10 Reasons Why You are Not Getting Job in Software Testing

You might have applied for several testing job vacancies, might have received some calls for interviews too and would have even attended some, but still, you don’t have the job you are looking for. Well, then there could be so many reasons for which you are not in the right job you dreamed of being into.

Be honest and think of the below mentioned points. What mistake you did until now? Probably you might get the answer – Why you couldn’t crack any software testing interview yet!!

Not Getting Job in Software Testing

What are the Reasons?

1) You might have a badly formatted resume. No one cares to read it. You don’t even think of changing it.

2) You don’t have the passion for testing. You just run behind a software testing job just as others do. You look for software testing job just for the sake of being employed somewhere.

3) You don’t read the job details carefully before applying, whether it suits your profile or not.

4) You don’t have a strong and VALID reason for the question – Why do you want to join/switch to software testing field?

5) You have not spent some time doing few homework on job openings – about the company, required skills, experience etc.

6) You are faking the software testing experience.

7) You pretend to have all the testing skills.

8 ) You think “Testing is a easy-to-do task” and “Anyone can do testing”.

9) You think no training is required to work in the software testing field and you will learn all when you are on board.

10) You don’t have any practical examples to explain and support your answers.

Plus one more reason why you are still away from making a career in software testing
– You are from a non-IT background and you now want to switch to software testing, but you don’t have the skills required for software testing jobs and you don’t even care to know what is STLC and SDLC.

Oh! Too many “You’s” here. Why? because you are the only person responsible for your career. No one can deny you the job in software testing without any reason. Find out what the actual reason is? After all, the employer will always select the best fit for their positions. You just think – how you can be that best fit for them!

Remember, you won’t get any job without doing any hard work.

If you can think of some other reasons for not getting a job in software testing and quality assurance, then please share it with us. We will be happy to discuss.

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#1 Jeby

You hit the bull’s eye! Perfect 10. Anyone looking for QA job should thoroughly go through this list and correct the mistakes they are doing.

Its not anyone can do career. Testing requires strong analytical, problem solving and troubleshooting skills.

Thank you Vijay for sharing the list.

Hope to see articles on each point :-)

#2 Karthick

Well! i’m a final year B.E electrical domain gonna pass out in 2010.I’m interested in PHP,SQL,JAVASCRIPT & i would like to work where i can work on those languages.Does software testing has the usage of those languages? If you find my question invalid apology me! i’m a newbie..

#3 Ravi D

Those r real top 10 pts ,Especially home work on Testing which i am missing a lot……
I will do that from today….Thanks for ur advice yaar

#4 Saurabh V

Really good 10 points………..I would like to say one more thing …………there is so many different kind of work in V&V…….and the game of testing is about the domain………We should search for the similar kind of work that we have already done…..:)

#5 anuja

hey thnks..bt my question is how to convince the interviewer that u r d right candidate?? i gave interview to almost 6-7 small scale companies bt dnt know still where m lacking..
i really need a job..

#6 Aman

Nice to Read the Article.


Thanks for the 10 points now I understood why I not getting the job in testing , if u want the job in testing u have to work hard on preparation of interview so all my friends keep it up your work hard and definately u will get the job in testing

#8 Wilson

The 4th point is absolutely nice.
Its very very important to have a clear reason to explain the question-Why do you want to join/switch to software testing?…most of them fails here i think..

Thanks vijay.This ll help a lot..

#9 mohan

all the points r valid.s/w engineers should go through it and make corrections in their approach.

#10 Shamji

Exactly…what u told is write….if want to crack the interview than we must take care of above 10 points and we will easily crack the interview…but i want to add one more point this that don’t hesitate at the time of interview..that also help u to crack the interview.

#11 Praveen

4) You don’t have strong and VALID reason for the question – Why do you want to join/switch ( switch JOB) to software testing?

This is absolutely a direct question many/all interviewer ask….well my answer when i appeared for the interview was…..
“To get more challenges, additional responsibilities grow professionally and financially”……thats a political approach of direct answering. However some times interviewer cross questions on this …” are you not able to find right/additonal challenges and responsibilities in your current firm”…..in this type of cross questioning candidates fall trapped…..
Anyone has better answer to this difficult question which can answer direct question as well as cross question?

#12 Rajender Singh Gehlaut

When i read this mail, i really heart, but it’s reality of my career. All 10 points are real. These are applicable not testing but all other’s jobs also.

Now i am trying to right direction..

#13 Rajender Singh Gehlaut

Really good & infogetic

#14 Navneet

Hi can any body tell me
How to write sql scripts for backend validation.
plz help me am fresher in this field so am looking some positive results from your side plz help me for above said topic.

Plz send me format or queries if U hav…..on my mail ID


Its urgent ……

#15 Ramkesh

Nice article for 10 reasons for not getting job in software testing(QA)

#16 Ramkesh

Could you Pl send me a “sample” of best resume as I can modify. Pl send me at studyhall2007@gmail.com or ramkeshmaurya@aim.com

#17 Vijay

@ Jeby
Good idea. I will definitely try to write article on each point I mentioned.

@ Karthick
Yes, you can use any scripting languages in software automation testing. Scripting skill is necessary to write unit tests and BVT scripts. Most of the testing projects need SQL knowledge especially if you are a backend tester.
It’s subject of debate whether tester should look at the code or not, but when I was on a PHP web project I used to see PHP code to understand and write test cases on builds under test in an agile environment.
So in short it’s always a plus if you know any programming knowledge.

@ anuja
You have given 6-7 interviews so you should be able to find where exactly you are weak. Do some simple analysis, which questions you are not able to answer and prepare for those questions.
Let’s compare giving interview and selling any product. Think for a while that you are selling any product. How will you approach to a buyer? How you will convince buyer about the qualities of the product? On the similar lines you will have to present yourself in interviews.

The best idea is to write down a ‘About me’ page in simple words covering your skills and your career objectives. You need to explain how you are the best fit for the job. Explain by giving simple examples that you have most of the skills required for the job.

Be confident while giving the answers. Say ‘I don’t know’ if you really don’t know answer to any question.

@ Praveen
Answer to this question depends on the situation. I am not saying that you should have a very solid and political answer, be specific and tell the truth why you want to be in testing.

@ Navneet
What backend validation you want to perform? Do you want to just verify the output by running SQL queries or want to process the output to another format?

#18 bhanu

Could you Pl send me a “sample” of best resume as I can modify. Pl send me at bhanuk@inspira.com

#19 Atul

In my experience I came across with the following points as well.

1.How do you think for situation,
2.Your communication skills,
3.Your sql knowledge,
4.Salary Expectation

#20 kshitija

hello vijay,

whatever reasons u had mentioned its true but wht could be the solution on it.as u mentioned that though u r not belonging to the IT background we people run after the testing job.

