10+ Best Retail Inventory Software in 2023 [TOP RANKINGS]

Understand the meaning and benefits of Retail Inventory Management Software along with the Top and Best Retail Inventory Management Software to compare and choose from:

Retail Inventory management software refers to the system that eases the management of inventory from its raw form to the finished goods.

It provides various essential and effective services like automation, customization, integration, stock count, low-stock alert, organization of inventories on their batch/serial number, and so on.

Benefits of Retail Inventory Software:

  • Real-time visibility and reports on inventory are provided through which you can make data-driven decisions as you know where and how much inventory you have with you at different locations.
  • Automate the workflow of every process within the business-like stock count, repurchasing from suppliers, low-stock alerts, etc.
  • Manages a large volume of inventories along with providing details of available stock as well as the sold items.

Retail Inventory Management Software

Best Retail Inventory Software

In this article, we explained the meaning and benefits of retail inventory software supported by its market share, some FAQs and expert advice to be considered while selecting inventory management software.

A list of the best inventory management software is then provided with a detailed review of each of them and a comparison of the top ones among them. In the end, the conclusion and review process has been stated.

Market Trends: According to the research by Kenneth Research for the forecast period of 2021- 2031, the market share of retail inventory management software was estimated at $1300 million in 2021 and expected to rise with a CAGR of 14% from till 2031 due to the increasing need of automated inventory management platforms.

retail inventory management software

Expert Advice: To select the best inventory management software you need to consider certain factors in order to have the best fit for your organization.

Factors to be considered include:

  1. Your budget
  2. Free trial
  3. Integrations
  4. Ease of use
  5. Customizability
  6. Customer support

FAQs on Shop Inventory Software

Q #1) Which software is best for inventory management?

Answer: The best software for inventory management is:

  1. Lightspeed Retail
  2. Cin7 Orderhive
  3. Ordoro
  4. iVendRetail
  5. Shopventory

Q #2) How do you keep track of inventory products?

Answer: We can keep track of inventory products by subscribing to any robust inventory management system that best suits our requirements for business needs.

These systems help in tracking inventory through services like generating real-time alerts for restocking inventories, adding pictures to the inventory list including notes like inventory prices, the current amount in stock, and condition, and keeping all details in one place.

Q #3) What are the two systems for tracking inventory?

Answer: The two systems used for tracking inventory are:

  1. Perpetual system: Under this system, the inventory account needs to be updated on every inventory transaction i.e., on every sale or purchase it gets updated.
  2. Periodic system: Under this system, the inventory account gets updated only at the end of the accounting period.

Q #4) What is the first rule of inventory management?

Answer: The first rule of inventory management is to have enough inventory to meet the demand. For this, we need to get stock counts in process and get alerted for low stock to avoid shortages. There are various inventory management software that not only alerts you on low stock but refills the stock on your behalf.

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List of the Best Retail Inventory Software

Some remarkably impressive Shop Inventory Software:

  1. Katana
  2. Lightspeed Retail
  3. Cin7 Orderhive
  4. Ordoro
  5. iVendRetail
  6. Shopventory
  7. inFlow
  8. NetSuite
  9. Unleashed
  10. Square POS

Comparison of Top Retail Inventory Management System

SoftwareBest forDeploymentSupportPricing
Lightspeed RetailAdding new products, creating variants, monitoring stock levels and uniting all channels on a single platform.Cloud, SaaS, web-based, Desktop- Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebook, Mobile- iPad.24/7 (liv rep.), chat, phone, email, knowledge base, FAQs, and training.Starts with $119 per month.
Cin7 Orderhive Auto-syncing inventory across multiple sales channels.Cloud, SaaS, web-based, Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad.24/7 (liv rep.), chat, phone, email, knowledge base, FAQs, and training.Starts with $125 per month
OrdoroFast and accurate order fulfilment.Cloud, SaaS, web-based, Windows, Mac, and desktop.Chat, phone, email, knowledge base, FAQs, and training.Starts with $0 per month
iVendRetailCustomizable, mobile-friendly retail management systems software.Cloud, SaaS, web-based, on-premise, Windows, Desktop, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux,24/7 (liv rep.), chat, phone, knowledge base, FAQs, and training.Contact for pricing.
ShopventoryCreating, managing, tracking, and optimising inventory.Cloud, SaaS, web-based, Android, iPhone, and iPad.Chat, phone, email, knowledge base, FAQs, and training.Starts with $99 per month.

