10+ Best And Free Vector Graphics Software For 2023

This review compares the top Free Vector Software. You can select the best vector graphics software for creating high-definition images:

Vector Software refers to the platform that enables its users to create, compose and edit images with the use of mathematical and geometrical commands rather than individual pixels. This software is used in creating high-definition images that can be scaled indefinitely without losing their quality.

The users of this type of software include architects, network designers, engineers, and so on.

This software is used to create mainly logos, detailed illustrations, and print layouts. It can be saved with file formats, including EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), AI (Adobe Illustrator Artwork), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic), and many more.

Vector Graphics Software Review

free vector software

Benefits of using vector software:

  • Scalable: The images created on vector software are scalable. We can stretch them to a large size without losing their quality or not pixelated.
  • Small file size: The size of the file produced or created in this software are generally small.
  • Different formats: The files created can be stored and exported in different formats like EPS, AI and SVG.
Fact Check: According to the research by Grand View Research on Technology Computer-Aided Design (TCAD), its market share is expected to rise from $154.5 million in 2019 to $315.4 million in 2027 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 9.5%.


Pro Tip: To select the best vector software, you need to find the features like different file format support, 3D graphics, texturing, flexible space, professional designing tools, and so on. One needs to clarify their requirements and budget that will help in selecting the best fit vector software for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What are the best free vector graphics program?

Answer: These include:

  1. Adobe illustrator
  2. CorelDRAW Vector Graphics Software
  3. Vectr
  4. Affinity Designer
  5. Sketch

Q #2) Is there a free version of Adobe Illustrator?

Answer: No, there is not a free version of Adobe Illustrator. It just provides a 7-day free trial to individuals, students & teachers and a 14-day free trial for teams and businesses. Its pricing plans range between $19.99 – 52.99 per month.

Q #3) How do you vectorize an image?

Answer: We can vectorize an image from any available vector software.

For example, in Illustrator we can vectorize an image by just opening that image, then switching to the tracing workspace, selecting your image, checking preview and presets, changing color complexity, adjusting paths, corners and noise, go tracing, then expanding the image and saving it with PDF or SVG format.

Q #4) What is the difference between Canvas and SVG?


  • SVG is a language for describing 2D graphics whereas Canvas draws 2D graphics.
  • In SVG drawn shapes are remembered, whereas in Canvas, once the graphic is drawn, it is forgotten by the browser.
  • SVG is resolution-independent, whereas Canvas is resolution-dependent.
  • SVG uses XML-based format for graphics, whereas Canvas is an HTML element.

Q #5) Is boxy SVG free?

Answer: Boxy SVG is a free vector graphics software. It provides a 15-day free trial. Its pricing plans range between $9.99 to 99.99 per year. It gives access to its users to the precise features that help them in scaling the vector images or editing the SVG files.

Q #6) Can you edit a vector file?

Answer: Yes, we can edit a vector image. There are various software available to create, design, or edit a vector image. Some of them are Adobe illustrator, CorelDRAW Vector Graphics Software, Vectr, Affinity Designer, Sketch, Vecteezy, Graphic, and so on.

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List of the Top Free Vector Graphics Software

Enlisted below are some notable vector design software:

  1. SVGator
  2. Lunacy by Icons8
  3. Adobe illustrator
  4. CorelDRAW Vector Graphics Software
  5. Vectr
  6. Affinity Designer
  7. Sketch
  8. Vecteezy
  9. Graphic
  10. Inkscape
  11. Boxy SVG
  12. LibreOffice Draw

Comparison Of The Best Vector Software

SoftwarePlatformDeployment PricingRating
SVGatorWeb-basedCloudFree Vector Software or Free Plan for Starters,
PRO Annual Plan - $20/mo
PRO Monthly Plan - $28/mo
Lunacy by Icons8macOS, Windows, LinuxOn-PremiseFree4.5/5
Adobe Illustrator Windows
Windows Mobile
Cloud Hosted
Open API
Between $19.99 - 52.99 per month5/5
On-PremiseBetween $16.99- 34.95 per month4.8/5
Cloud Hosted
Free forever4.7/5
Affinity Designer WindowsOn-PremiseBetween $21.99-54.99 per month4.6/5
Open API
Starts at $9 per month.4.5/5

Detailed review:

#1) SVGator

Best for creating vector graphics from scratch and animating them with a no-code tool.