I had completed B.Sc(maths) and then c-programming and atlast dilpoma in Software Testing from SEEDINFOTECH,nagpur.but steel I m unable to get the job in the Testing field.so wht more courses should I do, so pls guide me and give me more details about it.

thank u.

#21 Amar

Hi.. All these 10 points which you have mentioned is really valid.
I am software testing engineer working as a contract employee now trying out for job. I have nearly 2 years of exp. I am not getting any interview calls. I have realy passion for testing but my accademic marks are less. How can improve myself so that I get interview calls? Please give me some tips as how I have to build my career from here on. Thanks.

#22 Vijay

Preparing a good resume depends on various factors like your experience level, job you are applying for, job industry etc. Contact me using our ‘Contact’ form and we will discuss further.

All are perfectly valid points. You can compromise on things like salary but you must be technically perfect.

@ kshitija
I didn’t say that non-IT persons can’t make career in testing. There is a pool of people who don’t even know about software testing but they just try in this field by hearing something from their friends.
If you have the right skills then it doesn’t matter you are from which background. In your case think, what went wrong in interview till now? Do you have good understanding of the testing concepts? Do have practical knowledge of testing? What you learned in your testing course or was it just a waste of money and time? This may give you the direction in further proceeding.

It’s a fact that you have not good academic score. I assume there might be any reason you couldn’t perform well in your academics but now you have good command over software testing. If this is the case then you should definitely re-write your resume. If you think you are very good at testing but your academic score is barrier to get interview calls then simply don’t put your score in resume. I am advising this to you because if you have good hands-on in testing fields then your bad academic score should not hold you back.

#23 Navneet

Hi Vijay ,
Hop u r good
Am looking backend validation for just verify the output by running SQL queries. So can you send me how to validate backend through SQL server queries.
Pls send me som example on my mail id


#24 Amar

Thanks Vijay. Now i have updated my resume without my academic marks. from now on How can I approach?? Should I update my resume in job portal and wait for the call or approach any consultancies? will the be helpful?? Please let me know what I can do further. Now I have 1.8 years of exp.

#25 swapna

hi vijay

does testing in banking domain have scope now …and have same number of oppurtunity as before

#26 anuja

hey thanks vijay..i really work on your suggestions..
one more question i found is why u choose youe career as a software testing?? as i am a BE Entc so they ask why not in a electronica or a communication field??

#27 soham

anyone tell me todays software testers salary
for the freshers and experiance person

#28 Pato

Thanks for this useful article. It shows the mirror to us that where i am wrong.
Thanks again

#29 sandeep

Well, my apologies to the author of the article but I would definitely want to seek some alternative to point 6 going by my scenario-
I completed my BE (CS) in 2001 and subsequently MBA -IT in 2003. I couldn’t get into the Software industry due to the market slump at that time and ended up in customer service.
If today I want to swithch to testing, I believe no company will consider me for an opening.
Do I have an option? I have fair enough knowledge of testing concepts and tools

#30 Abidi

Hi vijay, Do we as a software tester test the SAP application? If yes than where and what do we test in SAP software?

#31 amrutha

Could you Pl send me a “sample” of best resume as I can modify. Pl send me ambrutha.gowda@gmail.com

#32 Able Weis

I think a primary point that has been missed out is the need for a certification. This is important to showcase your growth in your chosen field i.e. software testing. As a matter of fact, with the launch of CMST in the market, there is a defined career path available for IT professionals as they can first get certified as a CSTE (Practitioner level) and can then upgrade to CMST (Manager level) after gaining about 8 years of exp in Testing – http://bit.ly/qaistp

#33 Inder P Singh

Well, the points regarding due diligence in preparing for the interview and giving the interview are valid and timeless.

People who want to learn about more places to find jobs can read my blog post called How to get an entry level (fresher) position in software testing @ http://inderpsingh.blogspot.com/2010/02/how-to-get-entry-level-fresher-position.html

#34 Gangadhar


I need some meterial for Banking domain…interview questions and mostly i need payment system, stocks and trading.

please post as early as possible.


#35 Anisha

i m hving 2+ yr exp in testing.i started searchin job when i crossed 2yr exp.i m workin in MNC but getting same salary frm2yrs. for me the prblm is the notice period and my domain is Insurance.i never got opportunity to work in automation testng,then how cani get prjct exp in automatio testing.the current world wants only Automation testers.Whr V should go,i nw feel why i didnt wrk in banking,telecom,mainframe domain?its nt my mistake rite.i gv 2 interviews went well but de didnt call bck.wat needs to be done any solutions?



#37 siva

my friend studed


Hi thats a good article i have read about in the reacent past.
and for people who r looking for a job u can visit my blog knownaukri.blogspot.com

#39 shashikant

hi freiend..
this is really useful article which u posted over here.
see i am commerece graduate and i want to enter in field of softwate testig so can u pls help me what should i do to become a software tester

#40 swamy

exactly correct.For getting testing job every person should read this 10 points must..very good

#41 manoj

Hi i am very impressed you are answers and you post some practical examples which you faced.

#42 Suresh

Anisha, You have a good domain background. Dont worry about the Automation skills.. Learning domain is harder and tidy process.. Learn QTP or some automation tool on your own and try to project that you can do automation with your skill set.. you will definitely get good oppurtunity..

#43 Suresh

Navneet following website will be helpful for you

#44 Prabhu

i am really impressed and i learned lot..thank you very much..

#45 sonu

thank you so much for your information.. All is well….

#46 Navneet Gupta

Hi ,
Hop u r good
Am looking backend validation for just verify the output by running SQL queries. So can you send me how to validate backend through SQL server queries.
Pls send me som example on my mail id


#47 TestingGeek

Thanks, vijay for a wonderful article. All are valid points to crack the interview not only for testers but also for other job profiles too. The key things to remember is that only that 1hr of interview matters a lot but to win over that 1hr we have to prepare several hours. The interviewer might not be knowing more about the candidate & his/her skills but how he is able to judge the candidate in 1hr? That’s why the resume “contents” matter a lot. I have seen a lot of people mentioning so many things just for sake of getting calls or getting noticed but have no knowledge about that at all. What’s the point in mentioning that all which you have not worked on or not experimented or not having a good amount of knowledge at all? This eventually become an embarrassing situation.
I would like to add few new things to it.
1. Lack of preparation of the resume
2. Not showing eagerness to learn new techniques, new technology in the interview.
3. Not enough communication skill. He/she might be knowing the best answer but fails to explain.