Detailed reviews:

#1) Katana

Best for visibility to move products and make decisions effectively.

Katana - Retail Inventory Software

Katana is a retail inventory management system that enables real-time master planning, easy contract manufacturing, omnichannel order management, end-to-end traceability, and so on. It manages every aspect of the business operations with its manufacturing ERP solution.

It provides total visibility and control over inventory. It automates inventory transactions, tracks stock amounts, manages product variants, monitors inventory across multiple locations, and eliminates discrepancies in stock levels.


  • Live inventory tracking is provided with total visibility into inventory.
  • Automatically adds inventory before stock crosses the minimum reorder points.
  • Manages inventory across multiple channels along with managing product variants.
  • Provides full floor-level production status view with accurate completion dates and identifying delay risks.
  • Optimizes inventory levels along with live data to accurately make decisions.
  • Automatically calculates manufacturing costs and other related things.


  • Barcode scanning is available.
  • Batch tracking is provided.
  • Powerful and easy to use.
  • Easy implementation and endless integration.


  • Time planning, Calendar, and Gantt chart are not available.

Verdict: Katana has been awarded the best ease-of-use software by Capterra in 2021 and with best customer support by Software Advice in 2021. It is recommended for industries like furniture, health & beauty, food and beverage, and so on.


  • A 14-day free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are categorized as:
    • Essential: $129 per month
    • Advanced: $349 per month
    • Professional: $799 per month
    • Enterprise: Contact for pricing.

#2) Lightspeed Retail

Best for adding new products, creating variants, monitoring stock levels, and uniting all channels on a single platform.

Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail is an inventory tracking software that helps retailers in simplifying their retail inventory management system. It offers services like tracking inventory levels and SKUs, creating product variants, managing multiple locations, built-in purchase orders, product import tools, and so on.

It takes control of the inventory from generating low-stock alerts to automatically ordering new ones along with providing easy-to-use inventory counting tools.


  • Manages inventory across multiple channels by tracking SKUs, creating product variants, and identifying inventory by serial number.
  • A built-in purchase orders feature is provided to manage purchases for multiple locations.
  • Helps in optimizing the sales floor including managing promotions and discounts.
  • Enables to change the prices collectively in bulk along with offering special prices and loyalty rewards using price books.
  • Enables to upload new products easily through its product import tool.
  • Generates alerts on a low stock by inventory counting tools and automatically orders new stock.


  • A Barcode generator is available.
  • Manages multiple locations at once.
  • Easy-to-use interface.


  • Limited payment processing options.

Verdict: Lightspeed retail is recommended for its features like management of inventories across multiple channels, ordering new stock automatically, managing products and prices, and taking control of inventory. It also generates unlimited barcodes for free.


  • A 14-day free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are as:
    • Lean: $119 per month
    • Standard: $179 per month
    • Advanced: $299 per month
    • Enterprise: Contact for pricing.

Website: Lightspeed Retail

#3) Cin7 Orderhive

Best for auto-syncing inventory across multiple sales channels.

Cin7 Orderhive

Cin7 Orderhive is a powerful inventory management platform that enables retailers in tracking and manage their inventory efficiently in real time across multiple channels. It has been trusted by over 5500 brands and can be integrated with more than 300 tools including Amazon, Shopify, Blue Dart, FedEx, Etsy, eBay, United States Postal Service, and many more.

It offers services including eCommerce automation, order management, product listing management, invoicing, payments, and so on.


