysis, logic applied while writing code, change requests by client, feedbacks by client etc.

Tester is a stack holder and should be involved from kick-off the project. Initial involvement of testing team gives them confidence, constant discussions nurtures an understanding between development and testing team, kind help boosts their spirit to do something better, demands for suggestions make them feel worth.


Tester is not to test a module / product only, he is there to help in delivering best product, he is there to help by suggesting some proven ideas about users’ expectations, he is there to let you know that how frequently your beloved code gets crashed……and you, as a developer, really need it, aren’t you?

About the author: This awesome post is written by STH team member Bhumika Mehta. She is a project lead, carrying 7+ years of software testing experience. She is totally into testing and loves to test everything exists.

As usual, waiting for your feedback, opinion, and suggestions about the topic.


#1 Jayasri

Yes, this is really good article. Every stakeholder and all the I.T guys should read this article because everyone thought testing is a less priority job. Tester can help developers to develop quality product.. Respect testers and I am very proud to be a Tester.

#2 Kesav

Hi Bhumika Mehta,

Very Good Article

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Great article…indeed very very true..

#4 Vamsi

Nice Article.. you have said the facts..

#5 Shivshankar Pawar

The facts that are mention in the article are true. Its very nice article and testers play most important role developing good quality Product

#6 shilpa

Very helpful article. I am agree with the thought.

#7 anupam chauhan

Nice article :)

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Really very very indeed artical..

#9 Ken

“Proof readers help in making a book better”
This article needed a proof reader. There are simply too many grammatical errors.

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I really like STH becuase it provides very knowledgeable information to us to improve our skills and knowledge as being a tester.

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Really I GOt Excellent Short & Sweet INFO about Developer and Tester…

I am VERY THANKS to you about such nice info,,,Keep it UP


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Great artical……..

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Valuable thoughts . Be a proud of a Tester . Beautiful artical .

#14 Bhumika Mehta


Thanks for your kind words and continuous readership with us.

#15 Upneet Kailey

I absolutely agree with the points presented. Testing is not a waste of time and Testers are as important as Developers.

#16 Cam

Nice , true and good simple comparison.

#17 Ved

Really, very motivational article. loved it.

#18 Vishakha

Motivational only for tester. But when you back again in your office environment, all these things goes out of my office window!! :(

#19 Deepak rawal

Good n Valuable thought

#20 Manikandan

good article…Exact truth

#21 Joydip

Well said.But unfortunately many organisations treat tester as something of no use .There is a discrimination of wages in comparison of developer.In order to get rid of step motherly attitude,one should encourage more articles like you mentioned in your article and company should actively encourage to hold seminars of the mentioned kind.Perchance this would salvage some of the reputation of the tester.

#22 Divya

Nice work…Big message in simple words..

#23 Kunjal

Great Article!! It will help freshers a lot to clear their mindset specially who joined QA team.. :)

#24 Tejesh

Good article, at-least by reading this developers will understand the priority of a tester… :)

‘QUALITY’ only happens when you care enough to do your best

#25 Suresh Kumar G

Really good one to read.. True facts too!

#26 Shruti Shrivastava

Nice article….

#27 J Savita

Wow… This is Awesome Article in support of Test Engineers.
Thank You Ms. Bhumika Mehata

#28 Roopesh

Good Article

#29 Bharani Kumar

As the day by day the technology is growing, testing is always an evolving process and it is not just limited to testing a website, it includes testing each and every component of a Software and a tester is really should be a technical savvy to cope with the current trend. Meheta has given a nice explanation and it is not limited, it is vast.

#30 Latha

Superb article !!! Proud to be tester !!

#31 Vishal

Thanks for 5* article. I agree and support you ms. bhumika mehta. Very well done…

#32 Jaks

Really good article….Thank you mam…I am waiting for some more article on IT Professionals..

#33 Lionel Bentkower

I agree with your overall post and would like to discuss point 4 in more detail.

