How to Test Software Requirements Specification (SRS)?

Are you aware that “Most of the bugs in software are due to incomplete or inaccurate functional requirements?” However well its written, the software code does not matter and nothing can be done if there are any ambiguities in requirements. This article on Software Requirements Specification (SRS) states that Requirements must be clear, specific, measurable and complete without contradictions.

It’s better to catch the requirement ambiguities and fix them in the early development life cycle itself. 

Cost of fixing the bug after completion of the development or product release is too high.  So it’s important to have a requirement analysis and catch these incorrect requirements before design specifications and project implementation phases of SDLC.

Software Requirement Specification(SRS)

How to Measure Functional SRS Documents?

Well, we need to define some standard tests to measure the requirements. Once each requirement is passed through these tests you can evaluate and freeze the functional requirements.

Let’s take an Example. You are working on a web-based application. The requirement is as follows:
“Web application should be able to serve the user queries as early as possible”

How will you freeze the requirement in this case?
What will be your requirement satisfaction criteria? To get the answer, ask this question to the stakeholders: How much response time is ok for you?
If they say, we will accept the response if it’s within 2 seconds, then this is your requirement measure. Freeze this requirement and carry the same procedure for the next requirement too.

We just learned how to measure the requirements and freeze those in design, implementation and testing phases.

Now let’s take another Example. I was working on a web-based project. Client (stakeholders) specified the project requirements at the initial phase of the project development. My manager circulated all the requirements in the team for review. When we started the discussion on these requirements, we were just shocked! Everyone was having his or her own conception about the requirements. We found a lot of ambiguities in the ‘terms’ specified in the requirement documents, which later on was sent to the client for review/clarification.

The client used many ambiguous terms, which were having many different meanings, making it difficult to for us to analyze the exact meaning. The next version of the requirement doc from the client was clear enough to freeze for the design phase.

From this example, we learned that “Requirements should be clear and consistent”

Next criteria for testing the requirements specification is “Discover missing requirements”, let’s take a look at it.

Discover Missing Requirements

Many times the project designers don’t get a clear idea about each specific module and they simply assume some requirements in the design phase. Any requirement should not be based on assumptions. Requirements should be complete, covering each and every aspect of the system under development.

Specifications should state both types of the requirement i.e. what system should do and what it should not.

Generally, I use my own method to uncover the unspecified requirements. When I read the software requirements specification document (SRS), I note down my own understanding of the requirements that are specified, plus other requirements that the SRS document is supposed to cover. This helps me to ask the questions about the unspecified requirements thereby making it clearer.

For checking the requirements completeness, divide requirements into three sections, ‘Must implement’ requirements, requirements that are not specified but are ‘assumed’ and the third type is ‘imagination’ type of requirements. Check if all the type of requirements is addressed before the software design phase.

Check if the Requirements are Related to the Project Goal

Sometimes stakeholders have their own expertise, which they expect to come in the system under development. They don’t even think whether that requirement would be relevant to the project in hand. Make sure to identify such requirements. Try to avoid all irrelevant requirements during the first phase of the project development cycle. If not possible, then ask the questions to stakeholders like why do you want to implement this specific requirement? This will describe the particular requirement in detail, thereby making it easier for designing the system considering the future scope.

But how to decide whether the requirements are relevant or not?
Simple answer: Set the project goal and ask this question: If not implementing this requirement will cause any problem achieving our specified goal? If not, then this is an irrelevant requirement. Ask the stakeholders if they really want to implement these types of requirements.

In short, requirements specification (SRS) doc should address the following:
Project functionality (What should be done and what should not be done).
Software, Hardware interfaces, and the user interface.
System Correctness, Security and performance criteria.
Implementation issues (risks) if any.


I have covered almost all the aspects of requirement measurement. To be specific about requirements, I will summarize requirement testing in one sentence:

“Requirements should be clear and specific with no uncertainty, requirements should be measurable in terms of specific values, requirements should be testable having some evaluation criteria for each requirement, and requirements should be complete, without any contradictions”

Testing should start at the requirement phase to avoid further requirement related bugs. Communicate more and more with your stakeholders to clarify all the requirements before starting the project design and implementation.

