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Our sole aim is to cover almost all the topics from software testing industry.  Very less number of testing professionals are aware of Game Testing industry and the Jobs offered by it. The Game Testing Industry is expanding rapidly and currently, there are several “game design” and “video game testing” openings available in the market. Here is a very interesting article on game testing which will give you a brief idea about the game testing industry!

Game Testing Industry – An Introduction:

The video game testing industry is set to become the largest industry now. 

In spite of the recession, there was no dearth in the sales of the game titles, although the game console sales were hit and the game testing companies had to revamp their strategies.

Game Testing

Gaming had its own ups and downs over the years but it continues to grow leaps and bounds. Facebook application games are really path-breaking with budding developers experimenting their knowledge. Episodic games are the new thing. Games for the iPhone are the new frontier too.

So, no one in the game industry knows where games will be even two or three years from now. The only thing they know is that everything is changing and the games that will be released in the upcoming years will be different from what we have now.

Following Openings are available in the Gaming Industry:

  • Video game programming Jobs (designing video games)
  • Video game testing jobs

Designing Video games requires skilled and experienced video game designers. Testing video games are equally challenging as the game tester needs to have a solid writing skill, excellent communication skill and the habit to keep attention for details.

Video game testers play a critical role in game development industry. As video game programmers spend years designing video games and video game tester needs to make sure it’s ready for release in a very short time span.

What is a Typical Game Testing Process?

It takes from one to three years to develop a Computer game (depending on the scale). Testing begins late in the development process, sometimes from halfway to 75% into development (it starts so late because, until then, there is a little to play or test).

Once the testers get a version, they begin with playing the game. Testers must carefully note any errors they uncover. These may range from bugs to art issues to logic errors. Some bugs are easy to document but many are hard to describe and may take several steps to describe so that a developer can replicate or find the bug. On a large-scale game with numerous testers, a tester must first determine whether the bug has already been reported before or they can log the bugs themselves. Once a bug has been reported as fixed, the tester has to go back and verify that the fix works properly- and occasionally return to verify that has not reappeared.

Game Testing Strategy

There are several strategies involved in the Game Testing process. Given below are few of them:

#1) Evaluation of Game Rules:

Game rules adequately explain the operation of all the components of the game including features, free games etc. Each Game functions as per the rules defined.

#2) UI, Functional, Performance and Compatibility Test:

It includes verification of Game outcomes and if the data are correctly shown when games are played. Verify Game Functionality such as Game Progress, game outcomes, handling of incomplete and re-started games, multi-player games.

#3) Verification of the Integration points:

Check if the Game win determination aligns with the Game rules.

#4) Reviewing Gaming Procedures:

Procedures will be reviewed by System management, player account management, tournaments, and promotions.

#5) Infrastructure and Security Review:

Require verifying all equipment and network implementation for secure and reliable operation. E.g Time synchronization, OS reliability, and security.

How to Test Games?

This process is almost similar to product or web application testing. Here is the typical game testing process:

  1. Identification: First analyze and identify the Game rules and its behavior.
  2. Functional Testing: Ensure if the Game works as intended. This also includes integration testing with third-party tools used if any.
  3. OS and Browser compatibility: Most critical Game testing part is to ensure if the Game works on required Operating systems. For online games check its functionality on all intended browsers.
  4. Performance Testing: Performance Testing Technique becomes critical for online games if gaming site handles betting on the game. Game testers must verify if Game Testing site smoothly handles customer load.
  5. Multi-player Testing: For multi-player games, you need to verify the game functionality to handle all players and the functionality with a fair distribution of game resources to all players.
  6. Reporting: Bug reporting to developers. Bug evidence needs to be produced and submitted through the bug reporting system.
  7. Analysis: Developers hold the responsibility to fix the bugs.
  8. Verification: After the fix, the bug needs to be verified by the testers to confirm that it shouldn’t reappear.

