Top 11 BEST WYSIWYG Web Builders For Professional Quality Websites

List & Comparison of the Top WYSIWYG Web Builder Tools with Features and Pricing. Read This Review to Select The BEST Tool to Build Professional Websites:

Website designing used to be hard in the past and designing a website required writing manual codes that were not for everyone.

You had to hire a professional website designer to build even a simple website. In short, creating a website was not everyone’s cup of tea. This article will give a list of the top Website Builders that are used worldwide.

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Best WYSIWYG Website Builders

WYSIWYG Web Builder

With a website builder, you don’t need to:

  • Know how to code,
  • Have a certificate in website designing to build websites, and
  • Hire an experienced website designer.

That’s because all the website coding and graphic designing work are handled by the website editor. With a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) website builder, the process of designing a website becomes easier than you could imagine.

Market Share of Website Builders
Website Builders Market Share according to Datanyze.

[image source]

In this article, we will review the best WYSIWYG website builders that would allow you to build professional e-commerce/personal websites.

FAQs About WYSIWYG Website Builders

Let’s take a look at some of the common FAQs About WYSIWYG Website Builders.

Q #1) What is a WYSIWYG Website Builder?

Answer: A WYSIWYG (pronounced “wiz-ee-wig”) builder is a graphical user interface (GUI) based website builder that allows you to create websites using layout, blocks, and grids. The program lets you see what a webpage will look like on the users’ screen while the webpage is being created.

In other words, what you see on your screen while building a website is exactly how the website will appear on the user’s screen.

With a WYSIWYG builder, you can create responsive and fluid layouts through a simple drag and drop feature. You can add images and change the fonts similar to using any desktop program.

No coding is required to build a website using the editor. However, if you have some coding knowledge, you can also add advanced features such as animations and other effects.

Q #2) What are the General Features of a WYSIWYG Web Builder?

Answer: WYSIWYG builders support a lot of features that make creating a website a breeze. The working space of the website design software is similar to the MS Word interface. The website editor consists of an intuitive user interface that allows you to easily add images & texts, make adjustments, and insert links to the web pages.

You can add different elements such as forms, social media buttons, comment sections, and much more using the website editor tool.

The website builder can also create a website using an existing template.

  • Create web pages quickly.
  • No coding knowledge is required.
  • Drag and drop images.
  • Template and custom website layout.
  • Add custom codes and website elements.
  • View the final version of the website on screen.

Q #3) What are the Advantages of using a WYSIWYG Website Builder?

Answer: The best thing about using a WYSIWYG Website Builder is that you can have a live view of what the website will look like on the target user’s screens. Features such as layout grids, full-page layout, and scroll transitions will help to create a responsive, and professional website.

With the WYSIWYG web editor, you can create animations that will enhance the appeal of the website. If you have basic knowledge of CSS, you can make advanced changes to the layout such as creating a slideshow or adding columns to the breakpoints.

You can also easily create logical forms using the WYSIWYG website editor with a drag and drop solution. Moreover, you can create grids and align or distribute elements without any coding. In short, using the website editor will help you to save a lot of time and effort involved in creating a professional-looking website.

Q #4) How does the cost of creating a website using a WYSIWYG website editor compare with hiring a professional designer?

Answer: The development cost of the websites fall between $1000 and $2000. Professional developers typically charge about $40 to $70 an hour. The average cost of a WordPress website design is about $50 per hour.

In contrast, you pay only a small monthly fee for using a WYSIWYG editor. The monthly cost can be as low as $36 per month for creating the website yourself. This makes it a cost-effective option for small business owners who want to minimize the cost of starting a website.

Q #5) What is the alternative to WYSIWYG Website Builders?

Answer: The alternative to the WYSIWYG website builder is the textual website editor. This type of editor requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, and other website programming languages. The textual website builders can only be used by professionals.

Examples of textual website builders include Apache NetBeans, Phase 5, Komodo Edit, Notepad++, and Aptana Studio 3.

The image given below shows the screen of a textual website builder.

Textual Website Builder

[image source]

Unlike WYSIWYG website builders, textual website editors don’t have a graphical user interface. You cannot use this software without website coding knowledge. Creating a website using textual editors is time-consuming.

