Software Testing Certifications

As a test engineer or QA engineer, it is very important to have at least one of the Software testing certifications. This will help to broaden the software testing knowledge, also helpful for testing employees to get the promotion in their respective field in large MNC’s.

Here I am listing some important software testing certifications:
See the description to know why should one go for the respective certification.

CQA-Certified Quality Analyst:
For the Professional level of competence in the principles and practices of quality assurance in the IT profession.

CSTE-Certified Software Test Engineer:
Intended to establish standards for the initial qualification and provide direction for the testing function through an aggressive educational program.

CSTP- Certified Software Test Professional:
To teach individuals from different disciplines sound and effective testing techniques and methods and to certify them as Software Testing Professionals.

CQE- Quality Engineer Certificate:
CQE is designed for those who understand the principles of product and service quality evaluation and control.

Quality Manager Certification:
For those who understand quality principles and standards in relation to organization and human resource management

CSQE- Certified Software Quality Engineer:
CSQE is designed for those who have a comprehensive understanding of software quality development and implementation; have a thorough understanding of software inspection and testing, verification, and validation; and can implement software development and maintenance processes and methods

CQIA- Quality Improvement Associate Certificate:
CQIA is designed to assess basic knowledge of quality tools and their uses by individuals who are involved in quality improvement projects but do not necessarily come from traditional quality areas.

To apply for any of the certification or to know more in detail about any certification you can refer following links:

ASQ American society for quality Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE)
American society for quality Quality Improvement Associate
SSBB Six sigma black belt certification
ISEB Qualification in software testing
ISTQB Certified tester International software quality institute
Mercury tools certifications
CSQA Certified software quality analyst
Rational certifications
Segue tools certifications

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#1 Vijay

Here are the links where you can find more about these certifications




#2 Trupti Gandhi

Thanks for giving very valuable information

i want to know in very deep about QA Certification
Actully i had done DOEACC B LEVEL and i want to go for QA Cert… so at the initial stage which Certification is better for me??
and i want to clearify you that currently i m working on WEB Application testing so i want to gain cerfication only or specailisted for web application

#3 Vinodhkumar

Can u tell me some certification in testing which is cheap.These certifications seem to be very costly.

#4 Sarathi

I’m a fresher with MCA, i’m interesting to do some certification in Testings. How can i?

#5 seetha

Hi All,

In brainbench you have some certification like Software Testing and Software quality assurance which is cheap than other certifications,

Complete portions are displayed in the website,

#6 Meenakshi


Can anyone refer some links or provide sample questions related to Certification in Testing..

#7 Manu


Can anyone refer me some sample papers related to istqb certification in testing

#8 Meenakshi

Hi Vijay,

Please let me know what is the subjective question – we do have four papers (2 objective types and 2 subjective types)


#9 deepa

i want to know in which website do i get sample question papers of testing

#10 vidhya

what certification is the best to do for a test manager?

#11 Santhosh

I want to know in which site I can get previous question papers regarding software testing.Also thanks for providing the information regarding testing exam procedure.

#12 priya


Vijay your doing a great job. The information you provide is very helpful.

I am working as a Software tesing Trainee. I am supposed to take up a Certification course. I am very confused as to i should take up CSPT or any other certification???? Please guide me as to which is the best course and one happening in the industry.

#13 Sandeep

Hi Vijay

There is a certification “CSTM – Software Certified Test Manager”. Just wanted to know the authenticity of the cerificate and the value in current market.


#14 Sreenivas

Could you pls let me know how to do the certifications on Testing at free of cost?

#15 mohan

can i know what are the further levels of a software tester as like in devolpment they have >software devolper>pl >pm>deliveri maneger>&further


could u please say whethet CSTE or ISTQB is better option. and its details and some links .Thanks

#17 Raj

Hai Vijay could u please say whether CSTE or ISTQB or CSTP is better option. and its details and some links .Thanks plz do reply ASAP

#18 Shobha

could I know that, It is possible to do online Mannual Testing job from home?If possible, please tell me the ways.Thanks

#19 Anupama

Hi Vijay,

Can you please provide previous year question papers. As it will be easy to prepare for those who r taking the exams.


#20 pappu

Hi Raj n Shilpa,
U both have asked the same question. Here is the answer. CSTE certification for experienced people n ISTQB for inexperienced people. ISTQB is foundation level exam for people who dont have experience. If you have experience go for CSTE.