Game Testing Tips

  1. Understand Random Number Generator evaluation (RNG): This is very important to add unpredictability in the Game. In most of the games, this RNG system is used to map its outcome.
  2. First, identify the “game algorithm” from the Source code in order to identify the issues in the Game application.
  3. Verify the source code for appropriate use of random numbers and error handling. (Only if you know the source code)
  4. Validate and evaluate the predefined rules of the Game.
  5. Verify consistency of the game rules.
  6. Make sure any offensive content or material is never displayed.
  7. Regularly Check the Game history and system event logs.
  8. Make sure if the Game outcomes are displayed for a reasonable time only.
  9. Irrespective of Single/Multi-player games, we need to validate the bandwidth and the client software.
  10. Verify Minimum/maximum limits of bets, deposits and other critical game symbols.
  11. Verify correct game and system operation after game failover and recovery.
  12. Always verify all the reports for data accuracy. Verify reports for a date, time, number of wins, money etc.
  13. Test System requirements are very important in Game testing. Verify all the infrastructure and security requirements, Game equipment, network and game synchronization with the OS.
  14. Make sure if sufficient information is always available to the users to protect Game players.

Game Testing Jobs

Gaming field is getting much better day by day and the Career as a Game designer or Game Tester is very bright. There are several game testing professionals making a decent amount of money as a video game tester, working from home itself. Present Internet generation bringing massive innovations and scope to grow. IT and Non-IT people are willing to spend their free time in playing video games or any online game. “Game testing from home” is now a new trend to earn money. We can clearly see that getting into our daily activities. Game testing career is turning hot day by day in the market.

If anyone of you is trying hard to get into gaming industry then you need to have the interest and passion that drives you to success. Due to the addition of vast and complex new games, Game QA is no longer less technical than general software QA. Game testing was widely considered as a “stepping stone” position but now it’s becoming a full-time job opportunity for experienced testers.


If you have the passion for games and a good understanding of testing methodologies, becoming a successful game tester is not difficult for you!

About the Author:
This is a guest article written by a Game Testing Expert named “Malini”. Malini has over 10 years of experience in IT including development, testing and project management and her passion is in advancing the profession of software testing. Her technical articles and white papers have been published in many leading websites. She holds an MBA in IT and a GNIIT diploma. Read more about Malini on her blog

If you are in Game Testing Industry, your valuable inputs will help our readers to know more about Game Testing. So please share your tips and suggestions on Game Testing in comments below.


#1 Peter

If you are really serious about game testing then there are some real bucks for you.

Game testing companies are very selective in game testing openings as they get thousands of profiles for this dream job.

Once you get your first gaming job then breaking into next high paying is not a hard task.

that is my 2 line experience for you.

#2 Aman

Is that really true…..!!!
It is good to hear

#3 NK

@ Malini,

Good article. Keep writing more articles…

#4 Tejaswini

Hey, very nice article.
You mention something about testing from home, is it really possible, if so i would love to do it, could you please guide me for that?

#5 J.B.Rajkumar

Very Good article. Thanks.

In additions to your points, Games applications can also be test automated. Automated tools such as experitest can be used for automating Games applications.

#6 Jasdeep

hey malini, thnx for the wonderful article. Its very helpful for me, as i am confused to take s/w testing as my profession, this article is a real relief. I wanna know how much experience is needed in testing field to be a game tester??

#7 Raja

nice to here about test automation in Gaming Applications.

#8 Sid

I heard that Chineese earn money playing beta version games. Apart from developing the formal gaming testing techniques, one should also have strong interest in playing games.
Generally, you will see most of our parents shouting at us when they see us playing games on computers :-) (May be this is true in my case :-)).
Per my knowledge it will be a lucrative career for someone who have great passion for playing computer games and should be creative.
For someone who are interested in gaming career can look out for opportunitites with companies like –
EA Sports
GameLoft etc

#9 Hiten

Game Testing is challenging as well as interesting job.

Person who is good in mathematics can understand the rules of the game quite easily.

Game testing has plenty of business availability in the future

#10 Malini

Thanks for all your comments and valuable inputs.

#11 Malini

Hi Jasdeep,

I am glad that my article helped you. Basic testing skill should be more sufficient than anything else. As you know that testing skill compresses of Logical and analtical. if you know how to test normal application functionality then you wll be able to do so. If you have testing experience of one to two years then it would be great to take up this role.


