Running and Verifying Your Test Code on Appium Studio for Eclipse

Learn how to run your Appium test on a real mobile device from Eclipse, verify your test and edit it.

This tutorial is a part of our Appium Studio hands-on training series. With Appium Studio for Eclipse, your Appium tests can be executed immediately on real mobile devices.

Device reflection allows you to view your tests in real-time and generate immediate feedback on the tests that you have newly created. 

Running and Verifying Your Test Code on Appium Studio for Eclipse

Editing and debugging of tests can be performed right there in Eclipse. Once your test has been executed, you can then use Element Highlighting to view the exact elements of your mobile screen which were/are being used.

Finally, a test report is generated and you will receive a screenshot of each step and a note indicating whether it passed or failed.

Video Tutorials

The following video tutorials will show you how to quickly edit and execute your Appium test through Eclipse:

Under “Devices,” click the “Overwrite Capabilities” icon ( ).

This will cause all test execution to be directed to this device (independent of device query capability), and install and launch capabilities will also be ignored. This makes debugging test code much easier, as the application does not need to be reinstalled each time.


Run your test by right-clicking the test class and then click ‘Run as’.

Run your test

The results of your test will be viewable in the “Reports” folder of your project.

Test Result

Our final tutorial will explain how to run your Appium Test in parallel.

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