  • Automate tasks across different apps or within the premise based on the pre-set commands and desired actions.
  • Simplifies product management along with bulk import & export and smart product tagging & categorization.
  • Provides visibility into inventory with online & offline inventory sync.
  • Just-in-time operations are followed for a quick price and stock adjustment.
  • Generates real-time inventory reports like Backordered inventory reports, inventory audit reports, purchase histories, and more.
  • Optimizes the inventory levels and minimizes the inventory controlling costs.


  • Mobile friendly.
  • Barcode generation.
  • Automation is available.


  • High prices comparatively.

Verdict: Cin7 Orderhive has been trusted by more than 5,500 brands worldwide including many popular brands like Conagra Foodservice, Byju’s, Practo, Smollan, and so on. It has been featured in Fit Small Business as an Inventory management software and awarded the leader of inventory management by Crozdesk software awards 2020.


  • A 15-day free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are categorized as under:
    • Essentials: $125 per month
    • Pro: $225 per month
    • Pro Plus: $325 per month
    • Enterprise: $500 per month.

Website: Cin7 Orderhive

#4) Ordoro

Best for fast and accurate order fulfillment.


Ordoro acts as a control center of inventory management for any organization. It offers various effective services including shipping & fulfillment, inventory, kitting, drop shipping, analytics, and many more.

Under inventory management, it includes features like automation, easy stock organization, automatic syncing of the inventory information across multiple channels, streamlining the back office including restocking inventory, organizing the suppliers, batch setting up suppliers, and so on.


  • Quick up the shipping process along with accurate fulfillment workflow.
  • Automates the process of transferring information to and from the integrated channels.
  • Prevents stockouts by alerting the retailers of low inventory based on the threshold set prior.
  • Automatically update and sync the product quantities across channels.
  • Prevents pick and pack errors through the feature of barcode scanning and tagging products with aisle locations.
  • Built-in advanced analytics is provided to track all metrics enabling you to export the data file in CSV format.


  • Barcode scanning is available.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Friendly customer service.


  • Improvements in analytics and sync features need improvement.

Verdict: Ordoro has been awarded the best inventory management software for small businesses by Business.org and the best inventory management software for E-commerce sites by Neil Patel. It can be integrated with other tools including Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, FedEx, and many more.


  • A free trial of 15 days is available.
  • Pricing plans are:
    • Starter: Free.
    • Express: $59 per month.
    • Pro: $499 per month
    • Enterprise: $999 per month.

Website: Ordoro

#5) iVendRetail

Best for customizable, mobile-friendly retail management systems software.


iVendRetail is a cloud-based inventory solution that enables users to access it from anywhere anytime with full visibility over inventory across multiple channels of the organization.

It offers various effective products to efficiently manage the inventory including real-time visibility, accurate stock counts and reports, product SKUs management, heightened customer experience, item lookup, and so on. It provides services like cloud, consulting, enterprise, and support services.


  • Provides full visibility of inventory and its quantity across the enterprise.
  • Increases productivity of inventory regardless of where it is as it can be checked from anywhere in the store.
  • Real-time barcode scanning leads to accurate stock counts and reports.
  • Improves product management by making it easy to manage SKUs across all channels.
  • Provides exceptional customer experience by ensuring the availability of products and other things related.
  • Other products include solutions related to digital transformation, digital commerce, omnichannel personalization, and more.


  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Access from anywhere and anytime.
  • Ensures seamless upgrades.


  • Difficult add-ons and buggy updates.

Verdict: iVendRetail has been trusted by many popular brands globally including POLO, Oscar Jacobson, Showcase, Al-Hajeri, and many more. It is best for providing accurate and real-time visibility into stock levels.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: iVendRetail

#6) Shopventory

Best for creating, managing, tracking, and optimizing inventory.


Shopventory is a real-time inventory management software that identifies and fixes inventory problems using real-time reporting y highlighting trouble spots.

It offers several powerful inventory management services as well as other services including inventory & sales reports, scan-to-count cycle counts, alerts & PAR levels, spreadsheet & bulk upload, and many more. It can be integrated with tools like Shopify, Square, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Google, Stripe, QuickBooks, and many more.