#48 Manjunath

Hello All,

Well, I’m Manjunath having overall 6+ years of strong experience in Software Testing.

If anybody want to know more about software testing or suggestions can drop a queries to: manjunath.ramareddy@gmail.com, so that we can have discussion and find out the best path.

Hope to looking forward to answer your queries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#49 pravin

The 4th point is absolutely nice.
Its very very important to have a clear reason to explain the question-Why do you want to join/switch to software testing?…most of them fails here i think..

#50 JIten

Hi Guys.

Can someone will let me know about the software testing course. I have done B.A. and one year diplome in IT from NIIT. IS it right for me or not.

#51 Asahutosh

hi dear can anyone tell me about the answer of the question why you want to go for Software testing ..??

and please let me know how i should sarch jobs in s/w testing i have done 6 month course fron webcom delhi no i a searching job in testing ..? plz help me out how i can get a job in testing ..?


hi i have done BE in computer sc. 2 yr work ex as lecturership. now want job in testing.

#53 venkat.v@itimes.com

hi deepa,

do a s/w testing course or get knowledge from a real time tester, its better than doing a course. go thru all the interview question related testing and try searching…

#54 Suresh

Hi deepa,

Try learning manual testing process and one automation tool. Its better to learn one database also.

For 2 years you are more into test case development and executio so better try different case studies before applying for job.
Let me know if you need any help @ suresh.jami@yahoo.com

#55 sandeep

hi all. this is sandeep. i am a b-tech graduate from EEE background and 2009 passout presently i am learning software and protocol testing. even before i have done coarses in Microsoft server 2008, CCNA, EXCHANGE, LINUX. my acadamic score is verry low. i want to get into IT industry as a protocol or software tester. how can i prepare to get a job. PLEASE HELP ME..

#56 sandeep

hi all. this is sandeep. i am a b-tech graduate from EEE background and 2009 passout presently i am learning software and protocol testing. even before i have done coarses in Microsoft server 2008, CCNA, EXCHANGE, LINUX. my acadamic score is verry low. i want to get into IT industry as a protocol or software tester. how can i prepare to get a job. PLEASE HELP ME..
This is my mail ID gaddamsandeepreddy01@gmail.com / yuva20_san@yahoo.com

#57 Meena


This is meena, i have done BSC maths and passed out 2006 with second class… After that i have done MSC IT passed out 2008 with first class… Now i wanted to shift into the software tesing…

So what needs to be done for this, if i study the software testing course, could i enter into the software industry, because every MNC requires 60% of all the academic courses…

Pls help me…
This is my mail ID : meenatv@yahoo.com

#58 Meena


This is meena, i have done BSC maths passed out 2006 with second class… After that i have done MSC IT passed out 2008 with first class in corresponce… And currently working in an insurance comapny as a senior officer operations.

Now i wanted to shift into the software tesing…
So what needs to be done for this, if i study the software testing course, could i enter into the software industry, because every MNC requires 60% of all the academic courses…

Pls help me…
This is my mail ID : meenatv@yahoo.com

#59 Prajakta Patil

Is there any training cum placement course availble to get job in software testing. pl guide. bec i have done MCM as well software testing course but till i did not get job in testing.

#60 Prajakta Patil

Hi i am prajakta patil done software testing course, i am looking job in testing i am 2007 passout. till i did’nt get job in testing . i have query is really training cum placement course will help me to get jon in testing. pl guide me.

#61 NAS

HI ,

I am a Tech support engineer and aged about 37
I have done the Tesing courses but did not apply for Jobs as the market was slow last year .
Is this the right time to get into testing job ?
will my tech support help in my experience or do I show a fake experience ?
well I can rate myself 7 out of 10
I dont want to be a liar but my passion is to get into a testing job as I have a very strong practical experience in electronics and computers as good hands on Microsoft Office applications and troubleshooting skills.
I have come a long way to get to the position where I am and need to go a long way


#62 Pradeep


I have done BE (mech) & presently working in mech field. I am also doing software testing course.
Can you please tell me what should I have to answer if the interviewer asks me why are you switching to software field?…..

#63 Muhammad Ramzan Chaudhary

I agree to all points. But here is an issue you just told the reasons of rejection not provide the solution. I think it will be a very good and best article if you provide the solution about these points.
thank you.

#64 Garima

I need the reasons.





#66 dennis

Hi everyone, nice to meet you guy,this is my first time log on this website..i have 5+ yrs of experience in software testing..after read this article..i’m totally agree on what you say..as a QA engineer must work hard + work smart !!

#67 Srinivas

I am 39 and a post-graduate in computer management and have been working as Computer Operator for the last 9 years. As I don’t see any progress in my present career, I want to switch-over to software testing field. In the past, I had few months working experience as software engineer as I worked on some small web-based projects using CSharp and SQL server 2000. Please guide me.

#68 Parag

Hi Vijay its nice to see your post..thanx for the information u give all of us. well my problem is that i got call form 3 consultants all for same company, its been a week time and i have got no calls for the telephonic interview as the person on phone said to me that there will b telephonic interview in a week time..i dont know what’s the reason behind this..Can u kindly help me out??

#69 geeta kulkarni

i like this article, so i want to shift in testing field only, i am ready to hard work,testing field is very interesting for me, so please help me in searching a job and give me a tips how to preapre, thank u sir

#70 Umasree Raghunath

I would like to list out 10 reasons why testing is important and how you develop this skill to not only get a testing job but also prove yourself capable of the job.

Testing is important to ensure the following
1. Product Quality
2. Usability
3. Reliability
4. Consistency
5. performance
6. Re-usability
7. Profitability
8. Enchancability
9. Adaptability
10. Customer Satisfaction

10 Qualities that you should identify in you to realise if you can be a good tester?

10 Tips to find a Software Testing Job?

1. Find which companies have different domain testing opportunities
2. Pick one suitable domain and learn a bit of domain knowledge for that gives you advantage
3. Update your profile with the gained knowledge and let people know
4. Approach good testing companies to find openings
5. Do a certification if you could invest both time and effort
6. Learn the quality processes
7. Start to write good documentation
8. Always think and speak from the customer’s or end users point of view
9. Learn automation or testing tool if possible
10. Believe that in no way, testers are less to developer…strength lies in breaking the things they create… so that the end user will get what he wanted and not what is given and will not break the business in future!

#71 sree

hello vijay sir ,the article is realy a great help for many of us .i have a question ? i had completed my BSc (micro)in 2003 and MSC in (bio_chem) 2008in between and at present i am in teaching proffession but i have no satisfaction in my present job,i have good Knowledge over sdlc ,stlc as i completed a course in software testing(QTP),sql server but have no practical knowledge of any project ,frnds suggest to keep fake it is not right worth from the article u have for us ,then how and what is the way to get into testing field pls help out ..pls send ur suggestion
pls tell me are their any sites which gives us information regarding projects.