#21 Jitendra Nath

@ Pappu

Its not tat CSTE certification is for experienced ppl & ISTQB is for inexperienced ppl. There r many experienced ppl who r still unable to clear the ISTQB foundation level. It all depends on the representing or reproducing levels of his/her knowledge and especially the hardwork tat the individual does for the exam preparation.

I request all the bloggers to provide perfect guidance or help in this type of discussions. Remember tat the information tat we pass to others helps them to shape their CAREER. So, no flaw statements pls.

#22 Megha

IS ISTQB Exam certification help

#23 Vimal

I’m currently doing UAT env. testing,so what certication will me for my career and i can prefer.

#24 Vimal

I’m currently doing UAT env. testing,so what certication will help me for my career and i can prefer.

#25 deepak

please tell me free certification course in software

#26 shubhangi

could I know that, It is possible to do online Mannual Testing job from home?If possible, please tell me the ways. please explain. Thanks.



#28 Shalini

Hi Vijay,
I came to know abut this site jus few days back.but it helped me lot by giving me answers to so many questions. i wrote the ISEB-ISTQB dual certification exam. but i couldnt pass it two times. can you suggest me some book or site which can help me?

#29 A Alam


Atlast! i found a great help through this website, many thanks for this.Iam new to IT field & you have mentioned it is necessary to have at least 18months of exp to apply for a certification.Iam verymuch interested in pursuing my career in Software testing.Please suggest me how to goahead.

Thanks & regards,
A Alam

#30 ajay jain

what is slice based testing? can anybody help me…

#31 ajay jain

cn anybody give me da link for da follwoing topics….
slice based testing, domain testing and why testing is so hard?

#32 stee


I want to be proficient in QTP.
please let me know a good book to have hands on experience in QTP.

#33 Pankaj Munjal

Dear Ajay,

Answer to your questions:

Slice Based Testing:
In some systems, you can control the grain of switching between tasks or processes. The size of the time quantum that you choose can make race bugs, time-outs, interrupt-related problems, and other time-related problems more or less likely. Of course, coverage is an difficult problem here because you aren’t just varying time-slice settings through every possible value. You also have to decide which tests to run under each setting. Given a planned set of test cases per setting, the coverage measure looks at the number of settings you’ve covered.

Domain testing:

Domain testing can be described as functional testing where the test bed and test cases are prepared based on the business/functional flow of the application.

#34 HMTs

I’m new to this site..
First ,thanx to all for helping each other…
I’m in final year of MCA (pune) & intrested in s/w testing .
i got information about these courses but will u give starting point so that I can start my careers Preparation right now. Also How is careers growth in s/w testing….
plz reply sooooon…
Thanx in advance…..

#35 Ansi

Hello everyone….

Can anyone provide me sample papers for Brainbench certification for software Testing

#36 somebody mail me the sample papers

i m preparing for ISTQB (foundation level) exam….can somebody plz mail me the sample papers or send me the links whre i can get them…thankx in advance

#37 manu

sir i want to know what is the eligibilty criteria for software testing course

#38 Fernando Avirez

Thanks for the listing with the links.

#39 sakil

From where can i find the material for Certified Software Tester (CST) certification?

The certification link is

Please help.

#40 neha

i have done mca and now interested in software testing course ,which certifcation course is better for me and what is the course fee ?And also want to know that mca is suitable for doing this course or should only take development field thanks

#41 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Neha (#42),
Why to waste fresher period for certifications?
Just hunt a job as a fresher, Then you can go ahead with any number of certifications.

What to do with certifications – If no job in hand?
Just think. Because its not that much easy to get a job once you complete your fresher period, Though you’ve many certifications in hand. Simple.

Good luck.

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer.
“Law of win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in the best way”.

#42 Mithun

Hi all
I have started my career as a manual testing.So for freshers is there any certification that I can do now???

#43 karthika


i have 1.5 years experiance in manual testing.i’m planned to do certification exam. can u tell me the which is best course.. pls mail me

#44 venkat.v

Hi Karthika,

There are some levels to take certification exams. its depends on your experience. upto 4yrs of exp u can attend ISQTB/CSTE.


#45 vikrant

I am interesting in build my career in S/W testing.
I am preparing for ISTQB foundation level exam.
“”The problem is should I able to give this exam I am pursuing my””
please , guide me..

