Top 9 BEST Curved Monitors For 2023 [Latest Ranking]

This Tutorial Includes a List and Comparison of the Most Popular Curved Monitors that are Trending along with their Features & Pricing:

Curved monitors are the new generation of displays and are witnessing a substantial increase in demand. It isn’t just about TV, but a curved monitor is for the theatre-like experience.

Almost all the companies are showing off curved monitors. But what’s the advantage of a curved TV?

You’ll find out as you proceed with this tutorial! Curved monitors are exactly like what they sound like. They aren’t flat, but the display screen is curved. They are curved from the sides because TV manufacturers think this gives a wider viewing angle and a great immersive experience.

Top Curved Monitors

Market Trends: As per the reports published on its official website of Samsung, the demand for curved monitors and TVs is increasing significantly. The below graph showcases that Samsung display alone sold seven million curved displays in 2018 with an average increase in the CAGR of 1 percent.

Stats on Curved-monitors

Curved Monitors – The Growing Trend

Do you remember the time when flat screens were the most sought-after? We thought that was the future of TV and now we are talking about the “Curved Monitors”! When the curved monitors were launched, there was a lot of hype and the prices were on the higher side for a while, prices have fallen to a reasonable level now.

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So, it’s time to make a move and upgrade to next-generation technologies. Let’s find out the potential of curved monitors and see what benefits they ultimately bring.

Top 5 Reasons To Upgrade To Curved Displays Or TVs

A curved monitor may not be ideal for every family, but it would bring a few benefits for every user. Enlisted below are the top 5 reasons to buy a curved display.

#1) More Immersive Experience: A curved display gives a more immersive gaming and viewing experience. The slight bend from the sides makes every viewing angle just perfect from any position in the room.

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The curved screen has this effect because its shape creates more depth and relies on factors such as curve radius and viewing distance to create a more immersive session.

#2) Ideal for Gamers and Multi-monitor Users

Watch the below video, and you’ll find how a single curved monitor can replace a few flat ones.

If you’re working in fields such as video editing, graphics, gaming, etc. then a curved TV means you can work with every small detail without the need to switch tabs like in a laptop.

#3) Reduced Distortion & Eye Comfort: According to a Harvard Medical School Study, flat screens are more prone to image distortion and blurriness which is easily noticeable around the edges. Flat screens blur the vision four times more than curved monitors.


Also, the light projection in flat monitors reduces eye comfort more than in curved TVs. Flat screens possessing a natural field of view, can cause eye strain 60% more than a curved display.

#4) Latest Technology: The curved monitors come with VA (Vertical Aligned) panels, that are more efficient in screen adjustments. Faster pixel response time gives visual clarity and details with reduced distortion and brighter colors. Also, ultra-wide screens give an immersive experience while playing games.

#5) Aesthetically Good: For one thing, you have to consider that Curved screens look more dazzling and refreshing than flat ones. They can be hung on a wall with lightning effects on the back side, thereby providing a complete view of the new zone. They give a whole new experience with exciting features as well as comfort.

Expert Advice: To select the ideal curved monitor, first identify what your needs are. Are you a professional gamer, or video editor, or are you just looking to upgrade your TV? Based on the specifications and features required, you can find out the perfect match for your skills.
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List Of 9 Best Curved Monitors

To help you find out the best-curved monitor, we have come up with a list of the top ones available in the market:

  1. BenQ EX3501R
  2. Samsung CF791
  3. MSI Optix MPG27CQ
  4. LG 38UC99
  5. Alienware AW3418DW
  6. Acer Predator X34
  7. Samsung CHG70
  8. Asus RoG Strix XG27VQ
  9. AOC C24G1

Comparison Table Of Top 5 Curved Monitors

BasisCurvatureRefresh rateResolutionFreeSyncResponse timePricingAmazon User rating
BenQ Ex3501R1800R100 Hz3440x1440 pixelsAMD FreeSync1 ms$649.994/5
Samsung CF7911500R100 Hz3440x1440 pixelsAMD FreeSync4 ms$799.994.2/5
MSI Optix MPG27CQ1800R144 Hz2560x1440 pixelsFreeSync1 ms$449.94.1/5
LG 38UC992300R75 Hz3840x1600 pixelsFreeSync5 ms$1099.994/5
Alienware AW3418DW1900R120 Hz3440x1440 pixelsNVIDIA G-Sync4 ms$999.994.4/5

#1) BenQ EX3501R

Pricing: The pricing for BenQ EX3501R is between $649.99 to $725, depending upon the location and offers available.