SVGator is an advanced vector graphics software with an intuitive WYSIWYG interface. It is packed with all the vector design tools you would need to create static and animated vector graphics without needing to write code. Being a browser-based platform allows it to perform smoothly without putting a strain on your device.

You can create and edit vector designs from scratch, or access SVGator’s extensive library asset and jump into animating your graphics with just a few clicks. The website has an entire section dedicated to step-by-step video tutorials and resources on their blog for graphic designers, motion designers, mobile app developers and others looking to upscale their work with vector art.


  • Full-featured vector drawing, editing and animation software
  • Free unlimited exports of static SVG files
  • Cross-platform export options (.svg for the web, .js and .dart for iOS/Android, video & more)
  • Rich asset library with static and animated pre-made elements to drag & drop
  • Browser-based vector tool – no downloads/installs/3rd party apps or plug-ins
  • Intuitive to use with a minimal learning curve, even for beginners

Verdict: SVGator is an advanced, but also beginner-friendly vector graphics software that anyone can use to create stunning visuals for web and mobile. It has all the familiar vector editing tools needed for an efficient workflow, and with a bit of practice it’s the perfect choice for mastering keyframe-based animation in no time!


  • Free Vector Software – OR Free Plan for Starters
  • PRO Annual Plan – $20/mo (includes unlimited SVG animation options)
  • PRO Monthly Plan – $28/mo (includes unlimited SVG animation options)

#2) Lunacy by Icons8

Best for Free to use tool and Offline mode.


Lunacy by Icons8 is a free to use vector design tool that can help you create responsive designs with exceptional ease. Its comes with a ton of AI tools, which one can put to use to enhance an image’s resolution, remove background, auto-adjust colors and shapes on a web page, etc.

Plus, you also get a ton of built-in graphics to play with. There are a ton of illustrations, photos, icons, etc. that you add to your design with just a single click. The visual design builder itself is very simple to use. Plus, you can use the software in both online and offline mode to work on your designs.


  • Auto-Layout
  • Offline Mode
  • AI-generated Avatars
  • Create clickable prototypes
  • Import designs from Figma

Verdict: Free and very simple to use, Lunacy by Icons8 is a powerful vector design tool that everyone from beginners to professional designers to create stunning and responsive designs. The tool works great even if you don’t have proper internet connection. The AI tools and built-in graphics shoulder most of the burden of designing at your behest.

Price: Free

#3) Adobe Illustrator

Best for 3D artwork and textures.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics software that helps in creating 3D graphics, adding textures, and many more. It enables you to share your work seamlessly with others by sharing a link for feedback. It provides you with the in-built learning panel to inspire you and polish your skills.

With its feature of auto font activation, you can easily and automatically replace missing fonts.


  • Helps in designing logos, typography fonts, hand lettering, icon, infographic, banner, charts, and wallpaper.
  • Creates or recolors smartly with a click by Adobe Sensei AI.
  • Provides its services on the go wherever the inspiration strikes you.
  • Provides 3D effects graphics and textures facility.
  • Facilitates collaboration through shareable links.
  • The Discover panel helps in recommending the best features to use.
  • Replaces the missing fonts with similar ones and eliminates manual work.

Verdict: Adobe Illustrator is highly recommended for its beneficial features like creating 3D graphics, texturing, typography font designs, and so on. It also provides a 7-day free trial to individuals, students & teachers and a 14-day free trial for teams and businesses.


