[FIXED] Unable To Install iOS 15 Update? Quick Fix In 2023

Is your iPhone update to iOS 15 stuck and you are unable to install the iOS 15 update? Read this guide to fix it with one of the best iPhone repair toolkits, Wondershare Dr.Fone:

iPhone users have been anticipating the new iOS 15 updates for iPhone 6s and newer devices for quite some time now.

Announced in July 2021, the fresh version promised to introduce new features and address complaints that have plagued previous versions of Apple devices for far too long. Its released beta version already exhibited immense promise and generated enough positive buzz around its imminent launch.

Now that iOS 15 has been pulled out of its beta version, we finally have a definite answer to whether or not it holds up to those high expectations.

Understanding Install IOS 15 Update Problems

[FIXED] Unable to install iOS 15 update

Let’s begin by talking about the new features, the most prominent of which include:

  • Upgraded FaceTime with fresh additions like Spatial Audio, Portrait Mode, FaceTime meetings, and SharePlay.
  • Get more information with new widgets.
  • New and improved App Library with easy to navigate view.
  • Better Privacy and Security with an indicator that alerts you when an app is using a camera or microphone.
  • The weather app upgraded with a new design, which includes a new visually appealing look for climate maps as well.
  • The Siri-generated voice sounds more natural.
  • People tagged in the photo app are easily identifiable with the help of the new feature HomeKit.
  • New Safari can translate websites into 7 different languages.

That being said, while the new update introduces some major improvements, multiple users have reported several issues with their iPhone devices, ranging from mild to severely frustrating.

If you are an iPhone user who plans to upgrade your device with the new iOS 15, it would be beneficial to know what type of issues you can expect to face and what measures you can take to fix them immediately.

This article will walk you through all the well-known issues that have been found in the new version until today. We will also show you how to fix those issues without a hassle with one of the best iPhone repair toolkits in the software market today –  Wondershare Dr.Fone.

Common Install iOS 15 Update Problems

Issues during the latest updates are common occurrences. This is also the case with the new iOS 15 updates. Users who tried to transition from iOS 14 to the latest version have reported several issues, some more severe than others.

For starters, most iPhone users are complaining about being unable to install the new OS. They’ve found their installation process being interrupted midway due to various reasons.

Here are some common problems that may occur while upgrading your iPhone to iOS 15:

  • iOS 15 software update server could not be contacted.
  • Stuck at Verifying iOS 15 Update.
  • An error occurred while installing iOS 15.
  • iOS 15 Update Failed.
  • iOS 15 Download stuck.

Hard resetting the phone when such an issue arises is said to work. However, the solution isn’t a guaranteed fix.

Even after you have successfully downloaded and installed the new operating system, you may find your phone’s system not functioning properly or encounter issues that further aggravate your user experience.

Complaints about misbehaving apps like issues with Touch ID, Face ID, iMessage, CarPlay, and AirPlay are quite common among iPhone users who’ve already moved their devices to iOS 15.

Some first and third-party apps have been attributed to abnormal levels of battery drain after the upgrade. Spotify, in particular, announced that their app is one application causing battery drain on iOS 15 devices.

Problems with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have also been reported wherein an iPhone is having trouble finding an active connection. A bug has also been detected that deletes saved photos. Moreover, touch issues such as the iPhone display not responding to swipes and gestures have been reported as well.

Other issues like iPhone stuck in a boot loop, frequent OS freeze, and crashes are also quite prevalent in newly upgraded iPhones. All of these problems are just the tip of the iceberg as the number of issues will inevitably rise as more people transition to iOS 15.

Don’t like iOS 15? Wish to downgrade to iOS 14 instead!

The issues found in iOS 15 can be overwhelming for some users. It is understandable if you want to downgrade your device’s software to immediately get rid of the bugs and performance issues. As Apple is still signing on to iOS 14.8, it is possible to switch back to the latest version of iOS 14 to escape the problems posed by iOS 15.

You can do so either with the help of iTunes or opt for a considerably convenient alternative as Wondershare’s Dr.Fone (more on this later). You will continue to receive security updates and quick fixes for bugs on the iOS 14 version as of now.