#12 Malini

Hi Tejaswini,

It is very much possible. companies worldwide looking for people who are passionate about gaming and who can really help them in testing. if you have internet access at home then its easy for you to find out on your own. Everything is available at your mouse click and key stroke.

If you need any specific help then you can reach me through my blog.


#13 That Guy

I don’t see much in your article about education.. Many of these jobs require college degrees in communication/writing. You need to be able to write a LOT.. like a Journal about your experience and it needs to be in such a way that everyone can understand it and it is written in a coherent way. The sad truth is, the general gamer does not have much of this ability.

#14 NoOne

If you like games, don’t get into game testing. It will ruin the experience for you. It’s very repetitive. You end up doing the same thing over and over and over and over.

#15 krishna

Nice article.
Would u provide the blog url so that I can reach you.

#16 Alice

I have spent three years as a game tester, and I can tell you first-hand that it is not as much of a dream job as it sounds. You do not get paid for playing games all day. You get paid for playing ONE game all day, every day, and that game is broken. By the time the game has reached a point where it would be considered “fun”, you will never want to see it again.

Testing video games is not the same thing as playing video games. It is real work. It can be very tedious and boring, and there are periods of crunch time where you will work very long shifts (my longest was 16 hours, but some testers may work 24 or more). Most tester jobs are temporary, which means you will not get benefits, and you can get laid off very quickly when the company you’re working for doesn’t have any games ready for testing.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s a terrible job! I really enjoy it, and I want to keep doing it. Just keep in mind that if you think it’s a job where you can just slack off all day, testing may not be for you. ;) Best of luck!

#17 Malini

Hi Alice, Thanks for sharing your experience and views. all the best to you :)

#18 shrikant

Hi Friends

Any one can pls. post on mobite testing…
Pls. fwd me data about mobile testing to my mail id

#19 Venkatesh@e4e

Good artivle about game testing.., but one question i need to ask you, that alice have said ic correct on this domain.. Companies can lay youoff at any time in testing domain..

#20 Malini

Hi Venkatesh,

Thanks for you comments.

Alice may be correct in his point of view. I see it in this way, Its not just gaming domain. if the company doesnt have much business on any specific domain then they will definitely take a serious decision. Its applicable for all the domain just not for gaming.

#21 Mady21

Is there any Mobile games Tester ? with whom I can discuss about some issues..

#22 Abjt..

As per my opinion…plz dont fall into the mobile game testing…

#23 rani

I’ve recently joined in a mobile game testing company as a fresher in gaming industry. please let me know how is the growth and opportunities in mobile game testing?if you have positive/negative opinion for mobile game testing, then why such?Share your knowledge please.

#24 @mol

I love games & I interested in testing I looking for a job for game testing.

#25 Mady21

@ Abjt Can you plz elaborate it? hw?

#26 Mady

Hello actually I have been working on mobile games and location based application for 2 years. This is very challenging field as same as desktop testing. Some buddies think this not futuristic, but I wanna tell them that the next(i think today’s) technology is wireless, so doing testing on wireless devices is more interesting.!!:)

#27 Mady

@ rani , if you r working on application rather than games, then there is more opportunities to growth.

#28 Shweta

Very nice & interesting article….

#29 Suresh

Very nice information for tester……..

#30 Siva Prasad

Hi Malini,
First of all thanks to ur nice article abt game testing process..
What are the qualifications we need to have to get the job in this field? any tools we need to be expertise?

#31 Manish Birthariya

Hi Malini,

Thanks for sharing such useful information to all of us.

I would like to add my exp in this article as i do have over all 5 years of exp in IT which includes more than 4 years in Testing.

My last org where i was working as QA & Testing they use to develop some games for mobile handsets as i said that i hve exp in testing that includes Web aps and mobile aps i did testing for 4-5 games but i hvnt found any thing that is interesting in that but some ppl like that very much…

one more thing is that org not paying much to any game tester… at some level the get stuck…

Thanks :)
Manish Birthariya

#32 Pradeep

Will game tester experience will help for sofware testing?

#33 pulack

i’m a multimedia student, i’m trying to find out is there any software to test windows based game. or How we can test a windows based game?