  • Single app- $20.99 per month
  • Creative Cloud all apps- $52.99 per month
  • Students and teachers- $19.99 per month
  • Business- $33.99 per month.

Website: Adobe Illustrator

#4) CorelDRAW Vector Graphics Software

Best for professional graphic design applications for vector illustration, layout, photo editing, and more.

CorelDRAW Vector Graphics Software

CorelDraw is used for branding, marketing, signage & large-format printing, apparel and textiles, illustration, fine arts, and more.

It stands out from the competition with the features it offers, like all-in-one design and layout, subscription savings, alternative licensing models, native OS experience, extensive file compatibility, and so on. It provides flexible design space and a dynamic asset management facility.


  • Flexible space for designing with multiple views and multi-asset export.
  • Image editing with enhanced color replacement, HIEF file format support, and more.
  • Advanced collaboration tools enable gathering comments, feedback, and annotations in real-time.
  • Easily accessible anywhere on Windows, Mac, web, iPad, and other mobile devices.
  • Filled with professional designing tools including vector illustration, page layout, photo editing, typography, and font management.
  • Design for print or web confidently with pure precision.
  • Support different file formats like AI, PSD, PDS, JPG, PNG, SVG, DWG, DXF, EPS, TIFF, and HEIF.

Verdict: CorelDraw is recommended for its professional designing tools and image editing. It comes with a full 15-day free trial with no credit card required.


  • Annual Plan- $16.58/mo.
  • Monthly Plan- $34.95/mo.
  • One-Time Purchase- $424.

Website: CorelDraw

#5) Vectr

Best for real-time sharing and blur-free resize.


Vectr is a free vector software. It is a simple and easy-to-use platform to design and edit vector graphics with any expert knowledge and it enables you to share your work in real-time while doing editing and designing the graphics by just sharing a URL.

It generates clear images that can be scaled without losing their pixels or don’t get blurred while being stretched. It provides smarter and easier tools and features powered by AI.


  • Provides real-time collaboration.
  • Others can see your editing live via URL share.
  • Images produced in it are scalable. It can be stretched and get blurred.
  • Smarter, faster, and easier editing.
  • Provides a chat feature within the software to communicate.
  • Provides time-saving tools powered by AI.

Verdict: Vectr is best for real-time sharing via URL. Its basic graphics editor is free of charge.

Pricing: Free vector software

Website: Vectr

#6) Affinity Designer

Best for the silky-smooth combination of vector and raster design tools.

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a vector design software designed with the latest technology operated on Mac, Windows, and iPad. It has enriched tools like Unlimited artboards, Saveable history with alternate futures, Linked symbols and constraints, and many more.

It provides various time-saving functions that enable you to concentrate more on creating graphics. It provides a live pixel preview to ensure pixel-perfect designs.


  • Provides an option to switch between vector and raster.
  • Workflow is designed with unlimited boards, keyboard shortcuts, Advanced grids, snapping and alignment, and so on.
  • Accessible from anywhere with the same format on Windows, Mac, or iPad.
  • Vector tools for high productivity and 100 percent accurate geometry.
  • Powerful contour, grids & guides, and zooming tools.
  • Sophisticated typography with advanced styling and ligatures with full control over leading, kerning, tracking, and more.

Verdict: Affinity designer is recommended for its best-in-class tools for creating concept art, print projects, logos, icons, UI designs, mock-ups, and more.


  • Windows or Mac- $54.99
  • iPad- $21.99

Website: Affinity Designer

#7) Sketch

Best for designing, collaboration, prototype, and handoff.


Sketch helps in designing the graphics with powerful tools. It helps in collaborating editing process and designing in real-time. The thoughtful features and tools provided by this platform help to make your work shine.

It provides hassle-free developer handoff as no external or third-party plugins are required. It enables you to customize your workflow process with hundreds of plugins, assistance, and integrations.


