Choosing Software Testing as your Career

If you are willing to choose software testing as your career, then this is a must-read!

Nowadays we get too many emails enquiring about Software Testing jobs. Should I select Software Testing as my career? How to switch to Software Testing from other job experience? Which institute should I join for a testing course? and much more.

This tutorial will give a common answer to all the above questions on whether you should choose Software Testing as your career or not?

Choosing Software Testing as your Career

Choosing Software Testing as your Career

Now, let us see what Software Testing is.

Software Testing and Quality Control are the processes through which application quality is improved. Software Testing is done in each phase of the product lifecycle i.e. from requirement specifications, design & coding, to user acceptance.

Many complex software structures require in-depth analytical and technical skills to test the applications. Knowledge of programming languages is required for unit testing, and scripting skills are essential for automation testing.

Now let’s discuss careers in Software Testing. No one can guide you in choosing your career more than you! It’s right and you are the only person to decide on your career.

Do a self-assessment to figure out where you can fit well. Do a study of your skills, interests, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

Ask some questions to yourself as given below:

  • What is your goal in life?
  • What will increase your satisfaction and skills?
  • What is your interest?
  • Which skills have you developed in your life till now?
  • Which training did you undertake to apply to the future job?

By answering these questions, you will automatically decide.

What skills you will require to switch to a software testing career? is the most important question.

In our earlier post on What makes a Good Test Engineer, we mentioned some skills required in Software Testing.

#1) Communication: Customer communication, as well as team communication, is more important for this job. Written communication as well!

#2) Technical Skill: As mentioned earlier, for testing the technical domain, certain skills in languages are important.

Some of the Testing Skills include:

  • Project life cycle
  • Testing concepts
  • Knowledge of testing types
  • Programming languages familiarity
  • Database concepts
  • Test plan idea
  • Ability to analyze requirements
  • Documentation skill
  • Testing tools

#3) Leadership Quality

#4) Analytical and Judging Skill

Don’t worry if you don’t have any skills mentioned above. You can always learn things if you have an interest. Non-IT persons can also grow fast by gaining the concerned skills.

So finally, while selecting Testing as your career, you just need to ask one question to yourself i.e. Are you looking for a Career in Software Testing or just a Job?

Best of luck!

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  1. Hiii..I completed my in ECE in 2009. I have two year Experience as MIS Executive and knowledge of MS Excel. But I want to move in Software Development. Please suggest me is this possible to change my career path. Is there any effect of this non technical experience to get my new job as a fresher?

  2. Hi Guys………

    I have 6year of experience in design and the market condition is not good so wanted to switch for software testing…….can you guys please suggest me the better option regarding my switching career.


  3. Hello
    I’m studying in BSc final year with Physics maths and electronics combination will you plz help me what should I do next
    it is better to enter into software field
    if better plz suggest me Which course is good for me

    • If you get into something software field there are 3 main category to choose
      1) Developer(Front End and Backend)
      2) Database (make database Queries, how to perform crud , store procedure,triggers,indexing and much more.
      3) Software Testing (Manual and Automation Testing)
      Software Testing have a responsible to give quality product to their customer without bugs and less performance. By working on documents test plan test case by help of requirements gather.

  4. Hi Team,

    I have been part of Payments Domain Manual Testing team for a period of 4 years, Am a qualified green belt certified and also ISTQB certified.

    As I am into a little bit of macros through VBA, Kindly advise which field in testing I have to pursue further to enhance my career opportunities as over all experience is around 9 years in Banking from Operations, Quality, Risk & Technology verticals.

  5. Hi,

    can anyone suggest me, Currently i am working in ecommerce stream but my work is not related to IT. But right now i plan to come in IT stream as tester position. What type of skil required for tester and what type brush up required to type of skill.? I have completed Bsc Comp. sci (2012)

  6. Hi,


    I am a manual tester with 3.5 years of experience.
    I am bored of writing test scripts in excel and uploading them in a test management tool and executing them manually.
    I want to do something different and interesting but I do not have interest in programming at all or you can say I have a programming phobia.
    Can anyone please suggest me some interesting role in Testing where I can get the rapid growth and learning.