#34 TesterThinking

I agree with Alice. As a game tester you don’t play game to enjoy but to find bugs and to break the game. As a tester (game or application) your focus is on finding bugs, you have to think beyond normal user mindset to predict the scenarios where bugs can be found. In my opinion game testing is more challenging than application testing because in case of application we know the flow but in game (especially one that uses random nos.), flow might depends on how player plays.

Comparing to testing a game on PC, testing it on mobile is more challenging because of the screen size, memory and handset’s processing speed. And the most tiresome and killing job in mobile testing is testing the same game multiple times on multiple handsets (including one having very small screen size). With todays smart phones having accelerometer, GPS, proximity sensors etc, mobile game testing is becoming more difficult.

Some of the points to remember while testing mobile games are:
1. Check the UI of the game on all the supported handsets.
2. Game pause behavior on receiving Call or SMS or any other interrupt.
3. If game supports touch functionality then touch area of all the game objects should not be very small, it should be big enough for normal user finger.
4. Game behavior on Flip/Slider close.
5. If game has some sound then apply Suspend/Resume while sound is being playing.
6. If game has some sound then apply Suspend/Resume when sound just starts to play.
7. Repeat step 6 & 7 for animation & video.
8. Network loss scenario if game fetches (or uploads) data from (to) sever.
9. Game behavior in case of low battery.
10. Game behavior in case of low memory. To perform it make the handset memory full, and perform some operations within game which create files (like new user or saving user data)
11. Game behavior if game is loaded on SD Card.
12. Backup & restore.
13. Uninstallation of game. All the game related files should be deleted on uninstallation.
14. Interruption (Call / Flip close etc) while game is creating or deleting any user data file.
15. Speed should not get slow after playing for some time.
16. If game interacts with some native apps of the handset (like Address book / Messaging etc), game should not adversely affect those apps.
17. CLEAR key and END key functionality.

#35 shekar

hi.. am an animator and a prof gamer havin public servers.. how do i get in to a game testing job.. i game 18hrs a day :D xD

#36 game tester

Its a wonderful post and the kind of information you have given here is so helpful for those who wants to make their carrier in gaming industry.

#37 Siddharth Shah

Does mobile game testing experience is counted as a manual testing career?

Because most IT companies require applicants having exp. in web application testing or database testing

#38 nigma

game testing s very interesting job…..no work pressure…. right now i am doing d same

#39 Siddharth

How mobile game testing exp. future is?

Does this exp. counts for the web application testing or s/w testing?

#40 Ketaki

Hi, very nice article.
Actually i was into elearning field for 4 years & was doing coding on flash, & I have 2 years of break in my career But now i want to switch to Testing how could I ? can u please guide me on this?
I read something about testing from home, is it really possible, if so please guide me for this also?

#41 Jeffrey

hello games this is jeff the game I always wanted to make Is a game with dragons and the masters that battle with them with magic spells and great power but this is just a teast of my world of games . thanks again for letting me put this on you web site you guys rock :)

#42 selva

Hi to all,
The article is so good now am get some confidence in this field thanks madam.
I normally love games and now am finished advanced software testing course and currently am joined one small company and am looking for game testing openings if any knows about the opening plz plz plz send a mail to me
help me plz…… my mail id is selvarajpoy87@gmail.com

#43 manjunath hakari

i do require a effective resume(cv) for game testing job…

#44 evan

well, i am very confused what to do whether to join a gaming company or not is there is any body who can guide me, the most important thing which i feel is money, can any body tell me how much ill be getting per month in rupees if i gain a exp of one year….i have done my engg. from electronics and communication

#45 Mayur K

Could you pls provide me names of an websites that provides opportunity to work from home for testing game appplications.

#46 vikas


Great info, i am in QA too , but wanna do something interesting like every one else.Is there any kind of certification required or any other skill for getting into game testing and where to get the info about job opening.i am desperate to do something…waiting for your reply.

Thanks and Regards
Vikas Garg

#47 Delonta Baker

I like playing video games I’m interested for the job.