#72 ravi

sir,iam an electronics student and i will be pass out in a month from now and iam looking for a career in testing tools, how should i approach

#73 Mayasen

Simply superb article vijay. Nice about your work.

Wishes…!!! :)

#74 Mayasen

Hi Ravi,

There are lot of companies are now recruiting freshers. Just search a lot, apply a lot, don’t demotivate with others words / failures in some interviews.

Before these all you should prepare well about testing. Initially try to learn through about manual testing, testing documentation procedures, testing terms and keywords, and its better if you start with knowledge in some tool. Even in some open source tool Selenium, Open STA, etc.

In industry the most wanted tool is QTP and now selenium.

#75 jayathi

hi guys
this is jayanthi i am finished testing course in chennai i am trying job what are the interview in software line.plxsany tell me

#76 Mayasen

Hi Jayanthi,
Lot of fresher openings are there in Chennai. Just broaden your search, prepare well before going to interview, try to apply lot.. so that you’ll be get placed asap.

:) Most failure in interview is because of the people are not aware about their own profile. Don’t do that mistake. Be clear and confident with your profile and its contents.


#77 jayathi

hi mayasan,
how to prepare the interview and which topic i have to cover ple help me and trying last year onwards and inform me which company conducting the interview to my id is kutijay@gmail.com

#78 imran

if we go through those 10 points.surely will get job…

#79 Partha

hiii prajakta..i am also 2007 passout in IT..i want 2 know from u that whr did u do this testing course and whr?plz tell me details.my id is-parthasparida@yahoo.com


I jus wanna suggestion from u guys:-)am actually a 2010 passed out(ECE BRANCH).Got placed in a big company for the post of software testing.But i dint get the offer letter. I need to undergo one training for this post.At the end of training they ll conduct an online exam. I can get the offer letter only if i clear that exam.I don know anything abt this job.So kindly help me.whether it is easy to do?…will i be able to clear dat exam?..what kind of job it is?…I don have proper guidance …so pls help me to know


dis s my mail id….mail2sureshd@gmail.com

#82 Smitha

Hi, I have 4 years experience working as a software test engineer out of which 2 years was spent working on GIS domain(LBS, tracking etc). I had to quit my job due to personal reasons and now I have a 1 year gap. I am looking to apply again and would like to know how I can fit in after a long break and what are the chances that I would be accepted.

#83 Rajesh Ranjan

Could you Pl send me a “sample” of best resume as I can modify. Pl send me at


#84 Sangeetha


I have 4 years of experience in SAP technology. I had to quit my job and now have got 8 months of break. I have thought of shifting my career towards software testing. Can you guide me in this career path.

Please let me know whether I would be able to get a job in software testing after attending a training in software testing.

I would also be interested in doing a certification in software testing.

Please let me know what certification I can do in software testing.Whether it is possible for me to write the certfication as soon as I finish my training or any experience is required before writing any certification?

#85 Soumya

Really all test enginer have go through these 10 points…………

#86 Manjunath. HC

Hi, my name is Manjunath HC. I have done DIploma in mechanical engineer (3 years full time) in 2005. I have worked in BPO for 3 years, now i have joined for testing course. Whether my qualification is suitable for testing job please inform me.

#87 Mahesh S.B.

Hi, My name is Mahesh and i have done Diploma in Computer Science working in BPO. I would like to get into Software Testing, but my basic query is, am I eligible with my Diploma qualification ? Do MNC recruit diploma holders who do a course in software testing ? Please guide me

#88 Vadiraj


I’ve completed my B/com grad in 2004 and currently working as CSR. I was thinking to change my field, please advice can I proceed and take up testing course or any other course which would help me in getting into s/w feild.

#89 Shradha

Could you Pl send me a “sample” of best resume as I can modify. Pl send me at shradha11@ymail.com

#90 Mohsina

Hey really nice one article to get job in testing field regarding preparation before appearing in interview,
but this is not enough. Different interviewer have different approach towards correctness and write response for ans. Sometime these all depend on interviewer thinking process and their attitude.
Extremely sorry if I said anything wrong.

#91 Susama Behera

Hi all,
I am trying to switch my job from the current one I possess having 3 years exp in manual testing. but till i have not got a single call. I have shown my resume to some experienced fellows. They say is’ ok. well I working in a govt organization. Is that the reason behind me not getting calls. Plase reply me to my mail or through this forum, Waiting.

#92 Nilesh

Hello sir,
My name is nilesh But my problem is that i completed my software testing course from good institute but becase of my marks i didnt get the much calls so what i shoud do. Can i change my profile to any other or stik with the testing plese guide me sir please.

#93 chiranjeevi

now iam pusuving my b.tech 3rd year .jntuh university .iam getting 70 above percentage in every sem.but iam feeling i dnt any thing about software how can i get job?what r the subjects i hav to prepare throughly?plz reply me .ranadev05@gmail.com

#94 Pratheep

Hi i’m a 2009 passed out o quit my job and completed my testing course, please guide me in getting job and for my ISTQB exam…. 9751856061 is my contact,

#95 saba

how to answer this question.
Why you choose a career in software testing? and why not you join development?

#96 Sanjay

Hi All,
I need some advice from all of you. I have been thro some articles on Software testing on this site. Now I am a Oracle professional with 5-6 years exp in Oracle, SQL, UNIX, and 3 yrs US, UK onsite exp, but due to my personal reasons I took a break 3 yrs back and now after 3 years when I am trying to find a job in Oracle I am unable to get one.
Some of my friends advised me to go for Software testing career. I don’t mind changing my skills from Oracle to testing. So I have few questions please help me with these …
1. Do I need to change my skills from Oracle to testing or should I keep trying in Oracle.
2. If I am not getting a job in Oracle, will I get a job in testing as I will be a fresher in testing.
(in 3-4 projects I have done testing of whole application, I have done testing in US also.)
3. Now I am 42, and it will take atleast 2-3 yrs to be a good tester…so by 45 I will be in a good position in Software testing career. is it OK if I switch my skills at this age.

Can anybody give me tips on how to find a job after a gap.
thanks in advance.


Hi sir

i am working in bpo industry past 5 years. Now i am swift to my job in sotware testing. i am finished M.sc bio-chemistry in 2005. Because basicaly i am a life science graduate. It’s possible to enter in s/w tesing.
Now i am planned to join the s/w testing course. Please guide me.