Solve iPhone Update Problems: Tips And Tricks

Aside from downgrading your iPhone, there are plenty of other tricks you can try to find a quick solution to your iPhone update problems. If you are having trouble downloading and installing the new OS, you can try hard resetting your phone, Toggle WiFi, checking your network status, update iPhone via iTunes, etc

If you are technically skilled, then we also recommend resetting network settings, deleting old iOS profiles, erasing all phone data, or trying manual and OTA updates.

Apple itself has come out and promised to launch a fix to all reported bugs as soon as possible. In keeping true to their promise, they also launched the beta iOS 15.1 version which solved some of the reported issues. That said, we still do not know when a permanent fix to the problems of iOS 15 will be available.

Suffice to say, we do not know how long the wait will be and the tricks mentioned above may ultimately prove insufficient.

Fortunately, there is a straightforward solution to all iOS 15 update problems, a solution that is far more convenient and effective than any of the tricks mentioned above.

 Wondershare Dr.Fone: Features To Fix Update Problems


Wondershare’s Dr.Fone is, unquestionably, an ideal all-in-one toolkit for all sorts of iOS-related repair and recovery solutions. It can solve every perceivable issue that you either will or can hope to encounter while updating your device to iOS 15.

Let’s look at all of Dr.Fone’s features and understand how they can fix an issue with your iPhone’s iOS 15 update.

#1) System Repair

Dr.Fone’s System Repair allows you to fix a variety of iOS issues that might hinder your device’s upgrade to iOS 15. With this feature, you can help your device recover from almost all types of iOS-related system issues with no loss of data.

It can help you fix typical iOS problems like the white & black screen of death, iPhone boot loop, iPhone stuck in recovery mode, device freeze, and much more in just a couple of simple steps. Moreover, you can also use its ‘Repair’ module to quickly update your device to iOS 15.

Here is how to fix iPhone boot loop with Dr.Fone.

The process to initiate System Repair with Dr.Fone is also very simple. Follow these steps below:

#1)Launch Dr.Fone on your device, select ‘System Repair’, and connect the iPhone to your computer.

Launch Dr.Fone

#2) Choose between Standard and Advanced Mode of Repair. Please note, that the Standard mode can fix most iOS issues without data loss. The Advanced Mode is for more serious issues and will erase your iPhone’s data in the process of fixing it.

 Standard and Advanced Mode of Repair

#3) Choose your iPhone’s model and download the firmware.

download the firmware

#4) Once done, click the ‘Fix Now’ button and wait until your phone restarts with upgraded OS and is ready for use.

We recommend Dr.Fone’s System Repair if the iOS 15 upgrade results in some of your apps misbehaving as well.

Furthermore, you can also turn to Dr.Fone’s ‘Repair’ tool if you dislike the new iOS 15 update and would like to downgrade to iOS 14. To do so, simply follow the below steps:

  • Launch Dr.Fone, select System Repair, and connect the iPhone, iPad, or iPod you want to downgrade.
  • Select Standard Mode to ensure your data isn’t lost once your device is downgraded.
  • Select the iPhone model and choose iOS 14 as the firmware you want to download.
  • Let the firmware download, after which you must click ‘Fix Now’.
  • Once fixed, your phone will restart with the newly installed iOS 14.

#2) Data Recovery

We’ve already mentioned how the new upgrade might cause your device to lose all of its data. As frequent system crashes are also a commonly reported issue of iOS 15, you can expect to lose some or all data stored in your device.

Fortunately, Dr.Fone’s ‘Data Recovery’ module can restore all types of lost data from your iPhone, such as photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, and more.

To initiate Data Recovery, proceed with the following steps:

#1) Launch Dr.Fone, select ‘Data Recovery’, and connect your iPhone.

Data recovery

#2) Select the type of files you want to recover and press ‘Start Scan’.

Start Scan’

#3) Once the scan is complete, you get a preview of all files recovered. Select all or some files you want to recover and export them to your iPhone or computer by either choosing ‘Recover to Device’ or ‘Recover to Computer’.

Recover to Computer

#3) Phone Backup And Restore

Aside from fixing issues with your iOS 15, Dr.Fone also helps prepare your phone for the ensuing update. Before any update, it is highly recommended to back up your device in case the upgrade leads to data loss. It offers one of the simplest ways to back up iPhone data to a computer.