Do you have any experience in testing software requirements?

Please feel free to share them in the comments below.


#1 Shantanu

In my company we testers don’t get any specifications for review. We get directly the module to test.
When we get module we study the module requirement and then start on testing.
can u tell is this a bad practice?

#2 Beena


#3 shaila

i also have same question which posted by shantanu. we just study the module and start testing manually.
is this a bad practice?

#4 Sunil Yadav

In our company some time we get the SRS to read and start to test the application.
they are not giving enough time to review and give the feedback about the requirements.
We r getting the application for 1-2 days for testing after that got new application to test

such a bad practice……..

#5 KAT22

Very informative article

#6 raj

what do u mean by study the module:

do you get any release notes document for the module


do you have any write up which details about the functionality of the received module.

if no documents are given and just given a component for testing.

you are suppose to do some explority testing
if not

if you know the componet domain, you can have some idea about the given componet for testing

and do some adhoc , exploratory testing and write a document for what u understand
and send it to the client
what ever you find while tesing as an obseravation seeking him clarification whether that observation is correct or not with respect to the given component.

hope i have answered you

#7 Jens

Also in my company we testers are not involved at this early stage. And I must say, it’s a shame since it’s really like that: “Most of the bugs in software are due to incomplete or inaccurate functional requirements?”

However, which way the company chooses to develop their applications often depends on the complexity of the project and the people involved. Usually there’s a lack of money in smaller projects since no customer wants to pay people to review the specification when everything seems to be simple and clear.
Reviews belong to the static test and according to my experience, the static testing part is the most neglected part.

#8 Kavitha

Hi friends,
In our company, from the client information, we(includes testers and two developers) will prepare the SRS and give it to the stackholder. This is just to know whether we have observed the exact requirements and to know what are missed out. Then, based on the feed back we will proceed further(design, development, test cases etc…

Is there any other better way to do…

#9 Raju

In our company, our client just tell the requirements verbally to the development team then they will develop according to the requirements.

After the development developers will explain the changes in functionality then we will prepare test cases accrodingly and starts testing.

such a bad practice…

#10 Suhas

Hi Shantanu, Shaila,

Many companies follow the same procedure for testing, because there is time bounding and expenses calculation. Some of them even don’t write any SRS, they just get the clone or a Rough idea for the project.. This creates a bad impact on the quality process of Software development..Even in my company it happened the same way before one and half year but I personally started writing the SRS for myself.. Taking out time from browsing other websites… i managed to write SRS of most of the projects… this also helped me to generate more test cases and test the application with maximum number of scenario… I suggest all of the readers who have the same problem to write the SRS them self (or just a functional document)…This practice is very useful like:

1. Testing the application thoroughly.
2. Getting complete Project Knowledge
3. Getting Complete domain knowledge
4. You can also use these practice for Case Studies.

Case Studies are assets for your professional life.

#11 swati

very nice & easy to understand article

#12 Jai

Indeed a good article.
Can I have answer for my question.
1) what is the end result of SRS review? is there any defined format where we report.


#13 Karthick

Hey guys …What i feel is …..Its always better to get the requirement from ur TL or managers for the review purpose ….Its we …who should take the initiative ….We shouldnt be waiting for them to come to us ….And managers like people who take initiatives …..

Workin on a module without reading the script is like Acting in a movie without knowing the story ….Wat u say guys ….

#14 Vijay

@Shantanu, Shaila, sunil
Please ask your team leader or manager to provide the SRS document as early as possible to review to test team.
Review from development and testing team early before design phase can explore potential bugs that could cost lot in later stages to catch and fix.

@jens, Raju
You can discuss this issue with your company management if mangers or team leaders are not involving testers in early stages of software development. Make sure to explain the importance of early stage requirement review to your management.
You can take reference of this article.
Also don’t rely on verbal requirements. Have everything in written.Don’t keep any communication verbally even with your team members and developers.

Yes SRS is having some templates. I will make this SRS template available for our readers. This SRS is usually provided by stakeholders. So you can review it and can make your comments inline with the same doc. and submit it to test lead or manager. Which is expected to be reviewed/discussed in team by test/project manger.