[image source]

BenQ EX3501R gives you the most exquisite tailored experience for personal enjoyment and exceptional gaming experience. It lets you coddle in the gaming performance of amazing details with its hyper-realistic video quality, and also features the HDR technology in a gaming monitor.

BenQ has designed its monitor for optimal viewing performance by demonstrating the monumental screen size with awe-inspiring curvature. It showcases the cinematics aspect ratio of 21:9 with ultra-high resolutions.


  • Capture ultra-fine details with opt clarity and brightness intelligence plus by combining HDR with B.I.+ mode that makes the details visible even in dark environments.
  • Ultra-slim bezel-less edge-to-edge design for endless horizons to surround your vision with boundless perspective.
  • Universal multi-platform connectivity with multiple HDMI, display ports, and USB 3.1 ports to host content from various sources.
  • AMD FreeSync for intense gaming by eliminating image tearing, broken frames, and wavy gameplay.
  • 100 Hz high refreshing rate, height adjustment stand, eye care technology, 1800R curvature, and 3440×1440 resolution.

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Verdict: BenQ EX3501R has a large ultra-wide immersive screen with HDR high resolution and fast refresh rates. The only con that the users notice is that it can be a bit tricky to use, and its HDR implementation does not include 10-bit.

#2) Samsung CF791

Pricing: The official website of Samsung displays a tag price for the curved monitor ‘CF791’ around $799.99.


The Samsung CF791 is a full curved wide-angle monitor that gives immersive viewing with 1500R curvature. The monitor is 34 inches, deeper curved, full of cinematic beauty, and a gaming experience, that outputs incredible image details and higher pixel density.

It has an unmatched sophisticated design with a bezel-less screen on three sides, an anti-glare panel for an unobstructed view, and tilt-height adjustable. Precisely, its lustrous white frame and molding keep cables neatly stowed.


  • Maximum multitasking with 21:9 ultra-wide screen on a single monitor that gives ultimate flexibility and allows you to connect two input sources at the same time.
  • Screen resolution of 3440×1440 delivers razor-sharp images that are 2.5 times the pixel density of full HD.
  • Quantum dot supports up to 125% sRGB color space for brighter, crisper, and natural colors.
  • 3000:1 contrast ratio with Samsung’s advanced VA panel technology helps in eliminating leakages across the entire screen.
  • Built-in speakers and multiple ports, 100 Hz screen refresh rate, 4ms response time, AMD FreeSync, and game mode.

Verdict: The best thing about Samsung CF791 is its stellar contrast ratio, stable 100 Hz performance, and proper aspect ratio. The notable things that editors don’t like are the two downstream ports in USB and are hard to find the video content.

#3) MSI Optix MPG27CQ

Pricing: MSI has not revealed the price for ‘Optix MPG27CQ’ on its website. It has a price tag of $449.9 on


[image source]

The MSI Optix MPG27CQ comes with 27 inches curved VA display for maximum viewing. Besides, it contains 36 percent more screen-to-body ratio (super-narrow bezels) to enjoy the best immersion with a multi-monitor 180-degree setup.

It displays the curvature rate of 1800R for immense gaming pleasure. Associated with the FreeSync technology, MSI creates the smoothest visuals and helps to eliminate screen tearing, shuttering, and lagging of graphics.


  • Anti-flicker technology, blue light reduction, 178 degrees wide viewing angle, and gaming OSD app advantages.
  • Steelseries GameSense for the first time on any monitor for compelling gameplay and lightning effects.
  • 144 Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time for games that require very swift and precise movements.
  • FreeSync for smooth gameplay, FPS front sight toggle, wide color gamut, and 2560X1440 WQHD resolution.

Verdict: According to the reviews on Newegg, people are discussing its features such as bright screens, authentic colors, and screen adjustability, and they found this monitor to be the most powerful and quality one.

#4) LG 38UC99

Pricing: The official website of LG displays the price of the curved monitor ’38UC99′ as around $1,099.99.


