11 Best Barcode Scanners And Readers [Wireless And Wired]

This is a review and comparison of the top Barcode Scanners to help you select the best barcode reader per your requirements:

A barcode scanner, also known as a Point-Of-Sale (POS) scanner or a price scanner, is a device that captures and reads data from barcodes.

A light source, a lens, and a light sensor that converts optical impulses into electrical ones make up the barcode reader. They also have decoder circuitry that analyzes the barcode image data sent by the sensor and sends it to a computer.

A barcode scanner measures the quantity of light reflected back after sending a beam of light across the barcode. The light will be reflected less by the black bars on the barcode than by the white spaces between them. The light energy is subsequently transformed into electrical energy by the barcode reader, which is ultimately translated into data by the decoder and transferred to a computer.

Barcode Reader

Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanner Types

These are enlisted below:

  • Pen wand scanner: It is noted for its endurance and low cost because it has no moving components. The pen must remain in direct contact with the barcode, held at a specified angle, and moved at a specified pace over the barcode.
  • CCD scanner: It offers a wider reading range and does not require a barcode touch. As a result, it’s suitable for retail sales. A CCD scanner is often used as a “gun” interface and must be held no closer than one inch from the barcode.
  • Image scanner: It is also known as a camera reader. It captures a picture of the barcode with a tiny video camera and then decodes it using advanced digital image processing algorithms.
  • Laser scanner: It can be portable or stationary, and it does not need to be in close proximity to the barcode to read it efficiently. The scanner employs a set of mirrors and lenses to detect barcodes regardless of their location, and it can read barcodes from up to 24 inches away.

Guidelines For Selecting The Best Barcode Reader

#1) Think About Your Flooring

Did you know that the most common cause of damage to mobile devices is ‘drops’?

As a result, the warehouse flooring is a major problem. Rugged or general-purpose barcode scanners are available and helpful in such situations. Rugged electronics can withstand extreme circumstances. If you have hard flooring, look for a portable computer with a tough rating.

#2) Consider Air Quality

Do you have a lot of dust in your warehouse? What about sawdust or other microscopic particles?

If you answered yes, be sure to check the Ingress Protection (IP) rating of any model you are considering. This is comparable to the situation if a portable scanner is accidentally dumped in the water. Look for an IP rating of at least 68 to increase your device’s chances of surviving these mishaps.

#3) Your Lighting Preferences

Do you work in a warehouse with low light levels or in a light-filled environment?

In a low-light scenario, your barcode scanner’s brightness should be reduced. If you want to use the gadget in strong sunshine or a bright warehouse, you’ll need a higher brightness level. Request a demonstration at your warehouse’s lighting conditions, no matter what they are. In your workplace, you’ll want to make sure the scanner can read barcodes accurately.

#4) User’s Keyboard Requirements

Find a barcode reader with a number key placement that is ergonomic for the employees if they are typing numbers. If the user will be typing on the unit while wearing gloves, you’ll want one with bigger keys. Take into account anything else that might affect the size or positioning of keys for device users.

#5) Kind Of Barcodes Are You Going To Scan

Consider the code type and scanning distance if you’ll be scanning barcodes. Any sort of barcode scanning can benefit from 2D imaging. Only 1D barcodes are suitable for linear barcode scanners.

Look for a machine that has Advanced Great Range or Extended Range capabilities if you’ll be scanning from a long distance. These scanners can read from 45 to 50 feet away using laser scanning or 2D barcode imaging.

Fact Check: According to maximizemarketresearch.com, the barcode scanner market is going to expand all over the world, with the highest potential being in North America.

the barcode scanner market

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How can I determine the quality of a barcode?

Answer: Scan the code with a laser barcode scanner or a 2D barcode reader to perform a Read Test. Using smart cameras and software monitor barcode quality using a machine vision system. Using a barcode verification solution, verify the code by comparing it to industry standards.

Q #2) Do all barcode scanners work in the same way?

Answer: All barcode scanners work in the same way: they emit a beam of light that is used to identify the width of the bars in a barcode as well as the spaces between them. The method by which laser scanners and imagers detect these bars differs.

Q #3) What is the accuracy of barcode scanners?

Answer: Barcodes are designed to have a 99 percent accuracy and scanning rate.

Q #4) What occurs when a barcode is scanned?