Fact Check About the Website Builder Market: The website builder software market is gaining momentum with each passing year. According to a recent report, the website builder market in 2018 was valued at about $6,525 million. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 9.4 percent between 2019 and 2027. Experts predict that the market size of a website builder software will reach $13,605 in the next decade at an increase of about 108%.

Tips For Selecting The Right Website Designer

You can find a lot of WYSIWYG Website Builders to create a professional quality website. However, the availability of various website builder software creates difficulty when it comes to selecting the right website builder tool.

You should select a website editor that suits the purpose of creating a website. An e-commerce store requires different features when compared to a personal blog site.

You should ask the below questions to yourself:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What features will they like on a website?
  • Will the site require integration with the payment gateways?
  • Is adding videos and images important?
  • What integration is important?

A focus on the above questions will help you to select the best website builder for you. Once you have determined your requirements, you should look at features such as portability, customization, integration, and ease of use.

Lastly, you should consider a budget and select a tool that is affordable to you.

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List Of The Best Free WYSIWYG Web Builder

Listed below are the best free Website Builder software that is available in the market.

  1. Wix
  2. Weebly
  3. Mobirise
  4. WordPress
  5. Duda
  6. Squarespace
  7. Adobe DreamWeaver
  8. CoffeeCup
  9. Strikingly
  10. Jimdo
  11. 1&1 IONOS

Comparison Of The Top 5 Free Website Designers

Tool/Service NameBest ForPriceFree VersionFeaturesOur Ratings

wix logo
Small and large businesses,
Online store,
FreeYesCustom templates,
SEO websites,
Social media integration,
SSL security certificates,
Automatic site backup.

weebly logo
Small and large businesses,
Online store,
FreeYesProfessional themes,
Photo galleries,
Image editor – ImagePerfect
No ads.
SEO Optimized,
E-commerce functionalities,
Full CSS/HTML control,
Password Protect Pages.

wordpress logo
Blogging Forums,
Small online store,
FreeYesOpen source,
Pre-built Themes,
Over 54,000 add-ons,
Auto update,
Survey builder,
SEO management.

Mobirise logo
Small or medium-size businesses,
Online resumes,
Landing pages.
FreeYesBased on Bootstrap 4 –Powerful mobile framework,
Supports Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
Save sites on a local drive,
Google Cloud, Amazon S3,
Github Pages, or *
Supports paid templates,
Forums creation,
Social media buttons,
Media & Galleries.

duda logo
Website agencies,
Small and medium-sized Businesses,
Basic: $14 /month
Team: $22 /month
Agency: $74 /month
YesMultilingual websites,
Website Personalization tool,
Backup and restore,
Code editor,
SSL encryption.

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#1) Wix

Best For:

  • Small and large businesses
  • Online store
  • Personal
  • Blogging

Wix Pricing: Free.


Wix is the most popular website builder tool that holds about 22.61 percent share of the overall website builders market. The WYSIWYG website builder is free and you can use it to create fully immersive and responsive websites.

The highlight of the website editor is the plethora of plugins that extend the feature of the website. Moreover, there are hundreds of templates that you can select if you don’t want to build a site from scratch.

Features: Custom templates, SEO websites, social media integration, SSL security certificates, unlimited fonts, mobile-optimized, advanced design features, automatic site backup, etc.


  • Excellent value for money.
  • Easy to use website editor.
  • High security
  • Large app market.


  • Templates can’t be changed after the website is published.
  • Need to spend on paid apps for increased functionality.

#2) Weebly

Best For:

  • Small and large businesses
  • Online store
  • Blogging

Weebly Pricing: Free


Weebly is another great website editor that has the 3rd largest market share at 15.67 percent. The website design software allows you to create professional-quality websites. Considering the fact that the software is available for free, it offers excellent value for money.

Features: Professional themes, photo galleries, image editor i.e. ImagePerfect, no ads, SEO optimized, e-commerce functionalities, full CSS/HTML control, password protect pages, etc.


  • Responsive themes
  • A large number of apps.
  • Easy-to-use
  • Team management
  • Membership restriction


  • Limited customization
  • No option for restore
  • Lacks design flexibility

#3) Mobirise

Best For:

  • Small or medium-sized businesses
  • Online resumes
  • Landing pages

Price: Free.


Mobirise is a free WYSIWYG website builder that lets you create a professional quality website with no coding experience required. The website editor allows you to create mobile-friendly websites using a simple drag and drop feature.

