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10 reasons why you are not getting job in software testing

You might have applied to so many testing job vacancies, might have received some calls for interviews and even you would have attended some, but still you don’t have the job you are looking for. Well, then there could be many reasons you have not in the right job you dreamed of being.

Be honest and think on below mentioned points. What you did wrong until now? Probably you might get the answer – Why you couldn’t crack any software testing interview yet!!

What are these reasons?
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Latest Software testing openings posted on our testing jobs section

I keep on getting many requests to inform the readers about the job postings on our ‘QA jobs‘ page.

Unfortunately there is no automated system currently to send the jobs posted on above jobs page to our email newsletter. Job seekers need to manually check jobs section regularly. But till I find the workaround for this I think I should notify job seekers through our article newsletter.

If you are not currently looking for any change you can forward these openings to your friends. Please let someone know, and get help!!

Here are the Latest Software testing openings:

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Software Testing job openings for freshers and experienced professionals

Just a quick note to share software testing job opening posted on our jobs section.

We have updated our jobs section with latest QA and testing openings/walk-in details for freshers as well as experienced professions.

Those searching for software testing jobs can have a look on these openings:

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Soft Skill for Testers: Advanced Unix commands with examples

This article will guide you on some advanced Unix commands. Also comprehensive guide is provided for each command for its use giving examples. The topics covered in this article includes advanced Unix commands with examples, Difference between symbolic and hard links and Unix variables guide.

Download the article: Advanced Unix commands

Thanks Meenakshi for sharing this article for our readers.

If you have missed previous article on “Unix basics for tester” series, you can see the basic Unix commands article here.

If you are good at Unix operating system then you can share some more ‘useful Unix commands with examples’ in comment section below.

Jobs: I have updated the QA jobs section with new opening. See the details on below link:

Web Terminologies: Useful for web application testers

This article will help you to learn basic web terminologies. While testing web applications it’s very necessary to know all web technologies. This will increase the test coverage and also the capabilities of web application tester.

This web terminology article is compiled by Meenakshi M. She is working as a Test Engineer and having 3+yrs of experience in Manual and Automation (QTP) testing.

This article basically covers following terminologies:

What is: Internet, www, TCP/IP, HTTP protocol, SSL (Secure socket layer), HTTPS, HTML, Web servers, Web client, Proxy server, Caching, Cookies, Application server, Thin client, Thick client, Daemon, Client side scripting, Server side scripting, CGI, Dynamic web pages, Digital certificates and list of HTTP status codes.

You can download this article on following link:
Web terminologies: Useful for web testers

You can also visit our “Software testing resources” page for other downloadable resources.

We have also updated our “Job section page” with some latest job openings in testing:

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