Answer: A barcode scanner illuminates the black and white sections of a barcode with a red light, which is subsequently transformed into corresponding text. The decoder reads the signal, checks the barcode for validity using the check digit, and transforms it to text.

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List of the Best Barcode Scanners

Here is the list of popular barcode readers:

  1. Wireless Barcode Scanner NADAMOO
  2. USB Laser Barcode Scanner by WoneNice
  3. Wireless Versatile 2-in-1 Tera Barcode Scanner
  4. TaoTronics Handheld Wired Bar Code 1D Laser Scanner
  5. Esky Barcode Scanner
  6. Wired 1D Barcode Reader Handheld USB Barcode Scanner
  7. Bluetooth Barcode Scanner by NETUM
  8. Bluetooth Barcode Scanner by Inaateck
  9. USB Quick Laser Barcode Scanner Reader by Basecent
  10. Wireless Barcode Scanner Eyoyo Mini 1D
  11. Cordless Handheld Zebra DS2278 Series

Comparison of the Best Barcode Readers

Name of the Barcode ScannerSpecial FeaturesPricing Our Rating
Wireless Barcode Scanner NADAMOO Internal offline storage can hold up to 100,000 barcodes$35.99Star_rating_5_of_5
Wireless Versatile 2-in-1 Tera Barcode Scanner32-bit CPU with a super decoding capability of up to 300 frames per second$32.99Star_rating_5_of_5
TaoTronics Handheld Wired Bar Code 1D Laser ScannerAuto-Sensing Technology$35.99Star_rating_4_of_5
Cordless Handheld Zebra DS2278 SeriesScan-to-Connect technology$214.99Star_rating_4_of_5

Review of barcode scanners:

#1) Wireless Barcode Scanner NADAMOO

Best for scanning from a distance.

1) Wireless Barcode Scanner NADAMOO

It uses Long Distance Wireless Transmission Technology to achieve transmission distances of up to 400 meters in the open air and 100 meters inside. It also comes with a USB plug-and-play disk, so there’s no need to install anything. You may connect a USB drive and scan an EXCEL/WORD document.

There are two pairing modes: one-to-one and more-to-one. Several scanners may send barcodes to a single USB receiver in More-to-one mode. It has two modes of operation: instant upload and storage. In offline storage mode, internal offline storage can hold up to 100,000 barcodes.


Long Distance Wireless Transmission Technology

  • With Mini USB Receiver, USB plug-and-play, no drive installation needed
  • Two paring mode
  • Two working mode
  • Two scanning mode

Price: $35.99

#2) USB Laser Barcode Scanner by WoneNice

Best for businesses, shops, and warehouses.


This laser portable barcode scanner connects to any USB port with ease. It’s perfect for companies, stores, and warehouses. It works with Word, Excel, Novell, and all other standard applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It has a scanning speed of 200 scans per second and a scanning angle of 55 degrees inclination and 65 degrees elevation. It uses a 650-670nm Visible Laser as a light source. It can only be used with a device that has a USB port, therefore it won’t function with an iPad, Google tablet, smartphone, or other similar devices.


  • Color: Black, Weight: 115g, Dimensions: 150mm x 90mm x 65mm.
  • Type of Cable: 2M or 6ft straight cable.
  • Shock: 1.5m drop on a concrete surface.
  • Handheld type laser barcode scanner is with USB port cable, LED, and buzzer indicator.
  • 200 scans per second.
  • Scanning angle: Inclination angle 55°; Elevation angle 65°.
  • Operational Light Source: Visible Laser 650-670nm.

Price: $22.99

#3) Wireless Versatile 2-in-1 Tera Barcode Scanner

Best for warehouses.


It’s a simple plug-and-play gadget. Simply connect the USB cable or receiver to the computer. In a barrier-free environment, the wireless transmission distance can reach 328 feet. It features a 32-bit CPU with a super decoding capability of up to 300 frames per second. It also has two modes of operation: instant upload and storage.

While falling from a height of up to 6.56 feet, the orange silicone protective coating protects against scratches and friction. The wireless barcode scanner is dust and moisture resistant thanks to IP54 technology.


  • 2.4G Wireless+USB 2.0 Wired Connection
  • USB receiver
  • Fast Accurate Reading Speed of 32Bit CPU super decoding ability
  • Two working modes: Instant upload mode/storage mode.
  • Anti-Shock Silicone
  • Auto Continuous scan
  • Two Paring Mode: One-to-one mode, More-to-one mode.