LG 38UC99 comes with 3.8 inches ultra-wide curved display uniting a 21:9 aspect ratio ideal for designers, photographers, and creative professionals. It displays exceptional picture quality and innovative features like color depth, brightness, and viewing angle, making it a severe companion for true professionals.

Looking further, this monitor holds the wide quad high definition resolution, which is four times clearer than primary HD. Moreover, giving users the real feel of advanced graphics with fantastic 3840×1600 pixel deliverability.


  • FreeSync deals with the monitor’s refresh rate and graphic card’s frame rate for a seamless gaming experience through fluid movement between high resolutions.
  • 1ms motion blur detection infuses the monitor’s response time which allows gamers with precision and accuracy to play under critical situations.
  • USB Type-C and USB 3.0 display 4k videos, transfer data, and charge laptops and other devices at the same time with a single cable.
  • Bluetooth audio and rich bass with 10Wx2 built-in speakers deliver powerful and vivid sound quality covering under 85 Hz for intense bass depth.
  • Over 99 percent RBG coverage, standard color space of ideal color reproduction for highly accurate colors.
  • One screen control for quick and easy access, screen split 2.0 for multitasking and four different PIP (picture-in-picture) choices.

Verdict: As per the customer reviews, it has been rated as the best-curved monitor for designers, video editors, and professionals. It is more expensive than its competitors and lacks in contrast ratio.

#5) Alienware AW3418DW

Pricing: The pricing for Alienware AW3418DW on Dell’s official website holds a tag of $999.99.


[image source]

The Dell Alienware AW3418DW is one of the best ultra-wide IPS display monitors that are available on the market. Sporting a 34-inch curved three-side bezel-less display, out-of-the-box calibration, and of course, includes NVIDIA G-sync. The monitor features a 1900R curvature display with wide viewing angles and incredible resolution.

Besides all of that, Dell has focused more on its iconic design sweeping the infinity display and 21:9 aspect ratio that makes every moment epic. Moreover, their unique step venting details help to minimize heat and maximize performance.


  • Wide 178/178-degree viewing angle from any vantage point expanding your horizons from wherever you are inside the room.
  • No distortions, tearing, and artifacts with NVIDIA G Sync technology that displays full frames for smooth and vibrant images.
  • 4ms response time and up to 120 Hz refresh rate are so fast and you won’t have to worry about lags.
  • The on-screen display, flexibility, six gaming modes, a dashboard to display the status of function keys, and multiple quick-access ports.
  • Custom lighting effects that let you personalize your keyboard, mouse, and monitor with different colors and effects.

Verdict: The best part of Alienware AW3418DW is its refreshing screen rate (up to 120 Hz) and deep color as well as brightness. Also, there are some excellent additional gaming features with zero lag. Besides, some users consider it to be a bit expensive with no substantial amount of ports.

#6) Acer Predator X34

Pricing: Acer Predator X34 has been price tagged for $799.99 on its official website.


[image source]

Acer Predator X34 is one of the sharpest and most immersive curved monitors with 3440×1440 ultrawide QHD gaming resolution. The monitor is extended outward with two silver-hued aluminum arms and 34 inches curved display.

It also has a ZeroFrame design to get rid of the bulky bezels and less obstructive borders. The curved monitor displays a wide 21:9 immersive aspect ratio, powerful 7W speakers, and plenty of ports.


  • 120 Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time to demolish the possibility of motion blur or visual artifacts.
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC for eliminating screen tearing, 100 percent sRBG color accuracy, and billions of colors to play with.
  • VisionCare safety with Flickerless, BlueLightShield, Low Dimming, and ComfyView for protection of eyes from strains.
  • A number of features and modes such as dark boost, ambient lighting, ECO, and more for different gaming profile experiences.

Verdict: Acer Predator X34 gives an immersive display experience and strong G-SYNC performance. Besides, it has excellent design, nice picture quality, and reliable speakers. But it is highly priced, and navigation can be complicated for some customers.

#7) Samsung CHG70

Pricing: The official website of Samsung displays the price tag for the ‘CHG70’ monitor at $529.99.


The Samsung CHG70 showcases QLED with quantum dot technology that delivers a vivid image with billions of color shades. Also, the monitor advances superior VA panel and motion blur reduction technology for the high-end gaming experience. It delivers a pixel density 1.7 times higher than FHD.

