How to Create a New Project in Appium Studio for Eclipse

How to create a new project in Appium Studio for Eclipse:

Simplify your Appium testing with a quick configuration of your Java project.

This tutorial is a part of our Appium Studio hands-on tutorial series and it will brief you more on the steps involved in creating a new project along with the concerned snapshot for your easy understanding.

How to Create a New Project in Appium Studio for Eclipse

Video Tutorial

Here is a Video Tutorial:

Configuring your Appium Studio for Eclipse  project will cause the following changes:

  1. All required .jar files will be accessible through a classpath container that is created.
  2. A BaseTest class that provides basic framework services will be created.
  3. Both an AndroidDemoTest and IOSDemoTest will be created and added.
  4. Information about the cloud that was used will be populated into files.
  5. Simple integration with CI environments such as Jenkins can be made using an added build.gradle file.

To apply your configuration:

  1. Create a new Java project (or use an existing one).
  2. Select “Configuration” then ”SeeTest TestNG Nature” or “SeeTestJUnit Nature” in the right-click drop-down menu of your Java project.

Configuring TestNG

After configuration, your project should look as shown below:

Configuration result

Right click on ‘testng.xml’ to verify your environment configuration (through TestNG) and execute it. This will runAndroidDemoTest and IOSDemoTest in parallel.

Verifying & Execution


The files contain the necessary information for server connection during runtime.

This is a standard Java properties file:

#Mon Sep 04 12:59:25 IDT 2017



project=Project I


The above file executes here under the username “user1”.

Authentication is performed through access key and Current access keys are retrieved automatically, but if credentials are changed or if you need a new one created, then the file must be updated to execute the tests further.

More information on access keys can be found here.

Our upcoming tutorial will guide you more on Installing applications in Appium Studio for Eclipse.

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