#48 renuka

i have done soft testing course but till now i have not given any interview please tell me about soft testing requirement

#49 dinesh

hi i am new to the soft ware testing . i wanna start my carrer with manual testing /can any one suggest the way of approach of getting a job in the testing feild.and i am in uk at present. Plz some one help me out

#50 jonathan harder

hey i really want to be a game tester and be paid but i have no idea were to go i have tryd many sites for the past 2 months and ive got nuthing. i need help. any on

#51 Pravali

As I have 3 years of QA experience, am looking to learn more about game testing. I want to go for “working from home” option. Can anyone let me know the oppurtunities on game testing.

#52 Malini

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my article and most importantly taking your valuable time to post your comments and requirements.

I see here many wants to opt for a game tester especially working from home. Thats really nice option to go with it however you all must understand that its not that easy, why because you need to have a high end environment and high speed internet connectivity to perform testing.

If at all you wanted to work from home then try to see the options in Utest.com or 99tests.com. Hope it helps!

Thanks again for all your comments and encouragement.


#53 sachin

I am working as a game tester from 1 month in a company. can anyone tell me that
game testing is a good field ? how it different from software testing. is game testing experience count as a software testing experience? can we apply for software testing job with game testing exp? actualy i want to do a software testing job n i also have done a cource in software testing.

#54 sachin

how game testing different from software testing?

#55 AMIT

Hi Friends, thats very useful and Interesting topic. I am in game testing from the last 2 years.I love playing games.I want to change my current company. If anyone knows about vacancy in any game testing in pune or delhi plz mail me at studfromdelhi@gmail.com

#56 Ravi chandrapal

good article for who are planning to look forward to game testing.

#57 adam salsgiver

look i want to get payed to play game and i play ps3 all day so let me know ok i love games

#58 sathya

Great Stuff(usefull)

#59 Ethan Stone

im realy good games how i get started. where do i sign up

#60 Kumar Chitnis

Can YOU help me out in finding Gaming Industry in Bangalore.
I am very much interested in Game testing.

#61 Ashish

Hey Malini,
This is Ashish. I am currently working in gaming industry as QA Engg for past 1 n half year. I am very passionate about games, so love my job.
But m bit confused as what extra to be done??? should i continue wid the gaming industry or shd i switch to the software industry??
Is there any certification available for a game tester ??? as there r some certifications fr Software testers…. I don’t want to leave the gaming industry… bt not sure if it provides me the scope for future… If u have any suggestions then please let me knw….

Ashish :)

#62 Anitha

Hey Malini,
I m very much interested in playing games and I m looking forward to get into the gaming industry as a tester,so can you please suggest me about the process or courses to get a job in gaming Industry and my educational qualification is M.C.A.

#63 amardeep

Sir article is too good. But i have query, is game testing experience count for software testing ?

#64 arun mehta

hello everyone…good reviews about game testing
i am istqb certified tester and i have completed my b.tech graduates.
if any one know about the job in software testing then plz send on my email id :- click4mehta@gmail.com

#65 TK

I have been alpha/beta tester for free in several titles and I have to agree with thet professionals that have posted herer, you’ll be playing a game that it’s broken and sometimes if you are a hardcore player this can get into your nerves, but i really enjoy the experience and it’s a very cool work.
Nice article, regards!

#66 ricky

good article..it is very helpfull..

#67 Surya

You can mail me wid ur resume if u are looking for game testing job… (freshers and experienced)

#68 Surya

You can mail me wid ur resume if u are looking for game testing job… (freshers and experienced)


#69 sapna

Its is very use full article for me If anyone knows about vacancy in any game testing in delhi/NCR plz mail me at

#70 Nazir Shaikh

Hi Malini,

Indeed it is very useful for the beginners, as i am beginner i dont know much about testing , Kindly help me , that how can i put my first step in to testing industry.

-Nazir Shaikh

#71 cedric

I`ve always wanted to have a career as a game tester. This would be a dream come true. I would be your most loyal worker.

#72 Allwin

Hi Malini,
I am very much glad to read this article and to hear about new things which you have said.It helps me to choose my career in game testing when i was in the confused state to choose a carrer in software testing.Thanks a lot.