@ Karthick:
i like this statement “Working on a module without reading the script is like Acting in a movie without knowing the story” it’s a perfect example for SRS review importance.

#15 test

test test test

#16 Karthick

Thanx a lot vijay……

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#20 pankaja


#21 pankaja


#22 Swati Deshpande

Very nice artical. we are facing same problem in our company.Your artical is very helpful for this issue. Now I can show this to my senior.
I have query, how i analyse or study the requirements since every project is different than other? How I use my testing skills without using same testcases or how I improve my creativity?
Thank you,

#23 rickflu

hi !!!
your site is very good !
i want to know how can i put this code in my blog,
“continue reading”
Can you help me with it ?
I holp answer :)

#24 suresh

I am working as a test lead in an MNC. The Porject is on web based application for testing.
Instead of appreciating everybody equally, PM take it on community ONE-ONE meeting one of my team member elevated this, from now onwards he was threating by PM. Now he started leaving the company.
could you please suggest me how to react in this situation, as a team lead.

#25 Inder P Singh


A couple of comments:
1) Requirement definition is an iterative process. Whenever there is any effort to refine/ disambiguate/ clarify/ complete the requirements that results in a modification to the requirements specification, the process of requirements testing/ review should be repeated.

2) The requirements should deal with the “what” aspect and not with the “how” aspect. It is possible that you come across a requirement specification that mentions the “how” part e.g. a particular design, the name of the tool to be used (without proper evaluation of the tool) etc. This should be avoided since it unnecessarily reduces the number and scope of design choices available to you.

3) It should be understood that sometimes there are statutory requirements that need to be implemented. If this does not happen, there can be unwarranted legal implications. You can take the example of an application that processes credit card information. Legally, such an application has to keep the credit card information secure at all times.

Inder P Singh

#26 Ashwin P

It is very unlikely that testers will every get documneted requirements (and even if they do, it I bet cannot address more than a small percentage of test conditions, because of the implied reqs, incomplete reqs, related reqs, obscure reqs, obsolete reqs and so on). But hey if you do get one, one thing you could do is to search for ambiguous words in the text (like ‘etc’, ‘all cases’,’good looking’ etc).


#27 Abhishek Kumar

How many test cases we can write in a day in a company.

#28 Abhishek Kumar

What is the Big Bang Model in the Software Testing. Plz me the all concepts of this model of SDLC.

#29 Abhishek Kumar

What is the yellow box testing & the gray box testing in the Software Testing. And what is the defference between them.

#30 Tiger2K

Dear Abhishek,
Gray Box testing is a combination of white box and black box testing.
Yellow box testing for testing “Warning messages” that should appear as part of the application in software.


#31 dinesh

I need the flow of testing from functional to acceptance testing.

#32 Jai

Hello members
Kindly send template for Integration Test case
we simply quote unit test caseid or something more
Please specify


#33 Jai

Please do not define bottom-up and top down approach
I need template.

#34 Namrata

Its a very good and useful article , i appreciate your good work and time that you contribute towards scripting these articles.
Keep up the good work


#35 Param

Vry Nice Article

#36 Venkat

Excellent Article………

#37 Sarika

Hi Vijay,

i found all info given by you is very helpful.
I have 3.5 yrs of experience in Software Testing and now I want to do testing certification or any kind of technical sertification. Should I give CSTE/ISTQB or any technical exams?

#38 Nagendra

Its true that most of the testers are not involved while freezing the requirements. This is good. belive it or not, this is the practicle way.

I am not oppossing to what was said earlied by all of you. I am trying to address the core problem, i.e. Incomplete Req, unclear req etc…

Validating or Testing a requirement document do need some business knowledge of the product and its domain. And the important is the Client.

In my view the end tester is not the right person to test the requirements. But it is the Business Analyst and the Management who should be the right people to test the requirements. If these people dont test the requirements and map them to the clients needs, you can’t have a quality product.


great article………


bahu saras che………..

#41 shalu

According to me the requirments sholuld be given by businees analyst so that it’ll be very correct.
Because the persons who sits in the coding part or in testing side have no deal with the client, so better requirments will be given only by the peolple who r really having analyitcal skill who sits especiallly for collecting requirment………………

#42 Nagendra

The phrase “really having analytical skill” is not the right term I guess. Probably you mean people with business knowledge and process.