#46 rajeev

i am doing btech computer science engg. 2nd year any one please tell me have any need for me.and which course is better for me like guy .whats abt course fee .is it available in cochin india . or need to move any other place…

#47 pramod jadhav

Hi All,
I am working in reputed BPO industry on Sr CSE post ,
but i want to switch on S/w testing field can anybody guide me for testing certification, i gone throug ISTQB site but unable to find exam location and date for the same for foundation level exam.
thank you

#48 Ganesh

Nice information about software testing certifications.
Thanks for Sharing.

#49 Jamie Mitchell

What is missing from the body of this site are the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certifications. Since ISTQB has the largest number of testers certified in the world, this is quite an oversight. The following are their certifications:

CTFL (Certified tester foundation level)
CTAL (Certified tester advanced level)

The latter one is actually split into 3 parts:

ATM (Advanced test manager)
ATA (Advanced test analyst)
ATTA (Advanced technical test analyst)

More information can be found at

#50 Deepa

I am a sr. software tester with 4+ yrs of exp. I have a gap of 3 yrs now but i am back in track with my new job as a tester. I would like to do certification to improve credibility and to update my knowledge. please guide me and suggest which certification is best for me.

#51 Tester

Hi Deepa I think you should do course “CSQE- Certified Software Quality Engineer” which is best and helpful for you more in career……..

#52 Sipendra

What is the fee in India for following certifications:

#53 vasu(vasanth)

This site s very helpful to those who r in sw testing field and also beginers of sw testing.. Thanks a lot..

#54 Gajanan

Can anyone refer me some sample papers related to istqb certification in testing


is it good to search job frst rather thn to do any certification course in java or testing or smethng else???can anybody suggest meplz as soon as possible?

#56 Arghodip Roy

Hello friends, here you can get help about testing and ISTQB certifications.

#57 Vijaya

Hi, I am having 4+ years of manual testing and beginner level of automation testing (rational robot) exp. But due to H4 visa I had 5 yrs of gap now. Want to revive my career. Please someone suggest me which certification should be good for me n how to proceed my career now.

#58 Soumya

HI ,I am having 3 yrs of experience in manual testing. I want to do some certifications in Testing Please anybody suggest which certification is good for testing now a days and what is the scope.Please do mail me the details.Thanx in advance

#59 Ramu

Hi Vijay

There is a certification “CSTM – Software Certified Test Manager”. Just wanted to know the authenticity of the cerificate and the value in current market.


#60 shwetali


I m new joinee in MNC company. i m intrested in Software testing and i want to do certification in testing. but i m confused which testing course will hepl me to get better company and will help me in y carrier.

thank you

#61 vijay

We are providing the training for CMAT certified mobile app tester.

IMTQN Certified Mobile Application Tester (CMAT) – mobile app certification
Better Quality gives Better Quality Assurance…

Choose your career as Mobile test Engineer and do mobile app certification.

What is Mobile Application Testing:
Mobile Application Testing is a process by which application software developed for hand held mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability and consistency. Mobile applications either come pre-installed or can be installed from mobile software distribution platforms. Mobile devices have witnessed a phenomenal growth in the past few years. A study conducted by the Yankee Group predicts the generation of $4.2 billion in revenue by 2013 through 7 billion U.S. smartphone app downloads.
Variety of Mobile Devices: Mobile devices differ in screen sizes, input methods (QWERTY, touch, normal) with different hardware capabilities
Diversity in Mobile Platforms/OS: There are different Mobile Operating Systems in the market. The major ones are Android, IOS, BREW, BREWMP, Symbian, Windows 7.5 Mango, and Blackberry (RIM). Each operating system has its own limitations. Testing a single application across multiple devices running on the same platform and every platform poses a unique challenge for testers.
The IMTQN Certified Mobile Application Tester is a one who is well versed with Mobile Application Testing.
The field of mobile testing is popular these days. The IMTQN Certified Mobile Application Tester (CMAT) – Foundation Level Certification involves both device testing as well as application and software testing to assure you a better prospects in the field of Mobile Testing.
Many of us think about pursuing a career in this field of testing. Starting from a beginner in this domain to becoming an expert, the IMTQN Certified Mobile Application Tester (CMAT) – Foundation Level Certification is interesting and helpful to know what could be the different questions that are asked to people by an employer while selecting them for various positions in the mobile testing field such as a software tester.
This process of testing includes a set of activities from monitoring and troubleshooting the mobile application to content and services on the real handsets. Testing is nothing but the verification and validation of hardware devices and software applications.
How is mobile application testing different from mobile testing?
When you are asked to do mobile testing, you must test the mobile phone itself. It may include protocol testing, battery testing, network connectivity testing, software compatibility testing and more.
On the other hand, mobile application testing is to test applications and software built for the mobile phones. In this case, the application needs to be tested to verify whether it meets the specified functional and non-functional requirements.