Price: $32.89

#4) TaoTronics Handheld Wired Bar Code 1D Laser Scanner

Best for small businesses, shops.


It uses Auto-Sensing Technology, which allows you to relax your hands while still reading barcodes. It’s composed of high-quality ABS plastic that’s been dropped from a height of 1.5 meters. The barcode scanner also comes with a hands-free and flexible Scanner stand that allows for quick and easy setup.

It is Plug-and-Play, so you won’t need any software to set it up. It works with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, as well as word processors such as QuickBooks, Word, Excel, Novell, and other standard applications.


  • Auto-Sensing technology
  • Ergonomic design
  • Widely Decode Ability: UPC/UCC/EAN 128/Code 39/Code 39 Full ASCII/Tryptic Code 39/Code 128/Code 128 Full ASCII/Coda bar/Interleaved 2 of 5/Discrete 2 of 5/Code 93/MSI/Code 11/RSS variants/Chinese 2 of 5/180 configurable options for prefix, suffix and termination strings

Price: $35.99

#5) Esky Barcode Scanner

Best for supermarkets.


The Esky barcode scanner is easy to set up and used in a variety of circumstances and settings. It is shockproof, and the ABS plastic ensures a long service life.

It’s light and portable, making it suitable for supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries, bookstores, and fashion boutiques. It works with Quickbooks, Word, Excel, Novell, and other common applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Inserting, stripping, filtering, and case-converting are all simple editing actions.


  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux; works with Quickbook, Word, Excel, Novell, and all common software. Full compatibility with Novell Applications. Supports such editing operations as inserting, stripping, filtering, and case-converting.
  • Supports a wide range of barcodes types: UPC/EAN, UCC/EAN 128, Code 39, Code 39 Full ASCII, Trioptic Code 39, Code 128, Code 128 Full ASCII, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, Discrete 2 of 5, Code 93, MSI, Code 11, RSS variants, Chinese 2 of 5; 180 configurable options for prefix, suffix and termination strings.

Price: $29.99

#6) Wired 1D Barcode Reader Handheld USB Barcode Scanner

Best for convenience stores.

Wired 1D Barcode Reader Handheld USB Barcode Scanner

It’s a laser barcode scanner that can scan and decode one-dimensional (1D) colored linear barcodes. It scans at a rate of 200 times per second. It can scan barcodes through glass/plastic, in bright sunlight, in dark locations, or on curved/reflective surfaces in a variety of challenging situations. Even barcodes that are broken, scratched, wrinkled, or otherwise of poor quality can be read.

It works with Quickbooks, Word, Excel, Novell, and other common applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • Plug and Play, no software or app installation required, compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux; works with Quickbook, Word, Excel, Novell, and all common software.
  • Decode Capability: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, ISBN/ISSN, Code 39, Code32, Code128, Code bar, Interleaved 2 of 5, Industrial 2 of 5, Code128, Code 93, Code 11, EAN-13, JAN.EAN/UPC Add-on2/5 MSI/Plessey, Telepen, Matrix 2 of 5,MSI/PIESSEY, UCC/EAN128 code, etc.

Price: $8.99

#7) Bluetooth Barcode Scanner by NETUM

Best for warehouses.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner by NETUM

It’s a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet PC, and Mac OS X, Android, Windows 10, and iPad IOS 9 devices. It includes a 2000mAh battery that can scan continuously for up to 30 hours. It simply takes 2 hours to recharge. It connects to Bluetooth-enabled cell phones, tablets, and PCs with ease.

With impediments, Bluetooth transmission can reach up to 10m/33ft, and without obstacles, it can reach up to 50m/164ft. Wireless transmission ranges from 30m to 99ft when obstacles are present, and up to 100m/330ft when there are none.

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  • Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for iPhone iPad Android Tablet PC, Support Mac OS X, Android, Windows 10, and iPad IOS 9.
  • Supports HID and SPP mode.
  • 2000mAh battery.
  • Connects with smartphones, tablets, or Bluetooth-enabled computers, works with computer, smartphone, tablet, and mobile PDA(Note: It does not work with square POS).

