How to Run Large-scale Execution of Appium Tests in Parallel

Procedures involved in Running Large-scale Execution of Appium Tests in Parallel:

Scale up your Appium Testing by testing on hundreds of iOS and Android devices hosted at the SeeTest Digital Assurance Lab.

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How to Run Large-scale Execution of Appium Tests in Parallel

Large Scale Execution of Appium Tests

The SeeTest Digital Assurance lab by Experitest will increase your Appium testing coverage and enhance the testing speed by letting you run your Appium tests in parallel across any number of desktop browsers, physical mobile devices, simulators, or emulators.

Intelligent execution management includes the following:

  • Dynamic test scheduling, execution, and distribution according to specific attributes such as device manufacturer, model, OS version, etc.
  • Mass deployment of apps on target devices (RESTful API).
  • Automated provisioning processes for apps and services.
  • Trigger test execution directly from the CI station.
  • Grid view of all executions in real time.
  • Automatically generated test reports and integration with a centralized test analytics system.

Here is a Video Tutorial:

You can connect to the SeeTest Digital Assurance lab from Appium Studio for an evaluation period you can contact

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