  • Generates inventory and sales reports for inventory valuation, evaluating profitability, and more.
  • A Barcode scanner is provided for cycle counts and saving hours.
  • Alerts you for low stock inventory or minimum or maximum stock levels by location.
  • Enables you to easily create, edit, and receive inventory on Google Sheets without any downloading and formatting.
  • Helps in vendor management by keeping contact info and internal notes for easy re-ordering.
  • Other services include modifier inventory tracking, purchase orders, user access control, and so on.


  • Supportive staff.
  • Phone, chat, and email support are available.
  • Easy to create barcode labels.


  • Complicated updates.

Verdict: Shopventory is available for free for 2 months if you select to pay yearly. It has got five stars on platforms like Capterra, GetApp, Shopify, etc. It is recommended for its seamless integration across channels and locations that gives one view of the business.


  • Free for 2 months for subscribing yearly.
  • A 30-day free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are categorized as:
    • Standard: $99 per month
    • Professional: $249 per month
    • Elite: $499 per month
    • Enterprise: $999 per month.

Website: Shopventory

#7) inFlow

Best for the spot fulfilling orders and updating inventory levels.


inFlow is a store inventory control software that covers the work from every angle. It is stocked with services related to inventory control, purchasing & receiving, barcoding, reporting, manufacturing, integrations, and many more.

Under inventory control, it offers services like organizing products, barcoding, stock tracking, pricing & costing, reordering, and manufacturing. It generates reports for key metrics and 14 unique inventory reports.


  • A barcode system is provided for easy transfer, pick, receive and adjust.
  • Helps in picking, packing as well as shipping inventory, all within the same platform.
  • Helps in creating an online portal in just a few clicks to take online orders from B2B customers easily.
  • Helps in tracking costs related to manufacturing and its components.
  • Can be integrated with more than 95 tools including FedEx, Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Wayfair, and so on.
  • Provides visibility into inventory and its quantity along with notifying for reordering stock.


  • Mobile access is available.
  • Reorder ahead of time.
  • Real-time visibility of inventory.


  • Reports need modification.

Verdict: inFlow has been trusted by around 40K businesses globally and has been awarded High Performer Spring by G2 in 2021 and with Category Leaders by GetApp in 2021. It is good at reordering inventory ahead of time along with providing real-time visibility.


  • A 14-day free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are:
    • Small Business: $279 per month
    • Entrepreneur: $99 per month
    • Mid-size: $549 per month
    • Enterprise: $1649 per month.
  • Custom plans are also available- Contact us for pricing.

Website: inFlow

#8) NetSuite

Best for automatic inventory tracking and ultimate inventory visibility.

NetSuite - Retail Inventory Software

NetSuite is a simple inventory software with features like multi-location fulfillment, traceability, cycle counting, and replenishment. It ensures efficient utilization of stock, accurate planning, decreases handling expenses or COGS, and full visibility into inventory from the supplier to customer.

It accounts for factors like historical demand, seasonal fluctuations, and sales forecasts to order the right amount of stock or to optimize the level of inventories.


  • Automatic inventory tracking is provided across multiple locations.
  • Full inventory visibility is provided across the whole inventory to enable it to operate from anywhere.
  • Optimizes inventory levels to have the right amount of stock.
  • Increases profitability of the business by using cost-effective and efficient ways of inventory management.
  • Helps in decreasing COGS through intelligently fulfilling orders.
  • Eliminates inaccurate and time-consuming reporting arising due to manual reporting.


  • Multi-Location fulfillment.
  • Effective cycle counting.
  • The lot and serial tracking are available.


  • Limited basic customer support is available.

Verdict: NetSuite has been trusted by 32,000+ businesses worldwide including more than 200 countries. It supports industries like education, consulting, healthcare, IT services, and so on. It is a cloud-based management suite.


  • Prices start at $99 per user per month.
  • Includes a $999 per month licensing fee, plus a per-user fee that starts at $99 a month.
  • Contact for pricing.

