Sample Software Test Plan Template with Format and Contents

In This Tutorial, We Have Provided a Sample Test Plan Template Along with its Contents. This Simple Test Plan Format will be Helpful For You to Write a Detailed Test Plan. 

I keep getting requests for Sample Test Plans frequently. Hence, I am including one sample Test Plan template here for your reference.

It's a Test Plan index only. Each point in this index will help you elaborate on your testing plan in a step-by-step manner. Take this as a guide and develop a full Test Plan for your project.

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Software Test Plan Template

Test Plan Template Table of Contents (TOC)

1. Introduction
1.1. Test Plan Objectives

2. Scope
2.1. Data Entry
2.2. Reports File Transfer
2.3. File Transfer
2.4. Security

3. Test Strategy
3.1. System Test
3.2. Performance Test
3.3. Security Test
3.4. Automated Test
3.5. Stress and Volume Test
3.6. Recovery Test
3.7. Documentation Test
3.8. Beta Test
3.9. User Acceptance Test

4. Environment Requirements
4.1. Data Entry Workstations
4.2 MainFrame

5. Test Schedule

6. Control Procedures
6.1 Reviews
6.2 Bug Review Meetings
6.3 Change Request
6.4 Defect Reporting

7. Functions To Be Tested

8. Resources and Responsibilities
8.1. Resources
8.2. Responsibilities

9. Deliverables

10. Suspension / Exit Criteria

11. Resumption Criteria

12. Dependencies
12.1 Personnel Dependencies
12.2 Software Dependencies
12.3 Hardware Dependencies
12.3 Test Data & Database

13. Risks
13.1. Schedule
13.2. Technical
13.3. Management
13.4. Personnel
13.5 Requirements

14. Tools

15. Documentation

16. Approvals

I hope this Test Plan Template has been of immense help to you.

From this template, we have written the complete Test Plans from scratch. You can check them out in the below tutorials:

Have we missed anything? Feel free to express your thoughts/suggestions in the comments section below.

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    • Smoke testing involves all the last build critical functions.
      Sanity testing involves all new functions and modules related to it

  1. Hi,
    Can you please tell me how testing by automation tool is carried out in company? Please tell me the Process from starting of Frame work to reporting.

  2. ya i am a fresher i need to know the process about manual testing in the company can any one help me what are the tasks will be given to the one year experience employee in the company

  3. I find a lot of job security in reading these posts. You are all seemingly in the QA space and pretty much everyone has horrible English writing skills. Where is the quality in the foundation of your being? Why are people posting their educational background and asking questions? This is not the forum for this… you should know, since you are mostly all in IT. Since this is a comments forum, here is mine: if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have such a high paying job. Thanks

  4. Is it possible to modify the test plan once it is created ?
    Suppose i have 6 requirements that has to be tested in this release.
    F1, F2 req. are planned for 1st build.
    F3, F4 req. are planned for 2nd build and
    F5,F6 are planned for 3rd build. All builds and reqs are scheduled in this way in Test plan document. But due to some technical issues with req#F3 and F4 developers implemented F5 &F6 reqs and released in build#2…So F3&F4 are changed to Build#3.

    Is it possible to update test plan document with the above changes after the test plan is created???

  5. Sir! how come we know we need to write so and so no. of cases? how to do calculation for a application? what is the test case? and scenario? and how to perform

  6. Is there any documents with Mr.Vijay regarding CA LISA tool? If it is there please upload the same, It may be useful to many users. Much thanks in advance.

  7. Not All organization look for elaborated Test Plans / Test Case Templates. Perhaps some water down versions that are Free should be available for our perusal. Thank You.

  8. Thanks all for Q&A.. Nice to read.

    Test Scenario- High Level Business Requirement
    Test Case- Step by step procedure for the Requirement


  9. Guys,

    CAn anyone help me with templates for QA


    Test plan
    Test Strategies
    Test Cases
    Use Cases
    User Stories
    Unit Test Cases for Development
    Sanity Test
    Test Approach Document
    Traceability Matrix
    Entity matrix
    Product Health
    Test Completion/coverage Report
    Bug Report
    Build Acceptance Criteria
    Sign Off Criteria
    Test Data
    Out of Scope with justification
    Software Benchmarking

    mail it to me on

    Thanks a ton in advance


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