#98 prashant

Could you Pl send me a “sample” of best resume as I can modify. Pl send me at prashant5b@rediffmail.com or prash_5b@yahoo.co.in

#99 Ameeth Singh


Can u please go through my Resume and advise if its good Resume or not. Plz email me on the above ID.

D. Ameeth Kishore Singh
Mobile: +91 9395148362

• A Competent Professional with 3+ years of experience in Software testing.
• Exposure to all stages of SDLC and STLC.
• Thoroughly involved in different types of testing like Smoke testing, Regression testing, Adhoc testing, System Integration Testing, Compatibility Testing , etc.,
• Good experience in Requirement Analysis, Test Case design, Test Case Reviews, Test Execution, Bug Reporting and Tracking.
• Knowledge in using the QC.
• Quick learner and excellent team player having the ability to meet tight deadlines.
• Experience in leading the Team.
• Have experience in Customer handling

? Quality oriented mind set-up.
? Test to Break attitude.
? Good communication and drafting skills.
? Good Team player in terms of co-ordination & co-operation.

• Post Graduate Diploma in “Management Information Systems and Computer Applications” from Osmania University (1998-2000)
• Bachelor of Science from Osmania University. (1994-1997)


• Dell International Services. (Aug 04 to Sept 10)
• Sri Chaitanya Infosys Ltd. (July 2000 to August 2004)

Manual testing : Test case design, Test case Review, Execution, Bug Tracking & Reporting.
Operating systems : MS Windows XP, 9x, 2000 server.

Functional Tools : QTP 9.2, Test Partner
Bug Tracking Tools : QC

PROJECTS PROFILE (In Reverse Chronological Order)

My Financials
Clients : Dell International – ANZ Collections
Duration : Oct’ 2008 till Sep ‘10
Environment : Java, J2EE, Html, JSP, Servlet, Java script, Windows XP,.
Team Size : 7
Role : QA Engineer (Group Lead)

This is web portal is a portal where customers of ANZ can view their account’s transactions online and also can log the promises, disputes if any which will reflect the Oracle application at collector’s end. The module which I worked in this project is on Valid Credentials to ensure that only the authorize Users can access to the Application and also to check that they could retrieve the invoice copies, log disputes and Promises.


• Understanding the Business requirements and Functional specifications.
• Performed Analysis of the requirements for the Enhancements to be done.
• Involved in preparation of Test Scenarios and Test Cases .
• Executing the Test cases.
• Performing Smoke Testing, System Testing & Regression Testing.
• Logging the defects in QC
• Retesting the failed test cases and make sure that defects are fixed.
• Attending weekly status update calls.
• Supporting the User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Clients : Dell International – ANZ Collections
Duration : Sep’ 2007 till Oct ‘2008
Environment : Java, J2EE, Html, JSP, Servlet, Java script, Oracle CRM, Windows XP,.
Team Size : 7
Role : QA Engineer (Group Lead)


This project is to automate the transactions of both Collections and Credit Control modules. Collections consists of sending automated reminders and Dunning letters to the customers by defining strategies on overdue transactions, logging unpaid reasons, disputes & promises by collector, and simultaneously assigning work items. The modules which I worked in this Project are Reminders and Dunning Letters.

Roles and Responsibilities

• Understanding & Analyzing Requirements.
• Preparation of test cases & Test Execution.
• Bug tracking, priority and reporting
• Interaction with the various component teams on regular basis to drive the team to get strategy to be followed as per the client and resolution of Defects respectively.
• Logging the defects in QC
• Attending weekly status update calls.

OMAR (Order Management Account Receivable)

Client : Dell International
Duration : Aug’ 2004 to Aug’ 2007
Environment : Java, J2EE, Html, JSP, Servlet, Java script, Oracle, Windows XP
Team Size : 10
Role : Credit Analyst.


• Maintaining Portfolio of 11 Million with more than 300 Customers.
• Contacting Business customers who have term accounts with DELL.
• Resolving Customer Concerns.
• Collecting Payments Maintaining good customer relations.
• Maintaining a Low DSO (Daily Sales Output)
• Maintaining a Low BDP (Bad Debt Provision)
• Liaising with Sales, Cash Applications and Customer Relations Associates to solve various customer concerns and ensuring a easy inflow of payments by the customers.
• Ability to make binding decisions with the proper management approval.
• Liaising with Credit analyst team with regards to requirements & reviews on the credit limit for the customers.
• Downloading Sales orders.
• Managing of collections portfolio within agreed Accounts Receivables practices, service levels and targets.
• Timely responsiveness to customers requests needs and requirements

#100 Shymala

Less than 50% Marks can i get job in IT? please advice me?

#101 Jayesh


Please let me know if there is any opening for software testing (fresher), mumbai.

Recently I have the testing course…

Let me know on my,
Email Id: jayeshkapdi@ymail.com


#102 M A

i have complited my training in software testing, i have passed my iseb foundation. i don’t have any job experience in software testing. all the jobs i have been seeing are experience based. how do i beggin. where do start when every company need experience to employ you. where do i get the experience. please guide me. thanks

#103 Bishnu Prasad

i have completed 1 year in Automation Testing and now i want to change my job. But i am not getting call that suits my job profile. I think this may be format of resume or CV as mentioned above. Can u suggest or send me any CV format. And what are all the points i have to mention in it.
Please reply to this mail.

Bishnu Prasad

#104 sayli kavle

Thanks a lot……
I have done B.E.(E&TC) , passed out in 2007 n done s/w testing course in may 2010 still not getting the job. Every where interviewer asks to me “why do you want to become tester, why not developer, why there is gap “. I tried to give answers to my best but i can see on there face that they are not satisfied. actually due to marriage and baby there is gap. So please guide me to give best answers so that i can convience to them in a better way. please help me. i really need the job. thank you.

#105 sayli kavle

please reply me on


#106 sarvesh

i m from non-it background.can i do career in software testing.please reply

#107 sarvesh

please reply and my mail id is

#108 chetan

i completed my btec entc.and completed software testing corse private institute. i m searching 4 job.can u send me how 2 made resume 4 software testing job.plz.
my mail id is

#109 cg

hi vijay……..
thanks for the article…..but please do suggest me. If i have non it work exp of 2 yrs. and i want my job in software testing field now…..and also i have cleared ISTQB foundation level exam.If i won’t get any call for intw…then what would be the reason. Even if i am from engineering background. Company calls me but when they get to know that i have non testing exp….they say we can’t consider you.
this is really annoyed.
give me some suggestion. because i know my resume format is correct, thats why they call up to me.what should i do insted of doing ISTQB for getting testing job.
reply me on

#110 Pallavi

Sir I had done m Btech in 2010….
Searching for job right now..
i had done ASP.NET,SQL,C++ but still not getting job
I am planning to do course of Software testing
shud i go for it?
plzzzzz guide me sir

#111 srinivasa rao.ancha

Could you Pl send me a “sample” of best resume as I can modify. Pl send me at “srinu.ancha48@gmail.com”


i have just completed my BE in Electronics and telecommunication … with less than 50% …
i recently doin software testing course ….
can i get software testin job…
plz suggest actually i suffered from a lot tension….
so plz……
i wnt to start my career…………

#113 Naresh


I have completed Software Testing course
I have good knowledge in Manual and Automation testing(QTP).
I am 2009 passed out.
I have 1.5 Years Exp in Telecom. There is no scope. so i decide to come on Software Testing.
when i am searching job they expecting only Experience in related field.