Testers and Developers too have the required domain skills but not to the extent of the client or business analyst or SME.

#43 Vaneeta

I have 1.5 yrs of experience in Software Testing (Manual )and now I want to do testing certification or any kind of technical certification. Should I give CSTE/ISTQB/IIST or any technical exams?


Hi friends, i am only tester in my org.. my team lead(developer) will prepare only the basic req doc. which is not cleare, we don’t have any other docs like SRS, i am feeling very diff.. to test the application. can any one suggest what should i do

#45 Qastation

If requirements is established as the identified baseline configuration Item and would been signed off from the client then most of the projects not been resulted as failure.

I personally feel mostly small and medium sized projects they prepare SRS at the time of delivery and that too prepared by developers, so they prepare it as user manual rather than SRS.

#46 vaneeta

Hi suresh,

Do you have any idea about certification in testing. i have read about international certification in software testing.

#47 Manikandan

Finding the holes in the requirement before starting the development is good. generally maual testing will give only 60-70% coverage. but i am using the concept what the article is explained. it gives 100% coverage. so, i request testers to take a small requirement by your own and analyze the holes in the requirement (ambiguious statement). Once you got resolution from the client and you feel the requirement is Unambiguious prepare a test scripts against requirement. once the Development team finish the product. Execute the test script with the product. if the product pass in all test scripts. the Developed software is a Bug free software.

#48 vijai

wanna know the flow of software testing process in a corporate….?

#49 prasanna

yes,i do want to know the testing process.. please provide me the details

#50 Sundar Sharma Machiraju

Can I have the answer for my question?
Can anybody tell me one scenario in which we can test the application manually and we can’t do the automation testing.

#51 Nagendra

Hey guys, Plz keep this article and discussions to the main topic Testing Requirement Specifications…ask your other questions in relative blogs…..dont mind otherwise

#52 vinoth

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I need winrunner free Trial version ,can any one tell me the link to get the trial version.Its very urgent please reply.

#53 Suhas

Hi Vinoth,

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#54 Kishore

Hi Vijay
Can you please define good requirement & bad requirement?

#55 Tarun

i want to learn about
how to go about the software testing ?

#56 sasidhar

if explain with examples is good for learners

#57 chanchal

Hi guys !

I am in bangalore searching for jobs in software testing field .my qualification is 10+2+3yrs(Dip in IT). can any one help me to get a job in this field .I am the freshers i have knowledge of both manual as well as automated pl help me .

Advance Thanks.

#58 Suhas M

@ Sundar Sharma Machiraju

What do you say about Usability testing?
There are many, share your thoughts…

Suhas M.

#59 Suhas M

@ Manikandan,

Bug Free Software ???
Nothing like that exixts, if you know – please tell me know, i would love to look at it.

Regards, Suhas M.

#60 Babe

Hi all,
In the first time i come this page, I like it very much, thanks all.
My company is out sourcing company, some time, us project has to create SRS document to know more requirement from customer.
SRS is reviewed by QA group or experts, after modified it is approved by manager and announce for all project member (Tester is one member in this group).
I agree with Vijay, SRS is importance so all project team have to read before create test plan, test case (to tester) or design (desginer) or coding (dev).
Finally i want to share my opinion that: SRS is reviewed by experts before used.

#61 shahnaz


#62 samvida

It is a nice write-up. SRS and other specifications like Functional specification and Program specification are necessary for testers.

#63 Raman

Thanks mate! This article is really useful and has been very informative… Keep up the good work!

#64 Arun Vijayaraghavan

Well, SRS review is very much necessery. SRS followed by FS review would be carried out by the technical experts along with the BA. There is always very little involvement from the testers side.

Best practice would be to involve test management in this phase we can stream-line testing along with development.


#65 sree

please explain me what is BRS and SRS and diff btween tem

#66 sreesree

please explain me what is BRS and SRS

#67 sushil kumar

Hi Guys
I am sushil chauhan and i am pursuing BCA(final year). Please give me good advice for finding a Job.