The information required for testing should all be known before coding starts. This can be done by creating interactive wire-frames that emulate the intended screens and their behavior. This is done prior to any code being written. This means that in the actual testing phase it is too late to suggest changes (except for bug fixes). The testers should have an opportunity to raise questions and make suggestions before the requirements are base-lined. Once the requirements are base-lined, any dsign/requirement changes must go through the formal change request control process. Change requests can only be approved by the Change Control Board.

#34 K.Rajavelu

you make the testers proud of themselves by this article……..hats off to you…..

#35 shruthi

Inspiring article for beginners…

#36 Bhumika Mehta


Thank you very much for those kind words and really glad to know that the points I had put forward were accepted whole heartedly :-).

Thank you for your continuous readership with us.

#37 yogeshkumar

superb….! proud to be a tester

#38 Sandhya

Can you let me know Quality Software testing institutes in Mumbai Sub-urbs.

#39 Hema

wowwww way of telling the importances of testers give’s test enginers feel proud how testing place important in software life cycle.. should accept the truth whole heatedly.. :)

#40 Biren Gajjar

The article is really written in a well manner for any one to understand what exactly the testers roles and responsibilities are and what developer needs to co-ordinate with tester.

#41 gaurav khurana

“As salt is necessary for recipe ,, so is testing for the delivery of a product” – best quote…

would like you to answer all the questions that are mentioned in the starting.
one point was ” There is no learning”,, would like you @bhumika to answer for each point..

#42 Krishna

The main Reason for people having wrong attitude about testing is the absence of testing knowledge in their educational curriculum , which Our Universities should take action on this aspect.

@Bhumika , very Well Quoted and a Needy Article (proud to be tester).

#43 Jay

Tester is never equal to developer.

#44 Rupa

2 years I was a tester. Very boring. Basically I am a computer student I cannot continue nothing is challenging. I moved to java and 7 years in that. Why we need computer knowledge for testing? In US not that much opportunity for testing. Mostly outsourced.

#45 Reddy

Nice articles, very helpful…. keep going bhumika


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Nice articles! Especially, I’m preparing for internship with QA position. I got many answers from your article. It really useful for me. Keep going!

#47 siva

I worked as the trainee technical support in a company, I resigned the job and I would like to do course in software testing and how are the opportunities in the testing domain, I completed my B.E (cse) in 2013 and I have the year gap of about two years, is it possible to enter into the testing domain after doing the testing course.

#48 Arvind

Great job Vijay!!

#49 deepti

i simply loved your encouraging and profound thoughts.

#50 bryan

Developers make new babies and unit test them and train them until Kindergarten. Testers train, test, help mold and improve the children until they are ready to graduate. After graduation, if the new adults perform greatly, the parents (developers) are praised. If they start messing up and causing issues, the teachers (testers) get hit up for not teaching them how to act in the real world. That is how I sum up the difference between testing and development.

#51 Vatsal Pithadiya

I started work as a Jr.Software Tester and I wants to know more about testing and tester position.
One of the most favorite article i have ever read.


#52 Dinesh

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am Dinesh from Pune. I have done software testing course in oct 2015 and from last 3 month i am working as a software tester trainee for a small IT company .. Before going to my question i shortly introduce my previous experience I was running a small BPO from 2009 to 2015 I.e from last 6 years,
My Education is
1. Comp Engineering (Not Completed )
2. Diploma in computer Engineering (65%) in 2004
3. HSC in 2001
Do you think that i have chance to have carrier in Sofware Testing

#53 anupama

now lots of opportunities for software testing field…

#54 Mohan Babu

Very good article for beginners

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Dear sir/mam
It’s very useful article for me . i learn more from your words and get clarification . i just thinking start my carrier as software testing.
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#56 sasha

Hi Bhumika,

I am just getting into the QA Tester field, actually changing fields from social science to IT. So, your article is really very helpful. An excellent read in simple terms for someone like me from a non-IT background.

Thank you again for sharing your innovative ideas and thoughts. I really appreciate it.

Btw, are there any companies that you might know who would hire software tester trainees? Because I am quite nervous about the fact that after taking a course but having no job experience; how would I actually get my foot in the door.

Thanks so much!

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