Price: $34.99

#8) Bluetooth Barcode Scanner By Inaateck

Best for shops, marts, warehouses.

 8) Bluetooth Barcode Scanner by Inaateck

It has keyboards for English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. It works with POS, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi, among other platforms. It allows you to scan and upload blurry or broken barcodes in both bright and dim light. It has a long battery life, with a full charge allowing for 15 days of continuous use. It has a connection distance of more than 35 meters.

It features a two-times-thick TPU protective casing compared to comparable scanners. Internal core portions are also given a triple consolidation therapy. Editable prefix or suffix up to 32 digits, as well as the ability to hide a portion of a barcode, are some of the unique features.


  • Supports English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish keyboards. Compatible with POS, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi, etc.
  • Supports lightning scanning and upload of blurry or broken barcodes under strong and dim light.
  • Prolonged Battery Life and Connection distance
  • External TPU protective case is 2 times as thick as similar products.
  • Editable prefix or suffix reaches 32 digits.

Price: $69.99

#9) USB Quick Laser Barcode Scanner Reader by Basecent

Best for warehouse.

#9) USB Quick Laser Barcode Scanner Reader by Basecent

With a 2.4G tiny USB receiver, the Basecent barcode reader provides cordless scanning, allowing you to scan barcodes in any area of your warehouse.

This laser scanner can scan at a maximum speed of 300 scans per second. This fast scanner can read UPC, ISBN, EAN, and nearly any other type of bar code label. The transmission distance between the scanner and the USB receiver in wireless mode is 60 to 100 meters (1968.8 feet) indoors and up to 400 meters (1312.3 feet) outdoors.


  • Wireless and wired modes
  • Quick for all barcodeslong distance transmission
  • Instant upload & storage mode
  • Compatible with most systems

Price: $28.94

#10) Wireless Barcode Scanner Eyoyo Mini 1D

Best for shopping marts.

10) Wireless Barcode Scanner Eyoyo Mini 1D

It contains a 16MB high-capacity memory chip and can store 50,000 QR codes offline. In the open air, it can give up to 200m broadcasts in the 2.4G wireless mode and up to 30m transmissions in the BT mode.

It works with smartphones, tablets, PCs running Windows XP/7.0/8.0/Win 10, Windows Mobile, Android OS, iPhone/iPad, and other platforms.


  • Wired & 2.4G Wireless & BT4.0 Wireless Barcode Scanner
  • Large offline storage
  • Long transmission distance
  • High compatibility
  • Support Bluetooth HID Protocol, SPP Protocol, and BLE Protocol.

Price: $44.99

#11) Cordless Handheld Zebra DS2278 Series

Best for standard range operations.

11)Cordless Handheld Zebra DS2278 Series

It can read barcodes from mobile devices, as well as 1D and 2D paper barcodes on things for sale, coupons, and loyalty cards. The DS4308 scanner is a portable scanner with a lightweight, ergonomic design.

This cordless imager was designed with retail and hospitality enterprises in mind, but the possibilities are unlimited. It’s like a point-and-shoot camera that scans in all directions. This eliminates the requirement for users to align the imager and barcode. The aim line directs users to scan the barcode at the proper distance. This comes in handy when scanning long barcodes.


  • Scan-to-connect technology
  • Wide range (0.5 in./1.23 cm to 14.5 in./36.8 cm)
  • Easily customize settings
  • Long-lasting 2400 mAh Lithium-Ion battery
  • Includes DS2278-SR00007ZZWW scanner, CBA-U21-S07ZBR shielded USB cable, CR2278-PC10004WW Cradle

Price: $214.99


The barcode scanner is one of the most vital elements to have if you’re starting a small business or keeping track of a large warehouse. When purchasers are at checkouts, barcode scanners make it simple to classify and pull up pricing, ensuring that the smooth flow of transactions is maintained. They can also transfer and save data in file docs on your computer and keep track of all your inventories with a fast swipe.

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There are several barcode scanners on the market, but four stand out in terms of quality and utility in our opinion: Zebra, NADAMOO, TaoTronics, and WoneNice. Each manufacturer provides a number of models and features, so the ideal option for your organization will ultimately rely on your storage and inventory requirements.

Our Research:

  1. We have researched 25 barcode scanners to come up with the top 11.
  2. Time taken to research 25 barcode scanners was around 20 hours.
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