  • Collaboration tools enable sharing and working on the same document.
  • Powerful designing tools include flexible vector editing, fine controls, OpenType fonts, and so on.
  • Provides browser-based tools for collaboration like to whom and when to share, macOS editor, browsable version history, and many more.
  • Workspaces can be created in minutes for documents to be available anywhere and anytime.
  • Provides hassle-free handoff, so the developers can download the pixel-perfect graphics.
  • Workflow customization is available with various plugins and integrations.

Verdict: Sketch is recommended and best for its features like customizable workflow, developer handoff, and so on. It includes a 30-day free trial.


  • Standard- $9 per editor per month.
  • Business- Contact for pricing.

Website: Sketch

#8) Vecteezy

Best for professional quality free Vector Art, Stock Photos & Stock Videos.


Vecteezy is a free vector software that provides high-quality creative resources to designers. It helps the designers in making them confident in their work by providing worry-free licensing.

Photo stock is categorized as nature, lifestyle, animals, and so on. Video stock is categorized as time-lapses, travel, family, and more. Vector stock is categorized as textures, backgrounds, people, patterns, and many more.


  • Provides free as well as paid high-quality photos and images.
  • Includes free or paid vector graphics and clip-art with royalty-free.
  • Provides free royalty-free high-quality videos categorized as Timelapses, Nature, Travel, Business, Lifestyle, and many more.
  • Involve simple licensing for personal as well as for commercial use.
  • The content got updated from time to time.
  • Provides options to suit any budget.

Verdict: Vecteezy is highly recommended for designers looking for free, high-quality, royalty-free photos, graphics, and videos for their best work. The cost for the Pro plan is comparatively very reasonable.


  • Free- $0 per month.
  • Pro- It includes monthly and yearly subscriptions:-
    • Monthly unlimited subscription- $14 per month billed monthly.
    • Yearly unlimited subscription- $108 per annum billed annually.

Website: Vecteezy

#9) Graphic

Best for professional desktop-class illustration and graphic design tools for iPad, iPhone, and Mac.


Graphic tool is a full-featured graphic design and illustration platform for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It is packed with powerful features to create simple designs for detailed vector graphics.

You can make mockups or UI designs on the go whenever inspiration strikes you. It provides easy document management with iCloud support, Dropbox support, and browses documents. It enables you to import or export layered Photoshop PSD files.


  • The iCloud facility helps in getting your designs on different devices as and when required.
  • Packed with professional features including colors & gradient, applying patterns, import images, path editing, and more.
  • Documents can be easily managed at only one tap.
  • Technical designs and illustrations can be made with a customizable canvas grid, smart alignment guides, object snapping, and dimensioning tools.
  • Provides optimized features for iPad pro like pressure-sensitive strokes, brush editor, and editable brush strokes.
  • Vector illustration tools include vector drawing, shape tools, and text with style.

Verdict: Graphics is recommended for its reasonable pricing and advanced features like Smart Guides & Loupe, Clippings Path, path editing, and many more.

Pricing: $8.99

Website: Graphic

#10) Inkscape

Best for drawing freely with powerful free design tools.


Inkscape is a free vector drawing software. It helps create vector images with flexible drawing tools, vast file format support, professional text tools, bezier, and spiro curves. Other features include object creation & manipulation, fill & stroke, operations on paths, text support, rendering, and file formats.


  • Object creation with tools like- drawing tools, shape tools, text tools, embedded bitmaps, and clones.
  • Helps in object manipulation, transformations, Z-operations, and so on.
  • Filling colors and stroking made it easy with color selector, copy/paste style, and more.
  • Provides text support through multi-line text, text on a path, text in shape, and so on.
  • Support file formats like SVG, PNG, PDF, EPS, and more.

Verdict: Inkscape is recommended for illustrators, designers web designers, or anyone who needs to create some vector image free of cost with powerful designing tools.

Pricing: Free

Website: Inkscape

#11) Boxy SVG

Best for editing vector graphics of SVG file format.


Boxy SVG is a platform for editing scalable vector graphics that support the SVG file format. It is helpful for beginners as well as for professional web designers. We can easily operate it on any device or OS.