Suggest me WAT TO DO NEXT?
My Number: 09843576885

#114 Naresh


I have completed Software Testing course
I have good knowledge in Manual and Automation testing(QTP).
I am 2009 passed out.
I have 1.5 Years Exp in Telecom. There is no scope. so i decide to come on Software Testing.
when i am searching job they expecting only Experience in related field.

Suggest me WAT TO DO NEXT?
My Number: 09843576885
Mai ID: naresh.uu@gmail.com

#115 Sarika

I did BE in the year 2004 and worked for BPO company for more than 5 years. Now i decided to join software field, I done course on C,linux shell scripting, sql and manual testing. Since i don’t have experience in software field iam not getting job. suggest me what i should do to get job in software company.

#116 teja vardhan

basically am from EEE back ground am little bit afraid of the answer dat i have to give for a question like this
i would like to have an idea about this.
waiting for reply soon.

#117 Heena

hey vijay,
I have 1 doubt, please clarify it. I have taken 3 yrs gap between my 12th and Btech and i am btech in bioinformatics 2010 passout, i am planning to do diploma in software testing(1 month course) and then istqb certification, will my 3 yrs gap as mentioned earlier pose any hindrence in my recruitment in IT companies, Right now i am wrkin in a kpo.

#118 Balaji

hiiii seniors pleaseeeeeeeeee atlest you respond me now by sending best……. RESUMES……….for Software TEsting to……….

#119 shafali

I have done BCA (2010 pass out) and graduate diploma in IT. i have interest in testing field.Please suggest me about jobs and also suggest me about other fields as per my qualifications. I m very confused…please help me..

#120 shafali

I have done BCA (2010 pass out) and graduate diploma in IT. i have interest in testing field.Please suggest me about jobs and also suggest me about other fields as per my qualifications. I m very confused…please help me..


#121 fzs

I did M.sc in the year 2006 and worked for a IT company for more than 3 years with web reserch execative post. Now i decided to join software field,In my privious company i have done some manual testing but its not mentioned in my experience. Since i don’t have experience related with testing i am not getting job. suggest me what i should do to get job in software company.Do i go for some other companies experince with manual testing .
Plz reply asap ..waiting

#122 bipin

i really want to go for software testing but as i am a fresher i have no idea. so pls share me the advantage and disadvantage and the scope for software testing.



Please let me know if there is any opening for software testing (fresher), pune

Recently I have the testing course…

Let me know on my,
Email Id: ghogarejv@rediffmail.com


#124 prathibha

hi ,am prathibha,i did my B.Tech (Textiles) in 2004 and i completed my MBA(Finance) in 2006.i have 4 years exp in financial sector ,i have completed s/w testing course in 2010 and still not getting the job.am from non-IT background ,now i want to switch over to testing field.is it possible?pls suggest me.i really need a job.thank you

#125 venkat.v2806@yahoo.co.in

hi prathibha, scope international chennai is having opening in testing. kindy check….

#126 prabhakaran

hai,i am prabhakaran i doing my final year M.C.A can i get job in software testing.And can i get job in testing side .And how can i prepare my resume for applying testing job.

#127 Anna Marie cecilia

Kindly give me a copy of a good resume. So that I could update mine. Thank u.

#128 dinky

hello everybody
I have decided swithching my career from development to testing side..also i have joined institute.so how convince the interviewer for that?can company count my devlopment experience?

#129 Deep

Hi Vijay ,

i have done BTech(CS) & after that done MBA( HR). I am having exp of 3 yr in HR .
Now i want to change my career field & move into S/W testing.

Please suggest , will it be easy to change field

#130 ramu

all are correct, but one of the main reason is so many test engineers are born now a days .
It is a competition then some are not getting a job now a day’s.

#131 malvika

i am presently working with a telecom company into hardware testing , i dont feel it so good and comfortable as its too hectic , i have got a job in a BANKING DOMAIN ,, i want to know does testing in banking domain have scope now …and have same number of oppurtunity as before ,,, what is the scope int he future

#132 malvika

my email :-malvikashenoy88@gmail.com

#133 shubhangi talekar

hi, all d details given on this site are very useful, iam from electronics background, bt very much interested in s/w testing , i hv 1 year experience also. Now i want switch the current job . the problem th interviewers asks us y u switched the electronics backgnd & cuming in testing.
Please guide me to give a proper answer regarding this.
Thanks alot ..

#134 gaurav sharma

hello sir …
i have done my MCA from SMU university in 2010 and i have also done the course of software testing ..can u send me the gud copy of testing resume ..
my email=petersongaurav@yahoo.com

#135 Kumaravel

Hi sir
I am a BE computer science graduate ( 2008 Batch with 75%) and i am a physically challenged. Currently I am working in KPO.
I want to switch over to software testing. Im confident on my self. But others (interviewers) are not on me. WIll it be fit for me sir ?

#136 Kalyani

This website is very useful not only for freshers but for experienced proffessionals also. I am a BE graduate yr 2004. I am having 5 yrs of exp. in testing but right now i am a house wife and the gap is of 1 yr. I gave 4 interviews but couldnt crack it yet. I dont know how can i restart my career in testing. also is there any company can take trainee? I really want a job i testing.
Thanks for reading this.

#137 Sagar B

hii..Can software testing guy switch into SAP..?

#138 samson

Superb 10 points. can you please send the sample resumes for me. so that if i can rectify it.

#139 samson

Superb 10 points. can you please send the sample resumes for me. so that if i can rectify it.


#140 kumar

Hi all,

Myself kumar here, may i know is der openings for 2+ in testing. As i have gone through all 10 points but still im not getting calls,.. Is this bcoz of market or else when i accept der might be openings in which month??? My contract comes to end im very desperately looking fo change.. Plz help me out…


#141 Anil

Could you please send me sample resume for software testing job with 2 years of experience. Thanks in advance.