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The monitor features a curved screen with 1800R curvature for an immersive IMAX experience. Besides, its design and features meet all the requirements of a real gamer like HDR support for excellent details and contrast.


  • Quantum dot technology, HDR support, 32 inches curved with 1800R curvature, and elegant design.
  • Gamer-friendly menu and shortcuts, pulsating light show at the back, 20-step black equalizer, and 3000:1 contrast ratio.
  • Eye saver mode for eliminating blue light emissions, multiple ports, dual-hinge stand, and optimized settings for games.
  • AMD Radeon FreeSync, 144 Hz screen refresh rate, 1ms response time, OSD dashboard, game modes, and 16:9 aspect ratio.

Verdict: The Samsung CHG70 is one of the gorgeous 32 inches, curved monitors with features like AMD FreeSync and HDR support. It has the sharpest 1440p resolution, color support, and contrast ratio. But it lacks built-in speakers, which is a noticeable con.

#8) Asus RoG Strix XG27VQ

Pricing: The price for ‘Rog Strix XG27VQ’ is not revealed on the official website of Asus. But, has a price tag of $321.


[image source]

The Asus RoG Strix XG27VQ is a 27 inches full HD curved gaming monitor with 1920×1080 resolutions. It delivers an incredible gaming experience by blending smooth game graphics with extremely low-motion blur and adaptive sync technologies.

The monitor wraps the display panel with 1800R curvature for a comfortable viewing experience. It combines Asus Aura RGB lighting on the backside of the monitor, by offering several lighting modes. It also features a super narrow bezel-less design and gamer-centric enhancements.


  • Asus extreme low motion blur technology, 27 inches curved, RGB lighting, and super narrow bezel.
  • 144 Hz screen refresh rate, 1ms response time, adaptive-sync technology, and customizable light signature projection.
  • Game plus technology, exclusive display widget software, OSD menu, and navigations.
  • Robust connectivity with multiple ports, ultra-low blue light technology, flicker-free technology, and ergonomic design.

Verdict: A perfect 27 inches monitor with eye care technology and Asus’s extreme low motion blur technology, enhancing smooth gameplay without any tearing and obstructions.

#9) AOC C24G1

Pricing: The price for ‘AOC C24G1’ on is approximately $186.


The AOC C24G1 boasts a full HD VA panel with 1500R curvature and a frameless design. The best part is that it is the smallest as well as most affordable curved gaming monitor with a vast range of features. Also, it comprises a ViewSonic panel with 1080p resolution and a pixel density of 92 PPI.

The monitor gives an immersive clarity surrounded by 16.7 billion colors for an incredible gaming adventure. Moreover, the AOC offers sensible adjustment options and lots of connectivity ports, making it worthwhile launching on a desk.

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  • Flicker-free technology reduces fatigue and eye strains while playing long and intense gaming sessions.
  • AMD FreeSync for the highest frame rates by eliminating screen tearing and lagging.
  • 144 Hz screen refresh rate for a sharper and smooth image as well as graphic succession.
  • Narrow bezel-less design with 1500R curvature, 1920×1080 screen resolution, and 4ms response time.

Verdict: The AOC C24G1 wraps some great features like a 144 Hz screen refresh rate, stunning contrast, and reliable adjustment options but lacks color quality, speakers, USB connectivity as well uniformity. Besides, it’s the cheapest curved monitor in the segment.


In this article, we discussed why should you purchase a curved monitor and what to look for before purchasing them. When buying a new curved monitor, there are a couple of things to keep in mind such as features, specifications, and budget.

If you are in a profession that needs curved screens like video editing, or graphic designing, you’ve multiple options to choose from. Samsung CF791, LG 38UC99, Alienware AW3418DW, BenQ EX3501R, and MSI Optix MPG27CQ are some powerful curved monitors.

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If you’re only looking into hardcore games, then Acer Predator X34, Asus RoG Strix XG27VQ, Alienware AW3418DW, and MSI Optix MPG27CQ are the best available options with AMD or NVIDIA Sync and faster refresh rates.

But if you’re looking to upgrade or decorate your drawing room, then cheaper models like AOC C24G1, Samsung CHG70, and Asus RoG Strix XG27VQ would be the right choice.

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