6 Best iPad POS System 2023 Reviews and Pricing

List of the Best iPad POS Systems with Features and Comparison:

iPad POS system is a POS application that can be used on iPad. It can be a tool for better customer service.

It will help you in streamlining the sales process. It has features for inventory and customer management. Using an iPad POS there will be cost savings and ease of employee training.

This POS system has some Pros as well as Cons. iPad POS Software is cloud-based, attractive, and portable. It is user-friendly, portable, and versatile.

It is also best for the environment. Portability is the biggest advantage of the iPad POS system. For the restaurant industry, this feature is more useful for tasks like taking orders, etc.

ipad pos system

The below image will show you the latest technology trend preferred by the restaurant POS systems.

Technology preferred by Restaurant POS system

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iPad POS apps are more user-friendly because of touch-screens.

It reduces the requirement for training the employee. It minimizes early mistakes. It has a low learning curve. Even the employees who have not used Apple devices can use these systems easily. The attractiveness of POS affects the retail industry most.

With these POS systems, you can go paperless. Features like inventory management, email receipts, etc are possible without the paper and pen. Because of this advantage, this system is best for the environment.

Durability is the biggest con of this system. Because of portability, you can always be moving with your device and there is always a chance of falling out the device from hand. This possibility generates the question mark on the durability of the system.

As this system is connected to the internet, it can be vulnerable to attacks. Hence, the security threat is the second limitation of this system. While making the decision of using the POS system for iPad, the last con that should be considered is the cost. It is not a cost-effective solution as Apple devices are expensive.

As per the research performed by Merchant Maverick, 59% of fashion and apparel retailers prefer to use iPad POS software and 52% of single-location SMB retailers require an iPad POS app.

Pro Tip: While selecting the best iPad POS, you should consider the features provided by the system, its pricing plans, and the supported business types. We have shortlisted the top iPad POS for you. You can choose any one out of it based on which is best suitable for your business.

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List of Top iPad POS Systems

Enlisted below are the most popular iPad POS systems that are available in the market.

Comparison of the Top POS System for iPad

POS Best forBusiness TypesFeaturesPrice

Small to large businesses. Retail, restaurant, resorts, etc. Inventory management, retail analytics, employee tracking, etc. It starts at $59/month.

Small to large businessesVarious types of Restaurants like fine dining, coffee shops, etc. Menu management, staff management, reporting & analytics, etc. It starts at $69 per month.

Small to Large restaurant businesses.Start-ups, small restaurants, fine-dining, cafes, bars, and established eateries. Contactless Ordering, Menu Management, Marketing automation, Payroll management.Free Starter Package.
Essentials Plan: $165/month
Custom Plan Available.

Small businessesRetail, Quick-Service, Restaurant, Bar.Functionalities for Register, Back office, Inventory management, and Payments.Get a quote
Revel Systems

Small to large businessesRestaurant POS, Retail POS, Quick Service POS, Coffee Shop POS, Nightclub POS, etc.Customer Experience Management Solutions POS Hardware Features, Financial Tools.Starts at $79 per month per terminal.

Small to large businesses.Electronics & Computer POS.
Fashion Boutique POS Fitness & Supplements POS Health & Beauty POS Small Business POS, etc.
POS, Inventory Management, Reporting, Hardware, Payments, Customer Management, & Ecommerce.Lite: $99 per month, Pro: $129 per month, and Enterprise: Get a quote.

Small businesses.Retail, Restaurants, Small Businesses, Food Truck, Coffee Shop, Bakery, etc.Orders, Employees, Customers, Reporting, Inventory, & Payments.Essential Package: Free Freedom Package: $39.99 per month OmniChannel Package: $79.99 per month.

Let’s Explore!!

#1) Lightspeed

Best for small, medium, and large businesses.

Price: Lightspeed has different pricing plans as mentioned in the table below.

Retail POSPrice starts at $99 per month.
Restaurant POSPrice starts at $69 per month.
ecommercePrice starts at $59 per month.
OnSite POSSmall Shop: $99 per month
Medium shop: $169 per month
Large Shop: $289 per month.


Lightspeed is a POS system for retail and Restaurant POS system. This will provide you with real-time data. Restaurant iPad POS comes with features like offline mode, mobile service, and improved communication. Retail POS systems come with features like Multi-store support, customer loyalty, and integrated payments.


  • Lightspeed has functionalities for Inventory Management.
  • It provides reporting for retail analytics and employee tracking.
  • Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, or CSV formats.
  • For restaurants, the iPad POS has the functionality to take payments on the spot.

Verdict: Lightspeed is a POS system for retail and restaurants. It can be used for e-commerce and as an onSite POS system. As per the online reviews, it is easy to use

Visit Lightspeed Retail POS >>

Visit Lightspeed Restaurant POS >>

#2) TouchBistro

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: TouchBistro pricing starts at $69 per month. Several add-ons are available and you can get a quote for pricing details.


TouchBistro is an all-in-one restaurant management system that can be used for various restaurant types such as fine dining, cafe, coffee shop, full-service restaurants, food trucks, etc. It is an iPad POS system and has the payments solution integrated into it. It has products for customer engagement as well as restaurant operations.


  • For restaurant operations, it offers the features of multiple online booking touchpoints, table status tracking, two-way guest communication, etc.
  • The digital menu board will let you change descriptions, add items, adjust prices, etc.
  • Its payments bundle is a combination of hardware, software, and support required for accepting payments of all types.
  • The online ordering module provides a facility for customers to order takeout and delivery.

Verdict: TouchBistro can help with serving the customers whether they are for takeout, dine-in, or delivery. It will increase sales and save time & money. It is a customizable solution and offers flexible pricing options. This fast, reliable, and easy-to-use system can be a fit for running several restaurant types.