Website: NetSuite

#9) Unleashed

Best for effortless up-to-date insights at your fingertips.

Unleashed - Retail Inventory Software

Unleashed is a powerful cloud-based store inventory management system with perpetual inventory control and real-time stock visibility. It manages stock at multiple locations along with product management and tracking stock via serial/lot number.

It enables you to set the stock levels minimum as well as maximum to remind you whenever stock crosses the limit. It generates 21 in-depth operational reports related to purchasing production, product, stock, and sales.


  • Ensures an optimized level of inventory available with the factory in all locations.
  • Generates alerts for low stock to prevent shortages.
  • Assembles product bundles needed for finished goods automatically.
  • Perpetual inventory control is provided for a more reliable COGS account.
  • The stock inquiry feature enables real-time visibility into metrics like stock levels, cost, tracking info, and more.
  • Tracks and traces stock at multiple locations along with flexible product management and stock count.


  • Mobile access.
  • Support Android and iOS platforms.
  • Can be integrated with other tools.


  • Flexibility in reporting is suggested.

Verdict: Unleashed generates 98% customer satisfaction. It automates the sales process and lowers costs with greater efficiency. It is a valuable, effective, integrated, accurate, transparent, analytical, and profitable system.


  • A 14-day free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are:
    • Large Plus: $999 per month for 12+ users.
    • Large: $649 per month for 6-12 users.
    • Medium: $349 per month for 1-5 users.

Website: Unleashed

#10) Square POS

Best for Retail POS system for smooth selling.

Square POS - Retail Inventory Software

Square Point of sale is a retail inventory management software. It offers very effective retail POS management solutions like inventory management, online and in-store selling, building customer relationships, managing finance, taking payments, and so on.

It simplifies the workflow with powerful inventory management features including a counting tool, smart stock forecasts, automatic purchase orders, barcode labels, multi-location stock management, and more.


  • An inventory counting tool is provided for easy stock counting on the go from the iPhone or iPad.
  • Smart stock forecast ensures the availability of inventory according to the forecast in the future.
  • Automatically issues purchase orders to avoid stock shortages.
  • Manages stock at multiple locations in real time.
  • Vendor management feature stores details of vendors to be contacted in the future.
  • Organizes the inventory by its GTIN or SKU codes that ease the identification and tracking of it.


  • A customizable items grid is available.
  • Mobile access.
  • Barcode scanning is available.


  • Weak customer support is reported.

Verdict: Square retail POS is a personalized suite for retailers recommended for its features like stock counting on the go, syncing online stores, managing inventory, building customer relationships, and more. It is also good at generating various reports including vendor sales reports, sales reports,s, etc.


  • A free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are:
    • Free: $0
    • Plus: $60 per month per location.
    • Premium: Contact for pricing.

Website: Square POS

Other Noteworthy Store Inventory Software

#11) Vend

Best for efficiently selling, tracking, and managing inventories for retailers of all sizes.

Vend is a free inventory management system for retailers. It helps in boosting business by providing full visibility into inventory and managing the product across multiple channels.

It enables us to take smarter data-driven business decisions by providing reports related to metrics like cash flow, sales, profits, costs, etc. It offers inventory solutions like effective stock counts, multi-location inventory management, integrations, etc.

It has been trusted by around 20K customers worldwide. It provides awesome 24/7 customer support, connects the best business apps, accepts any payments, works even when you are offline, and can be operated on any device including iPhone, Mac, or PC.


  • A 14-day free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are:
    • Lean: $99 per month
    • Standard: $149 per month
    • Advanced: $229 per month
    • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

Website: Vend

#12) Ecomdash

Best for eCommerce reporting, bulk editing tools, and advanced SEO tools.

Ecomdash is now Web.com. It is a retail inventory software that not only supports retailers but with even more powerful features.

