6 BEST Restaurant POS Systems in 2023 (Only Top Selective)

The List and Comparison of the Best POS Systems for Restaurant:

A Restaurant POS system is an application that is used to track sales, cash flow, and food inventory. It helps the restaurant owners in managing their business by simplifying the process of bookkeeping.

The use of POS Systems will not reduce the number of waiters or the staff members, but it will remove the complications from the process of handling a large number of orders or a fast-dwindling inventory.

Some systems can keep a track of the repeated visits by the customers to multiple branches. The systems have features like a customizable menu, customer management, staff performance tracking, and reports.

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The below image will show you the details of the research on the features of the requirement for Restaurant POS system.


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This research says that Inventory Management is the top feature and is required by 48% of the restaurant owners.

Web-based Restaurant POS will cost around $50 to $200 per month. Traditionally POS Systems are installed locally and hardware is required for that. This hardware will cost in the range of $2000 to $4000. A hardware bundle for web-based systems will be priced in the range of $450 to $1500.

Pro Tip: While selecting the Restaurant POS system, the features that must be considered are a speedy interface and quick checkout, inventory management, ease of use, good reporting capabilities, ease of installation process and customization of a menu, and features for Table management and reservations.
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List of Top Restaurant POS Systems

Enlisted below are the Top Restaurant POS Systems that are available in the market.

Comparison of BEST Restaurant POS Software

POS systemsBest forPlatformSolutions forPrice

Small businesses.Windows, Mac, Linux.Restaurant, Quick Service, Pub & Nightclub, Food Truck, & Brewery.Solo: $64 per month, Group: $58.78 per month, Team: $52.25 per month.

Small, Medium, & Large businessesWindows, Mac, LinuxQuick Service, Cafe/Bakery, Bar/Nightclub, Hotel restaurant.Starts at $103.18 per month.
Toast POS

Small, Medium, & Large businessesWindows, Mac, LinuxFine Dining, Bar & Nightclub, Cafe & Bakery, Casual Dining, Fast Casual, & Enterprises.Software: $79/ terminal Installation: Starts at $499.
Payments: Simple flat rate.
Hardware: 0% financing.

Small businesses.Windows & MacCafe, Bar, Restaurant, Barbershop, QSR, & Retail.$51 per month for first register plus $32.7 per month for additional registers.

#1) TouchBistro

Price: It has four pricing plans i.e. Solo ($64 per month), Group ($58.78 per month), Team ($52.25 per month), and Unlimited (Get a quote).


TouchBistro is the smart solution for Restaurant POS system. It supports contactless payment with integrated payment processors. You can store ingredient lists, allergy information, and images for each menu. With this EPOS system, your staff will be able to answer any menu questions.


  • It has features for tableside ordering and restaurant table management.
  • It has payment processing solutions.
  • It has features for restaurant inventory management.
  • It has functionalities for Menu management and CRM.

Verdict: TouchBistro is an iPad EPOS system. The solution is offered as a single-iPad or multi-iPad configuration. TouchBistro Reports will help you with decisions like bringing in more staff and providing insights about which items are making more money.

Visit TouchBistro Website >>

#2) Lightspeed

Price: Lightspeed offers a free trial. You can contact them to get a quote. The most popular plan of Lightspeed starts at $103.18 per month.


Lightspeed is the ePOS system for full service, quick service, cafes, and hotel restaurants. It can provide 24/7 unlimited support, one-on-one Onboarding, or webinars, demos, and videos. It has features for Inventory management, Tableside ordering, staff management, Multi-store management, and Reporting.


  • It works in offline mode with fully featured and automatic syncs and backups.
  • It provides the features for on-the-spot service.
  • It supports all swipes and transfers.
  • It can handle taps and tips. It will also allow you to set tip redistribution for the team.
  • All the data and reports are available on iPad, mobiles, and desktops.

Verdict: Lightspeed is a scalable solution that can manage everything from one place. Lightspeed provides an uninterrupted service by working with and without the Internet.

Visit Lightspeed Restaurant POS Website >>

#3) Toast POS

Price: Toast POS software will cost you $79 per terminal. Hardware starter bundle is available at 0% financing. The installation prices start at $499.


Toast POS is a restaurant Point of Sale and management system. It can be customized as per your needs for Fine Dining, Bar & Nightclub, Cafe & Bakery, Casual Dining, Fast Casual, & Enterprises.


  • It is scalable and easy to use.
  • It has features for Tableside ordering.
  • It provides cloud-based reports.
  • It works in offline mode.
  • For any transaction, there will be simple, flat rate payment processing.

Verdict: Toast POS system is easy to use. It has a Quick Order feature for a speedy transaction and can be used for all types of food service businesses.

Visit Toast Website >>

#4) Nobly

Price: A Free 15 minutes demo available. Nobly will cost you $51 per month for first register and $32.7 per month for additional registers. These packages include 24/7 support and they work with the existing payment systems.


Nobly Restaurant POS system is easy to use. It provides security features through dedicated accounts and secure passcodes. It will allow you to set the permissions for staff members. It makes communication faster through automated messages from front-of-house to kitchen. It can be integrated with the card reader.


  • Table management
  • Real-time ingredients tracking.
  • Kitchen Display Unit
  • Reports for Sales and Inventory.

Verdict: Nobly restaurant POS provides an overview of your restaurant at a glance or you can view each customer’s order separately. It has features like Mobile Reports, Kitchen Display Unit, and integrations with Zero, Deputy, & QB.

Website: Nobly

#5) Simphony Cloud Restaurant POS

Price: The product tour is available. You can contact the company for its pricing details. As per the online reviews, it will cost you around $5000 as a one-time fee.


Simphony is the Hospitality Management platform by Oracle. This cloud and mobile platform have back-office functionality. It can be used for a wide range of food and beverage operations. It has capabilities for enforcing brand, menu, employees management standards globally. It will also allow for localization.


  • Inventory Management
  • Table reservations
  • Reports.
  • Gift and loyalty

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Verdict: Simphony is a cloud-based POS system for modern hospitality. It has real-time reporting and financial analysis capabilities. With this platform, you can keep the menu and prices globally consistent.

Website: Simphony Cloud Restaurant POS

#6) Kitchen CUT

Price: Kitchen CUT offers a free trial for 14 days. It has four pricing plans i.e. Basic, Regular, Premium, and Ultimate.

Kitchen CUT

Kitchen CUT food & beverage management system is an online platform for restaurant management. It provides software for Chef, Recipe, Food Costing, Menu Planning, Restaurant Management, Kitchen Management, and Restaurant POS.


  • It will allow you to add new properties as per your requirement.
  • It will provide instant insights and analytics.
  • It tracks sales and GP’s.
  • You will be able to see the group performance at a glance.

Verdict: Kitchen CUT restaurant POS is a cloud-based solution with features like billing & invoicing, inventory management, kitchen management, menu management, and Reports.

Website: Kitchen CUT


Restaurant POS system includes payment terminals, touch screens, and some other hardware & software. As we have seen the top restaurant POS, Nobly and TouchBistro are best for small businesses.

Toast POS and Lightspeed are best for any type of businesses. Simphony is a cloud-based system for modern hospitality by Oracle. Kitchen CUT is an online platform for food and beverage management.

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Hope this article will help you in choosing the right restaurant POS system.