#68 Vishal

Hi Vijay,

I am Vishal, curently working as QA in a small company at Kolkata. I have done Bsc and currently persuing Msc IT from Sikkim Manipal. Pls advice me which certification should I go for to boost my carrer.


#69 thangavel ks

srs review helpful to find bug in early as poosible
by ks thangavel

#70 sobha

please send me the processes and templates for testing

#71 Amit Vegad

please send me of srs for project tailoring ( this is my project defination)general developing are incuding.


#72 samvida

Amit, please specify your requirement clearly so i can help you as much as possible

#73 swetha

For checking the requirements completeness, divide requirements in three sections, ‘Must implement’ requirements, requirements those are not specified but are ‘assumed’ and third type is ‘imagination’ type of requirements. Check if all type of requirements are addressed before software design phase.

Here what is the difference between “Requirements those are not specified but are assumed” and “Imagination type of requirements”. Can you explain with an example.

#74 Vikas Kumar

How to start with QTP automation testing for the websites application

#75 Rahul

@Vikas Kumar
this is very basic question ..and i believe it wont be ant problems if u know QTP..
this is wt u learn very 1st in QTP dude,,
so get basic right and enjoy automation..

#76 Rahul

pls explain ur question very clearly ..i will hepl u,,

#77 Rahul

here u go..
ISTQB add ons ur resume and boost u..secret of ur energy towards testing..gud lck..

#78 Ashish Verma

I want to know about the ISTQB
The process of apply?How to register?the study Material?The palce of Test?Also the eligiblity criteria?
Plz inform me….

#79 Ashish Verma

Hi,I also want to know about the design of Test Matrix

#80 ch.girishchander raju

hi Ashish,

i got your mail because of time matters,i unable to give reply.

its better to call me directly,i will help you

my number:9391395989

ch.girish chander raju

#81 pengli

hai Vijay
I am fresher in software testing field. I have been learning “How to test software requirements specification?”,but i don’t have mature to use your method to application?

#82 johnson

How to create the good test scenario as per SRS in testing?

#83 Ansi

Hi all…
Yr since three months(My First three months of First job) i have been working on a product and Mgmt asked to to prepare srs on a module on which i haven’t worked on.. though i got KT but i think practicing physical would be more helpful. Can u people help me out in defining Scope of Project..
what pts shall i mention in it..
Plz help me out

#84 Sneha

This sight is really good , I requested you that please send me the bug report in excel sheet format.

#85 ruchi

Can some send me few sample test cases

#86 satyajeet

I required SRS FOR bug tracking in database



#88 Prasad

SRS for defect tracking??? wt this mean.

u asking the document related to Defect tracking??

#89 sneha

ya a very good article. i got cleared abt software testing

#90 savitha

a good article .nice to understand and a clear view of how to test the software requirements.

#91 Bharat

What a good article is this.Really good

#92 Dinesh

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#93 Dinesh

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what can i do.
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#94 sanjay Dhankar

This site is very helpfull. I want test plans on various sceanarios on excel sheet. Plz send this.

#95 Reena

Hey i m the student of software testing. so i want some more &more knowledge of this filed . so please sending me this

#96 Darshan Patel

Briefly describe the SRS…… I wanna know more about the SRS…….

#97 Ramesh kudle


I am Ramesh, curently working as QA in a small company at Pune. I have done Bsc and currently persuing Msc IT from chavan institute. Pls advice me which certification should I go for to boost my carrer.
i am intrested in softwere testing

#98 Sajib

The article is good enogh for Testers. But I have a question- If there is no document (SRS, SDD, UI etc.) how to test that application?

#99 Mayasen

Hi Sajib, #98

It is too difficult to test the application without spec. It is just like a blind test. You can’t judge the user’s needs, thoughts and requirements.

Starting a project with spec is the best practice on working with.

In some cases, for micro level projects there are some chances to skip the spec. docs, on such cases try to document the discussions (MOM) from the initial phase, so that it will be much more helpful during the time of testing. From that you can derive the spec for your application for testing purpose.

#100 meena

Nice info, the site is very helpful for me.

I am about to appear for my istqb certification exam and I am very confused as how to derive testcases with some of the test techniques like statement, branch and condition coverages.