Visit TouchBistro Website >>

#3) Toast POS

Best for Small and Large Restaurants.

Price: Offers a free starter plan that is ideal for small restaurants and cafes. Essentials Plan will cost $165/month and is ideal for established eateries. A custom plan is also available upon contact.

Toast POS

In hindsight, iPad POS systems simply aren’t cut out for managing the daily hustle and bustle of restaurant businesses. Such enterprises need a system that is highly configurable, facilitate speedy software updates without frequent crashes, and offers hardware that is affordable while being durable.

This combination of qualities is something you can easily find in Toast’s Android-powered POS system. Leveraging the flexibility granted by Android, Toast delivers a POS managing hardware and software solution that best caters to your restaurant’s specific requirements.
From facilitating contactless ordering to making menu management hassle-free, there is plenty to admire in Toast.


  • 3 times faster than commercial-grade restaurant hardware.
  • Commission free digital ordering for simple takeout and delivery.
  • Accelerate service by facilitating tableside ordering and payments.
  • Supports integration with applications like Valutec, Uber Eats, etc.
  • Boost sales by setting up automated marketing campaigns.

Verdict: With Toast, you get a commercial-grade POS system that can easily outperform iPad-based POS solutions without breaking a sweat.

From speedy software updates and a highly customizable interface to a robust, hard-wired hardware system with durable terminal touch screens, you get everything needed to make sure your restaurant business is running on all cylinders.

Visit Toast Restaurant POS Website >>

#4) ShopKeep

Best for small businesses.

Price: Get a Quote for their pricing details.


ShopKeep POS has functionalities for Register, Back office, Payments, Inventory, and Reporting. ShopKeep provides 24*7 support. This service is for Retail stores, Bars and Restaurants, Quick-Service Restaurants, and Full-Service Restaurants.


  • It has functionalities for refunds and returns, tips and Gratuity, time clock, and discounts.
  • For Back office, it has functionalities like Staff Management, Managing Customers, customizable receipts, etc.
  • For payments, it has features like accepting all types of payments and processing payments offline, etc.

Verdict: ShopKeep is the top iPad POS. With this system, your cash register will be on the iPad. It is easy to set up and use as well.

Website: ShopKeep

#5) Revel Systems

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: Free demo is available. Revel POS Software price starts at $99 per month per terminal. Installation fee starts at $649. For Processing, there will be a flat fee.

Revel Systems

Revel Systems offer POS solutions for Pizza, Cafe, Quick-Service, Table Service, and Retail. Through Enterprise Management, Location Management, and Location Teams, it can be used by every level of business.


  • For Point of sale processes, it provides the features of Cash management, Table Management, Delivery Management, and Security.
  • For Customer Experience, it has functionalities for Discounts, Online Ordering, and CRM.
  • For Management Solutions, it provides functionalities for inventory management, Employee Management, Kitchen Management.

Verdict: Revel POS software is rich in its features. It has CRM, Reporting dashboard, and Offline mode.

Website: Revel POS

#6) Vend

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: Vend has three pricing plans i.e. Lite ($99 per month), Pro ($129 per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). Lite plan is suitable for Small retailers who require basic operations. Pro plan is best for established single or multi-store retailers. The Enterprise plan is for large multi-store retailers. A free trial is also available for 14 days.


Vend has features for products & inventory management, Payments & Gift cards, reporting, and customer management. It can be used for fashion Boutiques, Homeware Stores, Sports & Outdoors, etc.


  • Reports on sales, inventory, payments, etc.
  • Functionalities for Customer management.
  • Full or partial inventory counts.
  • Flexible options for accepting payments.

Verdict: Vend POS system is used in a variety of business types. It is a cloud-based platform and helps you to sell the products and manage the business.

Website: Vend POS

#7) eHopper

Best for small businesses.

Price: eHopper POS software has three pricing plans i.e. Essential Package (Free), Freedom Package ($39.99 per month), and OmniChannel Package ($79.99 per month).


eHopper POS system comes with the features for Orders, Employees, Inventory, Payments, Customers, and Reporting. It has functionalities for monitoring tips, sales transactions, and working hours of employees.


  • It provides reports for transactions, inventory, employees, and customers.
  • It supports a variety of payment options like cash, credit card, and split payments.
  • It can provide the contact information of customers.
  • It supports a variety of order types like take-out and delivery.

Verdict: eHopper POS system is best for small businesses. It will help you to control business activities on the floor.

Website: eHopper POS

#8) Square

Best for small & startup retailers and multi-channel sellers.

Price: Square POS is free to use and it doesn’t have setup or monthly fees. You will have to pay on taking the payment. This transaction rate will be decided based on the hardware product. Square Stand will cost you $18 per month.


Square provides an all in one platform for POS and payment processing. Square provides a Square Stand to turn your iPad into POS. Square POS is for restaurants, Retail, and Appointments.


  • Square POS has features for fraud prevention and data security.
  • It will allow you to send custom invoices from the POS system.
  • Fast payment processing.
  • Square stand includes Reader and dock.

Verdict: Square provides low-priced and iPad compatible equipment. The system is easy to understand. Square POS system supports iOS and Android devices.

Website: Square POS


We have seen the top iPad POS software apps in this article. Revel Systems, Vend, and Lightspeed are best for small to medium-sized businesses. ShopKeep, eHopper, and Square are the best iPad POS systems for small businesses.

eHopper provides an essential package which is free. Revel Systems also provides a cost-effective solution when compared to Vend. eHopper has more affordable pricing plans when compared to others.

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Hope this article will help you in selecting the right iPad POS system.