#73 phone game developers

I’m not sure why but this blog is loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later
on and see if the problem still exists.

#74 shwet

i hav done diploma in s/w testing…. so it will gud choice for me to make a carrier as game tester…but its not related to as my course wat i hav done ie diploma in s/w testing..plzzz help me out..

#75 Jatin Bhardwaj

Where is the sign up link

#76 Jithin

Very helpful article. Keep wrighting.

#77 Jithin

Can anybody tell me how the ISTQB certification is helpful for our testing career??

#78 sunil

I have done B.E want to become game tester. Very much intrested in gaming. WetherI need to any testing courses?? Plz tell me about any opennings in banglore… Friends

#79 sai suman boddu

Can a game tester convert to software testing after 1 year ????

#80 sagar

i am working last six month in gaming industry now i am looking for part time work like game testing if any one have work related to game testing plz contact me on sagarlakhani62@gmail.com

#81 zzepod

Good post. I was in game testing for 3 years. Now in App testing

#82 Viswa

You told that articel “Game testing from home” is its possible…

#83 manojkumar

i wanna be a game tester,i have exp in software company as tester,but my passion is to become game tester,help me out guys

#84 viswa

Mr Manojkumar if u get help means informer me also pls.

#85 harika

Hi This is harika,please any one help me to find companies for game tester positions..where I can find them in bangalore location.

#86 abhay das

hi malini. i am really motivated by your article.gaming is my passion.and i want my passion to become my proffession.but my communication skill is little weak.will that be a problem for me.

#87 Luke Gray

Knowledge about a along with the companies involved in it will always show to be helpful in the future so that you can secure a career as being a gaming tester.

#88 shayaz

it was a really nice article.
it will help to choose my designation. actually i was confused to decidee that what kind of job i take.your article gives a relevant direction to me
that is i was very much interested in playing games and need to learn how to develop.
thank you once again

#89 shayaz

will u please kindly inform me in any chances are come to available…………………………………..
contact no: 9246737211

#90 Dinesh power

What are the qualifications for game testing?
Is there any training for it….
Plz give details
I had a passion in gaming
I don’t had proper infofmation
friends Send the details to dinpower007@gmail.com

#91 tanu

I want to test games. please add me in tester list if anyone have any info please send. shrutisharma009@gmail.com

#92 Harsh

Hello, if there are sites from wher we can find game testing jobs. Pls someone make a list and do share.

#93 Pradeep

This job is not so easy as you thought. Peter, can you help me growing in this field ? Yes i work as a Game Tester in one of the reputed gaming company. Night shift sucks.


hello malini..
i’m very much interested to jump into gaming industry.
can u give some idea about where I can find game testing jobs in india???
work from home wuld be better.

#95 sivakumar

Hi I am also like game testing very much and die for it please if any opportunity has there for game testing please inform me siva8897603770@gmail.com

#96 shrikanth

Is this necessary to play multiple games to get into game testing industry

#97 Imran khan

I got a fresher Quality Analyst Tester opportunity in international game industry But i dont know what are the qustions interviewer ask can anybody help me please.
and i was completed manual testing &Automation testing course QC,QTP i have some knowledge on this tools but don’t no game testing

#98 keyur

I am from Manglore. I wanted to know how to start ma career in this field as a game Tester. I am a fresher and right now i am working in call center which is not ma type of job. Need some help and information also how to startup with game testing. I am a bca student and crazy about games. I want to stay in this game field and start my career. Help me out

#99 m.v.prasad

Dear sir or madam, I am interested to join as game tester.first of all I want to know about the requirements like qualification and experience and skills. And also wants to know about starting or minimum salary that we can expect from the companies.

#100 vinil

Hi, I’m a QA in a reputed company, I would like to change my profile to Gameing field. like a game tester.. Can u plz help me out..


#101 jagan

hi iam from tamilnadu is there any game testing job vacancy inform me and tell me how to prepare resume for game testing
my mailid

#102 Varun Chakkera

My names Varun Chakkera. I’ve worked as a game tester for almost a year back when THQ still had developing rights and yes it does work out as it sounds. Game testing really is a kind of Gamer Dream job as when u analyze the function and Storyline of the game you know the game first hand before its even released. But what it mainly requires is not skill but patience. The Start and End of the Build is Fun, but as the build is still in the middle stage of error erasing you need real patience with what your responsibilities are. Thank You.