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To backup data, here are the steps:

#1) Launch Dr.Fone, select Phone Backup, and connect with your device.

Phone Backup

#2) Let the phone detect your device and show you all the data you can back up. Select all or some files and click ‘Backup’.

Phone Backup

#3) The backup will be completed within minutes.


You can restore the backup just as easily with just one click.

#4) Data Eraser

Data Eraser

Another way to prepare your device for the new update is by clearing up some space on the iPhone. After performing a backup, use Dr.Fone’s Data Eraser to completely or selectively erase certain data about contacts, photos, videos, etc. This module can optimize your device by cleaning up junk and completely wiping out apps you don’t need anymore.

#5) iTunes Repair

Aside from iPhone, you can also utilize Dr.Fone to fix almost all types of issues with iTunes. The software is compatible with all versions of iTunes and can fix it in no time without any loss of data.

Dr.Fone’s iTunes Repair module can fix issues with iTunes installation, update, and startup. It can also be used to fix iTunes connection and syncing errors.

iTunes Repair

The process just like all other issues is incredibly simple to resolve with the following steps:

#1) Go to ‘System Repair’ and open the iTunes Repair section.


#2) Once the pop-up window opens, select between ‘Repair iTunes errors’, ‘Repair iTunes Connection Error’ and ‘Repair iTunes Syncing Error.’ Dr.Fone will start checking iTunes components.

#3) Click ‘Repair’ to start fixing errors. If issues persist, click ‘Advanced Repair’.

System Repair

#4) Click ‘Ok’ once the repair is complete.

repairing Itunes

Dr.Fone is the Ideal Phone Repair Tool Kit for your iOS and Android Devices

We’ve already seen what it can do for your iPhone devices and the role it can play in fixing problems with iOS15. Aside from this, its many useful features can manage and solve issues afflicting Android devices as well. As such, it is the ideal mobile device solution for your phone, regardless of what OS it operates on.

It provides a wide range of intuitive tools that help you find quick solutions to urgent problems. Whether you want to fix a malfunctioning device, recover lost data, backup data, unlock a phone screen or transfer data from one device to another, Dr.Fone can help you accomplish this in a quick, efficient, and simple manner.

It is one among a very short line of toolkits that can help you solve an Android/iOS-related problem with just one click.

Another thing we love is its simplistic but user-friendly UI. You don’t need to be a technical expert to operate this tool. The tool’s easy-to-navigate interface and minimalistic visual design make the tool incredibly easy to use. The interface has only improved even more with the newly released version 12 of Dr.Fone.

The modules are well-organized and clearly labeled on the main page. The top-right corner of its interface features an easy way to access customer support, a menu, a shop, and a tab to log in or log out of your account.

The left-hand side of the interface allows you to easily switch between the home page, your selected modules, and recommended section. The actual workstation for all modules is also impressive to look at, with comprehensive text and tabs that guide you through the entire process.

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The new version also brings with it a slew of fresh features as well, which include:

  1. Password Manager (iOS): Dr.Fone’s Password Manager allows you to recover forgotten passwords from your iOS device in an easy, efficient and secure manner. With this tool, you can recover your Apple ID account, email, Wi-Fi, app, website login, and most other types of passwords in an instant.
  2. Recover Whatsapp Messages (Android): With the help of this new feature, you can easily recover deleted or lost messages from Whatsapp on your Android device, regardless of what caused the data loss.
  3. Download Resources of Social Media (iOS and Android): The new version also allows you to download resources of Social Media apps on both iOS and Android devices via the ‘Phone Manager’ module.

Wondershare Dr.Fone offers a flexible pricing plan. One can avail of its services at a reasonable price starting from $14.95 for its Basic Plan. Users with money to spare can also opt for its equally remarkable standard and premium plans that will cost you $99.95/yr and $139.95/yr respectively.

So whether it is resolving iOS 15 problems, repairing a frozen device, or recovering lost data, we feel quite confident in claiming that Wondershare’s Dr.Fone is indeed all you will ever need to solve a wide range of mobile device problems.