Test Your Analysis Capabilities and Thinking Power – Software Testing Exercises (Part 2)

Update: Sample answers link added in the end for these exercises.

After an overwhelming response to the first Software Testing exercise, we are encouraged to make it happen again. The ideas shared during the previous exercise, the enthusiasm seen to participate and the promise made to come back have inspired us to present the second exercise.

What do you need to do?
Read all the exercises and put your answers for each in a comment section.

Entry-level candidates – Those who always complain that they don’t have practical experience in this field can start with these small exercises. Similar kind of work you will be doing on a real job. I am sure these exercises will help you a lot in your career.

Software Testing Exercises

Experienced professionals – please take part in these exercises to share your expertise, so others can learn from your experience.

So………. Fun time starts again. :)

Grab your cup of coffee, prepare your mind to brainstorm and get ready to participate.

Software Testing Exercises

Exercise #1) Bug Hunting

One of the trainee developers has developed a text pad kind of application. Below is one of the screenshots of the application. Can you list out bugs/issues, which the trainee developer should take care of?

testing qa exercise 2

Sample Answer as a hint:

The name of the application does not appear in Title space.

Exercise #2) Think Testing

Food for the brain – you need to think now, really. :)

We are living in the Eco Era, right? Our question is also related to Green Product –

How would you test a 5 kg capacity grocery shopping paper bag?

Very simple? Start writing up your test ideas in terms of Test Scenarios.

Let’s see. :)

Sample Answer as a hint:

I would put 5KG package rice in it and will try to accommodate a 150 gm biscuit packet too as I do not have another bag to put the biscuit packet. Will like to see whether the paper bag (whose capacity is 5 kg) able to carry just extra weight till I travel for 10 minutes?

Exercise #3) Show Defect Reporting Skills

Defect reporting for the following issue –

Requirement: After registering to the site – example.com, a new user receives an e-mail, which contains a link to reset the default set password.

Issue: When the user registers via mobile, he receives the e-mail two times.

Log a defect report for this issue with all required defect report fields.

Exercise #4) Role Of An End-User

As a tester, we do not test the application product. We do play the role of an end-user. We do try to generate real-time scenarios where the end-user might not behave the way they are expected…..how the product would respond, that is what we test.

Let’s reverse the process to a small degree –

As an end-user, how would you like to modify the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) so that it can be more beneficial? Don’t provide just ideas, provide relevant reasons too.

Sample Answer as a hint:

I would suggest removing “the cash withdrawal default setting” at the end of the transaction as most of the time, we do not want to set the same cash every time and so we do not like to set it. It unnecessarily wastes time where you have to push NO and will have to wait for the debit card.

Over to you:

As usual, share your answers for exercises in the comments. We will highlight a few best answers with the commenter’s name.

Our answers: We have provided one sample answer as a hint with these exercises. We will also provide the list of all possible answers for these exercises after 2 days. We will update this post with a link to the answers page.

Please try to attend all the exercises and provide all the answers in a single comment.

Thanks to STH team member Bhumika M. for helping us prepare these questionnaires for the exercise.

Waiting for your responses as usual. :)


Sample answers added to these exercises:

The answers provided by readers in the comments are all awesome and will be helpful to everyone. We have also added some more sample answers to these exercises.

=> Click here to check sample answers to exercises #2.

Happy Testing :)

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