  7. All software testing jobs have gone to India. There are no software testing jobs. 14 years as a tester and now I can’t find a job. Jesus.

  8. Hi Sir/Madam am venkat Mba hr i want your valuable suggestion for my career I was recently joined a product based software company (company having 74 employees). My problem was initially I involved recruitment/ document process presently we don’t have any recruitment just am checking attendances other small document works remaining time am spending reading documents articles and social media mostly time passing But when there is no work pending i feel confused after going to office that what work I should do? so many times i sit nil during working hours’ I don’t like sitting nil at all I asked my finance manager and operation manager regarding work but they are ignore. Am the first hr trainee here previously both are handled hr activities, after 5months both discuss with me and suggest shift into manual testing department? Am shocked and confused why am shifting to another branch? Now am totally confusing please help me? Why hr people shift into testing department? and moreover am pure management student I don’t have any knowledge in testing other software knowledge finally they said join course it will take 20days they are giving 2 hrs permission to attend the course what should I do in this situation?

  9. sir
    I’m a student of 3rd year electrical engg. and i interested in software testing course, but is it understandable to me? as i had no IT background knowledge and now m also in electrical engg …
    so can u kindly suggest me that will i go for software testing or not?
    thank u

  10. Hi,
    I completed my B.Tech with ECE (68%) in 2013..Now i want to go for software side. I didn’t take any software course till now..Please help me to choose a better course in software.. please suggest me…. and one more thing i want to know that which is the better choice either QTP or Selenium???
    Hope I will get good suggestion

    thanks & regards

  11. Dear sir,
    I am PLC validation engineer. I do lots of documentation work,I have basic knowledge of programing of scada system. I am good with scada programs.

    My concern is,
    1. If I choose to be software test engineer

    ,my previously experience matters?

    2. Normally, how much time required to be software engineer?

    3. If I choose “career” as software test,what the highest position can I get?

  12. hi,
    I have completed my in i want to go for software side in testing tools.Can i get job in testing tools by hard working on it.can you give me any suggestions.

  13. Hi, I am MCA Graduate 2013 passed out.Currently working as a SEO Analyst.I am interested on Java and Testing,I have done course on Java. In Testing i know Manual testing. I came to SEO Because i dint get job properly on Java because of my 10th Percentage. I am not happy with SEO. I want to work on Java or Testing. Do I have any options to go for Java Developer or Testing now as a Fresher

  14. Hi, I am completed B.Pharmacy and i am interesting to learn testing for Quality Assurance job in Software Company…I Eligible for this job

  15. hello everyone,
    My name is muzammil anajwala. i am from baroda.i am little bit confused about my career would you like to help me out please this is good for me. right now i am pursuing software testing course, that course is cerified and i want to some knowledge about that course, is that course i am gonna build my career ? please help me

    have a nice day

  16. sir,
    i am persuing BCA so now its more complicated to
    decide for me ,,,,,,
    how to should I get entry in IT industry …
    pleas if any one have knowlege about it please suggest me
    i will highly obliged forever//

  17. currently i am working as a tech support engineer.

    i want to switch to testing , what are skills we required ??, do i required any programming language knowledge? Pls suggest

  18. @Zakir and @madhavi

    hello all,
    I am currently
    working as Software test engineer and specifically speaking i am a currently on a manual testing profile. But seeing the salary of developers in my company, i become thoughtful and doubtful whether i have chosen a correct line in IT field. I request you to please enlighten me the future carrier in this field and the salary after 4 years, and also in a long run ,can a employee from this branch move to a good position in IT. If yes, then what all does one have to do.
    Thank you.

  19. Hi ,

    I am a Oracle DBA by profession and have 5.4 years of exp . Is it possible for me to switch to Testing ? .

    Is possible could some one guide me ?