IMTQN Certified Mobile Application Tester (CMAT) – Training Exam Code: CMAT-001
What is Mobile Application Testing?
Benefits of Mobile Application Testing
The Mobile Boom
The Mobile Boom: Facts and Figures
Types of Mobile Application Testing
Functional Testing
Laboratory Testing
Memory Leakage Testing
Interrupt Testing
Usability testing
Installation testing
Certification Testing
Load testing
Interface Testing
Mobile Testing Challenges for Native Applications
Why It’s Tough: The Soaring Expectations of Users
Why Failing Hurts
Key Questions
Common Functional Issues for Mobile
From The Experts: Functional Testing Tips
Functional Issues to Consider in the Dev Phase
Mobile Testing Challenges for Web Applications
Devices: The Biggest Mobile Testing Challenge
Network: A Regional Challenge
Network Bypass
Real Networks
Scripting: The Repeatability Challenge
Common Mobile Security Issues
Common Mobile Localization Issues
Why is Localization So Important?
Why is Localization So Difficult?
The Rise of Mobile Web
Mobile Web vs. Native Apps: Differences in Testing
The Future: Mobile Web Plus Native Apps
The Distant Future: Hybrid Apps
Test Sourcing Options: Lab + Wild
Emulators & Simulators
From Surviving to Thriving: Your Strategy Moving Forward
Points to remember while performing mobile application testing
The real challenges that Quality Analyst would be facing while testing Mobile Application
Introduction to Mobile Streaming

#62 amit

I have total 4+ years of experience in software testing. manual + automation. Worked on selenium tool and currently working on Robotframework. I didn’t do any certification yet. Lookin to do some certification in QA technical and management level. Thanks in advance.

#63 dilip

Heloo m be in extc pass out in 2015….I want to make my career in software testing…can u suggest mee…where to get this certification from mumbai …n as a fresher how much salary I will get…

#64 Lisa Boden

I found some sample questions here:

Someone had asked about practice questions.


#65 Gaurav Khurana

it would be good if you can write a post for certifications which are just related to tools

#66 Acrostic

Testing testing testing
Endlessly testing
Since morning
Testing everything

#67 adi

hi , i m adi . i want to start my carrier in software testing so plz help me how to start from where to start

#68 Jack

Hi ,
WASD is another certification for software tester dealing with the security concerns of an application.Provided by Hack2Secure a newly start up company.Its certification cover global security standards.
If u are wishing to start a career or a professional in Secure software testing then i would say u can rely on it and have career uplift benefits.

#69 Magdy Hanna

You guys realize that your all focused on what I call exam-based certifications, where you get awarded the certification by merely passing an exam? what good does this do for you? what does it teach you. Does passing an exam really gives you anything that helps you do a better job in your projects? Even if you were to take a prep course, does the prep course teach you anything that you could possibly use to perform better? perhaps, only if you are lucky enough to get a prep course from someone who is willing to deviate from the rigid body of knowledge to teach you something useful, but, then you have a lesser chance to pass the test. Most certification exam prep courses are mainly focusing on helping you pass the test than to help you learn anything that helps you. Of course, by now some of you will say I am trying to sell certifications from the International Institute for Software Testing. I really do not care to convene any one to take certifications from IIST. IIST certifications are valued by government and companies who invest in thir people to improve their skills not just to give them a piece of paper. I am only shocked at how blinded we became. There are certification providers out there who gives you one hour exam and charging you couple hundred dollars and certify you. Is this how we want to advance our repression. I am not surprised when I hear some hiring mangers saying that some certifications are not worth the paper they are written on. If you have a different opinion, share it with us here or even better, join me on my webinar on certifications this Thursday October 5th.

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