Installing your Application on Device and Start Testing from Eclipse

Upload and install your mobile application on any device to kick off your Appium testing directly from Eclipse:

Your mobile applications can be managed within the Eclipse through a dedicated Application Pane in Appium Studio for Eclipse. Your application can quickly and easily be uploaded and launched on any device.

This tutorial is a part of Appium Studio hands-on training series.

Testing from Eclipse

Video Tutorial

The following video tutorial may be helpful:

In the “Applications” section, click “Install”.

Installing application

Successful execution will be notified in the “Console” view.

Console View

Add your Application Information to Appium Capabilities Setup

Appium capabilities will allow you to add both install and launch capabilities to your setup.

Under “Applications,” select the application section title and drag it to the code area.

Appium Capabilities

Our upcoming tutorial will explain you all about creating Appium Tests in Appium Studio for Eclipse.

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