  20. hi i am Mtech 2015 passout CSE . I have cleared my ISTQB FL in first attempt without attending any formal coaching and all. Now I want to attend coaching . Coaching centers are referring to the course called testing tools what does it mean . Does it mean Manual or automation or some debugging tools? which courses should I enroll in Manual testing , QTP or selenium and will teach defect tracking or bug tracking tools like Bugzilla during this period . Please pardon me for my ignorance . Please do respond for my queries

  21. Hi sir,
    right now i am doing lecturing job for polytechnic. having exprience of 11+ years. but now due to my financial needs i need to switch over my career because the is no growth in this field. m interested in software testing and i have knowledge in programming also. my question is can i switch now to software testing job if i get by doing course. my age is 34. IT people will give opportunity for me. please let me know. i am willing to take risk

  22. hi
    this is reshma i am a MCA graduate 2015 passed out i am interested in programming but i choose testing as my career and doing course in testing. may i know the hikes in testing as career.

  23. Hi zakir,

    This is Shipra, completed my in 2016 and now i am having 1 yr experience as QA. Basically i am working on A/B testing i.e testing related to Ad fraud detection. I want to switch my company. If there is any company in India working on A/B testing, please let me know.


  24. I want to switch my career as a software tester.I have done MCA and I am a leturer.I have basic knowledge of testing also I wanted to know that is it possible to get the entry level job in Testing Field as I am 40plus.

  25. Hi to all frds,
    Im lakshmi from madurai. I have completed my BE /cse .
    I want to wrok in software testing field and im a fresher. I nèed a help frm all my frnds . i dnt have much knowledge in software testing and how can i improve it nd what are the basic thinks i have to study. If i want to be an software tester i must done any courses related to this field..
    Plz send suggession or materials to my id

  26. Hello Sir,
    My sister have done BSC(biotechnology).Can she get job for manual testing after learning the manual testing.

  27. I am currently working as Quality Assurance engineer in a product based company and specifically speaking i am a currently on a manual testing profile. But seeing the salary of developers in my company, i become thoughtful and doubtful whether i have chosen a correct line in IT field. I request you to please enlighten me the future carrier in this field and the salary after 4 years, and also in a long run ,can a employee from this branch move to a good position in IT. If yes, then what all does one have to do.
    Thank you.

  28. I worked in Allsec technologies for 2years. I need a job change then I uploaded my resume in many sites. Finally, Jobads site is given me the correct job which is related to me. Now i am in testing side.

  29. Hi guys, I am currently working as Software Test Engineer from last 3 years and wants to share few information on above many questions to you all. Firstly, in IT field there are many other departments as well apart from devlopment and testing. So before jumping in IT field be sure about your interest because IT is all about learning new technology and new stuff all the time. Nothing is limited in IT and if you are thinking to jump in testing field then there are various certification like ISTQB foundation level and also ISTQB advance level that will help you to undustand basic terminology about testing and Yes, there is a scope as tester because technolgy is getting updated daily so in IT you have to be up-to-date on new stuff. In Current market there is a good requirement for Automation tester.

  30. Hi Vijay,

    Thanks for all the info you have shared in the website. I can relate to each and every thing.

    I am a Biomedical Engineer by profession, I basically do medical equipment instrumentation part in hospitals.

    Lately I have realized that I want to change my field to IT, wherein if I learn any new course I can join any Biomedical QA Testing or software testing companies also.

    Can you please give your advice on this. I look forward to your reply.

  31. I am, Wathsala Abeywickrama Dhanapala, a New Zealand permanent resident for almost 6 years and having a BSc Special Honors Degree in Information Technologies (NZQA Level 7) Also, an ISTQB-CTFL certified tester achieved on 6th of March 2021.
    After a break due to my personal matter, I am looking forward to joining back with my real career path of Software QA Tester, but as I am not having local industrial experience in the IT section in New Zealand, achieving my career target has become extremely hard now. Therefore, I am looking forward to joining as QA Graduate or Internal and starting my QA Tester career path from the beginning. I would be highly grateful if you advise me for starting my career path.
    Thank you in Advance.


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