#103 Varun Chakkera

@jagan I don’t know if it helps you now but there is going to be Testing availability here in Bangalore soon. As I am going to join in soon if possible I can inform you to when the Vacancies are available. The main work company is HP but they will be contracted with Sony. Since Sony has bought the Developing rights of THQ, They are contracting themselves with Sony. Thank You.

#104 Anubhav

I work as a game tester from last 2yrs. Yes it is counted as manual testing experience. Few companies don’t recognize though. Many of my colleagues have switched to manual Software Testing jobs after having 2+ yrs experience in game testing. There are many companies in Bengaluru, hyderabad & Pune.

This is a job like every other jobs. We so play games for fun or entertainment. You have to work hard, put your effort & logic in finding bugs.

#105 Raj

I want a job for testing games and i am 16 years old.


hi, i completed my b.tech CSE with 70% and i am interested to work in testing jobs.i have no experience.I have any chance.If there is any chance pls inform me.
My mail id is yamini27014@gmail.com

#107 Shyleish

Hi, I have a passion towards games, I started playing games from 6th standard and i’m still playing games and I’m so much passionate towards it. My dream is too became a game tester. But I don’t have an proper guidance, on how to become a game tester. I have completed B.E mechanical. If some one would help me on how to proceed further, it will much appreciated.
My mail id is shyleish789@yahoo.com.

#108 mayur

I have nearly 1 yr experience in Game testing as a QA tester. I want to work from home as a freelancer or do game testing online. so anyone help me?

#109 mayur

For game testing job you have download any game testing pdf and go through it. before interview take any one or more game and find that games developer, tester name in credits. you have to tell few words about that game. game company provides training and take exams for selection process. you have to know what type of bugs/ defects reported and how to do it by excel or any tool.

#110 Priyanka Ramchandani

hi all. i have experience playing cs, dota and piercing blow at international level. anybody knows any company in mumbai that would require a game tester?

#111 Deepanshu Panwar

Hey Malini, really loved your article. I’m really looking forward to work as a game tester. I’ve a passion for video games and I really want to put this passion into good use and do something productive with it. I live in Delhi NCR, INDIA. I will be very thankful if you would help me find any job for the same. It could be at any platform PC, Console, Mobile etc, I really want to experience how all this works.
Hope you reply soon.

Thank You.

#112 Jim

Hi Malini, I am from bangalore and would really love to become a game tester , I love playing games, so plz give the info / details on how to apply to this and thanks in advance

#113 Vivek

Malini Madam,Im Vivek And was crazy about becoming a pro gamer.It was then i heard about QA game Testers.I would be very happy if u or some could tell me how can i reach for it and build a carrer in it.Hoping For The best Replies from every one.

#114 Bhavya

Need the game testing job…I know many of the latest games which have bugs

#115 Bhavya

Please call for this no. 8742909524 for the game tester

#116 Prasoon

Thanks Malini Ma’am for your help. I am a class 12th student and want to know about the educational degrees required to become an automated gaming tester. I know one can become a tester without them but also recognize the fact that those who are good at programming are given an upper hand. So plz help. Thank you in advance once again.

#117 Prasoon

Thanks Malini Ma’am for your help. I am a class 12th student and want to know about the educational degrees required to become an automated gaming tester. I know one can become a tester without them but also recognize the fact that those who are good at programming are given an upper hand. So plz help. Thank you in advance once again.

#118 Vageesh Kumar Singh

first of all thanks ma’am.As iam a student of class 11th and i want to join this job.Please reply as soon as possible.

#119 Vageesh Kumar Singh

as a game tester

#120 Simon Alex Jahannson

Thanks to this article. it helps me understand and gain more knowledge about becoming a game tester. It also gains my interest in the online game tester.

#121 Devil Gamer

Hi malini
well my question is wrong but i want to ask
Question := “Girls also Play video Games”?
Don’t go wrong just answer me

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