This is a great website editor for small and medium-sized businesses. The software allows you to export the website to an external editor. You can create a beautiful layout easily with this website builder.

Features: Based on Bootstrap 4 – Powerful mobile framework, Supports Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), Save sites on a local drive, FTP, Google Cloud, Amazon S3, Github Pages, or *, Supports paid templates, Forums creation, Social media buttons, Media & Galleries, etc.


  • Free WYSIWYG website editor.
  • It creates a layout quickly and easily.
  • Optimized sites for mobile screens.
  • HTML and CSS code is customizable.
  • No watermark despite being a free editor.


  • Expensive themes.
  • The software includes some code between the lines while exporting to an HTML editor.
  • It doesn’t support precise customization.
  • It only supports Stripe and PayPal payment gateway.

Website: Mobirise

#4) WordPress

Best For:

  • Blogging
  • Forums
  • Small online store

Price: Free.


WordPress Editor is an open-source WYSIWYG website builder that you can use to build responsive pages easily. Similar to Mobirise, the website builder is available for download for free. You can create a website from scratch or select the existing themes.

The best thing about WordPress Editor is the large collection of plug-ins that can greatly increase the functionality of a website. Some of the plug-ins are for free while the others require you to pay a small fee.

Features: Open source, Pre-built Themes, Over 54,000 add-ons, Auto-update, Survey builder, and SEO management.


  • 100% free open source WYSIWYG website editor.
  • SEO Friendly Mobile optimized sites.
  • Customizable designs
  • High security
  • A large number of add-ons and themes.


  • Need technical support for publishing a site to a host.
  • No customer support as its an open-source software.
  • Coding knowledge is required to customize design such as header image, etc.

Website: WordPress

#5) Duda

Best For:

  • Website agencies
  • Small and medium-sized businesses.


  • Basic: $14/month
  • Team: $22/month
  • Agency: $74/month
  • A 30-day trial


Duda is a paid website builder that supports drag & drop and GUI interface. Using the website design editor, you can create an SEO optimized website. The website designer has powerful media support that includes images and videos.

The basic version allows one person to build a website while the team allows up to four members to work on a website. Agency supports 10 team members and also supports website export and access.

Features: SSL encryption, multilingual websites, website personalization tool, backup and restore, code editor, etc.


  • Simple & Fast Editor.
  • Supports multiple payment integration | PayPal, Square, Visa, American Express, and MasterCard.
  • Instant customer support.
  • Multiple language support.


  • Lack of strong security features.
  • Limited functionality for online stores.
  • A limited number of widgets.

Website: Duda

#6) Squarespace

Best For:

  • Online store
  • Small and medium-sized retail businesses.
  • Fashion designers
  • Blogging


  • Personal: $12 per month
  • Business: $18 per month
  • E-commerce Basic: $26 per month
  • E-commerce Advanced: $40 per month
  • 14-day Trial.


Squarespace is the second most popular WYSIWYG website designer with 17.15 percent market share, according to Statista. The website editor lets you create high-quality websites using different tools. The website editor tool is equally good for both retail businesses and independent fashion designers.

Moreover, you can also use the editor for creating a quality personal blog site. Designing the site using the website editor tool can be time-consuming, however, the effort will be worth it at the end.

Features: E-commerce site builder, social media integration, SEO & marketing tools, SSL security, etc.


  • High-quality templates
  • Full customization control
  • Ease of use


  • Price plans are relatively expensive.
  • Not ideal for beginners.

Website: Squarespace

#7) Adobe DreamWeaver

Best For:

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Students/teachers
  • Professional Photographers


  • Adobe Dreamweaver Single App:– $20.99/month
  • Creative Cloud All Apps: $52.99/month
  • Students and Teachers: $19.99/month
  • Businesses: $33.99/month
  • 30-day Trial.


Adobe Dreamweaver has a clutter-free and simple dashboard that allows you to easily build a large website. You can collaborate with a team with Git support. The WYSIWYG editor is great for photographers as it allows you to edit and polish all the images.

The website software supports expanded workplace on multiple monitors. Moreover, this software also supports Chromium Embedded Framework thereby allowing you to build great HTML5 websites.

Features: Git sport allows collaboration with the team, Multiple monitor support, HTML 5 support, CSS grids, and JavaScript support.