#142 suresh kumar

i have finished software testing course in feb -2011 but i am not still get software testing jobs. But i have working in NON IT. If any requirements Please send my MAIL-ID

#143 suresh kumar

Please send any sample Resume for non-IT exp with software testing course.

#144 hannah

Hi friends,
i have done software course recently and i am a non it student , passed out my P.G degree in 2005 .though i have no experience i have a passion is to work in software testing field. am i eligible for software testing jobs . anyone pls reply

#145 Madhan

Hi All,
I have finished my graduation in 2005 and now working in the e-publishing field. Where as, hereafter is it possible to learn software testing and join in some MNS company? Because i believe that i reached end point in my current field and even if i go ahead, not sure for will reach good position in future. So, i like switch my career. Please anyone respond for my question and mail me if someone came like my situation and joined in somewhere else as a SOFTWARE TESTING people. Thanks………..

#146 Mahesh Goud

Hi Vijay,
I need your attention please.
I have pursued graduation in 2006 and after that did a course from cdac university in wireless technologies. After so many hurdles i got job as j2me developer in small company in hyderabad. so everything was going great but after 6 months my manager assigned me with manual testing in brew based appln., which was like complete core manual(i used to get test cases & appln from client and i need to simply execute the test cases manually on diff handsets). This was for 6-8 months then as software crisis i lost the job in 2009 and now after all these years i am now planning to get into software testing.
As you mentioned in the above 10 reasons, I am facing the same problems but i very much interested in testing.
I really don’t know what to do right now?
can you please help me with this.
hoping for your reply bro

#147 preksha

no one cares for freshers when it comes to software testing.u see all the openings are for min 2 to 5 years . what should we do other than faking the experince atleast to get inside the interview room .do u have any other ways if yes pls suggest me one ? interviw is still far topic.

#148 Ramesh Jaya


my total experience 3 years, i joined company as software engineer. after one year i shifted to development side. Now again i am go back to testing job. is it possible.

#149 Umesh

I agree with all points which has been mentioned above.Could you please send sample resume so that I can modify it to the mail address master.umesh0787@gmail.com
And let me know the testing openings.I completed my MCA in the year 2011 and completed testing training.

#150 Zee

Look like all Indian asses. Frankly speaking software testing can be done by anyone with and without programming knowledge. Don’t be disheartened with their discussion.

#151 Jobseeker


I have 6+ years of SOftware Testing experience in smae company.Now planning to change my job for personal reasons.But I noticed that Im not getting calls even for interviews.Can you please guide me what must be wrong?


#152 Success

I have 3.5 yrs experience in manual testing and trained in selenium.I am trying to switch the company but not getting any calls.I have updating my resume since March and there are no calls for the Skill set.Please suggest why there are no calls for software testing skill set?

#153 Kalpesh

Hi Vijay
I am mentioning one important reason to “why not getting software testing job ” is COMMUNICATION. its my own experice .

#154 kiran

Hello Sir,
Am very much intrest to read these type of “ARTICLES” bcoz it helps a lot for fresher who r entering into s/w field . Even we can sugesst the students by taking these points .


#155 Meenakshi

I have no IT backgrd infact Iam an arts student with 5 yrs of Bpo exp..nw hv dn a course in testingfrom seeds bt not sure wether will I be able to crak d intrv. Plz guide me as I knw d concepts nd undstd bt not very sure how to deliver nd wat shld be my ans if intrvwr asks me dat y u wish to be a tester y did you choose it so late

#156 Sushma

I have 6 yrs work experience in non IT, I recently joined software testing.courses, is it easy to learn since i am from non IT background

#157 Sumit

Hey hi
i dont hVE JOB COZ OF 6,7,10 POINTS U MENTIONED could u plz guide m wt to do…
i do my home work before every interview bt its of no help
Guide m plz im in a v urgent requirement of job

#158 Joseph Gomes


I am from non IT background but have huge in Software testing. I am looking forward to join certification Software testing course which includes manual testing, automation, QTP etc. Even if I adopt myself into the software testing, don’t I have the right chance of making a career in that?

Please guide me..

#159 Akansha

It matches my criteria… It opend my eyes :P

#160 priyanka

Thank you Vijay. Good Article…

#161 Rich


I have done testing coarse from reputed institution. i am 3 years experience , got hands dirty in various domain in same company, core things i have worked n,having very good concepts of manual testing and good knowledge in automation, linux and sql as well.also, i have been good solution provider in software design and product test as well. i have given interview total 9 companies by now. still failed to get offer. while interview i get good comments about my performance. some says can not hier with this package, some says requirement on hold.i am getting frustrate and feeling like i wil never get the job change .

#162 jl

Very nice article. i m also searching for job in testing.

#163 jl

Plz guide me in getting software testing job i dont any guidence n how to an interview. I hv lot of fear.snd any interview questions.
this is my mail id :jaya.menni@gmail.com

#164 aneel

Hi.vijay.please respond to me immediately I have one quiery. my educational qualification is diplam mechanical. I have passed out 2001.past experience is total GIS domain in Bpo company. now I have quit the job.I have iterest to join in software testing.please suggest to me.I am eligible for software testing or not.my future is so confusion. if the company’s are taken diploma holders in testing domain?
my email id: aneel.shaik@gmail.com

#165 neha

hi i am fresher (2014) and i have done with software testing course can anyone tell me that which course should i do in support of testing (like linux, SQl etc) so i can get job.
Please anyone suggest me my email id: nups.creation@gmail.com

#166 kartik

I have done BA and as well as one year computer course also . I know something about programming . in the sense i know little bit about C and C++ programming . so shall i eligible for “Software Testing Course” ?

#167 Fiona Fernandes


I have 4+yrs of experience in manual testing(utilities domain) and i have also executed test cases in automation testing.I wanted to know is there any certification required & if yes which one would be the correct option to go with?

#168 sasi

i don’t know software companies works .i am fresher.how do u improve my skills

#169 kavita

hi, am kavitha. i was completed my Btech (IT) in 2010. After dat i worked for 6 months. Then i move to searching for a banking jobs… no exams should be cleared. now again concentrate on private sector. i only know the basic knowledges of c c++ dotnet…. pls guide me for my carreer… if any courses i need to study means please mention dat course …..look forward for ur kind reply… thanks…

#170 suvarna

i have 8 + experiance in accounts related job, i want to switch & go for software testing , i have done my software testing cource in 2013 , is it possible to get job now to me?.

#171 Raj

There are a lot, a lot of people in software testing.
Nobody cares how you work, there are more than 10 freshers in line to join the workforce. Software testing is a shit job, but yeah its not like everyone can do it.

