10 Reasons Why You are Not Getting Job in Software Testing

You might have applied for several testing jobs, might have received some calls for interviews too and would have even attended some, but still, you might not have the job that you are looking for.

Well, then there could be so many reasons for which you are not in the right job you dreamed of being into.

Reasons Why You are Not Getting Job in Software Testing

Be honest and think of the below-mentioned points.

What mistake did you make until now? You probably, might get the answer – Why couldn’t you crack any Software Testing Interviews yet!!

What might be the Reasons?

#1) You might have a badly formatted resume. No one cares to read it. You don’t even think of changing it.

#2) You don’t have the passion for testing. You just run behind a software testing job just like others do. You are looking for a Software Testing job just for the sake of being employed somewhere.

#3) You don’t read the job details carefully before applying. You don’t mind whether it suits your profile or not.

#4) You don’t have a strong and VALID reason for the question – Why do you want to join/switch to the Software Testing field?

#5) You have not spent some time in doing a few homework on the job openings about the company, required skills, experience, etc.

#6) You are faking the software testing experience.

#7) You pretend to have all the Testing Skills.

#8 ) You think “Testing is an easy-to-do task” and “Anyone can do testing”.

#9) You think no training is required to work in the software testing field and you will learn all when you are on board.

#10) You don’t have any practical examples to explain and support your answers.

Plus one more reason why you are still away from making a Career in Software Testing is because you are from the non-IT background and you now want to switch to software testing, but you don’t have the skills required for software testing jobs and you don’t even care to know what is STLC and SDLC.

Oh! Too many “You’s” here. Why? because you are the only person responsible for your career. No one can deny you the job in software testing without any reason. Find out what the actual reason is? After all, the employer will always select the best fit for their positions. Just think – how you can be that best fit for them!

Remember, you won’t get any job without doing any hard work.

If you can think of some other reasons for not getting a job in software testing and quality assurance, then please share it with us. We would be happy to discuss this.

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