It offers features like building websites, inventory management with 24/7 inventory sync technology, selling on different platforms, automated sales tax, end-to-end fulfillment, shipping solutions, appointment scheduling, and more. It provides visibility into factors like visitors, page views, top-selling items, COGS through powerful analytics and eCommerce reports.


  • Pricing plans are categorized as:
    • Website essentials: $1.95 per month
    • Business essentials: $3.95 per month
    • eCommerce essentials: $9.95 per month
    • eCommerce premium: $24.95 per month

Website: Ecomdash

#13) PartKeepr

Best for monitoring and keeping track of every part individually.

PartKeepr is an open-source inventory management platform. It offers effective services including reordering stock, tracking inventory at different stages of production, determining EOQ, setting reorder alerts, easy customization, quick part search, and many more.

It maintains the database for parts or raw materials like purchase timings, batch numbers, distributors, manufacturers, and more. It organizes the parts and stock effectively to enable the users to find them quickly and more accurately.

Pricing: Free

Website: PartKeepr

#14) Megaventory

Best for powerful operations management solutions.

Megaventory is a powerful cloud-based inventory management suitable for franchise networks, retail or wholesale commerce, and product manufacturing. It offers solutions related to inventory management, order fulfillment, report creation, manufacturing tracking, and many more.

Under inventory management, it includes services like stock alerts, landed cost calculations, serial/batch number sorting, product cost tracking, and so on.

It can be integrated with other third-party apps including QuickBooks, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Zapier, and more. Good customer support is provided via chat, email, in-app guides, and knowledge base.


  • A 15-day free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are as under:
    • Pro: $135 per month
    • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

Website: Megaventory

#15) Zoho Inventory

Best for smart tools like reporting & analytics, SKU generator and reorder points.

Zoho Inventory is a platform suitable for every size of business from MSMEs to Large scale enterprises. It offers solutions related to order management, inventory tracking, reports, integrations, barcode scanning, and warehouse management.

It provides a wide range of integrations related to the operations like marketplace & shopping cart, ESI, accounting solutions,s and CRM. It includes an effective automation feature that simplifies daily processes like barcode scanning, email & field update, webhooks & custom functions, etc.


  • Pricing plans are as under:
    • Free
    • Standard: $59 per annum
    • Professional: $99 per annum
    • Premium: $159 per annum
    • Elite: $239 per annum
    • Ultimate: $329 per annum

Website: Zoho Inventory

#16) monday.com

Best for making data-driven decisions with high-level dashboards.

monday.com is an operating system for managing workspace that has been trusted by more than 1,52,000 customers globally including some popular brands like Coca-Cola, Canva, Hulu, NHL, BD, and many more.

It maximizes the productivity of the business by bringing the teams together and making data-driven decisions with high-level dashboards. It provides customizable workflows that best fit your business requirements.

It includes different boards, views, dashboards, integrations, automation, apps, and docs.


  • Individual: $0 forever
  • Basic: $8 per month per seat
  • Standard: $10 per seat per month
  • Pro: $16 per seat per month
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

Website: monday.com


Through the research, we concluded how essential a retail inventory management system is for any organization. It is packed with very essential features like reordering stock, optimizing inventory, low-stock alerts, barcode scanning, batch/serial number sorting, inventory tracking, quick part search, and so on.

It cut-short the inventory process through automation and eliminates errors considerably. It improves transparency by providing real-time visibility into inventory and its status and thus helps in taking data-driven decisions through high-level visibility.

We have several inventory management software available in the market. We researched, shortlisted, and reviewed the best among them. Some are good in automation, like- Cin7 Orderhive, Ordoro, Zoho Inventory, and more.

Some are good in stock counting, like- iVendRetail, Unleashed, etc. In this way, they all offer different sets of features, with different pricing plans, and are good in different services but ultimately ease the inventory management processes.

Our Review Process:

  • Time Taken to Research this Article: We spent 31 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarised list of tools with a comparison of each for your quick review.
  • Total Retail Inventory Software Researched Online: 36
  • Top Retail Inventory Software Shortlisted for Review: 16
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