It provides a feature to customize the keyboard shortcuts as per your preference. It ensures that the whole work should be done directly on a single canvas and avoid overlapping dialogues, open pallets, or toolbars.


  • Produce scalable vector graphics.
  • Provides tools to edit SVG files.
  • Helpful for beginners, web designers, and web developers.
  • Accessible on any device and operating system.
  • Provides an intuitive user interface with keyboard shortcuts, fine controls, and so on.

Verdict: Boxy SVG is recommended for its intuitive user interface that enables the users to work directly on the canvas to avoid a crowded workspace. It offers a free trial of 15 days.


  • Premium- $99.99 per year
  • Standard- $9.99 per year

Website: Boxy SVG

#12) LibreOffice Draw

Best for feature-rich tools that help you unleash your creativity and enhance your productivity.


LibreOffice is an office suite. It is packed with feature-rich tools to help you unleash your creativity and enhance your productivity. A draw is one of its applications to design or to manipulate graphics in many ways. You can use it free of cost. It helps in creating diagrams and also flowcharts.


  • Create anything from a quick sketch to complex plans.
  • Create or manipulate vector graphics.
  • Communicate with graphics and diagrams.
  • Easy interface to draw diagrams and flowcharts.
  • Enables the users to form their picture galleries by editing the graphics in many ways.

Verdict: LibreOffice Draw is recommended for its intuitive interface to create vector graphics, diagrams, and flowcharts. This application is free of charge.

Pricing: Free

Website: LibreOffice Draw

Other Notable Software

#13) Pixelmator Pro

Best for professional image editing tools accessible to everyone.

Pixelmator Pro is a vector software that helps in editing and retouching graphics and provides a bundle of professional tools to make it easy for anyone to design professional images. It provides a full collection of vector tools and tools to make your photos perfect. It includes advanced features like layer-based editing, smart guide, pixel tools, graphics tablets, and so on.

It provides customization of workspaces as per the choice of the user. It uses machine learning to automatically enhance photos, increase resolutions, remove camera noise, and many more.

Pricing: $39.99

Website: Pixelmator Pro

#14) Photopea Vector Graphics Software

Best for web-based graphics editor.

Photopea is a free vector graphics software and helps in resizing an image to designing a web page. It includes options for both vectors as well as raster. It is accessible from any device, whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, or any other computer.

It supports various file formats including PSD, JPEG, PNG, DNG, GIF, SVG, PDF, and more, and is enriched with editing features like spot healing, a clone stamp healing brush, and a patch tool. It supports layers, paths, layer styles, text layers, filters, vector shapes, and so on.

Pricing: Free

Website: Photopea

#15) Xara Xtreme

Best for open-source graphics software for Unix platforms.

Xara Xtreme is a graphic design solution. It provides its users a bundle of powerful tools to create illustrations, edit photos, design web pages, and more and is suitable for small to midsize businesses.

It is simple, fast, and easy to learn and use. It provides learning material, tutorials, and tips to its users whenever they need it. It has a very active, enthusiastic, and growing user community.

Pricing: Fee.

Website: Xara Xtreme


Through the above research, we concluded that vector software plays an essential role in the designing or editing of professional graphics. It provides high-quality scalable graphics that can be imported or exported in various file formats like AI, PSD, PDS, JPG, PNG, SVG, DWG, DXF, EPS, TIFF, and HEIF.

We discussed various software, every software serves the same purpose of designing images with their unique feature that makes them stand out. Like, Adobe Illustrator, along with designing, provides 3D effects and texture features. Some provide collaboration tools like- CorelDraw, Vectr, and Sketch.

For selecting the software for your personal use or your organization, you need to analyze your needs or requirements and finalize your budget as different software comes with different features and with different pricing plans.

Our Review Process:

We have researched this article for 45 hours with 20 tools in which the top 13 tools were shortlisted as mentioned above.

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