#172 ganga

I m BE CSE 2006 pass out..I had wworked in IT for.2 years
After marriage I had worked with a private bank….but I cudnt work once I got a baby. .now I habe a gap of 3.5 years…but really want to start working…is it gud to do testing course to get into the software industry again…will this gap matters even if I do course…pkz help me on this sir…

#173 ganga

I m BE CSE 2006 pass out..I had wworked in IT for.2 years
After marriage I had worked with a private bank….but I cudnt work once I got a baby. .now I habe a gap of 3.5 years…but really want to start working…is it gud to do testing course to get into the software industry again…will this gap matters even if I do course…pkz help me on this sir…

#174 kiran

10 points good

Could any one please send me the sample CV. im thinking this may be one of the reason that my CV is not shorlisting


#175 Charlie M

I’m finding it extremely difficult to get a reply from any company I submit a resume to.

Yes, I’m from non-IT background and now want to switch to software testing, and no, don’t have practical examples to explain and support my answers.

But I’m 26 years old, computer efficient (PC hardware, OS’s, game modding, etc…) and ready, willing, and eager to learn. I’ve taken a class (QA101), read blogs, watched countless Youtube videos, but without somebody taking a risk and hiring me I get no opportunity to exercise my testing vocabulary and put these concepts into practice – especially important for interviews.
Naturally my resume doesn’t have enough content to fill half a page.

This list was great, but WHAT DO WE DO WITH IT. “You have no experience”, I know! But I can’t get any valuable experience a hiring manager will consider unless I get hired.

It’s the age old paradox. Can’t get hired without experience. Can’t get experience unless hired.

Someone, ANYONE, please tell me how to fool the hiring managers and get an interview.


#176 Sowmiya

I am finding difficult to know the interview opportunities even after registered my profile in all top job portals.

I dont have friends working in different MNC to tell about where the interviews are going.

#177 yallappagouda

its good for fresher ,who have know about BCA background please tell me what i will do next ,and i want job but don’t know about software .

My no. 7353271438, and
Mail id. yallappagouda.dsf11b@detedu.org, or abhibhavi136@gmail.com .

#178 raheem

Hi,i m a network protocol testing engineer..if anybdy is willing to learn plz contact zframez technologies..that guy teaches you everything abt testing..n most of d guys placed fr MNCs..caution:100% not sure..

#179 Nalini Acharya

Hi,,, i’m from non IT background.. worked in BPO operations sector, wanna switch career to software testing. gonna join NIIT, will it help start my career,, im worried plz suggest

#180 asmita

i am interest in sql bt getting chances to do testing engenerring job should i accept it???

#181 Anish

i am from non-IT background working for a BPO and planned to change my carrer to IT in software testing. Pls advise me whether this helps me in getting the job easily.

#182 Supriya

not able to see my comments

#183 Aditi

please help me. i am B.E 2010 passout in computer science stream . its 5 years gap now i want to do job so please guide me . how to startup with job without having experience .

#184 John

I currently work as a software tester, for 4 years and have had interviews for two other testing roles since being in this field.
The first firm thought I was overqualified and I would be bored, and the second firm thought I needed more experience.
Can’t win!

#185 Ashraful

Hi , I am from non IT background. I am 12th passed . Can i do Software Testing course?
Can i easily get a job after this job? please advice me .

#186 deepak

hii can i get job in software testing if my % is less than 50 in 12th . i have good knowledge of software testing . but i don’t get any call from any company

#187 Arun

I have passed MCA in 2010,but i am interesting in software testing.So please advice me which Tools is better like QTP or Selenium or Load,Security and Network Testing.

#188 miami

Hi.. i have done MCA, 2016 passout with 78%… now i am currently working in a IT company as a Software Quality Assurance(QA) Tester.. Its a really good job. Testing is basically done in manual testing and automation testing using various tools….
So, those guys who are planning to go in software testing line, just go for it….
good luck:)

#189 Vinay

U mentioned above the point is really good if I talk about me than I never study and i always thought of job but instead of this we hard work in studies job automatically came to us if we require skills of that job but for that we have to struggle for them

#190 Akash

Sir,i gave many interviews but till now i didnt get a job because my communication is not good thats by they rejected me and other hand i have good knowledge of software testing process like SDLC & STLC & Bug Life Cycle so i thought communication is major reason of getting job.
For my point of view it is the biggest reason of getting testing job and with my currunt experience .So plz give e your view and suggetion for me .
other hand i fulfilled your 10 reason of getting job nut till now i am jobless.
Right now i am thinking developement is better for get job compare to testing job for whoever communication is not good.

#191 Ajay

CAn someone get me a job in software testing

#192 neeraja

hi sir,
iam neeraja.recently i completed testing tools course along with automation.i have 3 years gap . i preoared my resume also.but iam somuch of tense to upload resume.plz suggest me how earn knowleadge in testing.how to face interviews to keep fake experience in resume

#193 Sree

I love to read your articles and I like your way of explanations.as you said I wanted to switch software testing career with fake experience but my problem is even i have technology background i am not able to learn things.it is very difficult to learn programming languages like selenium (javascript).could you please help what are main factors should i learn to crack the interview and to settle in software testing.I learnt oracle sql,Manual testing and selenium but still I am not perfect in those.What should I do and how will i get the job.I hope you will answer for this.I worked before in BPO for 4 years.however boring with that career.Your answer fulfil my dreams.please give me the answer.
Thank you so much for everything you do for us.

#194 Azeem

I am trying to learn Software Testing But My Qualification Is HSC Passed 12 Std.Can I get the job.Because I am check Naukri.com indeed.com they only give job to b.e b.tech or Any Graduated student only..This Is worth for me or I leave it

#195 Saroja

Hi sir , I am 35 years old and I am working in sales and distribution of a FMCG company I want to shift my career to software testing is it good option to me plz suggest me

#196 suresh

Hi Team

i have completed diploma and 2 year experience in manual testing and now
i don’t have diploma original certificate, can you any one give information is that original certificate required or not for future interviews

#197 joe

200% wrong if this was the case I will not see fake people in team, I have seen very few managers going by skillets, all the rest takes them for some reason and people who hard earned the job get the worst like training them, backing them , guiding them and finally see them promoted.

#198 robin khandelwal

I am a mechanical engineer having 9 years experience in different areas of mechanical engineering and want to shift my profile in software testing, kindly suggest.

#199 mihir

i am a MBA – finance and want to go into testing ….. so can you suggest me the reason that why did i changes field from finance to testing….!!!!!!!!

#200 rashmi

I am working as a manual tester since from 4 years in a same company, I have learnt selenium, but not able to work on it as manual work is more & due to some politics in office, can I make i switch now, if I make a switch in which domain it would be good – to manual or to automation ?


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