  • Supports the latest website format i.e. HTML5.
  • Advanced codes
  • Professional photo editing.
  • Git Support


  • Pricy for most of the users.
  • The basic plan has limited functionality only.

Website: Adobe DreamWeaver

#8) CoffeeCup

Best For:

  • Small business owners
  • Personal website
  • Website design agencies


  • Basic: Free.
  • Advanced: $29
  • A 28-day free trial.


CoffeeCup is another free website builder that supports advanced features. A unique part of the website builder is the structured data support that helps to optimize the site for search engines.

Another great part about this website builder is the CSS framework support which provides you great flexibility in designing the site. The site supports the bootstrap framework as well and provides you greater flexibility over website design.

Features: Semantic strutted data, Responsive themes, HTML validation tool, HTML, PHP & CSS tags, Split-screen preview, etc.


  • Split-screen preview
  • W3C markup validation
  • Supports HTML5, CSS3, Markdown, and PHP.
  • No coding required


  • Additional add-ons required for most of the features.
  • Lack of quality templates.

Website: CoffeeCup

#9) Strikingly

Best For:

  • Personal website
  • Small business owners

Price: Free


Strikingly is a good website creator that features simplicity and beauty of the design. The website builder allows you to create scrolling page designs with multiple sections. A great thing about this software is its increased control over a different section of the sites.

You can easily create a feature-rich website with this tool. But the shortcoming of this software is the lack of customization tools to edit the site. There are fewer choices of templates as well even with the paid account.

Features: Customization tools, Social media integration, Manage the site using iOS, etc.


  • Simple website designer.
  • Preview website for mobile and desktop viewing.
  • Create responsive websites.


  • Less customization
  • Fewer template choices.

Website: Strikingly

#10) Jimdo

Best For:

  • Blogging
  • Small business owners
  • Personal website
  • Landing pages


  • Play: Free
  • Grow: $15 per month
  • E-commerce: $19 per month
  • Unlimited: $39 per month
  • No free trial.


Jimdo supports excellent e-commerce functionalities. You can start small and scale up as your business grows with its added functionalities.

A great part about this WYSIWYG website editor is that it was the AI, template builder. Jimdo will gather information about your preferences and create the template that is best for you. You can then customize the template using a step-by-step tutorial.

Features: E-commerce support, Product integration, AI template builder, SEO, HTTPS security, etc.


  • Easy to use.
  • AI design templates.
  • Unlimited storage with large plans.


  • No backup and restore.
  • Editing elements can be difficult.
  • Lack of export tool.
  • Limited design features.

Website: Jimdo

#11) 1&1 IONOS

Best For:

  • Blogging
  • Small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Online store


  • Online: $5/month
  • Online Store: $15/month
  • Online Store Advanced: $25/month
  • Online Store Expert: $45/month
  • 30-day free trial


Created by a German-based company, 1&1 IONOS supports a lot of advanced features. This website builder allows free wildcard SSL support. The highlight of this website builder is its free domain and email name including .com, .org, .biz, and .net extensions You won’t have to pay as long as you are subscribed to one of its plans.

The website builder supports thousands of images which give you great creativity in customizing the site. Moreover, the website builder also boasts of captivating templates. You can cancel the plan anytime you like at no extra cost.

Features: PHP OPcache, Daily backups, Managed WordPress hosting, Free SSL/TLS certificate, Free domain privacy, etc.


  • Fast and easy to create.
  • Relatively inexpensive plans.
  • Lots of add-ons.
  • SEO Optimized.
  • Back up and restore.


  • VPS hosting not supported.
  • No malware scan with cheap plans.
  • Poor customer support.

Website: 1&1 IONOS


WYSIWYG web builder software makes it easy even for a layman to create a professional quality website. With this website builder, you don’t have to hire a professional website designer to create a website for you.

A lot of WYSIWYG website editors are available for free. As a result, website owners can save a lot of money in designing a website and there would be no need to spend thousands of dollars on website design.

All of the website builders that we have listed here offer great functionalities for creating a professional website. Small and medium-sized businesses should consider Mobirise and WordPress to create a website. For large businesses, Wix and Weebly are great online tools.

If you want to create personal or blogging websites, the WordPress website editor is the best. Lastly, if you want to create pages in multiple languages, then you should consider Duda as the preferred WYSIWYG website builder.

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