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#101 Fredric

Hi All,
I came with the same Question which was Shantanu, What i get answer from Vijay, but the thing is i approach management, i approach team lead, but nothing i get result instead bug exist, i am getting fired. what shall i do ??

#102 Bond

Its very usefullll….. I need the flow of testing from unit to acceptance…

#103 Bond

Its very usefullll….. I need the flow of testing from unit to acceptance testing…

#104 Tirumal

what is use case testing? & hoe to test?

#105 Ramya

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#107 i need a srs document for exam registration

help me in writing a srs document for exam registration

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#115 kiran

According to me the requirments sholuld be given by businees analyst so that it’ll be very correct.
Because the persons who sits in the coding part or in testing side have no deal with the client, so better requirments will be given only by the peolple who r really having analyitcal skill who sits especiallly for collecting requirment

#116 sachin Policepatil

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what is main relation between the SRS,CRS,FRS,Which one is first?
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#117 sachin Policepatil

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#118 wuri

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Amit Sharma

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suppose you ve been given logging in snippet code to collect and validate entered values, then connect to database, and you r 2 test dis. how many path are u going to have in CFG SNIPPET.

#125 manas dash

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Actually i need a manual testing project for my reference if any one having a project please could you send me in my mail id “” thanks in advance

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#128 tanvi

hii i m taking a look on live project on orange hrm.but i didnt find srs document of it.can u please help me .

#129 pvss kamala ratnam

@sundar sharma
we can do testing according to the requirement specifications it is depends on the models like water fall model ,spiral model, V and V model ,agile model etc.. as a test engineers we all knows that agile model is very popular because its iterative and incremental model where the verification and validations will be very fast (developers,BA,costumer also will be part of in this model .. we can conduct daily stander meetings so work will will move very fast compare to other models ..

if we want to test the applications like web applications first we need to read the requirement ,understand requirement based on that we are going to test the product functional ,integration ,system testing ……its depends on BA.

based on the requirement specification we should be able to test the application with create scenarios ..

thank u

#130 Lee

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In my company i am indulge in a project from scratch. I have SRS document, please let me know the process how to start to craete test scenario and test cases. It is product based company.

#135 tamara

Kindly quickly fetch and send me the template please.

Yes SRS is having some templates. I will make this SRS template available for our readers. This SRS is usually provided by stakeholders. So you can review it and can make your comments inline with the same doc. and submit it to test lead or manager. Which is expected to be reviewed/discussed in team by test/project manger.

Thank you in spades, Sir.

#136 Syed Rizwan

Hello guys,
I need some help. I am working on cross project bug prediction. So I want to know what are the elements which I can compare in two projects which are from different domains. Which elements create defects in systems, which elements do I have to use to create model?

Thanks in Advance

#137 Nazim

I wanted to know do we perform functionality, integration,and system testing all in a same release or in 3 different releases… How much it may usually take to perform each kind of testing.

#138 James Moynihan

very interesting, but i wish the Admin would have their blogs proof read by somebody who’s first language was English. i keep getting caught up reading due to missing “a” or “the” that should be placed in a lot of sentences,…don’t get me wrong, its 98% perfect, but it does catch me and slow my reading down when i spot these simple mistakes.

#139 Niels van Reijmersdal

This seems like a good blog for the 90ties, but I hope that fast iterative development cycles have beat the crap out of this traditional Waterfall requirements design staging that you describe.

Do you have proof for this “Most bugs” claim? Also the costs of fixing defects has become very low due to high automated test coverage. Really not sure in what age you are living ;-)

I wrote a full response here:

#140 Ishita

In our company they provide us SRS but we didn’t write any test cases for site. Our TL is told to us work without test caes..

Is it bad impact ?
or should i start the write the test caes for project.
but even we haven’t enough time for testing.
what should i do ?

#141 sunil kumar

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#142 Bharath Kumar

we’ll get the requirement document. As a QA team we’ll review and asks for clarifications and doubts if we have to our stakeholders.

#143 Rajashekar Reddy

I have no idea of software testing I’m trying to enter the QA teams because I found no value with BPO’s being an engineer. So I wish I could take the necessary steps to become a software engineer and I found manual testing would be the right choice. Let me know the needful, thank you.

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