Appium Studio for Eclipse: End-to-end Appium/Selenium Automation From Eclipse

An in-depth look at Appium Studio for Eclipse:

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Perform end-to-end Appium/Selenium test automation directly from within the Eclipse and Easily develop, automate, analyze and debug your tests on physical devices and browsers.

Appium Studio for Eclipse

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Overview of Appium Studio for Eclipse

Appium Studio for Eclipse allows you to perform end-to-end test automation directly through your IDE. You can develop, analyze, debug, and automate your testing with this software. Remote physical devices can be utilized for testing purposes.

Appium Studio for Eclipse

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Appium Studio for Eclipse

Key Features: Appium Studio for Eclipse

End-to-end web & mobile test automation in Eclipse

Use a single, easy-to-use tool for test development, automation, and execution right from Eclipse. Remote devices in our Digital Device Lab can be accessed for parallel execution tests, and all embedded tools include rich viewport access and streamlined test development areas.

Mobile & Web Automation in Eclipse

Immediate Visual Feedback

Robust, easy-to-maintain tests with precise reportage can be created using Device Reflection which provides immediate visual feedback on all test actions. Eclipse framework assets, including properties and configuration files, are automatically generated, and development becomes even more efficient with code snippets.

Immediate visual feedback

Powerful Object Identification

Object identification and management are a breeze with the Object Spy tool. Objects can be identified by both their native and web properties, including in a customized UI or with image/OCR. Scripts can be written using a drag-and-drop script editor.

Powerful Object Identification

Create Stable Automation

Code snippets, properties, and configuration files can all be leveraged through pre-configured Eclipse frameworks for a reduction of errors and project stability.

Configure SeeTest

Maximize your Test Coverage Rates

Out-of-app test coverage includes SMS, network, settings, Facebook, and third-party integration tests (including complex use cases like fingerprint scanning). Version and beta support are guaranteed.

Maximize Test Coverage

Seamlessly Integrate with any Testing & CI Environment

Integrate with Eclipse plug-ins like Python or Ruby to create Appium, Selenium, and/or SeeTest automation tests. Continuous testing can be integrated using any CI environment.

Integrate Using CI Environment

Parallel Test Execution

All executions, including parallel, can be viewed through the intelligent grid execution management system. Testing, execution, and distribution can be scheduled dynamically. Multiple applications and multiple CI projects can be run in parallel.

Parallel Test Execution

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Check our upcoming tutorial to know more about installing and connecting devices in Appium Studio for Eclipse.

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